Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru


Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru Volume 5 Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Battle in the Forest of the World Tree 7

Now that my level is 26, if I don’t summon anything, my maximum MP will be at 260.

Since I have summoned a Rank 8 Fire and Wind Elemental respectively, my maximum MP has dropped by 128 becoming 132.

Moreover I had summoned Invisible Scout just now.

Plus I will use magic every now and then, my current MP has already dropped to around 60.

I guess I have to give up summoning another Rank 8 familiar.

I still have to use my MP for Support Magic. Onroute, I had also used 《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》 on the Wind Elemental.

And also 《Clear Mind》 and 《Smart Operation》 on both the Fire and Wind Elementals.

This was because the Arachne Mages’ magic seems to be mostly about disruption which was meant to be dealt with by 《Clear Mind》.

Every type of Greater Elemental will use attack magic, so I used 《Smart Operation》 to increase their firepower. It seems like the Elementals’ magic are all attack type magic, which gave our party a great increase in our ranged attack power.

Using 《Deflection Spell》, I had Mia recasted 《Fly》 for everyone.

Then 《Deflection Spell》 once more and had Mia cast 《Greater Invisibility》 instead.

《Greater Invisibility》 is the strengthened version of 《Invisibility》. With this, even if our actions are abit rougher, we can still keep our invisibility.

The effective time will increase by 6-9 second for each rank. With Mia’s currently Skill Rank, the shortest effective time is 42 seconds while the longest is only 63 seconds.

But this is already enough.

Simply speaking, we just have to break through the enemy camp and reach the area where the Arachne Mages and Warrior are at.

Other than me who had 《See Invisibility》, the others are unable to see each other so I instructed them to hold hands.

As the battlefield is extremely noisy so we should not use 《Silent Field》.

Lastly it is 《Deflection Spell》 and 《Haste》

Everyone is glowing from their body but the only one who can see it, is me.

「Set off!」

I announced.

Mia and Lucia held hands and flew off first.

I took Arisu and Tamaki’s hands and followed behind.

The Fire and Wind Elementals seemed to know the rough direction that I was at and followed silently.

We flew about 20m in the sky, across the battlefield and brush past the Arachnes like wind.

Almost immediately, we discovered the traces of the Arachne Mages, Arachne Warrior and Arachne Legend.

Mia and Lucia landed on a seemly sturdy branch nearby.

Lucia concentrated and activate her Magic Release. She had mentioned that using Magic Release requires abit of time.

After a few seconds.

I felt that strong wind around Lucia began to flow. Mia seems to have felt that too, and hurriedly prepared to use magic.

It was faster than expected.

But this can’t be helped, since eliminating the Arachne Mages is important.

We flew over Mia and Lucia, over the Arachne Mages, getting closer to the Arachne Warrior.

「Let’s go, Arisu and Tamaki.」

After I whispered that, I let go. Arisu and Tamaki increased their speed, making a beeline for the Arachne Warrior.

Then I turned back and ordered the Fire and Wind Elementals to remind at their spot quietly.

And using them as shield, I hid behind them.


Luica used her magic first, and created a huge explosion in the area near the Arachne Mages.

The fierce fire rampaged everywhere

Mia should have used her 《Lightning Arrow》 immediately afterwards, but due to the scale of the firestorm, I completely do not know whether she used it or not.

Not only that, the explosion even caused an intense gust towards me.

The Fire Elemental stood forward to protect me.

The impact from the firestorm even uprooted the surrounding trees and the gust engulfed the nearby small fries. I saw a few Arachnes even broke their limbs.

And the Arachnes that fell even crash into the other Arachnes.

Their head split open like a tomato that fell to the ground. These disasters spread like a chain while the ground is upheaved and sandstorm blew.

Incredible, this is the power of magic after using Magic Release?

Although it requires 10x the usual MP, but this power…...

Ah, I leveled up.

◆ ◆ ◆

In the white room, we faced each other.

And expressed「I leveled up」

「Did everyone leveled up…...」

Arisu gave a bitter smile. After I asked then I realised that Lucia’s magic even blew her and Tamaki away, hence they were unable to attack the Arachne Warrior.

「I am really sorry…...」

「Hmm, that can’t be helped.」

Mia is right, if we were to blame Lucia, that will be too much. No one could have realise that the power of that attack will be so strong.

And the enemy mages are in the center of that terrible explosion, so they should be completely wiped out. If not we wouldn’t have gotten so much experience.

At this moment, Lucia’s body began to shake and I supported her hurriedly.

This girl seems to be exceptionally huge in the chest area?

No, we should ignore that for now.

She was very pale and kept sweating.

「Lucia, what is it?」

「Seems like…… it was Magic Release…...」

Mia ran towards to the computer swiftly and jumped onto the chair.

She used an incredible speed to type and after looking at the screen, she nodded and turned to me.

「Kazu-chi, it seems like Magic Release does not only decrease MP and it also has some side effects.」

「This sort of things should be said earlier!」

「We didn’t investigate it, that’s all.」

Hmm, right, Mia was correct. It was our mistake.

「Lucia seems to be very tired, is that the only price?」

「It seemed dependent on the user and the situation. Sometimes it will also cause intense pain. If we activate the effect to the maximum too many times, it seems like there is the risk of dying due to pain.」

「Maximum….. So does it mean that it is fine if we don’t use 10x?」

「By reducing the MP usage, the price will also decrease.」

I see, that is a good news. After all, having her use the maximum effect to release magic is too much, which also give us the space to balance our choices.

After panting for awhile, Lucia expressed that she is fine and left me who is supporting her.

