Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant!


Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant! Chapter 33

“If I’m god, then being a god feels really good, hahaha… brother-in-law is also flying with you to heaven, Oh!——this handsome cock is going to give you your first shot tonight!” Qi XinLei laughed with excitement, his mind and body was happy beyond words, as if he was in paradise, his meat rod poking and stabbing several times before surrendering.

Qi XinLei shot half of his load inside before pulling out, firing the remaining sticky essence, spraying around on Han ZiYe’s body. Qi XinLei wanted Han ZiYe’s body to smell and taste like him, inside and outside.

While indulging in the pleasure of orgasm, Qi XinLei did not forget Han ZiYe’s small jade stem, he finally loosened the underwear tied on the small jade stem, the unbounded jade stem visibly turning a shade darker, shooting out milky essence.

Han ZiYe let out a very satisfied and long moan, carefully savoring the wonderful taste of finally being able to ejaculate. realizing that he had finished cumming, making Han ZiYe’s whole body sticky, the super promiscuous Qi XinLei took out the massage stick inside the small flower hole then put his own dick, despite it being only half-hard. He replaced the massage stick inside Han ZiYe’s chrysanthemum hole, calling out lewdly again.

“Perverted little slave, brother-in-law’s handsome meat rod had been wanting to eat your cute flower hole. Your flower hole’s so thirsty and lewd, it’s unlikely to reject it!” Qi XinLei was inside the small flower hole and at the same time, he was pushing the massage stick inside Han ZiYe’s chrysanthemum hole and his other hand slapping Han ZiYe’s butt, making Han ZiYe’s sex drive rise again and his body shake.

Three unusual and obscene sounds can be heard, the breast clip, the egg vibrator and the massage stick, all issuing a buzzing sound, weaving the world’s most vulgar melody.

“Oh ah ah ah … this servant will certainly not refuse…ah ah ah… little flower hole has been longing to be…. to be fucked by master’s big and handsome meat rod…. ah master’s dick is ramming inside me, little chrysanthemum hole also wants to… ah ah ah… please set the massage stick’s level higher…. ah, please drill into me more, ah, so good, thank you master… brother-in-law for granting my desires… Oh Ah Ah…… ”

“Oh ah … Seeking brother-in-law master’s handsome meat rod and massage stick … ah … ah … like the previous … … oh hah… so crazy and wild … Oh … let this servant ……go to heaven … … Oh … oh … oh … oh … ”

Han purple night happily shouted, ejaculating only once while he was held captive by “Wild”

The effect of “Wild” was very strong, and will not fade with only one night. That is to say, Han ZiYe continued to feel pleasure under Qi XinLei’s body, continued to be like another person, crazy and insatiable, continued the absurd lovemaking over night.

“Good, brother-in-law will fuck you like crazy until you fly to heaven, Your little flower hole is very soft, like a fruit that has been ripened by the massage stick, making brother-in-law’s meat rod feel so excited.”

“Oh oh oh … … little slave will make brother-in-law’s big and handsome cock….feel even better, requesting for brother-in-law’s huge and handsome penis to feel good together….Oh ah … oh ah … … please move the massage stick harder, move deeper inside servant’s two small holes…Oh, Ah, Ah, Ah Ah … …”

“Oh ah ah …there, hit more there….Oh, Ah, Ah … … hot big cock and massage stick are really great, soon I’ll have to, so soon… ah it;s hitting both my…. Yes Ah ah Ah Ah…. I feel like I’m flying….Oh Yes Yes Yes…. whip my small breasts and jade stem too…. too good ah oh … Ah, ah … Oh oh …….”

Although it was cold outside the winter night, inside the SM Classroom was very hot; passion lingering in the air, lewd sounds coming from the bed, making it hotter than the midsummer season. It’s not hard to believe that the SM classroom would continue to become hotter tonight….