Chairman Husband, Too Boorish


Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 7

Liang Xi Cheng heard and thoughtfully narrowed his eyes, measuring her up. That mysterious gaze made people unable to understand what he was thinking. Finally he slightly raised his eyebrows and gestured toward the elevator button, "Are you going up?"

The manager at the side long ago cooled down. He stood in the corner of the elevator and guessed at the relationship between the two people.

Turns out Bai Yan Liang and the new chairman knew each other?

Seeing Chairman Liang's tone, it seemed like he wasn't placing any blame. The manager was mad at himself. Earlier he almost made a huge mistake.

"Chairman Liang, I can go to the employee elevator. I'm really sorry for today. Earlier I was absent-minded and didn't notice which elevator I got on. I apologize." Yan Liang slightly inclined her head toward Liang Xi Cheng. She very wisely stepped into the elevator by the side.

She was smart. After graduating, she immediately started working for EC. She was very clear the first law of survival in the company was to be inconspicuous.

Ignoring Liang Xi Cheng's imposing aura, just the relationship between her and Liang Jing Shan was complicated. She currently didn't want any secret and unnecessary relationship with the Liang family.

The so-called "out of sight, out of mind", she was even thinking about switching jobs.

She got her job at EC through Jing Shan's help. Jing Shan was the Liang's family precious daughter. Getting Yan Liang a job was a matter of saying a word, but Yan Liang understood these past years she climbed up with her own hard work. But now......

Because of a headache, she furrowed her brows. She pressed a hand against her forehead and lightly sighed. Thinking about this messy situation, waiting a spell would be better. At the least if she wanted to switch jobs, then she should first find a new home.

"Yan Liang? Why are you here so late? Hurry and get ready. The new chairman is here. There is a meeting at 2:00. He wants to see the performance from the first half of the quarter." Right when she sat down, the director already started pressuring her.

"What? The first half quarter's?" Yan Liang somewhat awkwardly said, "Director Xiang, I said to you previously because of an issue with one of the month's performance, the stats still haven't come out yet. I'm estimating the report will come out tomorrow. It definitely won't be ready by 2:00."

While saying this, she looked at her wristwatch. It was already 1:30. There wasn't even half an hour left.

The director's tone left no room for debate, "I don't care. In short, you have to have the report ready before 2:00. This isnt' coming from me; it's from Chairman Liang. You ought to know how he handles things[1]."

"Director, the issue isn't with me. Can you talk to Chairman Liang? It's just one day, nothing more......"

"Are you kidding me? Do you know what irks Chairman Liang the most? The work efficiency of lower employees. I don't want to retire early. Fix it without delay. You have to have it ready before 2:00!"

Yan Liang still wanted to say something when the phone call ruthlessly cut off. She heard the dial tone. She was so mad she wanted to smash her phone.

Lately everything has been going wrong. Her relationships were battered; was it possible her career was also slipping away?!


[1] You ought to know how he handles things:
I don't know how to translate this well. The phrase is θ‘ŒδΊ‹ζ‰‹θ…•. My best guess is referring to his ability to handle things or to execute things. If anyone has a better definition/suggestion, please let me know!