CEO Above, Me Below


CEO Above, Me Below Chapter 11

"You're being ridiculous."

Shi Xiaonian thought that after she went through the polygraph test, he would realize that it was all a misunderstanding.

"I'm being ridiculous? Shi Xiaonian, since you like playing so much, I'll play with you!"

Gong Ou roared in a towering rage. He reached out and squeezed her chin as if he were going to shatter it.

Underneath his body, the woman's soft curves fit tightly against him. A soft mass heaved up and down because of anger.

Damn it!

Why was this woman was so beautiful when she was angry?

Shi Xiaonian was pressed beneath him such that two of them could hardly get any closer. She was both angry and embarrassed as she shouted, "You thug! Didn't you say that you didn't want to touch me again?"

Was he a sex addict?

"You're the one seducing me." Gong Ou pushed the blame onto her.

"I'm not."

"You're a slut with a pure and innocent face. If that isn't seduction, what is?" Gong Ou teased. As he locked gazes with her, his eyes darkened with desire. He lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Shi Xiaonian had never met someone so shameless. She stared blankly, then quickly came to the realization that while he was the one with the dishonorable intentions, he would push the blame on her. Hatred bubbled forth.

As Gong Ou neared her face, Shi Xiaonian leaned over and used the last of her strength to bite Gong Ou's neck, holding on tenaciously.

Her teeth sunk deeply into his skin.

This was the last of her resistance.


Gong Ou grunted in pain, arrogantly pushed her head away, and held a hand to his neck. He looked at his palm. It was covered in red blood.

She had bit him so savagely.

"Woman. You……"

Gong Ou was about to angrily rebuke her. He lowered his gaze only to see Shi Xiaonian's head had been slammed into the flat-screen monitor from his push and was passed out on top of the polygraph chair.

She fainted?

She was even more fragile than a cup.

Gong Ou raised his hand to smack her, yet Shi Xiaonian remained unconscious. Tears trickled out of her closed eyes. She looked pathetically frail……

She didn't look like she was faking at all.

Gong Ou's gaze froze as his fist suddenly stopped in midair. He felt as if he'd received a blow to the chest as an unfathomable feeling rose up within him.

"Young master. You're bleeding!?"

Butler Feng De walked in and shouted in fear when he saw Gong Ou's neck covered in blood, "I'll get the first aid kit right away!"

"In a moment."

Gong Ou spoke icily. Then, he picked her up in a horizontal carry from the polygraph chair and walked towards his room. As he walked, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

Her lips were sweeter than a clear spring. He would never tell her this.


Lots of pain.

Shi Xiaonian woke up, muddled, on the bed. A bright ray of sunlight shone in from a large window illuminating the large Euro-style bedroom. The purple floor-length curtains added a bit of softness to the room.

It was in this softness that the smooth, slippery sheets slowly slid down her skin. An expanse of white skin was exposed to the air. (T/N: The metaphor here is that it was untouched by any fabric.)

"Miss Shi, you've finally woken up."

Feng De stood courteously to the side. When she woke up, he smiled as he spoke to her.

Shi Xiaonian didn't respond as she silently sat up. Discomfort and pain made her recall those unbearable memories.

She woke up many times in pain, but Gong Ou didn't didn't give a damn about what she wanted.

She fainted in pain then awoke in pain…..

That beast hadn't shown her mercy even when she was unconscious.

Her body….had become his toy to play with recklessly.

"Miss Shi, do you need to eat something? There are 36 chefs from all over the world in the kitchen. You can eat anything you want, any flavor you want," Feng De offered.

"When can you let me go?"

Shi Xiaonian leaned against the headboard, her face wan. Her voice was slightly husky, and her lifeless eyes were devoid of hope.