Chronicles of Primordial Wars


Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 251

Chapter 251 - Searching

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It was said that this evening, when the Flaming Horns tribe stayed there, it was the quietest night for the Feng tribe. They did not hear any sounds of the various night animals in a wide area, or the emergency whistles from the patrolling warriors. Nothing strange happened in the tribe and they didn't even meet those strange insects that they had been alert against.

The next day was sunny.

After getting up early, the first thing every house did was count the number of their livestock.

“How’s the livestock?”

“All are here!” A woman from the Feng tribe said happily to her husband after counting her livestock.

The neighbors talked with each other to see who was the unfortunate one to lose livestock this time. However, they had talked for the whole morning and noticed that no livestock was lost. A man said he lost a goat, but it turned out that he just counted it wrong. He recounted it several times to make sure.

This was the first time that none of their livestock were lost in a while.

Listening to the reports based on the information collected by his subordinates, Yi Bei nodded and said, “It seems that it was the insects that robbed the livestock.”

“Or maybe they just ran away scared last night.” Someone whispered.

The howl of the wolf last night was heard by those sleeping at home and also the patrols on the grasslands. The patrolling warriors even witnessed the beasts running away after hearing the howl.

Instantly, the people of the Feng tribe thought that the arrival of Flaming Horns tribe was beneficial for them. There was such a wolf guarding them and keeping those livestock thieves away.

The Flaming Horns tribe stayed at the Feng tribe for two days. They mainly wanted to take care of those wanderers, the badly injured people were finally safe thanks to the two-day treatment. Shao Xuan seized this chance to take a few warriors to the mountain to get some wood so that they could made a simple carriage.

There were few materials and most of the craftsmen were not here. Therefore, Shao Xuan made it almost all on his own. The carriage was not as big as those they had made for the return to the old land. It didn’t have a roof, but the carriage had supports with a straw mat on top, woven by a wanderer, to shade the people on the carriage from the sun.

The wood was not good nor tough. He was reluctant to make the carriage with it. He did not have Caesar pull the carriage. Shao Xuan chose two adult horses for the job. He let those wounded people who had difficulty walking get on the carriage.

The wanderers were in a good mood. After the two-day rest, they looked much more vigorous. Companied with the totem warriors of the Flaming Horns tribe, they wore a relaxed and happy face.

When Ah-Nai and his family left, Gua Er gave him a pony. Duo Ya and the other children of the same age who knew them, although they seldom stayed together, saw Ah-Nai off.

“When we meet next time, we will all be totem warriors, right?” Gua Er said and looked at those leaving.

“Ah, where is Ah-Nai's tribe? If we go out later, we’ll visit him.” Said one of the children. Saying so, he fixed his eyes on Caesar.

When it came to this, Gua Er hesitated, “My father said they were in the Ferocious Beast Mountain Forest.”

The other children: “...”

Even though it was far away from them, they knew what the Ferocious Beast Mountain Forest was.

Saying goodbye to the patrol team of the Feng tribe, the Flaming Horns tribe left with the wanderers, they did not continue in the grasslands. Although they had a strong curiosity and wanted to see the other tribes on the grasslands, their task was more important. This time their important task was to pick up the wanderers, rather than wander about. They knew they had to wait for another chance later to explore here.

Leaving the tribe, and almost having left the grassland, Shao Xuan still did not see Chacha.

Looking at the sky, Shao Xuan wondered why Chacha hadn't come back.

When they had been in the Feng tribe two days ago, Chacha went out for fun alone and did not follow them into the Feng tribe. Shao Xuan did not mind it, and only told him not to go to the other tribes to take their livestock. Otherwise, he would be attacked.

Shao Xuan hadn't worried about it, but he hadn't seen Chacha for two days now. Chacha always came back and reported to him every day, but this time he didn't. He just disappeared. They all intended to leave, but he still hadn't appeared yet.

Did he go to the mountain to see the tribal war and forgot to come back?

Fortunately, before they walked out of the grasslands, Chacha finally came back.

Chacha was in a sorry state, with a lot of wounds and lost a lot of feathers. But he was fortunate enough that he could fly back and was still alive.

Shao Xuan carefully looked at Chacha’s wounds. Some were caused by claws, and some were caused from being pecked and some feathers were pulled. However, although he was injured, he seemed to be very excited.

“Who did you fight with?” Lang Ga asked.

“He probably fought with a bird of his size and perhaps of the same race.” Shao Xuan took a feather with blood from his claw, which was a trophy. When Chacha flew back, his claw was still holding it. Obviously, the blood on the feather was not his blood.
The several feathers held by Chacha’s claw had almost the same size and color as his feathers. If Shao Xuan was not familiar with Chacha , he  may even mistakenly think that they were all pulled off from Chacha.

