Common Sense of a Warrior


Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 34


CSWH Chapter 34: Lunch Party

After training ended, I was invited by Kuroitsu-san and co. and went out to eat.

"……we were the ones who invited you, but……you really do eat well, Mel."


My stomach was empty after training, so I was eating heartily. I wonder if this disqualifies me as a woman……though it's far too late for that.

Incidentally, the only one eating with such gusto was me, while everyone else was just eating bit by bit while drinking.

"It's because my stomach was empty after training. I usually eat around this much normally……of course, if I eat too much and get fat, my body's movements will grow dull, so I still have to hold back somewhat."

"No no, it's not like that. I meant that it's amazing that you're able to eat so energetically after completing that hellish menu from the General."

"That's right~ if it was me, I'd puke!"

"No, you'd be puking while training to begin with."

As the surroundings agreed, I tilted my head doubtfully.

"If the training is hard, does it get like that?"

"Eh, has Mel-chan never experienced that?"

"Yes……because I became the General's disciple at a rather young age. To train was only natural, and on the days that I didn't have any training, I was doing independent training. Ahh, but there was one time after training where I did such strict independent training that I forgot to eat and ended up falling asleep. On top of that, the muscle pains the next day were terrible. As expected, it is important to do things in moderation."


All of their faces, without exception, were twitching.

"Even so, everyone, is it okay to be drinking in broad daylight?"

Not only were they bringing a child with them to a bar, I was surprised that they'd start drinking in broad daylight.

Well……that they invited me along did make me happy at the fact that my distance from everyone was shortening.

Of course, I was childishly drinking juice on my own.

"Ahh, well. Today we're off duty after all."

"Heeh……even on your rest days, you're training. As expected."

"The General's training……those with military authorities in general are the same, but the private lessons at the Anderson Marquis House in particular are incredibly popular. To begin with, we're the ones kind of wedging ourselves into the training of the personal troops of the Anderson House, so the number of participants is limited. Regardless of whether or not we're part of the same unit, it's quite hard to be allowed to participate, so there's a fierce competition~"

"That's right. Outliers like us can only try to participate when the General is free, during our holidays."

"I look up to the General, and if it's to participate in the training, then I'll give up any number of holidays. But thanks to that, I'm surrounded by men even on my breaks……I just can't meet anyone.*"

*T/N: As in, because he's surrounded by men, he doesn't have any chance to meet a woman.

"Don't say that……..but, that's true. I wonder when my spring will arrive……"

Suddenly, their eyes seemed to be turned towards the day after tomorrow.

At their figures that appeared to emit sorrow, I felt a bit of sadness.

"Don't be so pessimistic."

Kuroitsu-san also looked at them with pitying eyes.

"Like a married person could understand our feelings!"

"That's right! Like here, all the time, no matter if I look right or left, everywhere I look, it's just filthy men……ahh, how depressing."

I see, the reason why Kuroitsu-san alone could maintain his composure, was because he was a married man.


"At the very least, I don't think I'm one of those filthy men or whatever……"

It bothered me that, for some reason, I was counted as one of them men here.

"No, it's true that Mel-chan isn't a man, but……"

"That's right……I get what you want to say."

At my words, the eyes of the man who I directed them towards began to swim.

Incidentally, it seemed that the surrounding people understood what he wanted to say.

" "Mel-chan is more manly than men (right)." "


I tilted my head at their words.

"Doing an amount of training that not even a man could endure without breathing a single complaint, and rather having the capacity and perseverance to do it joyfully."

"Your figure as you independently train, further pursuing and even greater strength."

"Gallantly appearing, and coolly saving a young girl in trouble."

" "Iyaa, we've completely lost." "

They groaned feebly, but after letting out a single sigh, began laughing boisterously.

"Let's drink!"

"Yeah! As fellow bachelors, let's drunk until the date changes!"

"Our bonds of the bachelor alliance are eternal and undying!"

"Even if you say that, haven't you stolen a march on us?"

"No way! There's no way I could withdraw from this alliance!"

"Well well……don't quarrel. We're all comrades!"

As they got excited, they drank drink after drink.

"……the bonds of the bachelor are eternal and undying……doesn't that mean that their spring will never come? Wouldn't it be better to get out of it quicker……"

"……don't say that. In this world, there are some things that you must never touch. Just watch over them warmly, Mel."

Hearing my quietly muttered retort to their words, Kuroitsu-san said that to me while watching them with warm eyes.

I see……nodding, I also decided in my heart to watch over them warmly.