Come and Eat, Shan Shan


Come and Eat, Shan Shan Epilogue

Feng Teng gives Feng Yue full authority to organize Shan Shan and his wedding, and it turns out to be extremely successful …… Resulting in Shan Shan becoming very tired.  Then, before Shan Shan has enough time to rest, she is taken on a honeymoon. Consequently, Shan Shan once again becomes ’tired’ for a month.

When they return from their honeymoon, the Lunar New Year is around the corner. Being a new bride in the first year, there are all kinds of busy activities.

Shan Shan is puzzled. Clearly, last year when she had been in Boss’s house to celebrate the Lunar New Year, it had been very quiet ah. How come this year all of a sudden so many relatives turn up? Furthermore, there are various big banquets, small feasts, giving gifts and returning favors. Shan Shan can’t help but deeply feels, as Mr. President’s wife, it is only right for her to be paid a salary.

Finally, when it is a little less busy, it is already the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the God of Wealth’s birthday ah. Shan Shan cannot help but recalls a major event. Hence, she runs to Feng Teng and holds out her hand, “Where is my red packet?!”

“Oh, Happy Lunar New Year.” Feng Teng casually answers.

Shan Shan quietly waits for some reaction. As a result, she waits and waits but to find out there is no reaction.

“That’s it?” Shan Shan is angry, “You are so unfair!”

They have not been married for long ah ……

“At the very least, give me a red packet as a gesture of goodwill ah T_T”

Clearly, everyone in the family from top to bottom also have been given red packets, why is she the only one who does not get one? Shan Shan feel very aggrieved.

Feng Teng puts down the magazine in his hands, “Xue Shan Shan, did I give you a red packet last year?”

“No!” Therefore, your wicked conduct does not happen once but twice.

“How about Lunar New Year’s gift?”

“Also, no!” The only mobile phone he had given her had been on loan only. Moreover, he had used it before, an old one ah.

Feng Teng smiles, “Hence, during last Lunar New Year, I did not give you anything, but do you remember I wished you Happy Lunar New Year at the airport?”

Perhaps, so what?

Feng Teng looks at her, “That is what I want to give you. Shan Shan, that sentence is not a blessing but a promise.”

Shan Shan blinks her eyes, then blinks her eyes again …… Feng Teng coughs once, stands up and intends to walk away.

This can‘t be because he feels embarrassed. Shan Shan eventually realises and chases after him sneakily, “This year is also a promise ah?”


“Next year is also a promise ah?”

“…… I’ll let you know next year.”

What to do, she feels a bit moved. Shan Shan hugs his waist from behind and puts her head on his back, “Happy Lunar New Year to you too.”

A cozy and serene atmosphere surrounds them, after a while ——

Shan Shan: “Oh, yes, quickly give me a red packet ^ _ ^”

Feng Teng: “……”

Shan Shan: “You said you want to make me happy throughout the new year ah. Now, I will only be happy if I have a red packet ^ _ ^”