Chaotic Sword God


Chaotic Sword God Chapter 816-818

Chapter 816: Class 7 Magical Beast

"The illusions here really are powerful," Jian Chen mumbled gently. His emotions, affected by the illusions before, had already calmed down slowly.

"The illusion wasn't strong; your mental state is just weak. The illusion sucked you in so easily. It originates from your heart and mind; if your heart and mind are flawless and free from worries, how would a mere illusion affect you? This illusion can be considered as the weakest type; there'll be even more powerful ones once you enter the Fantasy Star Ocean." The Heavenly Enchantress spoke coldly.

"Looks like I'm overestimating you. You may have become a Saint Ruler, but your mental state is just too horrible. You're probably the Saint Ruler with the weakest mind in the entire continent. Perhaps coming to the Fantasy Star Ocean with you was the wrong decision." The Heavenly Enchantress spoke coldly.

Hearing that, Jian Chen immediately felt pained. He was a Saint Ruler, but he was, after all, still too young. Even with his two lifetimes combined, he was less than a hundred years old. Meanwhile, all the other Saint Rulers were people who had lived for centuries, or even millennia, with enough descendants to form a large clan. Jian Chen completely overwhelmed them in terms of talent, but he was nowhere close in terms of life experience.

The most severe part was his bonds with his parents. Jian Chen treated it with too much importance, practically viewing it with more important than his own life. He had clearly known that the images in the mist before were illusions, yet he still could not help but fall for them; Jian Chen still was unable to endure the things happening despite knowing it was all fake.

If any other Saint Ruler had witnessed something similar, they would definitely not have fallen for it as easily as Jian Chen. Saint Rulers who had lived for centuries, or even millennia, had plenty of descendants. They probably have witnessed some of them dying of old age themselves. As a result, they would no longer treated the bond of family as importantly and would have resisted the illusions easily.

Illusions originated from the mind and heart. If there were concerns or obsessions, the mist would create illusions accordingly, displaying your weakest point right before you.

Illusions did not test a person's strength, but a person's heart and mind. Jian Chen seemed to be decisive on the outside with a rock-hard heart, but this was only what he would display before his opponents. In actuality, there was still a soft area in his heart that his relatives occupied.

Jian Chen's mind became much more resolute after experiencing what had happened before. He stared into the mist before him. The mist continued to surge, tossing about and changing around, as if there was something ready to come out. However, Jian Chen's state of mind immediately became like still-water—free of any ripples. He did not think about anything, nor did he guess about anything, so, naturally, there was nothing.

The next part of the journey was extremely peaceful. After over two hours of slow flying, he and the Heavenly Enchantress finally passed through the region of fog. The misty-white blanket had finally disappeared from before them, replaced by deep blue seawater.

"Haaaaa," Jian Chen breathed out loudly. He felt much more relaxed after passing through the mist. He looked around, but only saw that the surroundings and sky were all a surface of white. They were enveloped by a layer of dense, yet odd, mist, as if it formed the edges of a separate world.

Below him was deep blue sea water. The water was smooth, like a mirror, and without any ripples—stagnant. It was extremely strange. In the center of all that was a huge island. Ithad an extremely large surface area and did not seem like it could be called an island, but rather a small continent. The island was mountainous, littered with trees and was entirely blanketed by a thin layer of fog. It was hazy, adding on a layer of mysteriousness.

Jian Chen stared brightly at the huge island before him and asked, "Is this perhaps the Fantasy Star Ocean?"

The Heavenly Enchantress looked towards the island before her. She was rather stern, and she said, "Correct, this is the Fantasy Star Ocean, as well as the holy land of the former Dragon clan, Dragon Island. It is said that Dragon Island was not originally like this, but became the current Fantasy Star Ocean after some unknown reason caused it to change.

Jian Chen could not help but think back to the scene back in the City of God, when Class 8 Magical Beasts fled from the saint artifact. There seemed to be a member of the Dragon clan among them.

