Chronicles of Primordial Wars


Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 230

Chapter 230 - Night slaughter

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The arrival of the Flaming Horns tribe caused the people of the Drumming tribe, who were laden with tension and anxiety, to become very relieved. At least, they were not alone in the upcoming battle and would feel more at ease with a helper.

After the two chiefs exchanged ideas with each other, they started to build houses in an area with fewer ponds. After all, not everyone liked living on a pond. Fan Mu took this into consideration and decided to use that area after discussions with Ao.

That area was a little bit far away from the habitat of the Drumming tribe. No one walked there except the patrolling groups. That was what Ao wanted.

Even if it was the cooperation between the two tribes, precautions against each other were necessary, as both were not that acquainted to stay together without any defense. Moreover, that area was closer to the branch where they were docked.

It not only resolved the housing problem, but also kept a distance both agreed on. Certainly no one rejected this decision.

With the assistance of the people of the Drumming tribe, they worked fast on the construction. On the second day, many houses appeared in the forest overgrown with weeds. Although those houses were simple and crude, people of the Flaming Horns tribe didn’t care, as they were not here for a long stay. After the issues of the Drumming tribe were resolved, they would have to leave.

The old, the women, and children were still settled on the boat, where it was relatively safer. When someone invaded, the people of the Flaming Horns tribe would also try their best to stop the invaders from getting on board.

“Shao Xuan!”

Shao Xuan was clearing up the trees and bushes around the newly built temporary residence and setting up some alarm traps. He looked up when he heard someone calling his name.

It’s been two years since he saw Chen Jia the last time. Chen Jia obviously grew taller and gained an a scar on his face like a cut from a blade.

“What happened? ” Shao Xuan pointed to the scar on Chen Jia’s face.

“This scar?” Chen Jia smiled, saying proudly, “I got it in the Water Moon Festival last year.”

Every year there would be lots of troubles in the Drumming tribe during the Water Moon Festival. Last year, Chen Jia joined in the defensive battle and got wounded. It was then when he gained the scar on his face.

While smiling, Chen Jia became depressed: “This year my father doesn’t allow me to join in the battle.”

Because of the message they got, the people of the Drumming tribe were on the highest alert. Unless there was no other way, they would not let these young kids join in the battle, as these young people in the middle of growth would be the hope of the tribe in the future in case any accidents happened to the warriors who are participating.

Seeing Shao Xuan, Chen Jia was very happy and told Shao Xuan without cease the things that happened within the recent two years, especially his brave battle stories last year.

Young warriors were always ready to share their glory with others.

After finishing his stories, Chen Jia looked around. Seeing no one watching them, he asked in a low voice: “Shao Xuan, do people of your tribe usually dress up like this?” Chen Jia gesticulated on his head, his neck and his body.

“Not quite. We only dress up in this way on important dates.” Shao Xuan replied.

So, it means the Flaming Horns tribe attaches much weight on his own tribe? Chen Jia felt pleased in his heart. He decided to tell everyone this finding when he returned.

“By the way, Shao Xuan, where are your animal skin clothes?” Chen Jia looked around inside the room. When he saw the people of the Flaming Horns tribe before, he never took his eyes off the unknown animal skin and various ornaments, as well as those big teeth on the people of the Flaming Horns tribe, which made him dumbfounded!

But Chen Jia was not acquainted with the others of the Flaming Horns tribe, so he had to come to Shao Xuan, wanting to see the clothes in the style of the Flaming Horns tribe, so that he could brag to others after returning.

“I only brought one with me, I put in the wooden box inside. The rest are on the boat.” Shao Xuan pointed to the wooden box on the right at the corner.

These were sent by Caesar early this morning at the request of old Ke: two boxes, one with daily necessities and clothes, and the other with the clothes made of fur of the Thorn Black Wind, which was enlarged. Old Ke was afraid that Shao Xuan had nothing to “show off”.

“May I take a look?” Chen Jia asked with expectations.


Chen Jia ran to the front of the wooden box with joy, opening the box.

“Wow~~!” Chen Jia curiously touched the clothes with the long thorns. Except the crocodiles, they only saw some wild animals in daily life, he really never saw any animal like this with so many long thorns.

