Commanding Wind and Cloud


Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 117

Suddenly, a half-foot-long red snake became the next victim. Qian Jin had intended to remind Eulalia to watch out. Although he had not seen any books describing the snake, its eyes reflected a fierce light, and its blue teeth had also showed its aggressiveness. Stepping on it could send a man back to the stars right away.

"Boohoo." The mouth of the seemingly combative creature suddenly opened wide. But instead of biting Eulalia, it cried like a baby under the woman's foot. There was only fear and grievance in its eyes.

The Mystic Pharmacist led the way, and the strange scenes were beyond his imagination. Even for Qian Jin, who had been extremely calm when facing the Demon Uyeha Spider in the mountains, started to feel his skin tingle. His blood ran cold all the way from his spine to his brain.

"What the f*ck?" Qian Jin looked around to find a clue. After all, he had read a large number of books back at the Qian Family, but he had never seen or heard of most of the creatures here before. There was only one or two which he had an impression of.

Eulalia suddenly stopped and kicked a yellow pumpkin beside her, which was as large as three human heads put together. Bang. The pumpkin muffled at the hit and its huge top sprayed liquid into the air. After groping it, Eulalia took a tube out and filled it with up, causing the tube to glow pale-yellow. She then put the pumpkin back; it was as if there had never been any cracks on it.

Puff. Eulalia pulled out the cork and handed the tube directly to Qian Jin and said, "Drink it."

"Drink..." Qian Jin took the long thin tube and hesitated. For God's sake, it was a mystic potion from a Mystic Pharmacist. Who knew what would happen after he drank this weird yellow substance? There were no lack people who returned to the stars after tasting unknown medicine.

A faint fragrance drifted out from the tube. Qian Jin swallowed the lump in his throat as he was a little swayed by this fragrance. However, he would rather carry Zhanmadao and declare a war against the Demon Uyeha Spider immediately than drink the medicine. Truthfully, he did not have much courage to drink this mysterious medicine.

When people said that warriors should not be afraid of death, they referred to situations where they wouldn't back up against a powerful Demon warrior in order to defend the humans of the Zence Empire. It was heroic to die on the battlefield. But as for ending up like that as a guinea pig? Qian Jin frowned at the impossible option. It would be a huge joke. As far as he knew, even the strongest bloodline warriors who had their ultimate awakening had once declined the offer of drug testing, despite the drug being labeled by the pharmacists as miracle drugs for breaking through.

"Are you afraid?" Eulalia rolled her eyelids with a trace of contempt. Staring at Qian Jin, she said, "Cowards should not dream of becoming a Mystic Pharmacist."

Qian Jin pumped his mouth and complained in his heart, "I did not want to be a Mystic Pharmacist in the first place. But your look reminds me of an annoying person, Qian Wushan, the legitimate and honorable descendant of the Qian family. They put their faith in him to become an Elf King Bloodline Warrior. You two have the same look. Even if his uncle, my father, squatted down as a stepping stone for him to mount a carriage, he would not show any gratitude, but rather only have that kind of look."

"Why not?" Qian Jin took a deep breath and gulped down all the fluids. Last time when he was bitten by the wolves, there were just a few teeth marks on his neck. "What's the big deal? I do not believe this medicine can really kill me."

The second that the sweet potion flew down his throat and into the stomach, Qian Jin felt an acute pain in his shoulder. Before he could react, the pain surged again as if something was desperately trying to drill through the muscle and skin.

The pain came from the inside... Qian Jin reached out subconsciously to his shoulder, but at the same time, he felt the same suffering in his calves. With weak knees, he was about to fall to the ground. "What's this...?" It seemed like there had been hundreds of needles pricking him here and there. The agony took the young man's breath away for a second.

Qian Jin was completely drenched in cold sweat.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

The strong impact scrambled inside Qian Jin's body. Anyone could clearly see that there was something rushing out.

"Haha, it worked." Eulalia looked at Qian Jin who was trying to stand. She said in happiness and surprise, "How can you hold it? Doesn't it hurt?

"Why don't you drink some and try it yourself?" After finishing his sentence in great pain, Qian Jin felt so numb that he could not even feel his tongue. He didn't even have the strength to curse this crazy woman.

