Commanding Wind and Cloud


Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 118

"Sssh. Sssh."

A pot of water mixed with some medicinal powder was poured down on Qian Jin to restore his physical strength. Eulalia didn't act like Blake did. There wasn't any hot spring in the backyard; instead there was only a broken wooden basin.

As his body recovered, the volcano potion died down little by little without any reaction. There was no pain or itching. He felt nothing.

"Is the medicine no longer effective?" Qian Jin looked down at his lower abdomen in fear that there might be some weird side effects.

"Well, your study is done today. You can go now." Eulalia waved at the house on the opposite side of the street and said, "Go to the loser Adams and learn some crap from him."

Qian Jin looked at his own hands, perplexed. Following Eulalia, he once again asked with some concern, "Is this all? The second bottle of syrup..."

"That's all, that's all..." The impatient woman pointed to the distance and said, "Just go."

The distressed young man shook his head and wondered about the mysterious potion. During the three hours, he did nothing. The experience of being a guinea pig was so creepy, especially since it was a brand new potion to him. Wouldn't Adams also come up with the same trick in a moment?

Qian Jin came to the Adams Pharmacy at the other side of the street, which had a completely different style from that of the blacksmith's shop.

The room adjacent to the street side served as the sales counter. Behind stood a medicine field planted with a variety of plants. Also, there was another patch that was divided into tiny squares. In the squares, different insects were kept. Going forward, there was a pond which was also separated in different areas. In each area, there were different aquatic creatures leisurely swimming.

The creatures here were all very gentle, unlike what Eulalia had kept in her yard. The whole place had a harmonious atmosphere.

Carefully moving through the plant field and into the room of the yard, Qian Jin found Adams studying a few test tubes. In the pot next to him, some pungent herbs were being boiled.

"You came." Adams pointed to the house behind him and said, "Go and read the book wrapped in the red rope first."

[Complete Collection of Plants and Herbs. Volume 1]: By Adams.

The second Qian Jin picked up the two inch thick, one foot square book, he immediately felt the weight it carried. He gently smiled. Blake was a forging master who emphasized both practice and theories. It looked like this Pharmacists Adams was the same.

Opening the first page, the first line revealed the vast understanding of a scholar. "Master pharmacy, and you will master life." Qian Jin could feel the straightforward pride hidden in the lines.

Adams would bear a light smile every time he talked about pharmacy. He really was a fanatical lover of it. More often than not, true scholars were pragmatic, and Adams was clearly one of them.

Turning over the title page, there was a green flower with three petals. There were also a few dark red leaves. It was a Snake Crown, which tasted slightly spicy. Every three years, it would bloom once. It had some characteristics of fire. Mixing it with Delan grass and Conley Nutlet could cure malaria.

For the details of Delan grass, see [Complete Collection of Plants and Herbs. Volume 2], page 36. For the detail of Conley Nutlet, see page 197.

The following page specifically explained the dosage according to the severity of malaria. Also, the medicine had to be boiled in a specific kind of fire.

Qian Jin nodded again and again while he browsed the book. People were subject to sudden changes in fortune just like how the moon changed from a full moon to a crescent moon. No one could guarantee that sickness wouldn't suddenly strike. Even a powerful warrior could avoid some diseases, and getting some pharmaceutical knowledge would do no harm to themselves and their loved ones.

As Qian Jin turned to the next page, his smile was carried some seriousness. The prescription of Cocasala Fruit described how one should take care of oneself with a lung injury if hit severely.

The prescription was clearly designed for warriors. It was a daily diet for warriors when they fought their peers or Demon warriors and received some broken bones or injuries. A useful prescription would definitely increase the odds of survival.

He turned the page again, and Qian Jin thought he would never let the book go until he finished it. He intended to casually read it in the first place.

Similar to malaria, the treatment of lung injury was very comprehensive. Based on the severity of the trauma and the different locations of the injury, one would have a specific prescription.

