Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up


Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28.1 Small rivalry

This story is not from Keiji POV but narrated through a third person POV

— This event occurs on the second day after Misha returned from her training.

[Nee~, Reina, I have something to confirm with you]
Misha approached Reina first thing in the morning.

On a side note, Reina is in-charge of today cooking since Misha overworked herself on the first day she returned.
From now on, cooking and cleaning will be rotated among them.
Hence, the current location is the kitchen. Reina is frying eggs.

[Un, Anego, what's the matter?]
[That… I want you to be honest, direct… so I ask…]
However, it is also difficult to be so direct.

[This kind of thing… well, although there isn't a need for me to ask… this…]
[Anego, what are you trying to ask? I can't understand]

Misha face turned red for reasons unknown to Reina.
Misha could openly express her thoughts to Keiji but was unable to do so to other people.

[T, th, that, when I was out on training… did, did anything happen…?]
[Anything? What do you mean by anything? Anego, it would be hard for a former bandit like myself to understand if you don't speak clearly]

[What I am asking is, did anything happen between you and Goshujin-sama?!]
Misha shouted after reaching her limits.
This is the matter that is the most important to Misha.

[You see, I, I intended to return after 3 days of special training, but it became 1 week instead… after not being home for so long… during this period of time, did anything happen between you and goshujin-sama?]
Misha started imagining in weird direction so she kept shaking her head while feeling afraid.

[Ahh, so this is what you are asking?]
Reina smiled warily.
[Please do not laugh at this matter… because this is the most important thing to me…]

[Anego. You overthink things. I know the relationship between you and master so I won't not do anything that would get between the two of you]
Reina lightly tapped Misha'a shoulder.
This is Reina way of asking Misha to trust her.

[Is, is that so… this is for good then…]

[Un, hence, Anego should flirt with master all you want - Ah]
Reina suddenly remembered something.
[I should report this matter…]

[Wait a moment! Just why, did you fall into a deep thought?]
Misha showed an uneasy expression.

[That, although I think it is not a problem… but I should report this matter to you…]
[Eh, tell me everything in detail]

[I went exploring the dungeon with master a short while ago. You see, this happened when we obtained the crown]
[Ahh, regarding that time, so what happen then? It couldn't be, kiss, you didn't do something like this…?]

[I, because I am tired, I rested my head on master's shoulder. I only realized after I woke up. This is the only thing that occurs….]
[In other words, you came into body contact with Goshujin-sama for a long time]
Misha's basis of criteria are extremely strict.

[Of course, else happen other than that. It seemed that master did not wake me up because he wanted me to rest properly!]
Reina face started blushing when she recall the incident.
Sleeping on someone else shoulder feels like something a lover would do.

[If nothing else happen, don't start blushing… Also, Goshujin-sama is my property… so you must not touch him…]
[I see… I must also be weird at that time…]

[Is there anything else…?]
Misha continued probing.
[There is nothing else]

[Well, well… I will allow something of this level. Or rather, Goshujin-sama should be the one at fault for not waking you up. Hence, this is not your fault]
It felt that Misha casted off her gloominess.
However, Misha still did not show any happiness in her expression.

[Thinking about the future, it would be safer if I start educating Goshujin-sama]
Misha was thinking that she would never allow him to cheat.

[Ah, that's right. There is still one more matter but it is not worth mentioning though]
[What is it? Well, it should be something minor for your reaction]
[I wanted to help master wash his back during bathing so I wore an apron after removing all my clothes. However, master appears to panic. I already hide all the parts that should be covered so I wonder what is wrong?]

[If you, you do it on purpose, I will never forgive you!!!]
Misha swear that she will also proactively educate Reina. If not, things will become terrible.

T.L This is the first of two side story before chapter 29!