Commanding Wind and Cloud


Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 174

This was the most vicious technique in [Dividing Metal Multi-Chop]! The real lethal strike was hidden in the sleeve, like a mantis that was hiding in the cave and waiting for the best opportunity to strike. It may take a fair bit of waiting, but when the strike comes, it rarely misses!

[Hidden Flower in the Mirror] was a critical factor as to how Warrick killed the previous tenth leader of Black Wind Bandit Group!

Warrick’s fingertip was approaching Qian Jin fast, he felt like his finger had already touched the skin on Qian Jin’s wrist through his sleeve. The crisp bone penetrating noise should sound within the next second.

But he suddenly saw Qian Jin’s wrist twist and slide to the side of his index finger like a sly poisonous snake in the forest. Qian Jin’s hand instantly formed a fist and struck towards Warrick’s chest in the meantime.

[Snake Fighting Technique]? Warrick quickly rejected this hypothesis. Although it looked like a poisonous snake in the forest, it wasn’t the real [Snake Fighting Technique]! "But his reaction speed is really quick. Did he predict what I was going to do?"

In the blink of an eye, Warrick positioned his left arm in front of his chest to block Qian Jin’s fist as his right hand also shot at Qian Jin’s chest ferociously. Whoosh! The iron like fingers dashed through the air and created an air-piercing sound, it looked as if it was a strong arrow that was shot from a powerful bow.

Even if a person was made from the stone, this strike could pierce through them! [Dividing Metal Multi-Chop] that belonged to Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline was a technique that even Ultimate Awakened Bloodline Warriors had praised before.

Fanta Kunge who was not in the battle felt a chill run down his spine. He had no doubt that these fingers would even leave a devastating mark on a stone if it didn’t miss.

When faced with this ferocious strike, Qian Jin didn’t dodge. He did exactly what Warrick did; he raised his left arm to block this strike as his right arm continued punching forward.

A direct counter? Fanta Kunge’s heart sunk to his stomach. He thought; "Qian Jin, you are too careless! This Unique Bloodline Fighting Technique has been passed down for numerous generations along with this bloodline. How would it be blocked this easily?"

Warrick’s squinted eyes were filled with excitement. "Let me cripple your left arm first!" He thought.

"What?" The smile on Warrick’s face suddenly froze. Qian Jin’s fist suddenly shifted as it touched his arm! The fist somehow dodged the arm that was blocking the way and drilled towards Warrick’s chest from another angle!

It wasn’t behaving like a snake; it was slippery like a mudfish! Warrick was very surprised and angry; it was already too late for him to move his arm and block the strike. Suddenly, another smile appeared on his face; although his bloodline was called Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline, the parts of his body that were as hard as iron wasn't just his arms or his back, every part of his body was solid and firm! That was one of the key reasons why the warriors from Iron-Arm Mantis Family dared to march forward on the battlefield without worrying about the consequences!

"I will let you hit me! Let's give you a taste of the Iron-Arm Mantis Body! Warrick’s fingers stabbed onto Qian Jin’s left arm, and Qian Jin’s mudfish like fist smashed onto Warrick’s upper abdomen.

Puff! Bam! Crack...

Warrick’s index finger felt a great amount of pain; he felt like his finger stabbed onto a moorstone, one of the hardest stone that existed, and not a human body. The mudfish like fist that didn’t seem too powerful suddenly turned into an iron hammer and instantly broke three of his ribs!

The powerful impulse sent Warrick into the air; his feet left the ground, and a red liquid traced out his trajectory in the air!

"What? What is this?" The pain didn’t make Warrick’s brain slowdown; thoughts flooded his head. His Iron-Arm Mantis Body won’t feel any pain even if someone smacked him with a wooden stick that was arm-thick! "Even if his opponent is a level 9 Demon Fighter, the cycling speed of my warrior power had exceeded the peak of Demon Fighters and had reached 2900 cycles per minute! But how would my fingers that were able to pierce through trees feel this much pain?" He thought.

"How this is possible?" Zachery who dashed out of the battle quickly pulled onto the reigns of the horse as he witnessed the whole thing. "Warrick who is a powerful bloodline warrior lost to Qian Jin, an ordinary fighter who isn’t yet at the peak of a level 9 Demon Fighter?"


Several mercenaries and bandits of Black Wind were so shocked that they forgot to hold onto their weapons, and their weapons fell to the ground.

Fanta Kunge was so surprised that his muscles twitched uncontrollably. Duren Burg who was standing beside him yelled: "Beautiful! What kind of strange technique is this? It’s like a snake fighting technique, yet it’s like a mudfish! My comrade, does your arm hurt after getting stabbed by him? I have potions that relieve pain. You can trade one bottle for a pack of cigarettes. You will be completely cured with three bottles."

Qian Jin lightly grimaced as he looked at his left arm that was feeling the pain. Before Warrick could react, he stomped the ground with his right leg and chased after him. At the same time, he raised his left arm high, and his level 9 Demon Fighter’s warrior power fully cycled in his body. His muscles under his skin gave off a boom sound as they lightly bulged under the empowerment of the warrior power. Bam! He clenched his hand together, and all five of his fingers held onto each other tightly whiling making a fully loaded noise. The fist was aimed directly at Warrick’s head.

