Cheating Craft

Other name: Zuobi Yishu; 作弊艺术

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

Date released: Unknown
Views: 6188

Author: Gemini (星罗)

Status: Ongoing

Translator: ~Taffy Translations~

Zhuge Meng Ming has been overseas his whole life, privately learning the cheating technique of casino tricks. Because of an unforeseen incident one day caused by a certain reason, he is forced to return to China to attend high school, and prepare for the national college entrance exam. However, he has never gone to school before, and doesn’t know how to do homework or take exams, and he hasn’t even learned any school subjects! In order to get good enough scores on the exams, he must use his own technique to cheat on the tests. The various examination sites he enters become battles of wit and bravery against proctoring teachers, monitoring equipment, and a whole ton of strong and formidable cheating examinees.

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