But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!!


But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!! part6

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Part 6

There's some distance between the huge plaza and the castle.
Silva was restraining the shadows in the meeting place, but there were still enemies lurking within the town.
……And amongst them, mixed in were faces of the citizens I'd often seen during 「Inspection」.
How? Why?
Even though they'd always greet me. They'd even accompany me to the church on holidays and diligently pray……Even though they were kind people.
My head started spinning. But the enemy chasing behind didn't wait for that.
My magic had reached rock bottom. I still don't possess strong magic like Father.
Claris too, was at the limits of her endurance. I'm sure she hadn't eaten anything since then.
There was only one way left.


I thought……but then shook my head,
I'm bad at flying. I always end up falling due to bad control .
I'll manage flying alone, but taking along Claris is…………Absolutely impossible…….

「……H-Hey Claris.」
「Are we, um……friends?」

……Even though I said so, when I realised it, I asked such a thing.
The sound of the enemy's footsteps could be heard behind. Now was not the time for small talk. I know that very well.

「Y-Yes……! We're f-friends!」

ーーClaris answered, out of breath.

「……Do you believe in me?」
「Yes! I b-believe……」

I’d totally fail. I had been scolded before too. There's no way I can do it well.
I'm scared. I'm scared I'm scared ImscaredImscaredImscaredImscaredImscaredImscaredImscared, I'm scared………………but,

「ーーーーWhat daughter of a monarch am I, if I can't protect a single "Friend"!!?」

Driving away the fear in my cowardly heart with a shout, I chanted a short incantation.
Winds sprouted on my back.
ーーThe wings were bigger than usual, in order to protect my "Friend".


Shouting in a loud voice, I kicked the ground hard. Our bodies were wrapped in a magical atmosphere.
Before long, the two wings ーーCaught the wind blowing towards the skies.

My body rose high in the skies. I tightly held that hand, so as to not let it go.
Claris, who had not even let out a whimper, true to the words 「I believe」she told me, held my hand strongly ーー.

The mistake I was afraid of making was being unable to control my magic well and falling down.
But it went well as we somehow managed to ride upon the winds. I felt somewhat dizzy, but there was no particular problem.
Next was reaching the rock bottom of my magic. This too, would last us till the castle if my control were to be good……Or so, it seemed.
ーーIf the enemy's magician had not been chasing us from behind.

When I thought for a bit, I understood it. 『Flight Magic』was a wind magic. Even if it was a human, they could use it with due practice if they possessed the skill. It was just that it was impossible for humans to fly safely in a sky with dragons, thus nobody used it outside. ……If it was within the town, the magician could fly across the skies.
The magic that had been let loose from behind whizzed past above my head. Due to me being dizzy, it seemed I was somewhat bad at aiming at the other side. If it was about it reaching, it reached, but thanks to that I was all out of magic.
Claris, who was dangling by my hand, had been limp for a while. Flying required an incredible amount of stamina. She wasn't yet used to it. It must have been hard for Claris who was already exhausted.
At long last we reached the castle. I was out of magic and my body started shaking. Before I knew it, I had let go of Claris.

「……I won't give uuuuuup!」

I strained my whole body. ……Just a bit more.
My heart was thumping loudly. I was out of breath. Near my body, magic passed by.
In my flickering vision,ーーーーIt was reflected.

「ーーWell done. Be proud, the noble daughter of the Monarch.」

With a light impact, our bodies were embraced by sturdy arms.
When I raised my head, I say the silver hair swaying in the night winds.

ーーーーThe Dragon King ・Zerosfeed.

「Foolish bugs[1]. I'll show you true hell.」
「Eek!? R-Runーー!?」
「It's too late now. Freeze ーー『Icicle breath[2]』」

In the dark skies, many gigantic clusters of ice appeared. ……within them, the enemy magician was shut in.
ーーAhh, Zeros was strong after all.
Maybe it was because I was relieved, a wave of drowsiness hit me.
Amidst the resounding sound of the ice crashing into the ground, my vision slowly turned blankーー.


ーーThe first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Marie's messy face filled with tears.

「Tha…nk good…ness……Mii-chan is fine……」

I was hugged tightly. ……Oww, it hurts!
I was absent-minded for some time,but I suddenly remembered an important thing.
When I opened my mouth, I let out a cough. Umu, my throat's rough. Marie, who had finally let go of my body made me drink water.

「Cla…ris is……?」
「She's fine thanks to Mii-chan. The people of the circus are too……but.」

Marie made a somewhat awkward face.
I slowly learnt that Claris and the others were no longer in the country.
It seems, that circus was being chased by somebody. Even if Marie and the others told them to stay in the empire, it seemed that they left saying 「We won't cause you any more trouble.」.
Everyone was in the room. Everyone patted my head, saying 「Well done」to make me feel better.
Even that Fey had been reduced to tears. It seemed I had been asleep for a great extent of time.

「……I'm really sorry, Miluege-sama. I take responsibility for all the strife caused this time……」
「You're wrong, Guran. I was the one who took the decision in the end……Moreover, for the people of 『Kyou[3] Country』 who were normal during immigration to suddenly change like that was something nobody had thought of……」

ーーEven I had head the name『Kyou Country』.
It was an unusual country where instead of considering demons as evil, they prayed that all existences live with friendship and peace.
Marie, who had travelled the whole world seemed to have also stopped by there once, and because there had been many kind and honest people there, received them without refusing when they came to the empire.

「It seems that in Kyou country, the first and the third prince's factions and second prince's factions, both have separated and there's a fight for succession going on.
I received a report saying that this time's attempted assassination was caused because the radicals had floated a false rumour saying 『The third prince has committed blasphemy against the gods.』and incited the believers.」
「I see……Even though they were kind people.」
「Faith can be both good and bad, it's a straightforward emotion……If one doesn't possess strong roots, it's easy for people to misjudge the path.」

Marie showed a sad expression at the Prime Minister's words.
Seeing that, I couldn't endure it any longer.
I didn't understand the meaning of the words very well. But, I didn’t like seeing Marie cry.


I lightly tugged at her clothes. When I did that, Marie immediately looked towards me.

「Mii-chan……What happened?」
「……I learned to believe from Marie ……That's why, Marie can't give up on believing …………Claris was also saved by Marie's cooking……」

Please have those kind eyes.
ーーDon't let the "Heart" that rescued me from that dark place get clouded.

「Yeah……Yeah, that's right. Thanks Mii-chan…………you did well. Good job. Mii-chan is the daughter I'm proud of.」

Saying so, Marie hugged me tightly.
She was gentle this time. As if she wanted to wrap me.
Those word make me happier than anything ……I cried just a bit in that warm chest.

T/N –
1. He calls them, leaf beetles?

2. Reading was given in katakana (aishikuru buresu)
3. Kanji for Kyou means learning. The same one is used in classroom (kyoshitsu)