Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away


Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Fire and Ice 

"So that's the reason…" Qin Mo Lin looked as if he had come to a realization. Smiling, he continued: "Your innate skill is quite outstanding. Your spiritual talent can unexpectedly contend against the Nine Yin Frozen Meridians."

"Is there a way to save the situation?" On the surface it seemed as if Feng Xing Ying was completely unaffected, however the rays of brilliance shining in her eyes betrayed her.

From the memories of the original Feng Xing Ying, she had learned that the spiritualists in this world were truly powerful, much more so than anyone she had ever known. To top it off, she had also seen a living example in Qin Mo Lin.

It also seemed that the all the values of practicing restraint to train one's self were also considered utter bogus.

Although she could be considered to be an expert in ancient martial arts before, she was also confident that she could train and restore her body to peak condition. She would be under a lot of pressure so it wouldn't be bad if she could awaken her spirit powers.

"Kiss me and I'll tell you." Qin Mo Lin smiled with evil intentions yet he still resembled a picturesque immortal.

Feng Xing Ying was almost pulled into a trance as she saw him smile. Shaking herself out of it, she scolded the evildoer in her heart.

He gently placed his jade like hand on her shoulder, holding her down. Grabbing her cheek, he turned her towards him.

"I don't need your help! I can find a way on my own." Feng Xing Ying firmly stood her ground as she angrily spoke. Qin Mo Lin smiled with evil intentions as he once again placed his lips upon Feng Xing Ying. In the moon light his appearance was akin to a blooming lotus, blindingly bright.

This time, Feng Xing Ying felt that this man was endlessly charming. His lips burned hot as he pried open her stubborn mouth. She felt something hot pass through her throat and enter her body.

As expected, Feng Xing Ying wanted to resist but she stopped herself just in time. Her intuition told her that this man wouldn't harm her.

She always believed her instincts.

In that moment, Feng Xing Ying felt as if a layer of ice had appeared in her body, vehemently resisting the flame that had just appeared.

One moment she felt as if her body was being pierced by the bitter cold, the next moment she felt like she was being roasted by the world's hottest flame.

Their lips separated.

Feng Xing Ying trembled violently as pain raked her body. But she bit her lip, refusing to let so much as a groan escape.

"If it feels like you can't tolerate the pain, then make some noise. I'll help you suppress the pain at once. Only, from the onwards you can only be a vase like before." It was as if Qin Mo Lin's voice had bewitched Feng Xing Ying.

His lips pressed close to her earlobe. Seeing a small red dot, he couldn't help but lick it.

He already seemed to know her answer.

He shouldn't have asked.

If it was him, he would also make the same choice.

"I will not give up."

Feng Xing spoke with a stutter. Immediately afterwards she bit her lip once again.

A pretty and flirtatious color died her soft pink lips. The  blood flowed over, dying both her tender young lips red.

Seeing this kind of Feng Xing Ying, the smile on Qin Mo Lin's face became even more obvious.

Perhaps, this little girl really might be able to do it…

Qin Mo Lin's expression grew increasingly abstruse.

Pain. Heart piercing pain.

Her body was not being torn apart, rather the cold had penetrated deep into her bones. Her heart burned in a raging inferno.

Feng Xing Ying's consciousness was focused as the raging flames bore through the cold ice.

"I'm not afraid of you!" Her dark thoughts raged.

If one talks of fierceness, who can say that they can place on to of Feng Xing Ying?

Though she was relentless towards her enemies, she was even more ruthless to herself. Ordinary people cannot get talent through just endurance. Feng Xing Ying did not believe in fate, only herself. She never for a moment thought that she would be unable to endure through this pain.

Flames, ice, what does it matter? Knives, mountains, oceans, she has walked them all.

This pain, what does it matter?

And so Feng Xing Ying maintained her strange position. She sat still by the campfire as ice began to cover every inch of her body. Should anyone see her in that moment, they would think that she was a sculpture made of crystal ice.

The cold ice slowed down yet the fire thrived more and more. Her heart felt as if cold magma would burst through at any moment. Piercing the ice, the fire thrived.


Feng Xing Ying woke up in the early morning.

Qin Mo Lin seemed to be long gone but the bonfire was still quietly burning.

A trace of warmth emerged in Feng Xing Ying's heart.

Stretching out her right hand, she curled her finger. A flame danced in her palm as if it had a life of its own.

Spiritualist…she's finally reached it.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that fire spiritualists are the most dreadful when it comes to spirit power.

Feng Xing Ying turned around and took a deep look at the ruined temple. The bloodshed from last night was still vivid in her mind and the corpses of those ruffians were still in there. It was unavoidable that some people might come and explore.

And she has no endurance for troublesome people.

Expressionless, Feng Xing Ying raised the fireball in her slender hand and threw it towards the ruined temple. The next moment, she threw another. And another. And another.

The wooden walls of the temple burned with intense fire, the bodies that were inside would also eventually become ashes with it.

Feng Xing Ying turned around, listening to the roar of the raging fire. Her face was devoid of any compassion.

Since you don not want me to go back, naturally this Feng Xing Ying will.

As for those who are indebted to me… they will all pay one by one.