Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort


Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 56 part2

Chapter 56 The Zhang Princess’ request part 2


Once he was gone, Mu Zi Ling and Xie were left standing at the door. They stared at the door with ugly expressions, having heard sounds that they weren’t supposed to hear.


Mu Zi Ling stayed composed, but Xie’s face was bright red. She was prepared to just die a hole and bury herself in it.


Housekeeper An had told them to let themselves in, but wouldn’t that disturb the Princess?


In the end, Mu Zi Ling still chose to wait. She would not dare open the door anyways. Even if her status was higher than the Zhang Princess, she would still choose to not enter.


However, not long later, a gentle, enticing voice floated from the Palace.


“Why haven’t you entered yet?”


When Mu Zi Ling heard her voice, her face turned stiff. So it turns out the Zhang Princess already knew that they were here.


Helplessly, she could only leave Xie outside the palace. She had already started to regret bringing Xie with her. This was more terrifying than the great scourges of the Royal Palace.


Abandoning Xie, she took a deep breath and entered the Palace with her head lowered.


When Mu Zi Ling walked in, the first thing she saw, was the Zhang Princess laying on the mattress with a hand propping up her head. Beside her, there were four male servants. Their clothes were neat, and not messy. One fanned the Princess, another fed her grapes, while the other two massaged her shoulders and legs.


It was undeniable the Zhang Princess knew how to enjoy life, especially with everything she wanted available to her.


Currently, she had most of her clothes slipped off to reveal her pale white shoulders and spicy red undergarments. Her cleavage was faintly discernible, luring human souls. Her long, snow-white legs were bare, giving her a more alluring feel.


Even Mu Zi Ling, who’s seen many female bodies and lived two life times as a doctor, couldn't help but gulp down her saliva. She couldn’t help but sigh to herself, she was a rare sort of person.


This Princess was already twenty six years old. Yet, every smile and move she made could still move a person’s heart.


Yet even with her beauty, the Princess could still retain her naturally proud personality. Although she was born with an incredibly charming face, she was nothing like a prostitute. She still carried the aura of one from the Royal Palace. In the end, to have so many men devoted to you wasn’t that bad.


When the Zhang Princess saw Mu Zi Ling lost in her thoughts, she wasn’t angry at all. She dismissed one of the servants by her side, then brought her hands together and softly coughed a few times.


*Cough Cough*


Mu Zi Ling immediately shot back to consciousness. Slightly awkwardly, she bowed slightly, “This wife gives her greetings to the Zhang Princess.”


She had originally assumed that she would see something she didn’t want to see after entering. She didn’t expect that the Zhang Princess would be the only focus point. In the end, it was just her having impure thoughts.


It wasn’t that she held something against her, it was just that the clothes she wore were too revealing. Although they still gave off a royal, arrogant aura that could warm a person’s heart. The fact that the Zhang Princess raised male servants in her palace made her not particularly like her that much.


But just because she didn’t like her, didn't mean she hated her either.


“You may rise. Are you the Princess that that old Empress Dowager has picked for little three?” asked the Zhang Princess raising her eyebrows. Her voice alone could lure in hearts.


“Yes,” replied Mu Zi Ling


The corner of her mouth raised slightly at her words. Did the Zhang Princess just call Long Xiao Yu little three? Little three… why did that sound so familiar?

(TL Note: Little three or Xiao San is basically a term for saying the “Third wheel” or the third person)


But why did the Zhang Princess’ tone contain disdain? Was it directed towards the Empress Dowager herself, or was it to the Empress Dowager’s choice in her.


The Zhang Princess’ next words made it very clear who it was that she disdained.


Her long slender fingers slid over her chin, as she observed Mu Zi Ling from top to bottom. Then slowly, “En, You are calm, graceful, and not frightened easily. Your looks also matches our little three. So that old Empress Dowager’s eyes aren’t that bad after all.”


Once again, the Zhang Princess spat the words “Empress Dowager” with disdain.


“Many thanks for the Zhang Princess’ compliments,” said Mu Zi Ling without being modesty.


Who cared whether the Zhang Princess was genuinely complimenting her or just saying kind words. She had a thick face anyways, so she would just accept the compliments without protest.


For now, it seemed like the Zhang Princess had a strong opinion on the Empress Dowager. But as for whether the Zhang Princess had an opinion of her, she didn’t know. After all, she was the one chosen by the Empress Dowager, so she might be mistaken as someone on the Empress Dowager’s side.


Who cared if the Princess thought of her like that. Her actions were clear and on the good side, so for now, she wasn't worried about being doubted.


“Haha, you sure are a straightforward person. Since you are little three’s princess, you may call me aunty, like him.” When the Zhang Princess heard Mu Zi Ling’s response, she started to laugh brightly.


“Yes, imperial aunty,” replied Mu Zi Ling obediently.


The Zhang Princess seemed to care about Long Xiao Yu a lot. It was just a form of address, and she was also Long Xiao Yu’s blood related aunt. It was only natural for her to call the Zhang Princess her aunty, unlike that Empress Dowager who was an “imposter” in her eyes.

No matter what situation, she couldn't ever imagine being able to force the words “imperial grandmother” out of her mouth.


“A few days ago, this Princess heard rumors that you were skilled in medicine, and cured the illness that has been troubling him for so many years. Were the rumors true?” asked the Zhang Princess softly as she lightly restrained her smile.


“Yes,” answered Mu Zi Ling simply.


Why did the Zhang Princess suddenly ask her that question? Was she trying to test her?


“Since you can cure little five’s illness, then that must mean that your medical skills are quite impressive. This Princess’ body has been feeling a bit ill these days, can you take a look at this Princess?” after the Zhang Princess finished talking, she stretched her hand over for Mu Zi Ling to take her pulse.


Mu Zi Ling didn’t decline her request, and walked over. She started the Stellar System, then acted as if she was taking the Princess’ pulse.


She used the Stellar System over and over again, but there was nothing wrong with the Zhang Princess’ body. Everything was normal.


She was originally going to ask why the Zhang Princess told her to check her if she was not really sick, but on second thought, was the Zhang Princess actually testing her?

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