Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru


Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru Volume 5 Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Battle in the Forest of the World Tree 6

From the moment when our school and the entire mountain have been transferred to the other world, we have reached the 3rd day.

We attacked the cave which was deep within the forest that the orcs have used as their base, and were sent by that disgusting piece of flesh in the cave—— the Globster to a grassland that was faraway from the school.

After destroying the monster army that attacked the city, an eagle came to us. The eagle is the familiar of someone called Rin-san, and she pronounced herself as the leader of the People of Light and invited us to the World Tree.

That day in the afternoon——

After the 4 of us, Arisu, Tamaki, Mia and me, discussed with Rin-san, and the party welcomed its new member—— the elf princess Lucia.

Next we head to the village near the World Tree and began battling the human-shaped spiders—— Arachnes that attacked the village.

For the sake of attacking the main force of the Arachnes, the 5 of us after finishing off the Arachne platoon in the village, chased after them.

◆ ◆ ◆

We used 《Fly》 to fly through the forest.

Using the method of letting the Invisible Scout to lead the way, we followed behind her.

In the journey, we did not meet with any enemy that had strayed away from the main troop. Is it just due to our good luck? Or does it mean that the Commander of the Arachne is very detailed in his control?

I questioned Lucia about this matter but she could only answer that 「because Arachne are monsters that specialises in moving in the forests」

「So does it mean that being specialised in moving in the forest, means that it wouldn't get lost?」

「The races that gain strength by living in the forest are like that, it is the same for us elves. There is no need to look at the sky, all we need to do is look at the vegetations then we can differentiate the directions and we can even know the direction of the sound from the rustling of the trees, cries of the birds and when the creatures hide.」

「So this means that the Arachnes are also creatures like that…..」

So to say, if we are careless, we may be ambushed by the enemies. If we do not have the Invisible Scout check things out first, we may already be in danger.

The direction of the Arachne army is very obvious since they left many tracks at the routes through the forest.

According to Lucia’s theory, their aim is not the transfer gate used by the military but the transfer gate that even civilians can use.

「They are probably chasing the escaping civilians.」

As though proving her words right, we will discover bodies of soldiers, children and elderly of the People of Light occasionally.

The weak and the slow will become their bait first.

「Honestly speaking, if the enemy is like the orcs will rapes everyone, it will actually be easier to handle them.」

That kind of nonsense was mentioned by Mia.

「Mia is right. If its monsters like orcs who are easily manipulated by their emotions, even if there are alot of them, it will still be easy.」

Lucia replied back calmly.

Argh, it is also right to say that…...

「I have also heard before, that my kingdom will sacrifice one or two villages to scatter the enemies so as to achieve a certain degree of battle gains.」

Woah~ no wonder she is someone who held power, her viewpoint is different from others.

Yeah right, I am just listening to you bullshitting.

No, perhaps there are reasons for that, like they will not be able to survive if they don’t do it.

Though in reality, that sort of method is unable to stop the invasion of the monsters, and Lucia’s kingdom fell.

Which is to say, for the people in this world, the battle with the monsters are that cruel.

If they could get levels and skills easily like us, then the people of this world will not have to suffer so much. In a certain sense we can be considered as cheating, hence we can’t brush aside their way of fighting.

After flying for around 20mins, we started to hear sounds of battle.

The battle is still continuing, which means the resisting People of Light have yet to be completely defeated. The troops that came to reinforce by using the military transfer gate, must be desperately resisting against the Arachne army.

Is the guy who belittled me still alive?

I really hope that he can survive, after all he did it for his hometown and wanted to fight.

That is the reason why he flared up when he saw such a cowardly reinforcement like me.

Honestly, I realise wanted to show him in actual combat but even so I don’t wish to put my companions in unnecessary dangers.

I landed at some distance away from the battlefield, and casted 《Remote Viewing》on the Invisible Scout before having her scout the main army.

What she will see, will be shown to me as though I am the one who is looking.

The Invisible Scout weave through the woods with a familiar pace and for the sake of safety, temporarily moved to the side of the enemy troops.

Next she took the chance to cross over from the top of the Arachnes, getting closer to the center of the enemy troops.

There are a total of 400 troops in the monster army, other than the Arachne, we could see the shadows those gray wolves that we had fought in Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu.

After telling Lucia about the looks of the wolves and that they will give out greenish white lights, and the way that they rush towards their enemies, she answered that they should be Lightning Wolves.

「A Lightning Wolf is a wolf monster that can charge itself with electricity, and there are times when it can move as fast as lightning.」

I see, so it is indeed of the Wind Attribute.

