Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Midnight Promotion

Currently Lin Feng has 22 yellow crystals and 6 dark yellow crystals, this may not seem like much but this was not a small amount.

The zombie tide that had previously occurred at Zhan Lang (War Wolf) Base was considered one of the largest since the onset of the apocalypse, but only had a few dozen 3rd class zombies and a few hundred 2nd class zombies.

During a zombie tide, killing all the zombies wasn't usually why the zombie tide ended, just like the instance at Zhan Lang Base, when the two injured 4th class zombies escaped, it was then that the rest of the zombies retreated. At that time, Zhan Lang Base had only killed about a dozen 3rd class zombies and a hundred 2nd class zombies.

As a result, not counting the white crystals from the 1st class zombies, Zhan Lang Base only gained a hundred yellow crystals and ten dark yellow crystals from the zombie tide.

Zhan Lang definitely wouldn't give others any dark yellow crystals, making the actual profits from the battle only the hundred pale yellow crystals.

There was about a hundred cultivators in Zhan Lang Base, and although some of the low-class cultivators died during the attack, since there was only a hundred yellow crystal collected, the cultivators that fought could only gain a single yellow crystal.

Of course, zombie tides weren't the only source of yellow crystals for these cultivators. Many cultivators went into the wild to hunt high-class zombies for their crystals. However, the abilities of these people are limited, so the amount of crystals that Lin Feng possessed was already considered a lot.

Holding a dark yellow crystal, Lin Feng guided the energy in his soul crystal to sense the energy contained within the crystal.

Since he possessed dark yellow crystals, Lin Feng decided to try to absorb one, a single pale yellow crystal wasn't enough to advance his cultivation, but the dark yellow crystal gave him some anticipation.

A huge amount of energy surged into Lin Feng's soul crystal from the dark yellow crystal, making Lin Feng feel like his brain was swelling up. The dark yellow crystal contained a formidable amount of energy, it was the first time that Lin Feng had felt that much energy.

If a 4th class cultivator was evenly matched with a 3rd class zombie, it explained why the amount of energy in a dark yellow crystal was the same as the amount of energy in a 4th class cultivator's soul crystal. In reality, very few 4th class cultivators could directly kill a 3rd class zombie without using a weapon. So the amount of energy contained in a dark yellow crystal was actually higher than the amount of energy held by a 4th class cultivator.

Absorbing all the energy in the dark yellow crystal was equal to doubling the capacity of the soul crystal, Lin Feng could feel the expansion, the soul crystal's energy was at an incredible high.

However it wasn't possible to absorb a single dark yellow crystal and become a 4th class cultivator in one step, if that were the case, Lin Feng would give Dou Yuxin a dark yellow crystal to boost her cultivation straight to the 4th class.

The energy in the soul crystal wasn't just stored there, it enhanced many different things, such as the physique, boosting strength as well as agility.

So after Lin Feng absorbed the 3rd class zombie crystal, he didn't directly advance to the 5th class, but stored some of the energy in his soul crystal while his strength and endurance increased.

Taking out his apocalypse watch, Lin Feng saw that his combat ability had become 1800, and according to the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng was nearing the strength of a 5th class cultivator.

However the truth was different. After absorbing two yellow crystals, Lin Feng's combat ability was calculated to be around the level of a 5th class cultivator's, but the apocalypse watch didn't take his other abilities into consideration. If all of Lin Feng's abilities and techniques were included in the calculation, his combat ability would already* surpass that of a 5th class cultivator's.

At the moment, Lin Feng's combat ability was not low. When he came to the apocalypse, Lin Feng had a combat ability of two hundred. In less than a month, Lin Feng's combat ability increased to nearly two thousand. He was merely a 4th class cultivator, but if he were on Earth he would already be considered a monster.

Not fearing normal firearms, having strength and speed that was unknown how many times stronger than normal it was. Moreover having soul sense, with all these things, it was impossible to imagine having them on Earth. If he was back on Earth, Lin Feng would probably be captured and experimented on.

Although his cultivation level had not increased, by absorbing the energy in the dark yellow crystal, Lin Feng's combat ability was increased by a lot. Not only was his combat ability increased, his stamina (energy capacity) was also increased to 1800, which will increase the duration he can fight in the future. Even the demonic shadow wolf ability will be able to be used for a longer period of time.

According to his present circumstances, Lin Feng only had the ability to absorb this single energy crystal, but it was enough. The yellow crystals could strengthen a lot, and Lin Feng had five dark yellow crystals and twenty pale yellow crystals. He knew that in the near future he would advance his cultivation, and at that time, his chances of surviving in the apocalypse would greatly increase.

Looking at the little silver wolf that had already fallen asleep, Lin Feng gave a wry smile. He didn't think that the little wolf that followed him all day would be able to help him so much. If not for the little silver wolf, Lin Feng would probably have had a difficult fight with the zombie. The zombie, on the verge of breaking through to the 4 class must be strong. Lin Feng would be able to deal with the zombie, but he would be in trouble if he had to fight it inside of the cave.

Lin Feng didn't regret this trip to the Tian Heng Mountains, he said that he would get a devil's snare for Ling Tian, but that was only one of the reasons, Lin Feng wanted to challenge himself. On Earth, it was a fact that there was growth in difficult circumstances. If he stayed in the base all day, survival would be easy and comfortable. But who can guarantee that the base will be safe forever? If Zhan Lang Base was attacked by corpse tides more often, the base would fall, and would Lin Feng be able to protect himself at that time? Only by understanding the strength of your enemy (zombies) and continuing to strengthen yourself is it possible to survive in the apocalypse.

Besides, by himself Lin Feng was strong, but the zombies were without end, so Lin Feng couldn't only improve his own strength, but had to establish his own team, like the San She Hall mercenary group. Only when he has a group of people and has enough strength can Lin Feng gain authority and confront the source of the zombies and savage beasts.

Looking outside at the rising sun, Lin Feng vowed to live a wonderful life in the apocalypse, a life of such quality that he wouldn't disappoint himself or the human race.

* Using already instead of perhaps