Eulalia circled around the young man in great satisfaction, "It looks really painful, but your endurance and willpower are extremely extraordinary. Even a Level 3 Demon Fighter would pass out from the suffering, but you did not. Also, you're standing still. Interesting."

Qian Jin wanted to say, "F*ck you." However the aching all over his body shut him up. If he hadn't spent a month experiencing the life-or-death torture in the Burning Fire Lake, he would've been curled up and rolling on the ground, even if he didn't faint.

"Do not worry, I will not hurt you." Eulalia waved at his fiery eyes. "Being a Mystic Pharmacist requires not only courage, but also a strong body. You should know very well that those explosions are like bread and cheese in an experiment. Life insurance is a necessity. We love the truth, and sometimes we sacrifice our lives for truth. But wouldn't it be better if we don't have to? You passed the exam. You took the Volcano Potion, yet you are still brisk and alive."

"The Volcano Potion?" Qian Jin nodded in approval of the name. The slightest movement cost him his entire strength. As the name suggested, it left like a million volcanoes were erupting in his body.

"Of course, the potion will benefit you if you survive. Through the volcanic tempering, your body will become even stronger. Not only will your anti-combat capability surpass warriors of the same level, but your explosive power will also be unparalleled." Eulalia explained as she kept walking to the front desk.

"By the way," Turning back, Eulalia said in a cordial tone, "Of all the Mystic Pharmacists, I'm the only one that takes apprentices using this method. This volcanic potion is my secret prescription. I once got an Iron-back Bear for testing, but it died. How fragile..."

Eulalia shook her head in sympathy and sighed in resentment. She turned to the shop and murmured to herself, "I hope you can survive. I like you; you're lucky young man."

"Sh*t." Qian Jin could no longer stop the dirty words. A bear was way stronger than a Green Skined Three Armed Ape. How crazy was this woman? If that thing didn't made it through, how could a human do it? Mystic Pharmacists were all lunatics. Lunatics.

"By the way," The sharp voice came from the front again. What frightened Qian Jin the most right now was her "by the way" explanation. Every time he heard it, he knew that something wasn't right.

"The first ten minutes is a soft eruption phase. Ten minutes later, you will enter the ascending phase, and an hour later comes the full explosion..."

Soft eruption phase? Suddenly Qian Jin felt like the walls were rotating, as if the whole world was spinning.

"The full explosion period will last two hours and stays at maximum intensity. It takes a total of three hours..."

Qian Jin had no time or energy to argue with Eulalia. He suppressed the urge to use Warrior Power, which he didn't have much left of. He had to save it for the full explosion. Otherwise, he might really die from the lunatic's medicine.

The three hours were the most painful and longest three hours since he was born. It seemed he had been tortured there for three years. If it were not for the Burning Fire Lake experience, whether he could survive these three hours might be a bet for the legendary living gods in the stars.

His sweat was like a flood that made Qian Jin recall the time he swam in the Burning Fire Lake.

The raging impact of the tsunami suddenly disappeared, and his body became motionless and powerless. His inner muscles moved lively and rapidly, integrating and entangling with each other...

Eulalia was right. After his body went through the volcanic potion hell, his strength began to grow. It was like the spring bamboo, growing at a high speed which Qian Jin could totally feel.

"It's about time," The red apron appeared again. She came along with a potion of the same color. "You can go to the junk Pharmacist Adams now and see what he wants to show you."

"Before that though… Come on, be a good boy. Drink this..."

Qian Jin was desperate to leave right away. The sight of the red medicine made him shiver again. Just after the crazy volcano potion, whatever came from the crazy Mystic Pharmacist was like poison. He really did not have the courage, so he gritted his teeth with the last strength he had.

"Be mama's good boy, drink it..."

Eulalia's voice was very sweet, as if she were singing a child to sleep. However, she acted in an extremely rough manner. Since Qian Jin's body had no power at all, she pinched his teeth and poured down the potion into his mouth in one gulp.


The poor guy coughed a few times. He tried to cough out the syrup, but unfortunately he failed.

What the f*ck! Again? Qian Jin looked at Eulalia like a dead person. He secretly prayed to God that it wouldn't be another volcano potion or something along those lines. Although it would reinforce his body, right now wasn't a good time. It would only kill him in his current condition.