Common Sense of a Warrior


Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 28

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CSWH Chapter 28: Regret

I swing my sword.

……I was worried that my skill would have dulled after avoiding training for several days, but it seems it was an unnecessary fear……-as I thought that, I saw Kuroitsu-san picking up a fallen sword.

"Those were pretty good movements."

Kuroitsu-san grinned.

"Thank you very much."

"No problem."

Saying that, Kuroitsu-san stroked my head roughly.

"Ahh……the guys here today are planning on going out to eat after this, do you want to come, Ojou-chan?"

For a moment, my brain froze at the sudden invitation. However, after thinking for a bit, I nodded.


"I see. Then, I'll go tell the General for you."

"Thank you."

I'll see various things. I'll try various things. That is what I thought.

Although I can't see a goal even now…no, it is because I can't see one. In order to change myself, who has up until now, turned her eyes away from everything but the sword.

That is why this is a good opportunity.

Thus, after training, I went to the town.

Thinking about it, this is the first time I have gone to the stores in town.

I didn't have to buy things on my own, and was training all day long after all.

In a sense, I was also like a noble - a sheltered daughter that knew little of the world.

While looking around restlessly, surveying the inside of the store, I followed after Kuroitsu-san.


Members of the Army sitting at seats in one corner of the store called out to Kuroitsu-san.

"Oh, I've made you wait!"

Kuroitsu-san also responded while smiling.

"Honestly. Just why……wait, uwah! Kuroitsu-san, have you kidnapped Mel-chan?"

"Don't be stupid. There's no way I'd be capable of kidnapping Ojou-chan, right? I'd have the tables turned on me."

" "That's true." "

Everyone who had been curiously listening in on the conversation all nodded at the same time. It appears that all of them were amongst those participating in the training at the Anderson Marquis House, as I could recognize all of them.

"No, I didn't think that she would come here. Nice to see you, Mel-chan. We welcome you."

"Thank you."

Suddenly, the surroundings became noisy.

"Thanks for coming."

"I'm happy you came."

"Kuroitsu, good going! You've brightened up this musty place filled with men."

Surprised at the various words of welcome, I hesitantly looked around at the surroundings, causing Kuroitsu-san to turn his gaze towards me.

"What's wrong?"

"Um, after coming so abruptly, I was wondering why I was so welcomed……"

"It's only natural! We've all been shedding sweat together in the same place diligently training together all this time. Ojou-chan is our comrade."

"That's right! I look up to Mel-chan. Cause you're that strong even though you're so young. When I was Mel-chan's age, all I did was play~"

"Even though at first we thought - just what could the General's treasured kid possibly amount to! - didn't we~?"

"That jealousy was blown away a long time ago. I was astonished when I learned about the amount of independent practice Mel-chan does."

"Ahh, I get that. That'd definitely be impossible for me."

I became dumbfounded at the words that came out of everyone's mouths.

"……everyone has a high opinion of Ojou-chan. It's just that they never had the chance to say it. It can't be helped, since Ojou-chan has had a sort of wall around her, preventing anyone from approaching."

"……is that so?"

"That's right. You shouldn't just focus on the sword, but look around yourself a little."

At the straightforward words that hit the truth of the matter, I became speechless for a moment.

It was true that, up until now, I was like that……is what I realized.

When I thought that, Kuroitsu-san pat my head.

Putting this realization together with everyone's words from earlier, I felt slightly apologetic, yet ticklish, and turned my gaze to the ground.

"Kuroitsu-san. What are you talking about together with Mel-chan~? Come talk together with everyone."

"Sure. Come on, you come too Ojou-chan."