Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King


Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King Chapter 5

Chapter 5

 A fresh dish for the demonic twins.

「I never ate this before, but~」

「It's my first time. It's delicious!」

 Iric and Ilya didn't stop eating, they were glowing. Demon's don't really eat differently from humans. Yuya has learned one new thing.

「You’re awesome nii-chan. This is great, the food of a Hero!」

 Iric admires Yuya strangely. It would be a problem if Iric misunderstands that Heroes = Great Cooks.

「No, it's just that I traveled a lot. This is normal. My companions cooking were better.」

「Onii-san, you had friends?」

「Yeah, we got hurt a lot in our travels, then we ended up separating throughout the journey.」

 It was a long journey. Because of their friendship, Yuya endured a lot. Because of his friends, he made it to the Demon King's Castle.

「Were you abandoned?」

「It's different. It was……various things happened along the way.」

 Yuya gave a bitter smile with his vague explanation.

 His first friend was a warrior, fought to protect a village and became immobile in the process. He was heavily injured, and since he can no longer fight, he chose to stay in the village. It also seemed that he fell in love with a priestess.

Yuya found out that he married her in a letter he sent.

 His next friend was an old Wizard, when they reached the neighboring country, he strained his back and couldn’t continue.Yuya later heard that he opened a school for aspiring Mages.

 He also befriended a Monk. He was the sole survivor from his village attacked by demons. Because he couldn't associate with people he left the group. Actually, he was a spirit, and departed peacefully after he gave Yuya Divine Magic.

 He also met a daughter of a wise man. She wanted to enroll in the greatest academy sity, so they traveled together until they made it.

 He also met her brother later on, he was also a wise man. He seemed delighted that Yuya was the one that traveled with his little sister.

 ……A lot of things happened.

「There was someone who was being chased after……I wonder what's he up to now. 」

「Niichan, was he disliked?」

「No, it's different, here, I'll clean up. I'll take a little walk after.」

 He cleans up after the twins. He seemd happy to brighten up the twins eyes. As he was planning to cook something interesting for them.

 There lives could have been perfect with the demon king. But now the unusual would be the common everyday life.

「Onii-san. Was it easy getting to know each other?」

「I wonder……Well, were camping today.」

「Camping……It's a first for me!」

「I never done it before! Awesome! Fun!」

「I look forward to it.」

「Nii-chan, I、since the firewood is burning still I can take it pot, just tell me.」

「Onii-san, I also want to put it out, tell me as well.」

「Yes, yes. I'll let you guys know.」

It's difficult, but since they are funny and cute, Yuya thought that it was fine.