Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant!


Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant! Chapter 5

"Sister, break up with Qi XinLei."

Han ZiChen pulled her younger brother to the empty school courtyard, only letting go once she saw that they have been completely out of sight from the teachers, students and Qi XinLei, but did not expect that the first thing that would come out of her brother's mouth was the words she doesn't want to hear the most.

"Why do you always want me to break up with Xin Lei? I have told you many times already, Xin Lei and I won't break up." Han ZiChen gave out a reluctant sigh, these past few days her brother stopped talking about this topic so she thought that finally, he has accepted them. She did not think that her brother has never given up the idea.

"Sister, the previous photos are obviously not fake, you must believe that they were real. Qi XinLei is a super pervert, you will only get hurt if you stay with him. You'll never be happy." Han ZiYe was a little agitated so he shouted those words. Why did things not go according to his plan? Blame it all on his sister, how could he imagine that his sister was already deep in love with the devil making her so stubborn? The photos didn't make her even a bit sober, believing that the photos were fake.

"Xiao Ye, stop it. No matter what you say, I won't listen. I won't break up with Xin Lei."

Han ZiChen's expression and tone was very determined. Han ZiYe never saw her sister this resolute before, so he wrinkled his brows and cried: "Sister!"

"Xiao Ye, in fact, I've actually been keeping something from you, but now, I really, really need to tell you this, I…. Me and Xin Lei already did it. I not only have to be with him, I will also need to marry him after, so please don't persuade me to break up with him, also don't say those pictures are true in front of him. This might affect our feelings for each other." Han ZiChen hesitated for a moment before confessing her secret to her brother.

She did not want to tell this matter to anyone, especially to her younger brother. She was embarrassed, but if she doesn't tell him, he will always advise her to break up with her boyfriend. If he keeps on recounting the photo incident, Qi XinLei might hate her and then beat her brother.

"Sister what are you talking about? You and him, already? How can you give him…." Han ZiYe was startled, he suddenly grabbed his sister's weak jade shoulders, shouting uncontrollably.

He can't believe his sister would agree to have sex with that devil, although the devil was his sister's first boyfriend, but my sister has always been very conservative, she has this really strong concept of virginity, he thought she would never give herself to that devil before marriage, but….

"I also didn't want to… but he always said he had wanted me, and he was begging me so…. But don't worry, he promised that he would take responsibility and marry me as soon as we graduate from college." Han ZiChen shyly looked away from her brother, cheeks red like a rose. Her boyfriend begged her with a pitiful appearance, she wanted to refuse, but her boyfriend assured her that he would marry her, so she gave in and promised with her boyfriend.

Han ZiYe did not know what to say, he just looked sadly at his sister. Sister must've lost it that night. He still remembers it very clearly, half a month ago, his sister came home very late and she was very elated, telling Han ZiYe that the demon will have her as his wife. After that, Han ZiYe was so scared he became more determined to save his sister from the demon's clutches

Now what? His elder sister was already taken by the devil, so he can never make his sister and that demon break up. He can only let them continue their relationship until they graduate from university and her sister marry that demon. But that demon is bad for sister. Sister, what to do?

He can only pray that the devil will always love her sister like he(QXL) loves her now, will never hurt her, and if that devil dares to try, he'll (HZY) desperately get revenge on that devil.

Ai*! If I knew my sister was already claimed by that devil, I wouldn't have taken the risk of posting those pictures at school. Han ZiYe also prayed for this, that in his life time, the demon would never find out that he was the one who made those photos, for if the demon realizes that it was him, not only will the demon not forgive him, he will certainly be angry at his sister, then they will break up. If he(HZY) ends up hurting his sister, he will never forgive himself.

(TN: exasperated sighing)

Same as Han ZiChen, Han ZiYe also believed that a woman's chastity is important, and should only be given to the person you are married to for life, even if the other person is someone bad and can no longer become even more bad. He should also believe so, since this is related to his secret….

"Xiao Ye, don't look at me with that expression. I know how deeply you care about me, and that you're afraid I might get hurt, and more afraid that I'm not happy, but please rest assured, Xin Lei is one of those rare good men." Han ZiChen smile are her brother, full of confidence, completely unaware that she was just being too naïve, in fact her boyfriend doesn't have plans to marry her. The boyfriend saying that he would take responsibility, and after graduating from college would immediately marry was just something he said to cheat her into going to his bed.

Han ZiYe gently nodded. He can only hope his sister to be very happy, but he will never like the demon, even if the demon and his elder sister gets married, becoming his brother-in-law, he will always hate him, hate that demon.

The demon is worse that he had imagined, more shameless, and the thought that the devil will possess his most precious and holy sister, he gnashed his teeth, wanting to kill the devil, but for his sister, he cannot….

Han ZiChen flashed her beautiful smile to her brother, looking at brother, he should've already thought about it, and is willing to bless Xin Lei and my relationship. That's great!

Han ZiChen did know the pain in her brother's heart, she did not know that soon, she will be the one in more pain than her brother….

And another cliffhanger.

There's this term/slang in my country that we use to call people who easily give in to things, they’re called marupok aka fragile/delicate/frail (in terms of feelings). Han ZiChen is the embodiment of that.

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