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Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 37

Whelp, this is the last of the updates on Common Sense of a Warrior House that are posted on . I’ll keep checking the RAWs to see if anything else gets put up, but the series hasn’t been updated since February 2017. That being said, the author tends to write in spurts, so I’m sure there will be an update eventually.

On that note, I shall now present my new regular (hopefully) project! Drumroll please~ *dun dun dunnnnn*

It’s this one! I think I’ll be renaming it “After the Ending, the Magical Girl Earnestly Hides Her True Identity”, or for short “AEMGEHHTI”—-just kidding, that’s way too long. I’ll be referring to it as “After the Ending” for short. The summary looks pretty amusing and the premise absolutely hilarious, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

For completion and terminology consistency’s sake, I’ll be starting the “After the Ending” from the beginning. It’ll take a bit of time to redo the first 3 chapters, but I’ll do a bulk release of the first 4 chapters (or more?) once they’re done! Please look forward to it~ I haven’t decided how frequently this’ll be released, since I haven’t got a handle on the length of the chapters yet, but right now I’m looking at a bi-weekly schedule.

As for TMBRFNL, I haven’t dropped it, though it is free for pick-up if someone wishes to translate it. There are a few chapters ready just waiting for editing, so I’ll probably do a few releases within the next month or so. If any translator wishes to pick up this series, please comment or message me.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the chapter!

CSWH Chapter 37: Going Out

After winning in my match against Shurei-san, I had a number of practice matches against several members of the Anderson House's private troops.

It was training so that instead of focussing solely on a single enemy, I'd be capable of maintaining a state where I constantly read the situation while remaining aware of how everyone around me was moving.

Precisely because those of the Anderson Marquis House were the ones who had watched over me as I trained right from the start, they were able to freely suggest this cooperative training.

That they did so made me feel ticklish and happy.

In comparison, those who came to the training in the Capital treated me as an equal.

……the fact that Kuroitsu-san, who was one of the top members of those in the Army participating in the training, treated me as such probably played a large role. The Anderson House's troops, as expected, also emulated Kuroitsu-san in interacting with me when in the same place together with those from the Army and the Knight's Order.

That intense change in treatment was likely out of consideration for me, so that I would not be made light of in an environment where there was, by no means, only adults that thought favourably of me.

In the midst of all those unrelenting gazes, the fact that I was instead treated as an adult was also something to be proud of.

When I trained together with the Anderson House's private troops, it was as if I had returned home……where I could move while feeling at ease. In comparison, training at the Capital always had a sense of tension, like the feeling one gets when at work.

Well, in reality I've never actually worked before, so it was just a sense that I'd imagine how being at work would feel like.

It was not a matter of which environment was better, as I felt that time spent in both was important and necessary for me to grow.

"Ah, Kuroitsu-san!"

I called out to Kuroitsu-san, who had unexpectedly appeared.

"Ah, Mel…….you've made quite the show again, haven't you?"

Looking at the heaps of corpses around me……or rather, the collapsed members of the Marquis house's troops, Kuroitsu-san made a bitter smile.

"……why has Kuroitsu-san come today? The General still hasn't returned."

I also gave a similar smile at Kuroitsu-san's reaction as I responded with a question.

"Oh, seriously……then, we must've just missed each other. Well, whatever. I was in the neighbourhood, so I just thought I'd pass by anyhow."

"Yo, Kuroitsu."

"Oh, Shurei. You came over here, huh?"

Shurei-san revived and called out to Kuroitsu-san.

"……from how you were earlier, were you crushed by Mel as soon as you came back?"

"Ahh……pretty much. It's just as you can see. I heard you lost, so I wondered just how much she grew…….well, it was quite amazing."

"No doubt."

"Leaving that aside……say, Kuroitsu. Are you free after this?"

"Hm? Well, pretty much. I just finished handing the stuff from before after all."

"Then, let's go drinking. It's been a while since I was in the Capital, so accompany me."

"Ahh……well, sure. If that's the case, then once work hours are over, shall we call everyone that's come to training to go out drinking?"

"Ohh, let's do that."

"……what do you wanna do, Mel?"

As the two of them talked, Kuroitsu-san suddenly directed the conversation towards me.

"Is it alright if I go?"

"Yeah, of course. You're one of our comrades that sheds sweat with us here. Let's go together to celebrate Shurei's visit to the Capital."

"Please take care of me!”