At that time, luckily the Wind Elementals are there and hence they managed to block their attacks. If there are 5 or 6 of them, then it will probably become pretty troublesome.

Afterall the Lightning Wolves are very fast so it is hard to shake them off.

Almost we can escape by flying, but that way we will become targets for ranged attacks which are done by the Arachne Archers.

Facing an army that is comprised of Arachnes, the People of Light seemed to have some trouble resisting them.

Basically, the People of Light usually wait at high areas and ambush them by shooting arrows.

The Arachnes will also retaliate from the shadows with arrows and at times they will climb up the trees nimbly while using their sticky threads to jump to another tree to conduct their fierce attacks.

When the People of Light fell, the Lightning Wolves will move in. Once they are pushed down by the wolves, they are powerless.

Pitiful cries were given out as the soldiers had their throat bitten through and such a hell-like scene is gradually spreading out.

But the People of Light are not one-sidedly being beaten. Dressed in long robed, the people who looks like mages are using magic to move the big tough-liking trees.

The roots of the big trees began to move and the branches also swayed as though like hands, knocking down the Arachnes one by one.


I mumbled

The Trents that I am talking about, are the tree monsters that could move like in the movie “Lord of the Rings”. The Trents in the movie are kind but in this world, the Trents seems to be violent devils.

Although the Trents can only rampage around, but due to having a big size, they are giving the Arachnes a tough fight.

There are about a total of 10 Trents. During the period when these guys are doing their best, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The Invisible Scout entered deeper into the enemy camp.

There are a total of 8 Arachne Mages in their long robes and they are all gathered in the rear. Just by defeating them, it seems like it will make the battle alot easier.

Even further behind in the place that the Mages gathered, there seems to be a commander-class Arachne whose size is bigger than its kind by a size.

Beside it, stood a reddish black skinned Arachne who is even more eye-catching.

There is a chill-striking spear in the hands of the reddish black skinned Arachne and the colour of the spear is like its skin.

Taking a closer look, the tip of the spear seems like it will change crimson red or pitch-black occasionally and it will even tremble. The hilt of part is a translucent silver and the contrast gives off a creepy feeling.

The Invisible Scout approached the Arachne Commander.

I suddenly have bad feeling.

Shit, stop! Hurry up and escape!

All of the senses are screaming out, but my voice will not reach the Invisible Scout.

The invisible scout used her speciality to her limit and kept shortening the distance between her and the commander, hoping to get more information.

The reddish black skinned Arachne raised its head casually as though looking at the Invisible Scout.

That Arachne sight sent a chill down my spine as though it was staring at me who was inside the Invisible Scout.

It used the spear that was in its hand with a natural movement and threw it out with a light movement. The reddish black spear flew in a straight line.

My body was pierced.

No, it was just the Invisible Scout’s body being pierced through.

The connection broke and my vision returned.

I was breathing deeply and pressed on my chest while kneeling down. Actually it did not hurt, it was just that I was shocked and felt fearful only.

Noticing that there was something wrong with me, Arisu came over and hugged me.

「What happened, Kazu-san?」

「I am fine…… but the Invisible Scout got killed.」

「Huh, how could that be? Even though she is nearby, I couldn’t even feel her presence.」

Tamaki was shocked by that.

Since even you can’t detect her, then that means that reddish black skinned Arachne is even stronger? Or is it that it has some special ability?

No matter what, the strength of that Arachne is incomparable to the other monsters.

That thing is what Lucia had mentioned…...

「What is she killed by?」


I directly said it out.

「That oppressing power which is similar to Mekishu Grand so I can’t be wrong. The Invisible scout is killed by the Arachne Legend.」
◆ ◆ ◆

Even if there is an Arachne Legend in the army, the things that we have to do will not change.

After defeating the high ranking enemies, we will break through the encampment into the army of People of Light. Then if possible assist the friendlies to retreat.

The most important is the first step.

Luckily before the Invisible Scout had entered the enemy’s camp, she did circled in from the rear. Perhaps the Arachnes will be wary of a surprise attack, but they will not know where we will attack from.

「I wish to split the party into two.」

Since the enemy has already discovered the scout, they will probably make preparation against us soon.

Hence we have to do our best to defeat the enemy from now.
「Even though I said we will split, it is actually only for the beginning. First Mia and Lucia will use area attacks to bombard the Arachne Mages in the rear. Lucia will use her Magic Release at her maximum, in short I wish that the 2 of you will use the fastest method to eliminate them. Then at the same time, my 2 familiars, Arisu, Tamaki will attack the Commander…… the Arachne Warrior and Arachne Legend. While Tamaki holds back the Arachne Legend, Arisu and my familiars will take the chance to defeat the Arachne Warrior, and then we will retreat.」(TL note: in case you don’t know, the commander is the warrior)

「We don’t need to defeat the Legend?」

「The enemy is a legendary monster who can rival Mekishu Grand. Those small firies will surround us when we are battling, and the timing to attack it is probably around 10 to 20 seconds. And in such a short time frame, it is probably impossible to defeat the Arachne Legend.」

Tamaki crossed her arms and gave out a「Hmm...」groan. Even if you give out such a sound, an impossible task is still impossible.

