Bokura wa Mahou Shoujo no Naka


Bokura wa Mahou Shoujo no Naka Volume 2 Chapter 1


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Part 1

It was decided immediately after the magical girl assault that the students would have to leave Sorakara Academy, where they had been for at least a year.

So many people had died. There was a risk of disease spreading from the corpses and returning the place to a liveable state would have been a daunting task. But perhaps more than anything else, they simply no longer wanted to be here anymore.

Under student council president Onizaki Reki's leadership, the students began incinerating the corpses and preforming funerary rites. It was hard work, physically and emotionally.

As if it wasn't already hard enough, the students were struck with a painful reminder of the upcoming war with the magical girls, and the high likelihood that they too, in the end, would end up nothing more than a mangled corpse every time they faced a body. Some students had already been driven to suicide.

The sky had returned to its original colours after the breakthrough and subsequent collapse of White Noisette's 21 Confectionaries, but they were not greeted with pleasant weather. Rather, they faced consecutive days of heavy rain barrelling down on them.

The 21 Confectionaries manifested itself as a hemisphere reaching about 1.5km into the sky with the student council room in the centre.

Under normal circumstances, entry is allowed only at White Noisette's discretion. There was also a second, internal layer. And within that layer finally resided the deepest internals, Sorakara Farm where Takeya and the students had been.

The magical attackers had broken as deep as they could go, all the way to Sorakara Farm. To get to Sorakara Farm, they must have had to come from the city outside.

They had laid waste everything in their path. It resembled nothing but hell on Earth.

The magical girls beheaded people merely for entering their sight as they passed through the city. They slaughtered at random and without a single care in the world, making no distinction between those who had lived upright, honest lives, or those who had lived lives of sin. They had been killed much in the same way one may non-chalantly pick up a shell at the beach.

Many of the bodies had been picked at by feral dogs or become homes to swarms of flies.

When a head-count of the settlement was taken, the inhabitants realized they had been reduced to one third of their number. However, the totalled number of survivors and the number of bodies did not entirely match up. It was assumed that many of those unaccounted for had been taken away by the magical girls, be that for labour purposes, or for entertainment.

F… Fuck!

Takeya pounded the slightly dirtied mat on his bed.

Hearing that information alone was enough to send an overflowing hatred of magical girls coursing through his veins.

The students who entered the city's settlement were battling with emotions even stronger than his, yet during these trying, times Takeya couldn't even get out of bed. He had no choice but to rest after the deep wounds he incurred during his battle with Ice Madeleine.


His abdomen swelled in pain.

All he had received in terms of medical care was some disinfectant and bandages. They were unable to find any anaesthetic or materials for a blood transfusion in the city.

That said, I'm probably going to make it.

Raise the Marshmallows was still active. The healing effect it provided was tremendous, and his bandages had already stopped bleeding. His arm had already regenerated down to the wrist in just under three days.

However, while Takeya was healing up just fine, the city's hospital was still filled with intermittent cries of anguish.

Raise the Marshmallows strengthens the abilities of magical girls, but it only works on people that are in the same age range as a magical girl. In other words, it only works on teenagers, and people outside of that range will not be strengthened, and of course, will not gain its regenerative abilities.

Takeya understood that this was the reason White Noisette had chosen to confine young students like him in Sorakara Farm.

Takeya watched as dying people were carried in.

Sorakara General Hospital was quite large for what one would expect for a hospital in a city of this size, but as one would expect, it had mostly ceased its function as a medical institution after the Human Yield.

Scores of people had died as a result of the magical girl's attack.


…my fault.

They attacked because White Noisette's strength had been weakened.

Because I locked her up in that room and made her unable to eat anyone, unable to replenish her magic.

The screams continued to permeate through the hospital. For Takeya, they served as condemnations of his actions.

…How dare I live?

It would be easy to say that the fault lies not with Takeya, but with the magical girls that had done the killing, but only an outside observer could say that.

Would the people who suffered irreversible damage to their bodies be able to suppress their sadness and anger, or even forgive the person that caused it all?

They'll probably never forgive me. In my case, I can't forgive the student council president.

When it's put like that, Takeya was forced to act by Reki. That's how Reika was killed. But still, most people would probably say that Takeya was the one that caused all of this, not Reki.

For the umpteenth time, Takeya reflected upon how his machinations had led to the weakening of White Noisette's magic. His goals and intentions are irrelevant; all that matters is the result. And the result is piles of dead, all thanks to his actions. With no other outlet, people's emotions would surely be directed towards Takeya.

It wouldn't be weird if someone tried to kill me at this point… but…

Continuing down that line of thought, there's no way could be allow himself to be killed. He would never apologize, even if he wanted to. He will not accept his own sins.

Because there's no way a world that would kill Reika-san can continue as is.

He has to change it, change this mad world.

And to that end…

I'll slaughter as many magical girls as I can.

He felt an odd foreign sensation in his chest as he thought that.


These feelings were wrong, even if didn't quite feel like it to him.

Part 2

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