"It's said that the Dragon clan was one of the four great clans of the magical beasts, and have disappeared along with the Divine Phoenix clan since the ancient times. Would their disappearance have anything to do with Dragon Island? Or, in other words, did they all die on Dragon Island?" Jian Chen asked in doubt.

The Heavenly Enchantress shook her head gently, "I do not know much about what happened in that age either. The very limited information on this matter all originate from rumors, or those ancient records in Mercenary City. However, not a lot is recorded regarding Dragon Island."

"Alright, let's stop guessing about this, there's no point. We're currently in the outskirts of the Fantasy Star Ocean. The fog was not the true danger in coming here; the dangers are on this island. When we enter the island, you have to be extra careful. The hundred-thousand-year Dragon's Saliva should be in the very centre of the island."

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress both flew towards the island, landing on it soon after.

"In the ancient times, the Dragon clan filled Dragon Island with formations. These formations automatically absorb energy of the world to replenish themselves. Although it's been countless years since they were first laid down, a few that were set by remarkable experts still remain. They may not be as powerful as before, but you still need to be on guard." The Heavenly Enchantress explained to Jian Chen in detail about some areas that he needed to be aware of on Dragon Island.

Jian Chen observed the island as he listened to the Heavenly Enchantress talk. They had already passed through the region of mist, but his presence was still suppressed by a mysterious power and was unable to be used at all. However, his sight, no longer obstructed, was much clearer now.

The two of them slowly walked forwards, both extremely careful as they traveled.

At this very moment, the ground suddenly began to violently shake. Four earthen walls rose from the ground, forming a jail-like room and trapping the two of them inside. The earthen walls radiated with a faint, golden lustre. An extremely powerful and pure energy vaguely radiated from the earthen walls.

Soon afterwards, earthen spears coated in golden light began to appear from the walls. With whistling sounds, they shot towards the entrapped Jian Chen and Heavenly Enchantress at lightning speed.

Dense clusters of spears shot from all directions, locking the two of them out of any paths for escape. There was only the misty-white sky left for them to flee.

"Remember, you must never fly above ten meters in the sky in the Fantasy Star Ocean. The dangers in the sky is several times greater than on the ground." The Heavenly Enchantress's cold voice appeared in Jian Chen's mind as she faced the spears calmly and unperturbed. Shortly afterwards, she gently struck a string with her finger, and a zither note rang out. It spread out in all directions as a visible wave of sound.

The sound wave contained an unbelieveable power. Wherever it passed by, the earthen spears disintegrated, turning into a pile of dust in the air.

The visible sound wave cut through the surroundings like a hot knife through butter before colliding forcefully with the earthen walls that ensnared them in. With a rumble, the walls trembled violently before disintegrating as well.

The confining earthen walls could only be used against Heaven Saint Masters; it was nothing to Saint Rulers. However, if a Heaven Saint Master had been trapped by it, it would be almost guaranteed death.

Breaking out of the earthen walls, Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress continued on their way, walking directly towards the general region of the island.

In the following part of the journey, they both experienced constant attacks from various traps. However, these attacks were clearly only prepared for Heaven Saint Masters and were unable to pose much of a threat at all to Saint Rulers. The journey was frightening, but not very dangerous.

Roar! Suddenly, a loud beast roared in the distance. Soon afterwards, the ground began to shake gently. A humanoid giant of over three hundred meters in height ran towards them from afar at great speeds, constantly roaring along the way.

"That's a warbeast!" Jian Chen narrowed his eyes and growled to himself. The warbeast ahead had already reached Class 7 as a magical beast, and was equivalent to human Saint Rulers.

The Heavenly Enchantress stared coldly at the warbeast. Her finger moved gently on the zither string, and a sound wave immediately shot out towards the incoming war beast in the shape of a sharp arrow.

Shwit! The arrow formed from sound pierced through the warbeast's chest. The warbeast's overwhelmingly powerful defense was akin to tofu before it, and the arrow punched a head-sized hole with no difficulty. However, no blood flowed out.

