But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!!


But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!! part5

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--Sugoi! Sugoi!
I kept on getting thrilled at the wonderful performances that unfolded one after another on the stage that had been set up .
The person who juggled many bottles skilfully while riding a thing that had only one wheel. The people going round and round many time, here and there on the trapeze. Piercing the apple overhead the Onee-San who had been fixed to her position. The lion going through the ring of fire, the bear balancing on top of a ball……
Any one of those could be done if you used magic, but there was not even a trace of it. They, were showing unworldly techniques without using magic .
Why wouldn’t one be excited. My gaze was stuck to stage that was dizzyingly changing colours.
Even though it should have been so,

「--The steps are half-hearted. See, the tempo slipped even now.」

…………This idiot, just grumbling on and on beside me.
What’s his problem? Isn’t it thanks to him that I’m not able to enjoy quite well!

「Hey Silva, if you wanna grumble, then don’t watch it! It’s better you get out now!」
「No, you’re wrong. It’s neither grumbling nor criticism. This is pure analysis.」

I don’t understand what he’s talking about……This guy, in spite of being called 「Fake Prince」by Marie……!

「Ahh……I’m sorry for Mii-chan, but I too have a similar opinion, I guess.」
「The equipment is quite old, and the flaws in the technique stand out. Even if you keep in mind that they aren’t beastmen, the acrobats are all pushing it with their technique, aren’t they.」
「It’s not bad, but it’s childish. How do I say it, they’re inexperienced is the impression I get. ……Moreover 」
「Y-You still have more……?」

Silva, who nodded, turned to look towards the stage.
There, a dancer other than Claris was doing a dance with quick steps.

「……The performers are all so thin. I wonder, just how much do they eat?」

It was in no way in a badmouthing tone.
――It was just a tone that was pitying the other party.
Come to think of it, Claris was also pretty thin. Perhaps, did she not eat that much rice?
The worry that suddenly arose in my mind was another matter, the colours of the stage changed again.
This time it was a profoundly calm「Blue」.
Basking in the somewhat lonely light, the person who slowly appeared on the stage was--clad in the clothes of a dancer, Claris.


I wonder if she heard my voice, but Claris, who was onstage looked toward me, and just once, smiled sweetly.
Mhm-hm, it’s like she’s a completely different person from just a while back.
How do I say, the presence she has is completely different.
And accompanying the musical instrument that felt lonely, just like the lights, Claris solemnly spun a song.
……At that moment, the venue immediately fell silent.

「――Oh, this is a splendid "Aria"1

Even that Silva, who was giving only complaints, said such words.
I, unable to even answer, simple lent my ears to Claris’ singing voice.
It felt as if it was heard from beyond the vast skies--It epwas such an ephemeral and beautiful song.
Everyone, forgetting to even breathe, paid attention to the 「Songstress」onstage.
When they realised it, the sound of the instrument had stopped, and Claris was bowing deeply.
Even though the performance had ended, it took me some time to realise it. But, the next moment, everyone was clapping their hands as if they were competing with each other. Of course, I too applauded with all my might for Claris.
――Sugoi, I thought from the bottom of my heart.
The insides of my heart were trembling, it hadn’t even stopped then.
The instrumentalist on stage got ready.
Ahh, while I was rising in expectation of hearing that voice again, --Silva muttered a few words.

「……Really, I’m bothered by the number of scum amongst humans who don’t understand Art. For your heart to not be moved by such a wonderful song--It exceeds imbecility, it’s a “Grave Sin”」

Along with those words, stakes that were the shade of blood appeared. The moment Silva snapped his fingers, they turned towards the ceiling and shot out.


A painful cry resounded.
And a man fell down with his leg pierced by stakes.

「Tch, their numbers are too great……Fey, give priority to the evacuation of the audience, don’t let them lay a finger on the citizens of the empire.」

She nodded quickly, and Fey jumped out of her seat like the wind.
Silva chanted a spell, and a mass of blood stakes appeared.
The venue was filled with shrieks and screams.
――But, it was as if I couldn’t afford to see that.
From outside the tent, insect-like black shadows gushed forth. They, without their legs losing way, turned straight towards the stage.

「Is that SongstressDiva their aim? ……Ah, hey! Miluge!」

I didn’t turn back to that voice that halted me.
I leapt onto the stage in a single step, and stood in front of Claris who’d lost her means of escape.
Silva was weaving through the shadows one after another with his magic, but that wouldn’t be enough.

「――O, the one who has come from the furthest corner of darkness, become blood, become flesh, yield to my life, O, the blade that severs light, attack my enemy!」

From the broad sky far above, countless pitch-black swords aimed for the shadows and rained down.
The greatest Darkness Magic amongst the ones I held at the moment. It won’t kill, but it’ll atleast stop the enemy’s movements.

「Rest assured Claris. I shalt protect you.」

……But, truly their numbers are great.
Silva got angry, saying「Don’t use such huge magic in the early stages directly!」, but then what should I have done? Even though I haven’t learnt to go easy on others.
Even though I attacked and attacked, the enemies keep coming and coming. There were even magic users amongst them. Just how many have entered the town?

「Miluege, start your retreat! I’m suppressing the enemy, so run! It’s still too heavy a responsibility for you to fight while protecting someone.」

At the same time as the voice shouting, the crimson stakes concentrated at one corner of the tent and fired. The wave of shadows split, and only there, opened a huge gaping hole.
It is certainly difficult to handle the enemy closing in from all directions. I will protect Claris with magic specialised in creating disruption. It's better to abide to what Silva says here.

「Let’s go, Claris!」
「Ah, Y-Yes!」

I ran holding Claris’ hand.
――That hand I held, was pathetically thin.


1. An aria in music was originally any expressive melody, usually, but not always, performed by a singer. The term became used almost exclusively to describe a self-contained piece for one voice, with or without orchestralaccompaniment, normally part of a larger work. The typical context for arias is opera, but vocal arias also feature in oratorios and cantatas, sharing features of the operatic arias of their periods.