Chronicles of Primordial Wars


Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 184

Chapter 184 - Idiot

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A bee the size of a thumb was flying around one of them.

Shao Xuan heard from some people in the team that a few people who engaged in looking for treasures everywhere would domesticate several animals to find treasures. Those animals were very sensitive to some objects with special energies like the fire crystals. With the help of these animals, the chance of success to find treasures every time would increase a lot.

This weird looking bee, flying around one of them, should be the so-called “Treasure-Hunting Bee”.

“What exactly do you want?” Shao Xuan asked.

“Drop the act. I know you have the fire crystal. But if you can hand out more things, we promise to let you go. Or otherwise……” The one standing in the front of Shao Xuan said ruthlessly.

‘Just as expected.’ Shao Xuan thought.

So, the man before in the cave can also perceive the fire crystal?

Waiting for a while, the guys still didn’t get the reply from Shao Xuan. One man became impatient and put on a severe face, “Don’t talk any more nonsense with him. Since he doesn’t want to hand it over, let’s kill him and then search for the things on his body!”

For them, Shao Xuan was just a newcomer to the team, a young man that knew nothing at all with just a little strength. Every time they planned to rob, they’d ask around first. Therefore, after their treasure-hunting bee found the fire crystal, they disguised as the dealers in the market and talked with members of the travel team, knowing that this young man called Shao Xuan came here alone, and didn’t belong to any of the tribes in the travel team.

What the hell was “the Flaming Horns tribe”? They hadn’t even heard of this name. It’s probably a small tribe somewhere far away, not in need of any attention. A member of this kind of small tribe being killed was nothing serious. They even back-stabbed some people from tribes in the central area, let alone a young man from an unknown tribe.

As long as it was not people from the few strong tribes like the Mang tribe and the Eight Limbs tribe, they would stretch out their hands to rob without mercy if necessary.

There were no other people walking around, and Shao Xuan was besieged by these four men. One of them smiled with a ferocious look, the muscles on his face and body bulged, with his clothes wriggling and swelling oddly. Although his muscles didn’t bulge up like the members of the Drumming tribe did, it gave the impression of great strength, and some patterns appeared on his body at the same time.

This totem warrior with a look full of bloodlust had a rich experience in robbing. In the past, many people that came to the market to trade were killed by him.

The swelled muscles and those eye-catching totem tattoos on his body made him look more ferocious. He opened his mouth and roared at Shao Xuan, as if displaying his strength. That roar sounded like several beasts roaring together, with an extremely obvious meaning of threat.

Usually, those people besieged by them would have already panicked, with a frightened look on their faces. Some would even promise to hand out more treasures to exchange for their lives. But in the end, those treasures were taken, as well as their lives.

About several hundred meters away from there, behind some scrubs, Qu Ce was standing there quietly, looking at the five men over there. He didn’t expect to see this kind of scene when following the green bird.

“Hmm, I advised him kindly before. Now he comes out alone. So, I call him an idiot. Death serves him right.” Qu Ce murmured.

By his side, a lady in white stood there with a hairy spider in her arms, looking at those five men with her brows slightly furrowed. She was not interested in the affairs of those small tribes and just followed Qu Ce to see if it was something related to those who stole the spider silk.

“Are they the thieves?” The lady in white asked.

“Yes, they are. But I didn’t know that they even do something like this. But that’s to be expected, someone who dares to steal things from the Mang tribe and the Eight Limbs tribe would certainly put his hands on others too.” Qu Ce replied.

“Won’t you go help?”

“Why? When it’s done over there, I’ll go and clean them up.”

Either for Qu Ce or for the lady in white, people of the small tribes didn’t need any of their attention at all. That is to say, in their eyes they were smarter, stronger and more civilized people in their own conceit, with more techniques and rich culture, while those small tribes were stupid and short-sighted savages who knew nothing but fighting, killing and robbing. Both were on completely different levels, and they would even not say a word to those savages in daily life.

Only on rare occasions, like when Qu Ce especially reminded Shao Xuan in the cave, but his advice was not taken seriously. Qu Ce didn’t have the mood to interfere again. In that situation, it should be over soon for those mismatches. As to the life or death of that guy, it was none of his business. Also, that guy was not a member of his own tribe. It could only be said that that guy was out of luck and much too stupid.

“After it’s finished over there, shall I or will you settle it down?” Qu Ce asked the one by his side.

Stroking the spider in her arms, the lady in white answered casually: “Let’s do it together, each for half.”


While Qu Ce and the lady in white were discussing how to torture the thieves for information later on, over there, Shao Xuan stood calmly, looking at those four people who had activated their totem power.

