Boss's Blind Date Notes


Boss's Blind Date Notes Chapter 29 part4

Finally part of Chapter 29….. 

Oh no……. poor Xiao Bei. She is now treated like she is the 3rd party in Yifan’s relationship. What is Yifan’s real intention behind everything he does…. 

Enjoy the read….. Yifan and Xiao Bei will take a short break and will be back again in September. 

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But at that moment, I reacted incredibly fast, it seem like a red liquid spill over from the wine glass and form a beautiful arc in the air, I immediately dodge to aside. Who knows midway appear a hand and push away the wine glass. The beautiful arc in the air change the trajectory le and nicely showering down toward my head.

‘Pfff’ I wipe off the wine on my head and complain. ‘Why do you add more chaos ah! At first I'm able to dodge de.’

‘When other people slash wine, you should standstill, why tamper ah!’ Yifan roar.

‘Am I stupid ah, the wine is splashing over, I still need to stand and wait for it.’

Lin Qi stood aside and stared at us, stomp her feet and shouted: ‘You all!’

However Yifan look like nothing had happened over this mishap incident, neither fast nor slow he finished his lines: ‘Miss Lin, if Xiao Bei did something inconsiderate, please excuse her. But she is my people, I hope you don’t meddle in my affairs.’

Lin Qi’s face turn green le, I sweat le.

Yifan, are you a fan of family ethics? In reality once this words were say, although it makes people feel so touched but……. is too terrifying le ah.

On that evening, outside of Yifan’s house I heard Lin Qi raged at Yifan, which involves ‘slut, whore, *the other woman, that dead woman’ and flood of banned words.

*小三/xiǎo sān: mistress, the other woman

I listened in the corner for a while, took out a piece of paper from my bag, write a few words, silently walked away, pass the note to the tabloid journalist who stood by and listened: ‘Come, come, come! Brothers, this is my name and phone number, in the future if you need any information please do not hesitate to call me. I want to marry into rich and powerful family, I will borrow AC President’s power, and I want to be famous until insane le.’

Little brother took the piece of paper and looked at it: ‘Li Xun Le? Little sister you have brains, know how to promote ah.’

‘That’s right,’ I said, ‘Furthermore I do have a childhood name called Peony. You can call me Peony older sister, or call me Flying Dagger younger sister also will do. Li Xun Huan, Li Xun Le, dear brothers and sisters.'

Anyway if we watch together it will be livelier.

Then I asked, ‘How much does it cost to keep the man’s name not to be appeared in the newspaper?'

‘Hehe, how much also won’t do! Our Director no matter what will report these money news.’

‘With what reason, with what reason, celebrity hype is so easy.’

‘Of course, otherwise how can everyone want to be famous ne? Hey, how about using some of your ugliest pictures?’

‘No problem, that kind of thing can’t be seen it’s my conduct. How to vilify?'

Not long after, Yifan happily get into the car.

‘Let me guess, you broke up with Lin Qi le? Man really is not a good thing ah, dumped a woman unexpectedly can be so happy.’

'Indeed *dog bites Lu Dongbin ah. I’m here to help you avenge and that’s your attitude! It’s fun to provoke a war between women, no wonder men are never tired of finding three wives and four concubines…….. is more interesting than trade war le.’ Yifan excitedly muttering.

 *吕洞宾/Lü Dongbin (796-) was Tang Dynasty scholar, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙[Ba1 xian1]. The kindness of Lü Dongbin is demonstrated in the Chinese proverb “dog bites Lü Dongbin” (狗咬呂洞賓 gŏu yăo Lǚ Dòngbīn), which means an inability to recognize goodness and repay kindness with vice.

Because of him this kind of ‘to wish for the whole world to be in chaos’ all of sudden I feel speechless and then I reminded him: ‘But don’t tell me you don’t know, more than half of the contribution of bulling me is from you? Furthermore the way you do it too arrogant and make Lin Qi lost face le. In future Lin Qi might come over to inconvenient me.’

‘I bully you…… hēng hēng, if Lin Qi come to inconvenient you is your retribution, who told you to introduce me to such a person! Your taste is too lacking and bad in identifying people, this consider a lesson for you!’

The next day, I saw it in the entertainment section of the local tabloids, <<AC President Abandons Rich Women, Embrace Peony Girl>> headline. Fortunately only published le Yifan pulls up my zipper de photograph, the newspaper company is pretty good in choosing, Yifan’s expression in the photograph look so good and it doesn’t exposed my face at all. Newspaper company has earn le, ‘Peony girl’ is what kind of people’s gimmicks.