Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Apocalypse Rain

Hearing Dou Yuxin's words and seeing her and Ling Tian's expressions of horror, even if one didn't know what the apocalypse rain was, they would know that it wasn't good. 


The door to the room was smashed open and they saw Dong Wu, his fat body looking especially nimble. 

"Apocalypse…… The Apocalypse rain has come."

With trembling lips, these words came from Dong Wu's mouth. 


Downstairs they could here intermittent screams, which were especially clear at this moment. 

They could also hear the sounds of gunfire, which wasn't permitted in Nan Shan base, but something made this rule be broken. 

Lin Feng had a thought. 

Three years ago the world experienced this event, an apocalypse rain. And after the rain had ended, those who were exposed to the rain had turned into zombies. 

Of course, there were some people that didn't turn. Perhaps some people had stronger immune systems or were different from normal people and didn't turn into zombies after the rain. And some people not only didn't turn into zombies, but had become cultivators instead. 

But the apocalypse rain, exactly three years ago today, fell just like this. 

Because of this rain, the world changed, and eighty percent of the people became zombies. The people started to live in endless suffering and everything had been known as the apocalypse since. 

Even three years after the apocalypse rain there still wasn't a scientific explanation. And no one expected that the rain would come back after all this time. 

Lin Feng and the others that were inside the hospital weren't impacted by the rain outside. However, the people outside were in an entirely different situation, and since the rain came so suddenly they were caught up in it. Without enough time to avoid it, the people outside would be drenched in the rain. The sounds they were hearing outside were probably the result of the rain. 

Outside their window the rain had only fallen for a minute, but that minute was enough to impact all of humanity. 

Through these three years being in the apocalypse, the city had been split up into large or small bases. During these years every base that humanity defended had acted to resist the attacks of zombies. The large bases had big walls built to keep zombies from entering the cities. 

But right now, these walls had lost their function of defending the bases. After the baptism of apocalypse rain, there will certainly be another large influx of zombies. Everything that humanity had done to defend its cities would now work against them. The world would once again experience an apocalypse, and the world would once again change. 

The hospital had two floors and they could hear the sounds of cries coming from downstairs, as well as the sounds of things being struck. Many ran to the second floor using the stairs with panic stricken expressions. 


The characteristic sound of a zombie came from the first floor of the hospital, as some zombies had turned and ran in, crashing through the entrance of the hospital. 

"What should we do?"

Ling Tian's room in the hospital now had four anxious people. Dong Wu, who was near the entrance, asked Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was like the pillar of strength of them all, and now the apocalypse was redawning. Right now figuring out what to do was the most important thing to do. 

"Since they have come to us, we can't just hide ourselves away."

Pulling out the darksteel bayonet from the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng frowned as he looked down the corridor. 

"Yuxin, you are responsible for Ling Tian, we will be rushing out of here."

There were many people in the hospital, making it dangerous to stay here. Lin Feng wanted to leave the hospital and return to the place they had rented in the city. After all, there was more room, and since they only had a few people, it would be safer than trying to defend this location. If it wasn't possible to stay there, Lin Feng was considering leaving the base altogether. 

Hearing his words, Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin nod and take rifles out of their watches. 

Although Ling Tian was weak, he could still walk. After several days of treatment, he was currently in the middle of recovering. But in their current situation, he would have to be discharged early. 

Lin Feng exited the room, Dou Yuxin and Ling Tian in the middle, with Dong Wu bringing up the rear. When they all exited the room they headed towards the stairs. 

People were constantly fleeing from the first floor and heading to the second floor, so the hallway was noisy. 

Then, Lin Feng saw a zombie appear at the end of the hall, it had come from the staircase to the second floor. 


From Dong Wu's hands the sound of gunfire rang out, and he struck the zombie right in the middle of its forehead. The disfigured zombie fell with a crash, Dong Wu's marksmanship was unquestionable.

They got to the staircase after taking care of another five zombies, three male and two female. Then Lin Feng and the three went down to the first floor. 

The lobby was a mess, the file cabinets had been knocked over and medical records and papers were scattered everywhere. Some people that weren't fast enough to get upstairs were being chased by zombies and brought to the ground and bitten, yelling out pitifully. 

The sounds of gunfire rang out unceasingly, as there were people in the lobby that also had guns. The living condition in the Nanshan base were good, and the number of people that owned weapons was high. Many saw the apocalypse rain and brought their guns to defend against the zombies. 

It was good that this was a hospital, so that even though there were many people it wasn't crowded. Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin freely fired upon the zombies nonstop, and it was easy to see who had turned into a zombie, as they had a very distinctive way they walked, therefore they didn't accidentally shoot a normal person. 

After clearing the lobby there was finally peace and quiet. However many zombies had grouped together in front of the hospital doors, trying to enter through the revolving doors. 

It was good that these were all low class zombies, without smarted high class zombies among them. But the zombies had the advantages of number on their side, and while most tried to force their way through the main door, a couple had found their way through the side entrances. 

Watching Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin kill the zombies without rest, Lin Feng tried to figure out which route to use to escape. 

These zombies were a piece of cake to a fifth class cultivator like Lin Feng. But now wasn't the time to fool around, and Lin Feng had to figure out how to move discreetly. He could guarantee his own safety, but any mistakes could cost the others their lives. 

Gunshots came from the entrance, and the zombies there started to fall to the ground, and after a few seconds all the zombies at the entrance had been completely wiped out. 

At this moment Lin Feng watched as Qian Zongguan came into the hospital through the front entrance with over ten others trailing behind him. Each had a gun in their hands and had killed the zombies blocking the entrance. 

After they entered the lobby, Qian Zongguan shouted towards Lin Feng. 

"Sect master, we saved you!"

Seeing Qian Zongguan, Lin Feng had black lines over his eyes.