The warbeast seemed to feel no pain, continuing onwards towards the two of them with great steps as it roared mindlessly along the way.

The Heavenly Enchantress remained the same as before. Her white, elegant hands constantly danced around on the zither, producing beautiful sounds from playing it. With each note, a powerful sound wave shot out with lightning speed and struck the warbeast's body.

The warbeast did not dodge at all and continued in its charge towards the two of them in a straight line. Meanwhile, its huge, three-hundred-meter tall body was now riddled with holes while its head was already smashed to smithereens.

But even with all that, even with its head missing, the warbeast did not die. It did not even bleed, much less show pain. It continued charging at the two of them without any pauses.

Witnessing something so strange, Jian Chen was overwhelmed with shock and horror. He found it unbelievable.

Chapter 817: Living Corpses

Jian Chen stared at the huge, headless and holey warbeast with an odd light in his eyes. He was perturbed. The warbeast had received fatal injuries, yet it still was not dead. This was unbelieveable.

Gentle zither sounds, concealing killing intent within, constantly rang out. The Heavenly Enchantress's gaze remained calm throughout. Her right hand danced about on the zither strings, sending out waves of powerful sound at the huge warbeast.

The warbeast's injuries became even worse after receiving such dense attacks. Its two limbs were quickly severed, while a large portion of its chest shattered. It had shrunken to one hundred and fifty meters in height from the original three hundred.

Any other magical beasts would have passed away long ago if they were in such a state. It was guaranteed death. However, the warbeast behaved as if it was completely uninjured; its remaining half of the abdomen and its huge, thick legs continuing to run with huge steps. Each and every step seemed to be able to collapsing mountains, causing the ground to tremble constantly.

The warbeast was soon less than a kilometer away from the duo.

Jian Chen was extraordinarily grim. The Ruler Armament, the Dragon Slaying Sword, had already appeared in his hand. However, the tiny crack on the sword that caused it to seem flawed.

The scene before him was weird; the warbeast seemed like an unkillable Class 7 Magical Beast. Jian Chen was unable to remain his calm after witnessing this.

At that very moment, consecutive closely-packed and frantic zither notes rang out. The Heavenly Enchantress's right hand had slid across the zither, playing sixteen of the thirty-six strings together. Immediately, a series of densely-packed sound waves radiated outwards, filling up the space before them with visible ripples. The ripples joined together like a spider web, before quickly shooting towards the warbeast like a fishnet.

The fishnet of sound passed through the warbeast's body without any obstructions, and disappeared into the distance. Shortly afterwards, the huge warbeast collapsed loudly. Its entire body had become meter-wide cubes of flesh that fell to the ground, carved into countless portions by the net of sound waves. The warbeast died with an annihilated body.

Jian Chen stared fixedly at the countless pieces of flesh from the warbeast as interest in his eyes. He could not see even the slightest blood at all. This was very abnormal.

"Senior, just what is this?" Jian Chen asked the Heavenly Enchantress. His heart was filled with endless doubt.

After a period of silence, the Heavenly Enchantress replied, "This warbeast has died countless years ago, but because of some reason in the Fantasy Star Ocean, it managed to survive as a living corpse. It has no soul or blood, and it can't feel pain. All that is left is an indestructible Saint Ruler body."

"Indestructible?" Jian Chen mumbled murmured softly. He thought back to what happened before, as if in thought.

"The warbeast in front of you cannot be killed, no matter what you do. Even if you obliterate its body, it'll fully recover in no time," the Heavenly Enchantress continued.

The countless pieces of flesh on the ground began to move about in one place as soon as she finished speaking, as if it was providing evidence for her statement. It condensed into the three-hundred-meter tall warbeast once again after just a short while. Its body was completely unharmed, and even its head had recovered to how it was before without the slightest sign of injury.

Jian Chen's pupils narrowed to the size of a needle, and he immediately gasped coldly. He exclaimed in wonder, "So there really are weird things like these in the world. My horizons really have been broadened today." Jian Chen turned to the Heavenly Enchantress and asked, "Senior, so how would one handle this warbeast?"

