Cannon Fodder Counterattack System


Cannon Fodder Counterattack System Chapter 4.3

Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Four)

“Yes ah, you’ve seen him before, the one standing behind my back just now is him.”

His softening eyes gaze attentively at his beloved’s stupefied phoenix eyes while admiring Ye Sinian’s adorable face wearing a stunned look, it only made his heart be pouring with happiness.

But, he is, after all, a general owning the title of ‘God of Army’, so even if he was nervous, he didn’t forget to pretend to clear his own name unknowingly, as he is afraid that he would be put into his blacklist before he even started pursuing Ye Sinian. That kind of ending would be a bit too sour.

Ye Sinian blinked, feeling as if his formidable brain had crashed for once.

If Qin Ge is the boss for Twilight Hues, then it’s not possible for him to kill the owner with cruelty.

It’s not that he is underestimating others, but just looking at Qin Ge’s stature, he can confirm that he had mistaken.

Written inside the information, the boss of Twilight Hues is a middle-aged man with a tall and robust build. The original owner had died by suffocating because of an injury on the pit of his stomach. However, it can be seen that Qin Ge is slim, being a woman and man in-between. With that height looking even shorter than him—who is the one that is truly suffocating who?

Unless he’s blind, then, if not, he wouldn’t say two people with a world of difference is the same.

But, if it’s not Qin Ge, then who is it?

For a short period of time, Ye Sinian submerged into silence, then he laments admiringly, “Qin Ge is operating a business this big alone, and also able to create a big reputation, truly amazing!”

“He himself likes it, even if it’s tiring, he’s willing to endure the hardship.” Qin Shiyue murmur. When he got to the part of ‘willing to endure the hardship’, his sight seems to have carelessly stopped at Ye Sinian’s lips for a moment.

(YSN) With the tip of his brows slightly arching upwards, he suddenly grinned and the tip of his tongue licked his lips. Under the ambiguous lighting, his slightly lowered voice became even more provoking, making people’s heart ticklish.

“After talking so much, I’m feeling a bit hungry. Don’t know what that snow dragon meat you’ve talked about taste like……”

Mochi’s Notes

雪龙肉 – Snow Dragon Meat – High-quality meat, said to be delicious, fresh and tasty, When eaten, can feel the elasticity, good for health as there are lots of proteins etc…
Tbh, I’m a little sceptical…. Where the hell can you enjoy such thing as high quality as this? Unless it’s something from the mutants or something.
雪龙黑牛 – (Literal TL-ion) Snow Dragon Black Cow – I’m missing two letter from ‘ 雪龙肉’ so I think this and that is different but who knows, maybe ‘雪龙肉’ is ‘雪龙黑牛’.

A burning hot gaze couldn’t control itself from gawking intently at that slightly open red lips and that soft, pink tongue. Then, the colour of Qin Shiyue’s pupil deepening can be seen by the naked eyes, and his breath suddenly stifled, feeling the tightness from his lower half.

Finally forcing himself to remove his line of sight away from there after using a tremendous perseverance, his two slender legs naturally moved, crossing his legs to cover up the embarrassment. Only then did he clear his throat, coughing once, and said, “This snow dragon meat is tender and soft so after cooking it, its flavour will be further enhanced, tasting delicious and rare. Hence it shouldn’t disappoint Sinian.”

Seeing his reaction, Ye Sinian chuckled, the glimmer roaming in his phoenix eyes attracts the mortal souls of humans. “I naturally will not be disappointed……”

Seeing his reaction, Ye Sinian chuckled, the glimmer roaming in his phoenix eyes attracting the mortal souls of humans. “I will naturally not be disappointed……” His voice was deep and low yet so sweet-sounding to the ears that every letter and sentences seem to have been contained at the tip of this youth’s tongue and then slowly moving towards his ear, just hearing this would make people feel dry in the mouth.

“Young master Ye, the food and drinks have arrived.”

From outside the door, a sudden chain of knocking came through this made Qin Shiyue’s mind to relax in an instant from escaping away from that seemingly bewitching state, though he doesn’t know if he was letting out a breath of regret or a breath of ease.

“Come in.” He said, after letting loose that breath of air.

Beside him, Ye Sinian’s lips hooked up. He sweeps his eyes at his crossing long legs, suddenly feeling somewhat delighted.

Just…… his nephew ah……

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