“You look so joyful. Did you win?” Lang Ga said praisingly.

“Jiao~” Chacha replied and proudly flapped his wings.

Unlike Caesar’s intimacy with the Flaming Horns tribe, Chacha had always been alienated from the others, not to mention the fact that there were many strangers in this team. After Shao Xuan gave him the medicine, he flew back to the sky and followed the team. He did not fly away this time.

The feathers were his loot, so Shao Xuan helped him keep them. After they returned to the tribe, he would have Old Ke store them. When Chacha returned with trophies, Old Ke always kept some of them.

The wanderers were very curious about the two ferocious beasts in the team. But they did not dare to come close to Caesar, and Chacha in the sky was too far away from them. They could only look up at him. They did not expect that the Flaming Horns tribe would even have ferocious beasts. A tribe with ferocious beasts should be a strong tribe, right?

After leaving the grasslands, the team did not go back immediately, but went to another place. In that place, the leaders responsible for gathering, like Kun Tu, had agreed to meet the when they would come out of the grasslands.

The grasslands were large and there was not only one way out, and the shortest route for Kun Tu was not necessarily the shortest route for the people living in other places on the grasslands. Therefor they all set out separately.

“There’s a market there and a lot of travelers will pass by. But we didn't agree to meet in a place located in the market, instead, on a mountain. It is close to the market. Use this whistle to make contact.” Kun Tu told their arrangement to Mai.

In order to return to the old land and the tribe, they had made great efforts. Wanderers had always been a vulnerable group. Wherever they were, they were the weak. Even when they just collected some information, some of them were killed.

Getting along for two days, Mai knew a little about Kun Tu. He was smart and calm, no wonder Old He and the others always turned to him. Without Kun Tu, the wanderers in this side of the grasslands may not have been able to come here safely.

Although there were many untrustworthy people among the wanderers, most of them were loyal for they came so far. Otherwise, they would not take such a big risk, even considering that they heard that the tribe was in the Ferocious Beast Mountain Forests.

They arrived at the market Kun Tu spoke about after they left the grasslands and then walked for another day. Because they moved with wanderers and livestock, they slowed down a lot. If the totem warriors traveled alone, they could be there in half a day, but it was different when they went with the wanderers.

The market was popular among many travelers who went through the grasslands, and many of the travelers rested there before entering or leaving the grassland.

Kun Tu did not know where the other wanderers were, he had never left the grasslands. Everything he knew was by exchanging some food for info and asking several team leaders. When he arrived there, he was still confused. Even if he could refer to a map, it would be difficult to locate himself accurately, not to mention the fact that they did not have a map at the time.

Kun Tu kept his appointment and blew the wooden whistle. But there was no response.

“Haven’t they arrived here yet?” Someone asked.

“No, we are late a few days because of the tribal war and they are closer to this place than us. Did they get pulled into a tribal war? Even if some did, not every group would be the case. A war doesn’t break out so often on the grasslands.” Someone retorted.

Even if not all the teams arrived here, one or two should have arrived. However, no matter how Kun Tu whistled, there was still no response. Some of the travelers who went past them looked at them with curiosity. If the warriors of the Flaming Horns tribe didn’t look powerful and weren’t accompanied by Caesar, those travelers who were not afraid of them may even attack them.

Not receiving any response from them, Kun Tu became anxious and Mai frowned.

Shao Xuan looked at the sky, Chacha did not give him any messages, which meant there were no wanderers in the surrounding area.

“There are no wanderers around, we first find a place for them to rest and then continue to search.” Shao Xuan told Mai.

With so many wanderers and livestock, it was not easy to walk around.

Searching around the mountain, Shao Xuan and Mai decided to settle the wanderers and the livestock they had bought there. Then Shao Xuan went with Kun Tu and more than twenty warriors to continue to look for more wanderers. The remaining half of the warriors and Caesar were left behind to protect the wanderers.

They took Kun Tu to look for the wanderers around there. They also looked for them in groups, but they still did not see any wanderers.

Kun Tu’s whistle was different from Shao Xuan’s and the sound was not the same. Mai worried that they heard the whistle, but as it was not the same as that of Kun Tu, they would not respond. Therefore, he had to bring Kun Tu wherever they went.

They searched the mountains near the market, but they did not find any wanderers. Shao Xuan advised to ask for some information in the market. After all, there were so many wanderers. Though they covered their tracks, they would be seen. In that case, they could get some information about them.

Mai agreed with Shao Xuan’s idea. Anyway, there was no other better way, so they decided to do as Shao Xuan said.