Chou! Isekai Gakkyuu!!


Chou! Isekai Gakkyuu!! Chapter 4

27th April – “Kind Werewolf”

Gai is the first friend I made in Itoku.

We’re the same age, he’s a good natured guy, and on top of that we hit off pretty well, so before we knew it we were always together.

Outwardly, he looks quite normal, making you think he’s an earthling like me, but as he’s in Itoku, of course, Gai is an otherworlder.

He’s from the wolfman race.

In our world, in term of nuance, the monster called “werewolf” might be the nearest.  They have the ability to transform their body and face into a beast by growing a long fur and fangs. However, in Gai’s case, contrary to the folklore, he can keep his reason even after becoming a wolf.

And, since entering Itoku, he held a certain concern.

“Gai, it’s almost the full moon.”

“Yeah, in about one week.”

“Seems like we’ll be able to see it perfectly this month.”

“Hmm. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, I’ve really been waiting for this!”

A little while ago, our classmates in Itoku said such things to Gai.

It goes without saying that it’s due to the characteristic of the werewolves.

On the night of a full moon, when bathed in the moonlight, a werewolf returns to his beast form ー This is an established theory.

Ever since they knew that Gai was from the wolfman race, everyone has been hoping to see his beast form.

“Uh… uhh…”

That’s why, the night when the round moon finally ascended to the top of the sky, Gai groaned while hugging his own body.

“Uhh…. Aaa….!”

Jet black fur grew rapidly on his whole body, and his face shifted into that of a ferocious wolf.

“A…. Awooooooooooooo!”

After howling at the sky, Gai, who wasn’t a human anymore, took a breath. … Then.

“… And, posted.”

Manipulating his smartphone skillfully with his forefoot which had grown claws, Gai posted the video he took of him in this form in ROOT. ROOT is an application to exchange information in real time between the registered users.

『I transformed during the full moon without problems. —Gai.』

Adding this comment, the marks indicating the message was read rapidly appeared from the people connected to ROOT.

『It’s here!』『Nice, what a splendid way to transform!』『The fur is so pretty!』『It’s a little different from the werewolves appearing in movies. It’s real!』『Meat, eat meat!』『Show us next month too!』

Gai nodded lightly seeing the replies from our classmates.

Then, the fur on his body came out, and in a flash he was back to normal.

“… Hey, Gai.”

To my friend who looked relieved, I, who had come to play in Gai’s room, suddenly muttered.

“Why don’t you tell everyone?”

Gai turned this way to face me, and I continued.

“That ー Even if it’s not the full moon, you can transform whenever you want.”


Gai scratched his head, looking embarrassed.

“No well, everyone thinks that's how it works… So I didn't want to betray their expectations.”

Then he said he would tell them next time.

… He really is a nice guy.