Boss's Blind Date Notes


Boss's Blind Date Notes Chapter 28 part3

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Oh oh….. do I sense the hint of a little jealousy from the alert high and mighty princess? Hmmm….. I hope that Yifan is just using her to make Xiao Bei jealous and not really fallen in love with her…. What do you all think?

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Chapter 28.3

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‘President Yi, I don’t know. But Lin Qi….. last time Lin Qi dropped her mobile phone at the restaurant, a young lady picked it up and hand over. In the end when Lin Qi came back, she never express any gratitude and ruthlessly scolded the young lady for not promptly notify her. Lin Qi things better don’t touch.’ The man smiled and explained.

…… Don't touch better ma?

The next day, I returned the bottle of red wine to Yifan.

‘That bottle of wine is to repay you. It is enough to cover the cost of your public transportation for half of your lifetime.' He immersed himself in the pile of document.

‘Yes ah, Mr Yi your bottle of red wine is enough to cover half of the lifetime of the living cost for a small family like us le. But, thanks for your kindness Mr Yi. I can’t bear such an expensive wine.’ I ferociously put the bottle of red wine in front of him.

He stood up and stare at me for quite a while: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, are you mad at me?’

‘Correct! I am very dissatisfied with your actions. Can you just be like a normal person, bring your girlfriend to a dim corner to bill and coo, and don’t let people see ah!’

‘Are you unhappy to accompany me on a date?’

‘I have never seen such a strange person like you! Your way of handling thing is just like those ignorant and rotten medieval European royal family. What about after you get married, do I need to stand at the bridal chamber while the king and the queen completed the sacred and carried on the ancestral line for the imperial family, and finally cheers and applause ah!’

‘Miss Guan indeed learned ah.’ Lin Qi stood by the door and smiles, ‘What a coincidence, Miss Guan is also here? Do you have anything work related to discuss? About the European royal family?’

‘I’m here to deliver a file.’ I vaguely replied, ‘President Yi, I will return to work.’

Lin Qi turned to Yifan and said: ‘You should inform your subordinate, this Miss is your girlfriend. This will save you from being interrogate for half of the day, and also let those casual flowers blossom carelessly dispel the idea and stop thinking about you le.’

‘Casual flowers blossom?’ Yifan asked.

Lin Qi laughs: ‘You don’t act innocent. The expression from your eyes show the problem.’ Having said that, she deliberately raised her voice, ‘Especially…… those who are always around you.’

I came up with an idea from her provocative tone: ‘These words are specially said for Guan Xiao Bei to listen de, you stand firmly and listen to me clearly.’

So I decided to fulfil her idea, take a few steps back and put my hands on the handle and deliberately opened a small gap.

Just listen to her saying: ‘Some girls are just unclear that not all kind of man can be keep thinking about de.’

Yifan looked towards the direction of the door: ‘But, in the final analysis only one person can be my girlfriend.’

‘So you have to let them know that you already have a girlfriend le.’ Lin Qi said.

I took a few pieces of paper from the side table and sent it in: ‘President Yi, here is a file that require you to sign. If there is nothing else, I will go and keep thinking about my man le.’

This is exactly what is called to lead the wolf into the house ba.

‘But I do warned you de, Lin Qi this kind of woman, very possessive.' Su carry the watermelon and leisurely eating it.

‘Your warning is too obscurity le ba. Besides she owns it, if nothing why on earth needs to torment me? I’m not even her subordinate and with Yifan, we are only colleague.'

‘Do you know peacock ma?’

‘Heard about it. A kind of bird in the zoo with a beautiful feathers that people wants to rip it off to make duster and the voice sound unpleasant to hear.’

‘Peacock spreads its tail in two circumstances: Deterrence against enemy and being woo. In reality, a lot of people have this peacock mentality, they use their beautiful wings to deter the enemy while attracting the attention of the opposite sex. But most of the time, the opposite sex is not even attracted but able to deter the enemy, they will also obtain one kind of similar succeed in wooing.'

‘Deterrence against me? Her relationship with Yifan…… basically there is no threat between she and I, why is she so worried ah?’

‘Is just like those women in the imperial harem, when there is a potential threat, their inherent sharp instinct will alert.’

‘Really frustrating. I thought it would make a woman feel threatened, at least being pretty and young do have advantage. Unexpectedly, just because I’m a woman…….. she has lose face le.’ I smiled bitterly, ‘Furthermore, you make Yifan as Emperor, is too flattering le.’

‘Aren’t you worried?’

‘Worried about what?’ Worried that the Emperor will marry someone else?’

‘According to the fighting strength, she is the Empress, at most you are just a spittoon palace maid. Moreover base on her temperament……… your future days will be more tragic.’

Su’s words….. can't be said that the prophecy will come true, but more or less.