Chronicles of Primordial Wars


Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 221

Chapter 221 - Dug it out

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The hole they had dug was destroyed by the bat leader, so they had no choice but to start digging again.

When they started digging again, Ao ordered some people to go back to the tribe to report what happened here to the Shaman.

In terms of the details about Shao Xuan, the fire crystal, and the near king beast level bat leader, Ao did not let the person tell the Shaman. Instead, he tore off a skin volume and wrote down what happened in detail. He tied it with a grass rope and let the people bring it back to the tribe to give to the Shaman. He needed to ask the Shaman before he made the final decision.

Ao did not worry that the ones who would go back to the tribe would secretly open the skin volume and read it. Without permission, the people in the tribe would not read the animal volume randomly. Ao was sure about this and he trusted his tribesmen.

When the warriors came back from the tribe, they also brought back the Shaman’s reply.

Walking to an empty place, Ao opened the skin volume and read what was written by the Shaman.

Ao had thought that the Shaman would write a lot of things and tell them how to deal with the bat leader. However, astonishingly, when he opened the skin volume, he only saw one sentence: Follow Shao Xuan.

If he hadn’t known that the Shaman had selected Gui Ze to be the next shaman, he would have thought that the Shaman chose Shao Xuan to be his successor.

Could it be that the Shaman wanted Shao Xuan to be the next leader? Ao could not help but think so.

No, it should not.

Ao knew much about the Shaman and he believed that if the Shaman had intended to train Shao Xuan to be the next leader, he would have done it differently.

Shaking his head, Ao no longer thought about it since he could not guess the purpose of the Shaman.

At this time, the priority was to solve the urgent problem.

Every day, they dug the hole deeper and reached the foot of the mountain. It would probably take them another two or three days to get to the bottom of the giant pit. At that time, they would know whether at the bottom of the pit there were fire crystals as Shao Xuan said.

During this period of time, everyone was less afraid of the bat leader. Because the bat leader hadn’t appeared here for several days. Shao Xuan took the initiative in going to the giant pit early in the morning, so it did not need to come here again.

Ten days had gone. Shao Xuan could absorb the energy from crystal faster and faster. With his special vision, he could see the red lines of the fire crystal become much more intensive than ever before. This also meant that the energy of the fire crystal came out faster.

Sometimes, Shao Xuan could go back to the foot of the mountain to meet others before sunset. Shao Xuan had told Caesar to help them dig the hole.

During this period of time, Shao Xuan spent much time in the pit and he gradually found out what could irritate bat leader.

As long as you did not take away the fire crystals in the giant pit, it would not be angry. Shao Xuan consumed the energy of the fire crystals and also cut down two large ivories of the long hair elephant, He even took away a few giant horns of the giant horn deer, but it ignored that.

One day, when he finished consuming the energy, the bat leader did not fly away to look for food. Before he left, it flapped its wings to chase him out of the giant pit.

Before leaving the giant pit, Shao Xuan saw thicker black fog coming from its mouth and nose.

The giant pit gradually became as black as ink from the bottom due to the darker fog.

At this time, even though Ao went there with some herbs, he could not bear it.

The black fog came out of the top of the pit and spread from the mountain top to the foot. Over half of the herbs and grass which could resist the poison before and grew in the mountain, withered.

“We can no longer walk on this mountain .” Ao looked at the mountain surrounded by the black fog and said.

“Fortunately, we dug a hole here.” Ta was filled with emotion. There was no black  fog around the hole they dug.

Digging a hole, they could stay away from the black fog and miasma on the mountain. Even if the miasma permeated the soil and rocks, there was not much miasma in the hole, so they could still bear it.

“Is it going to transform again?” Gui He asked.

“It’s very likely.” Ao said.

A king beast ...

The bat leader took one more step close to the level of a king beast.

“Why not take this opportunity to kill it...” Ta held a sword on his hand and made a posture as if he was cutting something.

Ao, Gui He, Dai and the others looked up. They looked at Ta as if he was a fool.

Ta looked embarrassed, probably because he realized that he was foolish for saying that.

They didn’t know whether they could resist the black fog and walk into the pit. In addition, when the five hunting team leaders had met the bat leader in the hole,  it had not transformed. It had moved freely in the darkness, Mai and the others could not find its trace. And now, that bat leader had upgraded. Even though it was not a king beast, it took a big step forward, which really scared them a lot.

They were about to return to the old land. Ao did not want to take the risk and did not dare to do so. The Shaman had said they would have to face more people and more powerful warriors, rather than ferocious beasts or king beasts.

“But if they don’t kill it, it will get more powerful after it wakes up. Will it chase us and follow us to the tribe?” Dai worriedly said.

“There is the fire seed in the tribe, so it should not.”Ao said. They placed great trust in the fire seed. If a powerful ferocious beast attacked them and the people in the tribe couldn’t defeat it, the Shaman could depend on the power of fire seed to drive it away.

Dai was still not assured, and said, “It would be better if we could return to the old land by then. But if we can’t return, we have to go out for hunting. Won’t it pose a threat to the hunting team, or kill the warriors?”

“No,” Shao Xuan said, “as long as you do not provoke it, it will not kill the warriors of the hunting team.”

“Why?” Gui He had some doubts on Shao Xuan’s answer. Why was he so sure?

“I feel it.” Shao Xuan said.

Shao Xuan had a secret. Gui He and Ta knew about this, and Ao also knew that. He did not want to let the others know. They stopped asking for they saw the eyes of the chief which warned them.

A few people were talking when  an ecstatic voice called out from the hole. It was the loud voice of Ke Ke.

“Boss! Boss!”

Ke Ke rushed out from the hole with a very wide smile on his face.

“Got it! Dig it out! A fire crystal. There is really a fire crystal!”

“Really? Let me have a look!” Ao could not sit still, and rose from the ground like  a spring.

Ke Ke held a small fire crystal in his hand, and it was as small as a nail of the little finger, but it was indeed a fire crystal.

The fire crystal was covered with some soil and stone chips. It had been dug out just now.

Ao carefully took over that small piece of fire crystal and put it on his palm and wiped the dust off its surface.

Under the sun, its red color looked like the fire which could burn everything that touched it.

Different from the fire crystals covered with the humus and bat feces, this one belonged to them, for they dug it out on their own!

“Good! Good! Good!”

After saying that, Ao laughed out.

Without the bat leader’s interference, they dug out a fire crystal, so he no longer felt depressed. Ao laughed with his chest shaking.

Exciting!  Amazing! Wonderful!

“Dad, give it to me. Let me have a look.” Ta rarely called Ao like this in front of others. When other people were around him, he usually called Ao ‘Chief’. But now he called him dad in order to let Ao know that his son was still awaiting.

But Ao did not understand his son’s mood right now. He clenched his fist holding the fire crystal.

“Are there more fire crystals?” Ao asked  Ke Ke.

“Maybe...” Ke Ke scratched his head, he was not sure. He just dug out this fire crystal and immediately rushed here to tell him the good news.

“Go. Go into the hole to have a look!” Ao could not wait to lead the men inside the hole.

Shao Xuan fell behind. Before entering the hole, he raised his head to look at the mountain covered with black fog in front of them. Its top was as black as ink.

“Shao Xuan, come on!” Ke Ke in the hole urged him to come in.


Looking away from the mountain top, Shao Xuan raised his feet to walk into the hole.