“You want the fire crystal? No problem. Take it if you have the skills.” Shao Xuan said.

Seeing Shao Xuan’s reaction, some of the four felt confused, but more of their thought was that he was a hot-headed young man that didn’t think of the consequences, who didn’t even know that death was at hand. Quite too dull and stupid!

A sound like the roar of lions and tigers came out of the mouth of a totem warrior. His two legs, which had swelled and tightened, wriggled and swelled up even more for a moment, each muscle was full of strength. He looked so strong that he could even kick a living elephant to death.

After a loud roar, the man rushed at Shao Xuan quickly, each step leaping several meters. Almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Shao Xuan.

Right now the totem power in Shao Xuan’s body also rose to the peak instantly, and the on totem tattoos in his mind, flames were burning fiercely, just like when oil was poured on firewood. His hand exposed outside didn’t swell up like the other guy did, but the blue dragon-like veins interlaced under the skin appeared.

Shao Xuan looked straight at the man rushing at him, who wanted to kill him. The fighting intent in his eyes was getting stronger.

“If everyone forgot the Flaming Horns tribe, remind them once more…”

Shao Xuan highly agreed with this sentence from the Shaman.

Since no one remembers or knows it, just remind them with force.

Those men didn’t see any major movement from Shao Xuan, who just leaned to one side slightly, and just stretched out his hand as he was just going to punch.

The man rushing at Shao Xuan hit air with his first blow. Before he could make the next attack, he felt a very strong power bursting out instantly by his side. This power was too strong and too fast, almost rising to the peak in a short time, which made his blood freeze, and the movement of his body stagnated for a second. The next moment, he got a punch on his chest.

His muscles, which looked very strong and sturdy, seemed like they changed to fragile peels and sunk in by the punch from this common-looking fist. The visible ripples spread from the point of punch and the sound of fractures came out from the sunken chest.

His face, which was full of blood-lust just now, was already frozen at this moment. With the heavy punch, his body cowered a little as if he was frightened. His back, opposite to his chest, bulged, which made him look hunchbacked. Large amounts of blood spurted out of his mouth, while he himself totally flew away upside-down and fell down heavily on the ground 20 meters away, motionless.

After a breeze, the leaves, which had fallen in the woods not far away, were blown over here with the wind. The rustling sound of the friction with the ground could be clearly heard at the moment.

The atmosphere in the surroundings was frozen, no one talked for a while.

Meanwhile, Qu Ce and the lady in white standing behind the scrubs were looking over there, their eyes opened wide and eyelids twitching, as if being unable to believe what they saw.

Just now, Qu Ce was still discussing with the one by his side about how to torture the thieves for information after a while he didn’t pay any attention at all to the situation over there. Besides, they had already sentenced Shao Xuan to death and expected that the whole process would be finished in a very short time.

The process indeed seemed to end very soon over there. But, the roles of who killed whom were reversed.

It could not be easy to deal with those who were thieves, robbers and killers in this place. But the result was that, the ferocious-looking strong man was beaten to death by one punch from that young man who looked pretty innocent.

Even Qu Ce himself didn’t have the confidence to do it that way.

Not only Qu Ce, but the lady in white, who never put those unknown small tribes under her nose all the time, was also standing still and keeping her eyes intently on that figure over there, without knowing that she even pulled up a handful of white hairs from her beloved pet spider.

“Qu Ce, are you sure that he is only a member of a small tribe?” The lady in white asked.

Which kind of small tribe would have such a young man with this power? Moreover, the young man had an extremely precise control on his totem power, in a very short time, his power rose to the peak level from nothing. Although they were some distance away from there, she could clearly feel the great change in that instance, which seemed like a fierce beast suddenly appearing there, and then disappearing the next moment without any sign. All that was done in that instance. If that young man really came from a small tribe, he should be considered as highly talented in their tribe.

Not getting the reply from Qu Ce, the lady in white asked one more question: “That guy, which tribe does he come from?”

Qu Ce swallowed his saliva, “……I have no idea.”

Just to avoid troubles, he went to sleep in the cave where the travelers took rest. Anyone with discerning eyes would not screw around with him. During the time when he was sleeping, there were already two groups of men staying in the cave one after another. As to which tribes and which groups, he really had no clue and didn’t want to know the answer at that time, for he usually ignored those travel teams as well as the people from small tribes. Who could have said that he would see something like this today?!

The lady in white looked over at Qu Ce without any expression, “You idiot!”

[Hah, you guys were probably thinking the title referred to Shao Xuan right?]