"It consumes a great amount of energy every time it reconstructs its body, and its strength will decrease slightly as well. There's only one way to handle it, which is to constantly obliterate its body to get it to constantly consume energy, until it's used up so much energy that it can't rebuild its body," the Heavenly Enchantress said. 

"Aren't we able to just run away from it?" Jian Chen asked.

"If you do that, it'll just keep following you. Also, we can't move around carelessly in the Fantasy Star Ocean, so we can't shake it off. Once you let it follow you, the commotion will draw in even more mutated Class 7 Magical Beasts, as well as human Saint Rulers that have also devolved like that." As she spoke, the Heavenly Enchantress had already struck the zither, continuing her sound wave attacks at the warbeast.

Watching as the the warbeast drew closer and closer, Jian Chen clenched his teeth and rushed up to it with his Ruler Armament, embroiling in a battle. Under their teamwork, the Class 7 warbeast did not last very long at all before being obliterated once again.

However, its body quickly began to rebuild once again. It gave out an earth-trembling roar, and attacked Jian Chen mindlessly.

The warbeast was chopped into countless pieces by Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress time after time. Its strength decreased greatly every time it rebuilt its body. After killing it a dozen or so times, the warbeast was finally unable to restore its body due to the overconsumption of energy. Its diced body parts lay scattered on the ground.

The Heavenly Enchantress walked over leisurely from afar with her zither in her arms. She did not even look at the warbeast, "The Class 7 Magical Beasts here have already died an unknown number of years ago. They don't have any monster cores to be retrieved, and after it absorbs enough energy it'll continue rejuvenating again. You won't be able to stop their revival, even if you turn their bodies to ashes. Let's go. The commotion from before was too loud. Other Class 7 Magical Beasts are probably going to rush over very soon."

Jian Chen glanced deeply at the countless pieces of dried flesh. He did not say anything, and silently followed the Heavenly Enchantress away.

Just as the two of them traveled a mere ten kilometers, they immediately felt several powerful presences appear behind them. They were all from magical beasts and humans that had all reached Saint Ruler. Not too long afterwards, another dozen or so weaker presences appeared from behind, all of which were Class 6 Magical Beasts and human Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen looked back. Through the thin mist, he could see several human figures and silhouettes of huge magical beasts currently pacing mindlessly around the warbeast. Jian Chen understood that they were the same as the warbeast: organisms that had died an unknown number of years ago, leaving behind only a body that was turned into a living corpse by the mysterious energy of the Fantasy Star Ocean. They had no intelligence nor souls, and moved about according to their instincts.

"Conceal your entire presence. Don't make any signs to alert them. We may not fear them, but getting tangled with them will be problematic." The Heavenly Enchantress's voice appeared in Jian Chen's mind.

"Just how many Class 7 Magical Beasts and Saint Rulers are there?" Jian Chen asked. He was extremely grim. All the Class 7 Magical Beasts and Saint Rulers in the Fantasy Star Ocean possessed indestructible bodies. They felt no pain and had no fear. If the two of them were surrounded by these living corpses, it would be extremely troublesome or even life-threatening.

"The Fantasy Star Ocean has already existed for countless years. During that period of time, plenty of human experts and high class magical beasts have ventured into it. Some of the Saint Rulers were even famous, thousands of milleniums ago. Some of these have fallen in search for or battling over treasure, while others have died simply because of the Fantasy Star Ocean. Over the years, the experts that have died in the Fantasy Star Ocean have already accumulated a terrifying number. Every person that dies here will become like them, immortal and unaging. As a result, the number of Saint Rulers and high class magical beasts in the Fantasy Star Ocean will only increase, and never decrease. Today, probably even powerful organisations like the ten protector clans or Mercenary City have no idea about exactly how many Saint Rulers there are in the Fantasy Star Ocean."