「I leveled twice.」

She announced.

This also means that she leveled up to level 14 at one go. I really cannot belittle her…...

But because of this, she had to suffer quite a severe pain and used a lot of MP.

Just now her MP was 120 and that attack used 60, which means her usable resource decreased by half instantly.

But this has its returns which was very worthwhile.

With just this blow, she should have wiped out the Arachne Mages.

Honestly, I have even begin thinking if it is the most efficient method to train by having Lucia use this magic to wipe out the small fries. But the effect this time was heavily due to the enemy not expecting us to use area attacks.

And with this Lucia has 7 skill points, which was enough to increase the Skill Rank of Fire Magic.

Even though we cannot use it again in this battle, but perhaps next time she can create an even larger scale explosion

That was what I had thought, but I had investigated just now, and discovered that Rank 7 Fire Magic does not have any area attack magic…...

That is too bad, but the explosion from just now is already enough.

「As for the others…… it seems like we can increase Arisu’s Spear Skill to Rank 7.」

「Yes. With this, I will become stronger than Kazu-san’s familiars.」

Ah she is bothered about that huh.

Well that is to be expected since she has always been working hard while thinking of ways to help me.

I caressed Arisu’s head. Arisu closed her eyes, feeling troubled.

Ah this is great, I really want to keep on caressing.

「Kazu-chi, if you want to flirt flirt, everyone will want a piece of the action too.」

「Okay, silence.」

I blocked Mia whose head is starting to reach over.

「It is fine to use flirting to change the mood but it is better to wait until the discussion is finished.」

「Hmm…… Seems like we cannot defeat the Arachne Warrior?」

「Regarding that, what do you all think?」

Tamaki and Arisu stared at each other.

「I was blown to the area where the Arachne Legend was at... … although I have yet to make contact with the enemy, but I was probably found out.」

Tamai said that.

「Sorry Kazu-san, I failed.」

「It is fine, since this was an unexpected situation so it can’t be helped. We should be grateful for the chance to reorganise ourselves. As for that, Tamaki will directly fight with the Arachne Legend. There is no need to defeat it, you just have to think of how you can restrain it.」

On the other hand, Arisu’s current position is nearer to the Arachne Warrior

Although she lost her balance due to the gust from the explosion, but she can try to regain it.

「My Fire and Wind Elemental will also go and support Arisu, so you will defeat the Arachne Warrior with a 3 on 1. Luckily our invisibility effect is still present, so we will have some element of surprise.」

「Okay, Kazu-san.」

The problem is how the surrounding Arachne will react…...

「Mia, Lucia, if there are any surviving Mages, you are to defeat them first. No….. that is not enough. Lucia, there is no need to confirm the survival of the Mages, when you return, you just have to cast 《Firestorm》 with 5x the power….. Sorry but please bare with the pain.」

「I am fine…… but is that fine? If I raise the Rank 6 Magic to 5x, I will only have 30 MP left.」

「That is fine, the worst situation is to defeat the Mages and run away, but we must not left any Mages alive. Even if there is only one of them alive, they will be a danger to Arisu and Tamaki.」

With that, I stopped and asked:「What do you think of my plans?」

「You are very thorough so I felt that it is good.」

Hmm, I also felt that this is for the best. Even though there are some tricks in Fire Magic, the most important thing is area firepower.

Then, Mia just have to use some disruptive skills to support Lucia.

「Mia, if the Arachnes want to reinforce the Arachne Warrior, you will use 《Poison Smog》 and 《Tempest》 to buy some time. There is no need to defeat them, you just have to focus on disrupting the enemies.」

「Hmm…… so I just have to focus on the Arachne Warrior? What about the enemies interfering with Tamaki-chi and the Arachne Legend?」

「That is just an assumption!」

After saying, I gave a bitter smile.

「The battle between Tamaki and the Arachne Legend will probably be out of realm, so I don’t think anyone can interfere. Even if a normal Arachne will to try, they will just be a hindrance to the Arachne Legend.」

「Aj! Hmm, that’s right. No, the Arachnes are already out of this realm.」

I don’t need those kind of tsukkomi.

With that, hmm, we are roughly clear on our battle plans.

「After defeating the Arachne Warrior, we will leave the battlefield immediately. With 《Gravity》 as the restrain….. Anything else, I will leave it to your improvisation.」

「Since everyone already leveled once, perhaps next time it will take abit longer?」

Who knows? Since we don’t know how many enemies are defeated with that explosion, so we cannot predict the next level up.

「Using Lucia-chi’s 《Dread · Flair》 to scatter the enemies is also a method」

Rank 6 Fire Magic 《Dread · Flair》, is a magic to make the enemies see illusions of flames and flare up the fears within their hearts. This move will cause the enemies who saw the flames to fear everything and depending on the situation, it can even make the enemy escape by himself.

But this move does not distinguish between friends and foes so it is quite hard to use it.

But we still have the effect of 《Clear Mind》 on us, so even if we use 《Dread · Flair》 in the center of the enemy camp, there should not be any problem.

「We will follow this method to attack quickly. Once I give out the cue, even if we are halfway through, we have to retreat, do you understand?」

Everyone nodded.

And after we upgraded our skills, we returned to the original place.

Kazuhisa: Level 27 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 8 Skill Points 3
Arisu: Level 22 Spear Skill 6→7/Healing Magic 5 Skill Point 8→1
Tamaki: Level 22 Sword Skill 8/Physical 1 Skill Point 7
Mia: Level 22 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 7 Skill Point 6
Lucia: Level 14 Fire Magic 6→7 Skill Point 7→0