But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!!


But You Said You'd Give Me Delicious Candy!! part4

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“――I see, That guy……died.”

At night on that day, along with the invitation to the circus, I showed the tail of the mysterious bird to Marie. …….Somehow, the one I received seemed more like a golden stick. Marie gently held the bow-like tail in her hands and showed a very lonely expression.
……Huh? By any chance, was it something I shouldn’t have brought home……?

“Its strange. I really hated home, and found him disgusting, but…….In the end, its lonely when someone you know, dies……”

Hm, Hmmm…………? Did someone die? A friend? ……No, but she said she hated him………….
――Umu. Marie, who feels sad even when a person she hates dies, is kind after all.
I, hanging my head in shame, hugged Marie tightly.

“I am here! I’ll be beside Marie forever!! That’s why, don’t be lonely.”
“Mii-chan……Yeah, that’s right. Thank you.”

Marie patted my head. That voice had returned to the usual cheerful Marie. Umu! Being cheerful is the best!

“――Well, this must also be some kind of fate! Shall we hold a grandly mourn that idiot!?”

Somehow, I don’t understand it well, but it seems great!

The next day, in the Fennel Empire 『The Selection of the Hero of the Bow』was carried out.
The location was the slightly elevated hilltop graveyard, from where the town could be seen. Everyone was wearing dark clothes, and surrounded the tomb that the dwarves had made in a hurry. In the deep hole dug underneath, for some reason the coffin with the tail of the mysterious was buried.
I see, one of the heroes died.  We didn’t know him well, but because Marie is kind, she’ll be sad when an acquaintance dies.
When Marie, who was in front, offered a bouquet of flowers, everyone silently faced down.
It’s the time for praying. I heard it from Marie the night before.
Behind Marie who was silently praying ――――I wonder why, everyone else had a complicated expression.
Especially, the area around Zero is horrible.
What is it? Was he that hated, that Hero of the Bow.
Regardless of Zero, even that kind Rouche……?

――And I wonder why Fey is desperately stifling her laughter.

There’s still a long time till the 『Selection of the Hero of the Bow』 begins. Even I, who am a child, know that one shouldn’t laugh in such a place. Seriously, she really doesn’t have any 『Delicacy』.
And when I offer a prayer to the Hero of the Bow whom I have never met, the guard on duty today, Shiyuki from the White Tiger Race, came running to us.

“Marie-sama, I blew away the mysterious bird Oldwo!”
“Jeez, again? Even though it’d been good if nothing had come out at such a time…….”
“I beat it black and blue!”
“Than you, Shiyu-chan. There is a huge feast prepared, so eat to your fill later on”

Umu, Shiyuki is a hard worker. She looks small, but she’s older than Fey, and she’s also stronger in fighting. I too want to become as strong as her someday.

And Fey, burst into laughter the moment Shiyuki came, and was socked by her parents…….

――Well then, let’s go to the 『Circus』 together later!


“…… You bastard, first of all, bring a lot of work at such a time”
“There’s no choice. Because it’s somewhat strange, but we seem to have crossed the national  border.”

Fey pats my head saying “well, well” while I was grumbling and voicing my complaints.
This is the 『Circus』 venue that Claris had promised about. About a hundred guests were crammed in the big tents that had been put up in the big plaza in the town.
The seats Claris had prepared for us, somehow they’re the first ones, right in front of the stage.
It seems they’re called 『Box Seats』. It means that they’re really good seats. ……Even though they say so.

“――In exchange, I am coming. Miluge must be happy with that, right?

The one sitting in the seat where Marie was originally supposed to sit, was the pureblood vampire ――Silver.
This guy, who looks like he’s 14-15 years is making a really beautiful face, but……somehow, it always feels a bit excessively self-important. Even now, his knees are crossed in the narrow seats. I wonder whose plan it was to send someone like that young bonze instead of Marie. ……When I thought of putting my thought into words, he made a relatively hurt face, so I remained quiet. I am a good girl who has

“But, well, to send even Silver is……”
“……Something might happen too. Well, if I am here, it won’t matter the slightest even if someone comes.”
“Waa, You’re amazingly confident as always.”

For some reason, the two people are murmuring above my head.
I don’t get what they’re talking about, but isn’t it gonna start soon. Quiet down, you two.

『All the ladies and gentlemen who have come here! We made you wait quite a bit, but the performance of the Spica troupe will begin in a short while. Please give a big round of applause once!』

On top of the stage illuminated by the small magic, a skinny little man gave that introduction.
The sky peeping in from the gaps of the tent is dark.
Along with applause that seemed as if it would rock the venue……Claris and co’s 『Circus』began.

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