"There are even Saint Kings and Class 8 Magical Beasts other than Saint Rulers. As a result, we need to be extremely careful as we travel through this place. When we encounter those living corpses, we must never provoke it ourselves, even if it's just a Heaven Saint Master. Once you do provoke one, the activity will draw even more powerful living corpses. If you die in the Fantasy Star Ocean, you'll become a living corpse too, just like them." The Heavenly Enchantress spoke using a communication technique.

Jian Chen felt even more heavy-hearted. No wonder the Fantasy Star Ocean was a zone of danger only second to the Death Nest. There would only be certain death if a Heaven Saint Master had ventured it. Only Saint Rulers possessed some ability to protect themselves, and even they needed to be extremely careful. Otherwise, they could easily face life-threatening dangers with just a lapse in concentration.

Suddenly, the scene before them changed greatly. The original island disappeared instantly, replaced by an endless desert. A flaming-red sun hung in the sky, scorching the ground with terrifying heat, raising the temperature of the entire region to a terrifyingly high temperature.

"Crap, we've fallen into a formation." The Heavenly Enchantress furrowed her eyebrows and spoke with a deep voice.

Jian Chen immediately produced his Ruler Armament, and looked around for any activity vigilantly. He was already in peak condition, ready for battle. He had witnessed the horrors of the Fantasy Star Ocean so he did not dare to be careless at all.

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble violently. The ground where Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress stood slowly began to sink into the ground and, at the same time, their feet were trapped by the moving sand, constantly sucking and dragging both of them underground.

"Fly!" The Heavenly Enchantress spoke coldly. With a flick of a finger, a sound wave immediately collided with the ground, turning the sand trapping their legs into dust. She immediately began to float.

Jian Chen did not hesitate either. Chaotic Force surged violently in his body before welling at the soles of his feet and gushing out. The devastating energy turned the sand into dust, propelling him out of the ground.

The sand below the two of them constantly sank down, forming a huge black hole. A putrid smell wafted from it. Just a breath of it was suffocating.

Soon afterwards, the entire desert began to tremble violently before forming a weird but huge, ten-thousand-meter long monster. The horrid gaping cavern below the two of them was the enormous mouth of the beast.

The monster seemed like an gekko that had been magnified countless times. It was earthen-yellow, and gave off an scorching heat. Its entire body was formed from sand.

"This is a region created from the fusion of a killing formation and an illusionary formation." The Heavenly Enchantress mumbled softly. She could tell that it was all an illusion with a single glance.

Chapter 718: Saint Ruler Killing Formation

Jian Chen looked at the giant, ten-thousand-meter long earthwyrm below his feet and became extremely solemn. Chaotic Force immediately poured into the Ruler Armament in his hand, causing the hazy glow of the weapon to be suppressed and immediately replaced by a dark light, radiating with the presence and energy of destruction.

The Heavenly Enchantress glanced down at the earthworm below before looking upwards at the huge, scorching sun of terrifying heat. She hoarsely said, "This is a Saint Ruler killing formation, a formation specially prepared to kill Saint Rulers. Once a Saint Ruler falls into it, it's almost certain death. Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers are not exempted from this. With the corrosion of time, the formation is no longer as powerful as it once was, though it is still extremely powerful."

"Let's use our full strength and burst through this formation," Jian Chen growled.

"The true danger comes from the sky, not from the earthwyrm below us. You handle the earthwyrm. I'll break the formation." The Heavenly Enchantress's tone was also rather grim. Shortly afterwards, she sat down cross-legged in the air and placed the Zither of Demonic Cry on her knees. She began to play it both of her hands, ready to burst through the formation with the force of sound.

As the zither was played, sound waves visible with the naked eye shot towards the scorching sun in the sky with lightning speed. The densely-packed waves shook the surrounding space, causing the space in this region to ripple like water. In that very moment, the entire region seemed to have become an extremely huge zither, where the water-like ripples in space functioned as constantly-trembling strings.

