Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - Mutated Zombie

After first hearing the words of seventh class cultivator that was guarding the door, and listening to the new words of this leader of the base, everyone in front of the gate went slack jawed. 

Who was standing if front of the gate? It was one of the five leaders of Nanshan base, a base that held three hundred thousand people. Cultivators all aimed to attain a position as well regarded as one of the five seventh class cultivators in this base. 

No one in the crowd expected this plain, thin and short man to defy the seventh class cultivator, and for the cultivator to listen to him. 

But the crowd went silent when they heard the seventh class cultivator speak the name Qing sect. They could understand that that must be an important group and looked at Ma Dong with envy. 

And not only was it the crowd that had an incredible expression, but Lin Fing as well in his car. He didn't think that the Qing Sect would have such influence as to make a seventh class cultivator do exactly the opposite of what he said he would do. 

Lin Feng could understand a little about this matter, thinking that the Qing sect must have some influence in the major bases. Lin Feng expected that when he said that he still wanted to leave the base that Qian Zongguan would go and negotiate with the seventh class cultivator. He was also expecting that the seventh class cultivator wouldn't give any face to Qian Zongguan. He had pulled out the little crossbow from his apocalypse watched and loaded it with a yellow crystal in preparations for a fight. If Qian Zongguan and the cultivator's discussion started going downhill, Lin Feng was prepared to kill that cultivator. 

Even though Lin Feng knew that he wasn't a match for the seventh class cultivator, with the little crossbow he knew that he could at least injure the cultivator. Moreover he had two sixth class cultivators on his side, and if they worked together they could defeat the injured seventh class cultivator. After defeating the cultivator they would try to escape in the confusion, losing the people that might chase them in the giant crowd that was also trying to leave the base. 

But Lin Feng didn't expect that it wouldn't be Qian Zongguan, but Ma Dong that would be sent out instead.

Ma Dong was just a sixth class cultivator, and didn't have the power to speak to a seventh class cultivator. He didn't expect that Ma Dong would hold up a medal and have the cultivator become so compliant. If it was a normal seventh class cultivator, they definitely wouldn't act so kindly with their normal disposition. 

Looking through the windshield, Lin Feng took note of the medal in Ma Dong's hands. It had a blue dragon spiralling around the edges, lifelike. 

This would be the crest of the sect, Lin Feng didn't need someone else to tell him that. 

The cultivator just had to look at the medal to know that they were friends of the Qing sect and let them pass. And this was considering that the cultivator was a leader of this base and that Ma Dong was just an insignificant figure in the Qing sect. The Qing sect seemed to have enough power to make even base leaders cower before it. Lin Feng thought to himself that he had to reevaluate the sect once again. 

The crowd watched with eyes full of envy as Lin Feng and the convoy left like a parade and exited the base. 

"Finally we escaped the danger zone."

Looking at the closed gate behind him through the rear view mirror, Lin Feng spoke to himself. 

Since the falling of the apocalypse rain and the dawning of the second apocalypse, some of the bases were going to be even more dangerous than being in the open. 

After three years of the apocalypse, the roads between bases were hunting zones, and normally they were pretty safe. And since the apocalypse rain had turned many humans into zombies, many of the bases were filled with them. Therefore with the 'safety' of the bases, people might as well just stay out in the open. 

From Nanshan base to Tianlong base was about three hundred kilometers, which in Lin Feng's old world would be the distance between provinces. The world here was much larger, and the population an unknown many times more than his original world. 

Lin Feng was expecting there to be a few zombies on the roads leading away from the base. They would be regular zombies, as first class zombies were regularly hunted by the hunters. For three years they had been hunted around the bases. And second class zombies were even more rare to see, and would only appear after a zombie tide. 

But when Lin Feng drove the vehicle away from the base he noticed that there was an abnormal amount of zombies on the road. And the majority of these zombies were first class with a few being normal zombies, spread out in all directions. 

It was said that after an apocalypse rain that the apocalypse dawned, but did the rain also promote regular zombies?

Looking at the first class zombies that filled his line of sight, Lin Feng suddenly had a bad premonition. 

This was most likely the result of regular zombies breaking through and becoming first class zombies after the rain. Just by looking at the distribution of zombies it was clear to see. 

If this line of thinking was true, then this would mean unequalled peril for humanity. 

People that lived in the apocalypse constantly suffered, where most struggled just to find food to eat. Only strong humans could go out of the bases and hunt zombies and harvest crystals. 

But now there was a massive increase in the number of first class zombies, with scattered second class zombies. If this happened everywhere, then the rain might not only have impacted regular zombies. The rain might have promoted the strengths of all the zombies, increasing the total strength of the zombies by a fold. 

Even before the rain survival was difficult, let alone now. The people that left the bases to hunt were in even more danger.

This wasn't even a good thing for cultivators, either. Even though the quality of zombie crystals improved, all the zombies seemed to have been promoted similarly. Now the danger of hunting zombies had increased exponentially, and no one knew if some zombies had jumped straight to the third class or if even a fourth class zombie would show up. 

For sure the apocalypse rain was a disaster for humans, but it was still unknown whether or not this was good for cultivators. But Lin Feng knew that people could only try to survive. If the zombies had gained a large increase in strength, then he would need to become stronger as well. Only by gaining strength could you survive in the apocalypse. 

Looking at the unending path ahead of him, Lin Feng grimly steeled his resolve. He had to become incomparably strong and make everyone else, cultivators and zombies, fear his existence. Only when this happened could he live safely in the apocalypse. 

Stepping on the accelerator, Lin Feng drove his vehicle in the direction of Tianlong base.