With numerous years of dangerous and deadly battle experiences, Warrick instantly felt a life-threatening danger. He didn’t have time to use his warrior power to somewhat readjust himself and relieve the pain his body was feeling. He immediately looked at and tried to observe Qian Jin’s new attack. However, surprise and perplexity filled his eyes. "Am I in so much pain that I’m hallucinating? Why am I seeing a hammer and not a fist that is landing down on me? Why does his movement looked like how the blacksmiths swing their hammers when forging in their shops?"

Hayen Brianna’s beautiful eyes that were hidden behind the metal mask also shined with a curious light. "Why is the movement of a burly blacksmith appearing in battle? Qian Jin is disrespecting Warrick too much!" She thought

"Forging?" Zachery also couldn’t believe his eyes.

"How is he moving this quickly? Could his warrior power cycling speed….. Impossible!"

Fear appeared in Warrick’s eyes as he was shocked. He tried his best to endure the pain of broken ribs as he stabbed his right leg into the soil, stomped his left leg on the ground and crossed his arms on top of his head. Both of his index fingers were ready to stab into his opponent’s wrist after he blocked the attack.

To Qian Jin, he was only able to see Warrick, everything else was blocked out. His body fell into an unprecedented state; the enemy in his eyes was no longer a warrior who could move, instead, Warrick looked like a pig iron that was red hot and was bouncing into the air after the impact from his strike. Qian Jin felt like he was forging this iron and was able to clearly predict the direction and the trajectory of the bounce of this pig iron.

The Second Hammering Technique of Eighteen Blade Elevating Strike that he had practiced for two years in Endless World more than a million times was smashing towards Warrick, the human pig iron, instinctively.

Bam! It was a sound that was similar to a watermelon getting smashed by a wooden stick. Bone crackling noises followed right after. Both of Warrick’s arms were still crossed above his head, but his head turned into a ripped watermelon that cracked; red and white matters spilled everywhere.


"What just..."

"What happened?"

Fanta Kunge blinked his eyes forcefully and tried to recall the strike that smashed into the head a moment ago. It didn’t matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out how that fist got through Warrick’s firm, metal like defense and struck the target.

Zachery rubbed his chin as he fell into a state of pondering. That punch was very strange. It looked no different than how ordinary blacksmiths swing hammers, but the effects were completely different. The only thing was that he couldn’t break it down and analyze it.

"If I only use the strength of a level 9 Demon Fighter, can I block that fist?" Hayen Brianna asked herself behind the metal mask. After a while, she shook her head and sighed as she praised Qian Jin: "What a strange fighting technique."

Surprise flashed through Duren Burg’s eyes as sorrowful expression appeared on his face. "Uh... Looks like his arm is ok. I guess my chance to trade my potions for cigarettes is gone. Too bad, too unfortunate..."

Qian Jin was also stunned. He stared at his left hand that killed Warrick as he recalled the process of his trike. He smiled bitterly as he thought: "I’m not sure if I can ever use that strike again. I was trying to use the superior defense of Wind and Cloud Golden Body and trade damage with Warrick until I beat him so much that he couldn’t get up. I didn’t expect I would get that special feeling and finish this battle with one strike.

"The recovery speed of Wind and Could Golden Body is really great." Qian Jin shook his left hand as he thought. The place where he had been hit before didn’t feel pain anymore. The extreme baths that he took in the strange lake in Four Season Valley had shown its effect for the first time.

"Oh, right." Although everyone was staring at him, he rubbed his hands at almost every part of Warrick’s body. Soon, he pulled a book that had turned yellow from Warrick’s pocket; the name on it was [Thousand Men Five Strikes]

After flipping open the book, [Dividing Metal Multi-chop] was written on the first page.

"Ok, this is it." Qian Jin threw this Unique Bloodline Fighting Technique that was a perfect match for Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline into his warrior’s dimension along with a dozen gold coins from Warrick without any hesitation. After he did that, he turned around and looked at the mercenaries as he said: "Hey, this guy’s head is gone. Can I still go and exchange it for the bounty?"

Black Wind’s tenth leader, Warrick, was dead! The tenth leader of Black Wind Bandit Group who ranked number eight on the list of the top ten bandit groups of the Frontier as killed!

All the mercenaries felt like their brains weren’t powerful enough to process this information; they even doubted if they were awake and instead, still sleeping and dreaming.

"My comrade~" Duren Durg waved his arms as he shouted: "You can just chop off one of his arms and bring it back. Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Warrior’s arms are very special. People in the Zence Empire have ways of identifying it."

After he heard that, Qian Jin was looking for a broken blade to chop off an arm. All the bandits from Black Wind looked at Hayen Brianna; although they didn’t say anything, their expressions were asking: "The tenth leader is now dead, what should we do?"

Under the metal musk that reflected a black and shiny light, the pair of pretty eyes had changed; the black pupils were no longer the thin slit as they turned back to circular shapes. The horse that she was riding on also let out a series of loud breathing noises. The hyped atmosphere of Qian Jin’s victory turned strange again.

Qian Jin carefully wrapped the arm with the clothes that Warrick was wearing and looked at Hayen Brianna as he asked, "How are you going to thank me?"