Cohen of the Rebellion

Other name: Record of the Otherworlder who Defies the World; 异人傲世录

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Date released: 2002
Views: 31027

Author: Ming Mei; 明寐

Status: Ongoing

Translator: WuxiaNation TL

This is a story about a badass, He lived a playful life and sang wild songs… This is also a story about a hero, He fought wars and crossed battlefields… Two lives in one unyielding man, born again in a new world. Burdened with endless destinies, struggled between fate. He wished nothing but safety and wellness of the family, never has he fulfilled One promise, half dream, Chaotic times opened followed with touching and glorious music. One saint befriended with blood, one warrior defended with honor. When twilight slashed desperate clouds, the dark king returned with a miracle! Hear the rhythm of battle, and wield the war with blood, Swing his master blade, an unbending willpower will become the sword that cut off the world’s shackle and brings hope to this land, and death.
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