Books to Dominate Married Women


Books to Dominate Married Women Chapter 2

Change in the Married Women

"Mom, Ms. Asami, the wife next door seems to need my help for something. So I will be heading over to her place after dinner"

As I spoke my story, my mom nodded while still eating

"I understand. So will you be staying over at Asami's tonight?"


"Why would you think that mom?"

Mom still continues eating her dinner while looking down

"I just wanted to ask if you won’t come home. If you don’t want to answer, I won’t ask you again"

…..No way!

Is this the effect of the Book to dominate married women from earlier?

"Oh, when it's just the both of us you don’t need to stand on ceremony"


My mom nodded in reply

It really is like that

I can’t think of any other reason other than that book…….

"I was waiting Akira"

When I went into Asami's house, she came out wrapped in a bath towel, the bath fragrance still fresh on her

It seems like she took a bath


I swallowed my saliva looking at the appearance of Asami, and older married woman

"Asami, could you take off everything you’re wearing?"

When I ask her, Asami nods to me, a man who isn't her husband

"Yes, Akira"

Without even the slightest hesitation, she took off everything and became naked right in front of me


I once again swallowed my saliva, looking at my neighbor's naked figure

"One more, this time lie on the bed and masturbate. Make your pussy wet okay?"

"Yes, Akira"

After replying, she laid on her bed and started rubbing her fingers over her pussy

"Ah, ha, ha ha"

Looking at the erotic scene in front of me, I started stripping my clothes

My dick is already hard and pushing against my pants trying to break out of it


As soon as I finished removing my underwear, I jumped on the beg

"Spread you pussy with your fingers, so that it would be easier for my dick to enter"

As I commanded, Asami stopped pleasing herself and spreaded her pussy with her fingers

Looking at the insides of her pussy from so close, I reached the limits of my patience and inserted my dick inside her pussy which was overflowing with love juices


It feels wonderful

The pussy of a married woman is really good!


The sound of my dick moving in and out of her could be heard

"Asami is it okay if I come inside you?"

Although I am excited, I didn't lose my reason yet

To be safe, I asked her before it was too late

"Yes, Akira. Today's a safe day"

As soon as I heard that all of my hesitation blew away

“Zuriutsu, Guchuu, Jupuu”

"I’ll cum inside you Asami!"

While feeling the insides of a married woman, I reached my limits very quickly

Whithout waiting for her reply, I ejaculated inside her vagina