Jian Chen raised his head and looked at the sun. His eyes narrowed very slightly, by an undetectable amount. The sun in the sky was not a real sun, but rather a huge killing mechanism. It grew larger and larger as he watched it, as if it was descending with a terrifying speed, falling towards the two of them.

With the descent of the sun, the surrounding temperature shot up abruptly. The region seemed to become a huge oven as even the air was vaporised.


The giant earthwyrm, completely made of sand, gave out a great roar from below. Its great, pitch-black and cavernous mouth gave off a stink as it shot into the sky to bite at Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress.

A serious light flashed across Jian Chen's eyes. He no longer looked at the sky, instead placing all his attention onto the earthwyrm below. Although it was created from the formation, the sand beast was very powerful, equivalent to a Class 7 Magical Beast.

Jian Chen arrived before the earthwyrm with a flash. With the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand, he stabbed into the head with great speed. Chaotic Force, churning with the aura of destruction, immediately spewed out from the Dragon Slaying Sword, wreaking havoc wildly in the earthwyrm's head.

As soon as head of sand met the Chaotic Force, it turned to dust from the aura of destruction. The sand immediately began to loosen, turning into large quantities of dust and gushed away.

In the blink of an eye, a huge hole appeared in the great head, like someone had forcefully carved away a portion of flesh.

But the earthwyrm was just like the living dead, just like the warbeast. It felt no pain, no fear—absolutely nothing even from such wounds. It followed up with a growl, and a spike completely condensed from sand emerged from its head, rushing at Jian Chen with lightning speed.

The spike was made of sand, yet it contained a powerful energy. Not only was it extremely fast, it was extremely tough as well.

Jian Chen shot backwards quickly. The Dragon Slaying Sword turned into a black streak of light, lashing out and colliding with the incoming spike.

With a metallic screech, the tough spike cracked immediately, but the powerful collision between the two was still enough to jolt Jian Chen violently. The completely-unremarkable spike was actually as powerful as a strike from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish…

Ear-piercing swishes constantly rang out as spikes emerged from the earthwyrm's body, one after another. It formed a net, encasing Jian Chen, and, at the same time, the earthwyrm raised its huge front leg and quickly stopped down on Jian Chen. It completely locked Jian Chen out of the choice to escape upwards.

Jian Chen became grim. The hundreds of incoming spikes were equivalent to strikes dealt by hundreds of Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. He did not have the power to withstand like that with his current strength.

He moved his body slightly, leaving behind a blur where he originally stood. He had already traversed hundreds of meters with extremely great speed, appearing beyond the range of the hundreds of spikes and the giant leg. Here, his abilities as a Saint Ruler were suppressed and any type of spiritual sensing suffered a decrease in effect. He could not use Spatial Force, so all he could do in such a tight position was use the Illusionary Flash, the movement technique he had not used since very long ago.

The Illusionary Flash was an extremely profound battle skill, though, Jian Chen would always use Spatial Force to travel ever since he became a Saint Ruler. As a result, the Illusionary Flash was no longer as useful to him as before, which lead to him slowly forgetting it. Only after being forced into the situation today did Jian Chen use the Illusionary Flash once again.

He moved once again after dodging the attacks from the hundreds of spikes. He immediately appeared on the huge back of the earthwyrm with a trail of countless vague, blurry figures and thrust the Dragon Slaying Sword viciously into it with destructive Chaotic Force. He drew it out immediately afterwards, and with a slight movement of his body, he would reappear hundreds of meters away, stabbing the back of the earthwyrm once again like before.

 Like this, Jian Chen managed to stab the earthwyrm's huge body hundreds of times very soon. Every strike turned the sand of the earthwyrm's body into dust, dealing great damage to it. After so many attacks, the earthwyrm had been reduced to several hundred meters in length, while the dust from the sand below had already formed mountainous piles.

 As Jian Chen battled the earthwyrm, the temperature of the surroundings also shot up rapidly, becoming terrifyingly hot. The scorching sun in the sky grew bigger and bigger, falling towards the two of them.