There was a list of medicine for each prescription that considered the specific physique of each warrior and their different situations. After the patients recovered, using the different lists and their specified application methods could improve lung function and capacity.

As a warrior, Qian Jin was fully aware of the benefit of having strong lungs. It didn't only provide a massive lung capacity. It could also help in survival when facing a life and death battle.

He was immersed in the book for the whole three hours. He learned a lot, including a cure for lung injury, the treatment for other visceral injuries and some recipes which could boost the function of internal organs.

The bear-like body of Adams had been standing beside Qian Jin for half an hour. During this time, he observed Qian Jin with great curiosity. He took in this young man as an apprentice just to piss off the evil Mystic Pharmacist. He didn't expect this victim of his grudge would be so fascinated with his tedious, boring and difficult book.

Adams could see that the man truly liked the book, instead of pretending to be absorbed in it. "Is the book tolerable?" He checked out the remaining time and quietly asked, "Is it interesting?"

Qian Jin was startled by the voice. With the strength of a Level 3 Demon Fighter and the vigilance developed in the Western Mountain and Four Seasons Valley, it was impossible for him to not be aware if someone was sneaking up on him. He must have been too absorbed in the book.

Adams was very satisfied with the reaction of this young warrior, which proved his previous speculation.

"It is way more than tolerable." Qian Jin picked up a bookmark from the shelf and put it into the book, returning it back onto the shelf. "It's amazing, and it's very interesting."

Hearing the compliment, happiness emerged on Adam's face. But he suddenly asked, "What are the characteristics of Tuscan Grass?"

"It takes two years to grow and one year to mature, so in total it takes three years. It is mild, and thus suitable for pharmaceutical use. The length is about one foot and three inches to eight inches. The grass that looks serrated on the left side is male, and the right side is female. Taking alone... "

Qian Jin recited the records without even thinking for a second. His elephant memory secretly surprised the big and fleshy elder, who was proud of his own memory, too. However, this kind of extraordinary photographic memory was beyond his reach. He took three hours for nearly 100 kinds of plants.

The basic information would have already been a satisfactory answer. But as for this fantastic memory? It was so damn remarkable. Adams became appalled at this moment.

Individual qualities, including a superb memory were indispensable for becoming a pharmacist. To make sure it wasn't just a coincidence, Adams asked about three other herbs at random, yet the young man still received full marks.

Time seemed frozen then and there. The room filled with bookshelves was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The sluggish expression on Adams was actually hidden with ecstasy. In fact, Qian Jin himself was also staring at Adams in amazement. He knew his memory was good, but it was absolutely impossible for him to remember everything he read. It was beyond his imagination.

Suddenly, a boiling sound burst out from the [Eulalia Mystic Potion Shop] across the street. A ray of white smoke curled out from the door.

Looking at the red medicine in her hand, Eulalia smiled, "I have to make another Super Memory Potion since the young man just drank the last one. It shall be helpful because the nerd Adams will definitely ask him to read first."

The red syrup in the tube slowly flew into a small glass bottle. A breeze blew over from the street and into the house, blowing off a note on the desk. On top, a few lines were scribbled.

Memory Potion: Memory shall be improved by three times for three hours after taking it. During this time, things learned will not be forgotten even after the potion wears off. Memory will return to normal after three hours.

The wind once again blew the notebook. Pieces of paper rolled along with the wind, which issued a "pop" sound.

"Player Qian Jin, please pay attention. Your gaming time for today is almost up. Be prepared to go offline."

This was the first time that Qian Jin hated the so-called system sound. He hadn't finished either [Complete Collection of Plants and Herbs. Volume 1] or the [Basic Forging Breakdown (1)]. Even in the Zence Empire, millions of gold couldn't buy this knowledge.

The world began to twist, and the front space turned into complete blackness. Qian Jin took off the hat in reluctance. The light fell across the cave, dispersing the endless darkness.

A warm piece of roast meat was already placed on the rack beside Qian Jin. A bowl cut out of stone was filled with some boiled water.