Commanding Wind and Cloud


Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 322

"Please don’t experiment on living humans, especially the Pam descendants. We only need the response of the test subjects." Qian Jin sighed. "You’d better do it with white mice."

Swit Lei nodded while in his heart he was complaining. "Come on! It is called necessary sacrifice! People should be proud of themselves to contribute to the noble practice of Mystic Pharmaceuticals! Never mind, it’s your potion! Whatever you say!"

Along the stairs, Qian Jin climbed out on the ground. In the fresh air, he stretched himself. Fortunately, the process was simplified and well-illustrated in the recipe. Otherwise, he might not have succeeded as he was an apprentice.

"Qian..." Swit Lei thought for a while and asked out, "Grandmaster?"

"Grandmaster?" Qian Jin was shocked by this intimidating title. He turned around and waved. "No, I am not a master. I am just an apprentice."

What the fu*k? The two Mystic Pharmacists looked at each other in blank dismay. "He is an apprentice? Then what are we? Losers?" They thought.

"Oh, I see," Saloo Bard patted his head. "You haven’t been to the Mystic Pharmacist Union for authentication yet, right? With your ability, if you went there..."

"Yes, you’ll definitely be deemed as a grandmaster!" Swit Lei cried out. "Maybe you could become the youngest elder in the union ever."

Qian Jin wrinkled his eyebrows! The youngest elder? Or the youngest lunatic in the Zence Empire ever?

"Well..." Qian Jin frowned at the possibility. "I think I’d better skip it!"

"Why not?!" Swit Lei exclaimed. "You must go! Once you become an elder, you’ll have the access to a lot of precious materials."

A puzzled expression appeared on the wrinkled eyebrows. "There is such a good thing? What about the Pharmacist Union? "

A hint of displeasure flashed on Swit Lei’s face. "Damn it! Why the Pharmacist Union again?" He thought; he really didn’t like the pharmacists.

"Well, it is about the same..."Swit Lei replied even he sounded extremely unwilling. "No matter whatever the union is, once you passed the assessment, you can not only use the materials for free but also get the latest news as it breaks! Like the auctions, the newest discoveries, etc."

Qian Jin nodded at this fantastic information. He must push himself a little harder and learn more from his teachers in the Endless World. He would then get the authentication from all the unions.

As for the Blacksmith Union, Uh... Qian Jin gently tapped his chin with his fingers. Maybe it was time for him to go there for the Forge Grandmaster title. As for the Pharmacist Union... He’ll try his best for it... As for the Mystic Pharmacist and Runemaster...

Qian Jin couldn’t help but heave a sigh at Swit Lei’s excitement. He still had a long way to go to be a Mystic Pharmacy Grandmaster. He felt he was better off skipping the embarrassment.

"Right!" Saloo Bard exclaimed. "I thought you were here for some materials you needed?"

Qian Jin patted himself on the head! He had been completely obsessed with the formula that he had forgotten why he was here!

Though the two elders hadn’t slept for the last 24 hours, they were still in high spirits following Qian Jin around and watching him select and process the materials.

This Fake Rain Potion was not that difficult to make. It would only take Eulalia a few minutes while Qian Jin had spent five hours...

"Alright..." Walking out of the room with the potion, Qian Jin looked up to the sky to read the time. "Well, there is still some time! I’d better make more bottles of potions for self-protection. After all, the Ancient Desert Sea is full of danger."

The two Mystic Pharmacists looked at each other blankly. The Ancient Desert Sea? Qian Jin was indeed a grandmaster with noble dreams! Rumor had it that there were countless mysterious medicines in that hell of a place, most of which were even unheard of.

Out of Swei Lei's stronghold, Qian Jin passed the posts of some Pam Mystic Pharmacists. Because of the publicity promoted by Zo Surry, Qian Jin was now a household name to them. They all showed great hospitality.

"Medicine? Containers? Assistants? Whatever you need..."

