Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka (WN)


Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka (WN) Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16 – A Kind World
Part A

Translator: Eros


In the Eternal Magia game, amongst all the monster that is tame-able, slime is famous for being the most useless. Goblins can quickly learn [Steal] after being tamed so they are somewhat useful, Orcs is obviously useful as a great meat shield, and the other monsters also have their own easy to understand usefulness. While Slime would only be able to use solvent attack to add 20% more damage, give enemies continued poison damage for 15 seconds, and destroy equipment. Beside they take too much time to be trained until they reach that level, they also beyond weak to impact damage which make them even worse.
(Eros: that’s how the raw said. I found those skills great though)

But if you look from another perspective, then inversely, beside impact, fire, and ice attacks, slimes are nigh invincible. With increase resistance support magic, even if that magic couldn’t increase its weakness against impact, but the magic still can make slime to get stronger resistance against fire and ice. Because of that reasons, people who use slashing type and piercing type weapon would find slimes to be a difficult opponent to fight. No, rather than “difficult opponent” they are more like a nemesis instead.

“Thunder god-sama~, If you think you can’t go any further then please immediately call me okay~? I will quickly help you when you did. Hiroto-chan, is it alright for me to give a beating to it? That slime-chan of yours”
“It’s okay if you just give it one hit. Even if you hit it with a mace, it would probably still be alright even if it gets hit 2 or 3 times”
“E-either way why did you call it slime-chan……? Why did you give that kind of monster a pet name? I am having trouble understanding that……”
“Filianes-sama, it was of course because the slime was the important pet that Hiroto-chan had raised. The way Filianes-sama said it was the cruel one if I had to say”
“H-how could you…… Why did all of you give your support to that slime! How about you put yourself in my shoes?”

- 《Filianess》 is getting scared because of the slime……
- 《Filianess》 is getting weak in her knees.

O-okay…… even when they still haven’t do anything, Filianes-san had begun to tremble in fear. Her knees are just rubbing against each other like she is holding in her toilet need…… Just how bad her condition really is?

“H-hey listen…… Won’t it be better if we stop this now? Filianes-san’s face is totally blue now”
“D-don’t say such stupid thing…… A mere s-s-slime is…… not at all scary for me okay……!”
“Well said~. She still can put up a tough front like that, just what I expect from the great holy knight. I really respect Thunder god-sama in this aspect of hers”
“Mar-san, If you said too much spite like that, I won’t be responsible if you got punishment when you get back……”
“Thunder god-sama~ you can do it! I believe that you won’t lose!”

I can just smile wryly seeing how Mar-san changes her stance as easily as reversing one hand like that. Filianes-san timidly pulls out her rapier and faces my slime head on. My slime is also getting into her fighting pose with a jelly like voice coming from its body.

“Thunder god-sama that was a cute squeal…… Even I who heard it feel that my cheek are getting hotter~”
“Well, even if it was me who face that slime, I definitely would still scream once or twice…… That slime is just too big after all”

Reacting to a female saying ‘too big’ really is one pathetic nature of a man…… I suddenly had that enlightenment in this kind of situation. Anyway, I don’t want to make this harder for Filianes-san so let’s just start the mock battle immediately.

(We can only move forward anyway…… following this big wave!)

“Go Josephine! I choose you!”
(Eros: Pok*mon battle start!)

- 《Josephine》 is attacking!

“Kuh! Kkggh……!”

That grand slime which is just a big lump of glossy jelly suddenly shows quick transformation movement that is very unexpected from its outside appearance. It grows a tentacle from its body and that tentacle immediately trying to reach Filianes-san while its main body trying to body slams her. Of course I ordered the slime to hold back but it seems that the slime got a bit worked up so from an objective view, its attack seems very ruthless.

“Hiroto-chan really looks lively…… To remember the tastes of teasing an older woman in his age like this…… Uu, please no! if you do it that rough… I… I will break~!”
“Mar-san, I know that you normally would think of lewd things like that occasionally but, could you please be quiet for a moment?”
“I-I don’t think of lewd things~! Don’t spread around weird gossip like I’m sexually frustrated okay!? Because those are definitely wrong!”
“Y-you two, you must think that this disaster is just another person problem so you can talk nonchalantly to each other like that…… Kyaaa!”

- 《Filianes》 managed to dodge that!