「As long as we can defeat the Arachne Mage and Warrior, there will definitely be some chaos in the leadership. The problem is whether if the Legend will be angry enough to chase us. Anyway let’s plan in advance with the premise that it will chase after us.」

「Can we escape from the Arachne Legend successfully?」

Lucia questioned. Emm, that is actually the most unsettling factor.

「First, we need to maintain a high degree of flexibility so as to handle any changes.」(TL note: this is a saying from an anime/manga so not going to read too much into it. Basically the guy who said it is a good talker and first in military school. But because he only knows how to talk, he ended up causing heavy casualties on his side during war.)

「Hmm, Kazu-chi, you are not allowed to joke around in such situations.」

Mia got angry but this time the fault is on me.

Ah, other than Mia, everyone else is shocked.

「I understand that these are just words, so can I just take it as it is some saying from your country?」

Even Lucia also said so, but that is also something to be expected.

So I need to be careful from now on. While explaining simply「Hmm, that’s about it.」

「If there is any unexpected situation, Mia will use 《Gravity》 to restrain the Arachne Legend. Although if we just depend on magic, there will be a risk of it being negated, but it should at least gain us sometime.」

「Why don’t you say that from the beginning?」

Mia raised her flat chest while looking proudly meaninglessly.

This girl.. Ah forget it.

「Next is the way to disturb those small fries…...」

I told everyone a few tactics.

Everything is dependent on Mia and Lucia’s magic. After Lucia joined our party, it really brought us alot of benefits. Not just a companion who can use attack magic, she also have this special ability of Magic Release, giving us another choice of using area attacks to defeat the Mages.

「Kazu-chi, I believe you understood that this plan is very dangerous.」

「Are you afraid, Mia?」

Mia shook her head.

「If Kazu-chi is forcing himself, then it is better not to do so. I don’t wish to become a hero who sacrificed her companions.」

「No. I just decide that this is the best way.」

In reality, other than us——including those Trents—— they are probably not a match for the Arachne Warrior and Arachne Legend.

If the Mages are serious in their attacks, they will definitely be a threat to the entire army.

The Arachne army has yet to give their all, so we have to attack now. Before the Arachnes realised anything, we have to defeat them.

If we don’t do so, there is definitely no chance of victory for the People of Light.

Let’s do a worst case scenario.

If we lose this battle and let the enemy bring the battlefield closer to us, perhaps this will cause Rin-san to be unable to care about us and thus we will not be able to return to the mountain.

Rin-san is currently testing us now, so we will need to bring out some appropriate results.

「Hmm, if Mia is against it, then we can also change it to reducing the number of Arachnes at the edges.」

「That will not work. Even if we can raise our level by that, but it will also give the enemy time to react. When that happens, the Arachne Legend will appear and if we have to deal with both the Legend and the small fries, it will be too difficult.」

「Then what do you want me to do?」

「We can only choose between the plan that was proposed, if not we will escape immediately and not participate in this battle. The information is very important.」

Don’t talk about information. Though it is really very important.

Then again, choosing to retreat so as to not the enemy get any information…...

I did feel that this suggestion is also very correct.

Rin-san has already hinted that the battle tomorrow will be a huge one, so we could use the method of completely preventing the enemy from getting our information.

From the result, Rin-san will perhaps stop searching for the mountain that our school is on, but after all, tomorrow is the final battle.

But then——

「We can’t.」

「Hmm, you are right.」

Mia and I looked at each other and nodded.

「Considering the time, we cannot miss the chance to level up. It was like this yesterday too, it was because Kazu-chi chose to proceed so that is why everyone survived. It must be the same for today too.」

That’s right, because it is like that, that is why we should continue.

I looked at Arisu, Tamaki, Lucia sequentially and everyone nodded in agreement.

「Mia, then it will be like that. Is it fine?」

「Since Kazu-chi has already made his decision, then everything will be fine.」

After Mia finished , she used her little fist to punch at my chest.

「Let’s go Kazu-chi. A hero is not something you can be, just because you want to. It is something that is created from necessity.」

If she had not said those excessive words at this timing, then the atmosphere would have been more serious.

I have really beginning to feel that she is a regrettable person