While Chen Jia was watching the clothes made of fur of the Thorn Black Wind with shining eyes, Shao Xuan also tried to make conversations and asked him about the approaching battle.

Don’t belittle these rebellious kids who always caused trouble. What they know was not necessarily less than the adults. There were close contacts between Chen Jia and the other kids.

“Apart from the Martyr tribe, the Jian tribe is probably also coming, also an extremely dangerous tribe.” Chen Jia said.

“Jian tribe?”

“Yes. One of my friends overheard that. But the Jian tribe is near the central region and seldom comes here. Whether they will really come here is uncertain.”

While listening, Shao Xuan was changing the positions of the threads in his hand, thinking to himself, that there really would be many people coming over for the water moonstones this time, and all were hardy enemies. Probably someone from the central region also interfered.

No wonder that people of the Drumming tribe were so desperate before.

The Flaming Horns tribe has to be more cautious.

In the evening, there were eight warriors with Shao Xuan in a room, including Keke and Tuo. Everyone knew each other.

Night was drawing on. Fires were not burning around the Drumming tribe. People of the Flaming Horns tribe also went to rest early. There was no fire light all around, only the moonlight shining.

At midnight, Keke was awakened by the need to relieve himself. He got up and went peeing outside in a daze.

Not long after Keke went out, an imperceptible buzz rang up.

Shao Xuan abruptly opened his eyes, carefully identifying the rough direction of the thread. He took out the skinned whistle and made slight sounds like chirps of the insects at night.

Keke, who was dazed and walking from the residence to the forest, paused for a moment. After yawning, he moved on forward, putting his hand on the sword handle on the waist.

It’s a habit of hunting. On the outside, no matter where he was or what he was up to, he always held a sword in hand.

Coming to this strange tribe for the first time, he had to take precautions.

Everyone dressed up on the first day and then changed back to daily clothes the day after, which were convenient for work.

At this moment, most of the Flaming Horns tribe wore clothes made of animal skin without sleeves. Keke’s strong arms were exposed, the muscles were as hard as stones while the veins were popping out. His robust figure looked like a tough wall, a bit like the people of the Drumming tribe at first sight.

Rustle. Rustle.

Keke walked deep into the forest step by step.

While walking, Keke suddenly stimulated the totem power in his body to the maximum, the momentum around him instantly rising up. Flame-shaped patterns on his uncovered arms were appearing clearly.

He stamped violently on the ground, mud and grass splashing up. His figure, like a bullet shooting out, dashed towards one direction.

Am I exposed!?

The man in the bushes didn’t understand why he, a person good at hiding, would be found so quickly.

When did people of the Drumming tribe become so perceptive?

The man hiding in the bushes never thought that the guy looking so sleepy would launch an attack suddenly and dash directly at him, at such a fast speed that he didn’t even have time to react at all.

Actually this way of attacking was what people of the Drumming tribe would do: they would burst out instantly and hold on to the prey tightly.

The man in the bushes also moved quickly, in his haste stepping back several meters. His movement was not that fierce as that of Keke, but was very fast, his body going to the left or the right. The next moment he would abruptly run in another direction like a lightening, which totally looked like a ghost at night, drifting from place to place.

He originally thought that after avoiding the first outbreak, he would have gotten rid of the tight pursuit. But soon, he found that it didn’t work at all!

The figure like a wall followed him tightly all the way, who moved more flexibly at a speed not even slower than his!

How could it be possible?!

Horror swelled up his heart while he was dodging.

Isn’t it said that in face of people of the Drumming tribe, you can get rid of their tight chase as long as you avoid the first explosive attack?

Then what’s this now?!

The two were getting closer, the night wind piercing like knives, a cold mixed with heavy bloodlust.

The man could only feel a strong wind striking him, his keen nose smelling ferocious blood, not like human blood, but like something more dangerous.

Despair flashed in his eyes. He could feel a chill all over his body and his feet were like being frozen, making his movement lagging for a moment. He could hear his heart beating like thunder drums.

Somewhere in the forest where the trees were sparse, the moonlight fell and Keke’s face became clear.

Seeing Keke’s face, the man narrowed the pupils in his eyes.


No way!

He is not a member of the Drumming tribe!

Who the hell is that?!

Before losing consciousness, he could only see a blade’s silhouette coming over, as well as those flame-shaped patterns in the moonlight.