Commanding Wind and Cloud


Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 70

Rollin proudly walked beside Qian Jin as if they were the sexiest! He gazed at the surrounding people who were staring at them as these words left his mouth: "What are you look... Michaels!"

The exclamation suddenly aroused the attention of the surrounding people, and a series of surprised murmurs rose one after another! In an instant, almost all the eyes were fixed on the unexpected guest to whom Qian Jin was looking at.

The man was had an average height with a golden short hair. His brocade suit looked like it was about to be torn into pieces because the man's shoulders were crammed with muscles, which demonstrated nothing but strength!

Michaels had long been recognized as the best student before the rise of Qian Jin! He was now a Level 6 Warrior in the Third Grade, and with an abundance of fighting experience, he had been sitting in the first seat for the whole time!

The square matrix formed by students automatically split to both sides, making a large path for Michaels to move towards Qian Jin.

"So, you're the legendary Qian Jin?" Michaels was two years older than Qian Jin, so he was naturally taller than him. Overlooking Qian Jin, the senior warrior student said in a casual tone. "A few days ago, I was out for some errands, and when I came back last night, I heard that many students had proclaimed you as 'the number one' of the academy..."

Almost at the same time, excitement and anticipation appeared on the faces of the onlookers! The long-standing weariness of an early morning had instantly vanished!

Whether Qian Jin was the top one was the hottest dispute these days! Some hold the opinion that Qian Jin shall only be endowed with the reputation next year, and Michaels from the Third Grade was still the best at present. And others were against the idea since Qian Jin possessed skills as superb as Michaels'!

It seemed that the entire school had been divided in two sides: one supported Qian Jin to be the end, and the other one was against it!

Now that Michaels appeared before Qian Jin right after he returned, although the words that left his mouth seemed to be gentle, the provocation was there under the rolling sea, which he couldn't hide!

There was only a single NUMBER ONE in each academy! Whoever owned that title before would be unwilling to let the throne go! It was not just about the glory, but also the privileges!

"Uh..."Scratching his head with a little finger, Qian Jin suddenly lifted his right foot and stomped on the ground with his Level 7 Warrior Energy! A dull thud echoed on the quiet campus which pounded the hearts of the onlookers!

Level 7 Warrior Energy! The audience gasped, and some even forgot to breathe! The students looked at Qian Jin with astonishment; all of whom wondering whether they had been in a dream! How could a novice student in Grade One bear a Level 7 Warrior Energy?

Michaels froze on the spot with a complicated expression! Except astonishment, there was a trace of suspicion in his eyes! He inwardly thought, "How did he do it? He must have entered the Warrior Energy Concentration Array through some secret channels! I cannot think of a second reason why a first-year warrior shall possess Level 7 Warrior Energy! Is he a Bloodline Warrior who has a primary awakening? No, it is impossible! He must have entered the array! It must be so!"

Suddenly, their eyes met! Michaels felt like a jolt had flashed through his body as he subconsciously stepped back at a hurried pace! Tiny beads of sweat burst through the skin of his forehead!

It was a thick murderous intent! Michaels looked at this junior with an inexpressible panic! His body trembled all the time! Who the hell was the young man? How could a childlike freshman carry such a frightening murderous intent that should only be on the face of a killing monster that just climbed out of a sea of corpse?

Fight against such a person? Michaels did not have the courage! One eye contact was enough to crush his will to battle!

Looking at the ground because of cowardice, Michaels kept asking himself, " Why is this happening? Where did his bearing come from? Even a veteran who fought in real battles didn't have such a murderous intent!"

"I mean..." Qian Jin looked up at Michaels. "Your Excellency senior, can I now call myself the best? If I cannot..."

Bang! The second stomp came! Michaels' face suddenly darkened as his pupils suddenly contracted the size of a needle tip! Sweat crept onto his forehead once again! His tottering legs failed to support his bulky form that he collapsed to his knees! He could do nothing but stare at the ground in front of this defeat without even fighting a real battle!

"This… How could this be possible..." Michaels could not believe the jolt, and he was completely broken down! This first-year warrior just sent out a stomp containing Level 8 Warrior Energy!

Other students had not seen a warrior with Level 8 Warrior Energy before, so they could not determine the difference between the first stomp and the second! But Michaels had once met a senior soldier! When he exerted his Level 8 Warrior Energy, it was just about the same like Qian Jin did!

"Am I finally qualified?" These words drifted into the ears of Michaels.

"Yes…" The bitterness on Michaels' lips made him speechless. Level 8 Warrior Energy was way beyond "qualified"! Even if he had more skills and experiences, he was still two levels behind! Skills and experiences did not have a say in this aspect!

The "duel of the century" encountered a premature death after the two stomps! The whole academy was stunned! Even if Qian Jin had a one-level Warrior Energy advantage, it was still worth a shot for Michaels with his extensive skills and experiences! How could this person so easily give up the reputation that used to belong to him?

"Strength speaks for itself! That's really cool!" Jogging on the playground, Qian Jin could not help but laugh out loud as he thought about the two stomps, and how Michaels were frightened to death!

"Whir... Qian Jin, whir... What the hell happened there?" Out of breath, Rollin rolled his plump body towards QIan Jin and asked, "Please tell me! Neither Instructor Rodriguez nor the Principal was there today, so I have no one to ask. What exactly happened there? You stomped your feet and that's it? Why did Michaels take the defeat?"

"About this... You should ask him instead of me, I do not know either."

"Hey, we are roommates and classmates! In the future, I will be your brother-in-law! How can you not tell me the truth?"

"Hey, my dear classmate! Who the hell is your brother-in-law? Well, alright! I will tell you! The second stomp there, I used Level 8 Warrior Energy..."

As soon as the words came out, the Rollin's two stout legs entangled each other in great shock, and the sphere body of his fell down with a thud! He looked up and said, "You must be kidding me!"