Hearing what Qian Jin had done in his territory, Pam Honzi was shocked! Surely he could not underestimate this young man even once. The alliance settled down with him might be the best choice this Family Leader had ever made! Qian Jin had only been here for only a few days but had become so popular among those assisting elders who even looked down upon all other elders.

"It’s not about leadership anymore." Pam Honzi tapped on the desktop. "Those Assisting Elders are too proud! The more excellent you are, the more jealous they get. But to Qian Jin, he turned their hostility into aid which shows his amiable character! The affinity has been integrated with his ability! That is more irresistible than leadership!"

"What a lucky man!" Pam Honzi leaned back against the chair and sighed to the sky. "I’ve worked so hard but only developed leadership! Leadership means to control, while affinity means loyalty!" he wondered.

"Why leave so soon? Please stay!"

"I have a few collections here! Do you need? Help yourself!"

"Kid, do you have a girlfriend? How about my granddaughter? She is good looking and..."

"Kid, you must go to the Holy Capital Pharmacy for the authentication... You should become an elder..."

Scratching his head, Qian Jin had never felt so awkward before! People were all urging him to prolong the visit! Some made a proposal for their daughters or granddaughters. Some even asked him if he was gay!

"What a pity ...Why not stay any longer..."

"Yes... I have just learned a little from him..."

"When will he come back again?"

Those Mystic Pharmacists who had lent materials to Qian Jin now gathered in the room of Zo Surry and discussed with emotion. But all they were talking about was Qian Jin, Qian Jin, and Qian Jin...

"Don’t worry! He is now in an alliance of our Pam Family. He will come back again! But we must keep it to ourselves, or other families might go after him for alliance... If so, those pharmacists... "

"Family Leader!"

"Family Leader!"

"Family Leader!"

The engaging pharmacists were surprised by the voice at the door! The Family Leader who was not a regular figure in public had now shown up here to make such a speech...

"Understood! We’ll never say a word!"

"Yes! What did the leader just say?"

"I can’t remember... Nice day, huh?"

With a smile, Pam Honzi left! Thanks to Qian Jin, he didn’t need an extra sweetener to draw in those assisting elders who even looked down upon members of the royal family. They had really been a pain in the ass in previous years to retain.

But now? Chin up and chest out, Pam Honzi had his revenge more or less. Finally, he didn’t need to follow these assholes around with generous offers.

Whoever wanted to go, just go! Qian Jin would definitely come back! It was they who would suffer a loss! Now, with these assisting elders on his side... the other elders’ power, as a matter of fact, was not that strong, was going to be diluted even more!

"Too bad... Wouldn't it be nice if Qian Jin could forge..." The next second Pam Honzi smiled and shook his head. "No, I’m being too greedy... "

"Family Leader!"

With both hands behind his back, Pam Honzi rode on the crest of success! He gently raised his hand and looked like a devil with an unshakable momentum. "Ease! What's the panic? Restrain yourself! For us, Qian Jin comes first right now! This time... "

"Family Leader, it’s about Qian Jin..." Pam Monyun slowly looked up before panic and shock receded. "He has just been to our forging area to borrow materials, saying that he was going to forge something ... but... "

Pam Honzi had a shiver! Naturally, his mind clamped down.

"But what? Speak!" Pam Honzi clenched his fists.

"He..." Pam Monyun twisted his face and said: "I heard that after he hammered three times, the forgers Sala Lunre and Hon Cangqong immediately kneeled on the ground and begged Qian Jin to take them as his apprentices..."

"What?" Pam Honzi thought he was going to pass out! The two were Level 10 forger masters! One excelled at making shields and the other at making swords! They had achieved high ranks even in the Blacksmith Union! How could they become so cheap that they kneeled?

Pam Monyun swallowed his drools and continued. "They said that Qian Jin is the most capable Forge Grandmaster they had ever seen... and he might have a chance to be the second God-tier blacksmith Master in Zence history..."

Just because of three strikes? Pam Honzi looked at the distorted expression of Pam Monyun. "He won himself such a compliment just because of three hammers?"