 The Heavenly Enchantress sat cross-legged in the air. Her slender hands slid across the Zither of the Demonic Cry with a rhythm as sound waves shot out from the zither. They collided with the descending sun in the sky, causing the sky to constantly rumble with a deep sound.

 The unadorned yet unique Zither of the Demonic Cry had a total of thirty-six strings. The Heavenly Enchantress only played twenty of them, completely avoiding the other sixteen throughout the whole process.

 Jian Chen raised his head and glanced at the huge sun. He became even grimmer; he knew that the huge sun was the real killing mechanism of the trap. Once the sun collided with the group, even this world would perhaps be destroyed. Even Saint Rulers would struggle to survive.

 "I need to finish this off as fast as possible." Jian Chen thought, before appearing before the shrunken earthwyrm. He raised the Dragon Slaying Sword high over his head, poured surging Chaotic Force into it, before striking downwards from the sky.

 An enormous sword ray, completely condensed from Chaotic Force, disappeared into the earthwyrm's head. It passed through its entire body, exiting at the tail. The earthwyrm was no longer as tough and powerful as before; Jian Chen's strike had directly cut it in half. Its body was reduced a pile of dust, collapsing onto the ground and forming a heap of sand, akin to a small mountain.

Jian Chen did not stop after dealing with the earthwyrm. He immediately shot into the sky, resisting the unbelieveable temperature to fly towards the sun.

 Jian Chen knew that this was not the time to be conserving his Chaotic Force. His chaotic neidan in his dantian began to pump out Chaotic Force unsparingly even though it had already shruken, all coalescing in the Dragon Slaying Sword. Afterwards, several strands of sword Qi were sent flying at the sun.

 Boom, boom, boom...

Consecutive deep booms rang through the sky and the expanding sun began to tremble gently. However, its speed of descent did not decrease at all.

 "Move back. Your energy might be strange, but with the Ruler Armament, it's only the Fifth Heavenly Layer at most. Attacks with that much power is not enough to break through the killing formation at all. Let me do it." The Heavenly Enchantress's emotionless voice appeared in Jian Chen's head.

 With that, Jian Chen immediately felt pained. He knew that the Chaotic Force he controlled was an extremely powerful energy, but it still could not be considered as true Chaotic Force. He currently had only reached the first layer of the eighteen layers, possessing strength equivalent to a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He could only display a strength of the Fifth Heavenly Layer when he wielded a Ruler Armament.

 Only when he reached the eighteenth layer would the Chaotic Force he controlled be the true Chaotic Force.

 Jian Chen put the Ruler Armament away and slowly descended from the sky. He had secretly made up his mind that after he left the Fantasy Star Ocean, he would definitely find a way to increase his overall strength.

 "Just the first layer of the Chaotic Body is equivalent the strength of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I wonder just what level my strength will reach after I reach the second layer of the Chaotic Body?" Jian Chen anticipated it very much as he thought.

 The Heavenly Enchantress continued to concentrate on playing the zither. Sound waves constantly shot towards the descending sun, producing booms after booms. The explosion of every sound wave would leave behind an odd energy in the surroundings, floating slowly around the huge sun and it lingered.

 This was the power of sound waves from the zither!

 Soon, more and more energy gathered around the sun, before virtually permeating the entire sky.

 At that moment, the Heavenly Enchantress stopped playing. She slowly raised her head at the dazzling sun, and her elegant finger, as white as sheepskin, gently struck the twenty-first string.


A clear, crisp sound rang out when the string was struck. The sound carried an extremely powerful ability for penetration, while the note constantly echoed about despite not being very loud.

 The energy around the scorching sun immediately became violent. Shortly afterwards, it exploded and a deafening boom rang out. The entire world shook violently, as if the world was ending. The sun in the sky had cracked in half from the explosion, before immediately disintegrating into countless pieces, raining down everywhere.

 With the destruction of the sun, the killing formation was also successfully broken. Everything before Jian Chen began to distorted and the sandy world slowly disappeared. He had returned to the Fantasy Star Ocean once again.