Filianes-san somehow managed to dodge Josephine’s attack with a back step. Hou…… so you are quite capable aren’t you? But let see how long you can keep on dodging with that trembling hip of yours……? Hey, why did I say something that a villain would say?

“Haah, Haah…… N-now it’s my turn…… Prepare yourself…… I don’t have any intention to even leave your ashes behind……!”

The slime let out a screeching cry like it is answering her provocation. By the way, the name Josephine was not something that I give to her. She already had that name even before I tamed her. Slime doesn’t have any distinction between genders but I think she should be a female. Just from the name thought, I don’t even know how to differ a slime gender after all.

But Filianes-san burns her fighting spirit too overly scorching hot like that…… and that ‘not even leaving any ashes behind’…… her hate against slimes really had reached an extreme. If I could, I want to at least make her understand that my slime is not a bad slime.

“Haa…… Thunder god-sama, did you perhaps, going to try using THAT technique!?”
“Hiroto-chan still haven’t know about it so let me explain. Filianes-sama had already obtained the advanced spirit magic ability. She already had a double magic sword arts combination that is one level higher than [Lightning x Paralyzing x Piercing]…… No, if you talk about its power then that secret new final skill that she creates is even more powerful by a few folds. That’s all for the explanation”
“D-don’t just explain things on the side like unconcerned like that! Listening you make my power fall out more and more…… Ugh……”

- 《Filianes》 is fallen into [Fear] state from the slime intimidation……
- 《Filianes》 attack power is halved!
- 《Filianes》 agility is dropping!
- 《Filianes》 concentration is interrupted!

Her slime-phobia suddenly reacts and gives her multiple status down debuff at once…… so close! She almost manages to cast her new skill if she had another couple of seconds while she was still in a perfect condition without any debuff.

With a boing boing sound that is the special characteristic of the slime, Josephine lowers her attack stance. And Filianes-san who witnesses her jelly body shaking around like that started to tremble on her own.

“Thunder god-sama, from a while ago, each time you tremble like that, your breast is also jiggling in such a boing boing way you know~. Just like that slime that is”
“D-don’t compare me to that slime! Mar, I definitely won’t forgive you…… I will make you cry in regret later, so remember that!”

Filianes-san is pointing her rapier to Mar-san (this is dangerous so good kid please don’t imitate this okay) to intimidate her but Mar-san just whistle while looking to the other way. Those two superior and subordinate relationships really is a unique one…… This scene is just the very depiction of subordinate dominating their superior.

“Breast jiggling boing boing? What kind of bad things you said in front of Hiroto-chan…… So the gossip about people with big breast is having a stunted brain growth because all that nutrition was directed to the breast instead was right. That must be it”
“I’m not stupid~. My breast is big but I am not stupid~”
“T-that’s cruel! You just ridicule me because mine is small right! I will sue you for defaming my honor!”

Mar-san and Aletta-san getting even more heated up in their argument but I don’t have time to mind them. Just in case (this might be cruel to Filianes-san), I told my slime to put a defense position so she won’t get damaged to badly with Filianes-san’s new killer move.

- 《Josephine》 is defending.

“Wha…..Tha-that’s cheating! Why did it transform itself into a shape similar to a shield!? Aren’t you just a slime!?”
“Err…… Even slime, when getting stronger, could do various things like this you know?”

Well, in truth, even a level 1 green slime had their own defensive stance but, as they are the one who initiate the attack, they can’t be the one putting defensive stance. And because of that, slime’s defensive stance is something that can only be witnessed once they got tamed.

“To even have talents in controlling magic beast…… Hiroto, just how many times you want to surprise me until you satisfied? …… Let’s admit it, you have already become more stronger that I am……uh!”
“Too quick! She just gives up easily like that! The mock battle had just only started you know Thunder god-sama! Get yourself together!”
“That’s right Filianes-sama. If you suddenly got paralyzed when we go on a slime subjugation trip then it won’t be pretty!”
“But… but…… I know you are right, but, I am already…… already……”

‘Already can’t stand it anymore’ is what Filianes-san wanted to say. Just from witnessing the slime defensive stance to make her taste so much despair like this…… Did I perhaps overdo it a little? But then again there is no guarantee that Josephine can stay safe when she receive Filianes-san’s new final move. So instead I am paying my respect to her by having my slime on the defense. Well, if you look it this way, Josephine probably would be alright……

“Filianes-san….. I don’t want to see Filianes-san get beaten by other slimes. That’s why, because we have the chances now, let’s train more with my slime”
“I-is that so? …… Rather than being defiled by other slime you rather defile me by your own…… I can understand your feeling……”
“I’m sorry to disturb you when you are looking all tragic like that but…… Hmm~, why did I feel that if things continue like this then something lewd might happen……”
“What are you saying? Can’t you stop thinking of lewd things? This is just a mock battle okay? How could Hiroto-chan order his slime to do something inappropriate to Filianes-sama? Isn’t that right, Hiroto-chan?”
“I-I don’t understand what are you talking about……”

Well, beside those ‘normal’ attacks, slimes could do many other kinds of ‘special attacks’ after all. I I were to test those attack one by one then the scene in front of me would become some disastrous view that I wouldn’t dare to describe. But Josephine action is somewhat reflects what I have in my mind. So if I were to think of something ‘dreadful’ then…… that is indeed a bad thing to do.

“I know about you…… I definitely know about you. I know that Hiroto’s is purely trying to help me conquer my phobia against slimes without any hidden motives…… and toward his pure feeling, I have to answer him no matter what……!”

- With your presence 《Filianes》 is getting encouragement!
- 《Filianes》 bad status effects seem like going to be cured soon!

(Why you no recover yourself!)

If there is someone who you currently have a high affection point with close by, it was rare but sometimes, that condition will give various good buffs like recovering all bad status effect, staying alive even when you got hit by lethal attacks, or even simply increase your critical chance. But it seems like the rare buff just now just end up in misfire.
But even so, Filianes-san still hold up her gallant figure and took the piercing attack stance. Regulate her breath to minimize her shivering lips, strain all her might to let her voice out, and finally start chanting the spell clear and loudly.

“O great Father in heavens who govern over the spirits of lightning, let the thunder roar upon this heaven and earth. It’s now time to pass your divine judgment hammer……! [Roaring Thunder Strike]!”

Filianes-san holds up her rapier high up and then the thunder that she had summoned just before falls to her rapier. The rapier that is now charged with the power of lightning spirit is giving out a bright bluish light while also gives out a crackling sound.

“Ugh…… kuh…… I can’t charge it more than this…… is this the limit for this current me……!?”

Because her concentration is disturbed in front of the slime, her attack arts couldn’t be executed smoothly. Filianes-san seems to tried using her double magic sword arts but she is failed to enchant her sword with the second magic leaving her sword only enchanted by only a single spell ---- But even so, with the enchantment of an advanced spirit magic [Roaring Thunder Strike], her magic sword arts should have a greater damage output than her previous [Lightning x Paralyze x Piercing] before.

“Hiroto…… look at me. As a holy knight, I’ll show you that I will conquer over my fear……!”
“Yes, Filianes-san…… I am looking”
“A~, Thunder god-sama, she seems like to forget some important things there…… Even if you failed, I~ don’t know anything”
“With this much power, there’s no way the slime can completely nulled her attack. Don’t forget that it was the strongest magic sword art from the strongest knight in the kingdom you know?”
“Uu…… I thought I told you to not make fun at me…… Haaaaa! [Thunder x Sonic Slash]!”

Filianes-san lowers her hip, grip her rapier tight and commence her attack. This is the first time I see that technique…… Well, no wonder, her rapier mastery skill had already exceed level 50 after all.

- 《Filianes》 is executing her [Magic Sword Arts]!
- 《Filianes》is enchanting her weapon with [Thunder Strike]!
- 《Filianes》is using [Sonic Slash] attack arts! [Roaring Thunder x Sonic Slash]

(Such terrifying power…… if it were any other ordinary monster then the damage might reach 4 digit if they got hit by that. However……!)

Filianes-san attacks with her lightning enchanted rapier in a speed that she had never reached before. And then, when her sword tip finally meets my slime body which already taken defensive position in the shape of shield, it happens.


“Wha….. !?!?”

- 《Josephine》 has nullified the electric attack.
- 《Josephine》 has nullified the piercing attack.
- 《Filianes》 defense has left opened from missing her attack! 《Josephine》 executes super counter!

The [Thunder x Sonic Strike] that Filianes-san released with all her might is totally ineffective to my slime. Her rapier had stabbed deep within Josephine’s jelly body but it doesn’t give her any damage at all. And to make thing worse, because of her failed attack, Filianes-san is in no position to defend from the slime counter attack.
If an opponent manages to slip through your attacks, then they might return fire with a counter at you. This is the most basic principle of fighting after all.

“Too bad, but like I said before that is a slime~. I’ve warn you right? You might do better with a punch instead you know Thunder god-sama?”
“So you say that Filianes-sama should touch that slime with her bare hand that’s it? Isn’t that a bit……”
“M-my attack art was…… why my attacks didn’t affects it at all? Y-you… you are cheating!”

Filianes-san had already start crying for real so I kinda feel bad to continue with the counter but…… it was a super counter after all. Well, if it was super counter then I can’t help it right? It has SUPER in it after all.

“Josephine, counter!”
“Kyui, kyui!” Josephine is giving out a weird squeal to respond to my command.

Josephine tangles Filianes-san’s rapier then steal it from her and in just a blink of a moment, her rapier had thrown far away. If a weapon thrown in a rough manner, then I worry it might decrease its durability too much so I order her to throw it ‘gently’ instead.

- 《Josephine》 is stealing 《Filianes》equipment!
- 《Filianes》 weapon equipment is released.

“Aaa…… Give-give it back…… That rapier is, my soul as a knight……”
“I’m sorry Filianes-san…… but it is common for a slime to steal its opponent equipment so I had to”
“So it was not dissolving it instead? ......  In the past, I’ve witnessed a guy from the knight brigade got his armor dissolved by a slime and got in many troubles after because of that~”
“That was…… definitely not something I would like to see”

Imagining the figure of a robust man giving in to the slime assault…… Um, that’s not something I have in demand with anyway.
Anyway rather than that, what would Filianes-san, who had lost her weapon, do after this? If this situation continues then she would not have any other means to struggle against my slime isn’t it ---- wait, there’s only this one way left.

“There is a way to damage my slime even if you lose your weapon you know?”
“Wha-what should I do? …… I also can’t use other elemental magic besides lightning……”
“Then made the match to keep on going as long as she doesn’t understand what that method is. Josephine, do get her!”
“E-err…… Mar-san, the danger of demotion is just around the corner so you should take things in moderation……”

While making a boing boing sound, Josephine slowly creeps closer to Filianes-san. Filianes-san can only take a defensive pose while take a step yet another step backward.

“S-sto…… Stop it! …… Don’t get closer more than that……!”
“…… Seeing that made me feel a bit sorry for instigating her…… Maybe not. Thunder god-sama~ your legs are all wobbly you know?”
“Doesn’t Mar-san also act like that from only getting a glimpse of an orc, does it?”
“Th-that’s right! Mar fear against the orcs when she sees one is far worse than mine!”
“Hiroto-chan, training should be as rigorous as possible to give the most result. We should act as a devil or she won’t get cured from her phobia. So what other things can your slime do?”
“Wha…… No, wait! That was just a slip of tongue, I’m entirely at fault so I’ll sincerely apologizes for that. So please no, don’t……”

---- Training should be rigorous. That’s right. In real fight, slimes will definitely uses its solvent attack. Even when the wound could be healed with magic, the wound in the heart won’t be easily healed! And I don’t want to let Filianes-san receive a big wound in her heart because she is not ready for that. I won’t let her……!

- 《Josephine》 uses entangles!
- 《Filianes》 is getting restricted!

“…… Le-let go of me…… Kuh… Why can’t I tear this entanglement off…… You… you are playing dirty……!”
“GO~! That’s it baby! Streak her butt naked!!”
“…… Hiroto-chan, please don’t treat her too rough okay”

My slime entangles itself to Filianes-san’s body and wraps her hands and feet, making her unable to even move. Both of Filianes-san’s arms are tied upward, leaving her protruding breast that is only covered with cloth armor exposed in the open.

(Her pose is just looks like a prisoner being tied up…… Did my slime naturally do it because her instinct tells her so?)
(Eros: No, she learns it from you)

But to Filianes-san who has a phobia against slimes, is it okay to keep bullying her like this? I got a feeling that rather than curing her phobia, this might scar her with a deep trauma instead……

“Filianes-san, after another while, I will command my slime to let you go so let’s stop our training for today……”
“…… N-No! …… It won’t do any good if we delay this to another time. Didn’t I say it before? I…… am thankful that you’ve done this much to help me so I will definitely not lose!”

Even when she got completely caught and unable to move, I can still see that the fighting spirits deep in her eyes are still not yet extinguished.

“Kuh…… with just this much of slippery-gooey things, I…… I will not lose……!”

Continued in Part B