Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru


Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru Volume 4 Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Battle in the Forest of the World Tree 5

After considering, I still used 《Summon Invisible Scout》.

The transparent familiar appeared before me….. probably.

I can’t see it.

So there is no other choice, I had to use Rank 3 Support Magic 《See Invisibility》.

This magic can only be used on myself and the effect is quite lasting. For the current me, the effect of being able to see invisible beings will last for at least 2.5h.

After being able to see invisible beings, a hunchback humanoid that is completely black in colour appeared before.

Wrong, I am just seeing the Invisible Scout who was originally before me.

Even after using 《See Invisibility》, the shape of the Invisible Scout remains murky, and I can’t see his expression clearly. Or perhaps, he was a creature like this since the very beginning.

「Go patrol and see if there is any enemy in the surroundings of this village.」

「Yes, Master.」

The Invisible Scout used a hoarse female voice to reply and ran off.

She disappeared before me in an incredible speed. Hmm—— so it is a female familiar. Forget it, actually whether it is a male or female, there is no difference. Just for scouting, I have to use 64MP…… is it really worth it?

This time, it is because we are completely unsure of where the enemies are at, that’s why I used it.

Perhaps we should borrow someone for scouting from the People of Light. Because I felt that socialising is troublesome so I have ran out as though we are escaping but I didn’t expect it to come back and bite me in this way.

We returned to the tree hole that the Globster was in. The girls who were rescued from the lump of flesh are completely naked and leaning by the wall powerlessly. I turned my sight away immediately.

I can no longer see the figure of the Globster in the hole, it is probably defeated by Arisu and the others.

I remembered that it will drop 1 yellow gem?

It is worth 100 tokens which is quite lucrative.

But the Globster does not have any experience. Ah, it didn’t have much combat power too, perhaps it is due to that. Anyway there is too much mystery with it.

「The 8 people who were absorbed into the Globster, were all safely rescued.」

Arisu reported that to me.

「Lucia-san said that it is because they were rescued from the Globster shortly after they were absorbed,」

「That’s really…… good. Yeah, so it is like this, we rescued the people in the mountain on the morning of the 3rd day.」

「Yes. If it is within half a day, then nothing too crazy will happen. For the conserving the power to transfer, they need at least 1 day to keep absorbing live sacrifices. If it wanted to use more energy, then it seemed that it will take longer.」

I see so the enemy can’t summon the Globster recklessly huh?

As they need over a day, this means they will be exposing their weakness.

When we defeated the Globster, only 2 days have passed, that should be the important time that it needed.

「But the Globster that was summoned out in the city that was flooded, it had called out Mekishu Grand immediately」

「Perhaps what they called out is one that had fully absorbed the sacrifices that are nearby. We have also suffered such surprise attacks before, but during those times, the Globster will exhaust all its energy.」

I see, as long as the enemy have made ample preparations, such things can happen too…...

This time, the enemy had completely thought that it will win, and the monsters did not expect that we will conduct a surprise attack.

This allowed us to take advantage of the enemy’s carelessness. Or perhaps this is natural, after all just how many People of Light soldiers will it take to defeat the Arachne that are watching this area? From the movements of the army, they will be noticed by the Arachne main army.

The possibility of hiding a hundred man army and making a surprise attack here…...

There…… shouldn’t be any.

We are a small party with overwhelming power, that is why we could take them by surprise. Currently the monsters did not expect the existence of such a party like us, then…… just what should we do next?

「Have the main troop of the People of Light made contact with the main force of the enemy?」

I questioned Lucia.

The silver-hair girl with red eyes, supported her chin with her hand and replied after considering for abit:「from the looks just now, if they don’t cross arms at least once, the soldiers will be probably revolted in anger.」

「In other words, although the commander does not want to fight, but he will still have a bout with the monsters?」

「He wanted to preserve as much fighting power as possible, for the sake of tomorrow’s battle.」

The soldiers are really hot-blooded.

Just now we were targeted by those people, although I felt that it was troublesome…… but their hometown was invaded, so it is natural for them to get angry…… that’s right, we should not mistake our enemies.

The gaze that the People of Light soldiers had towards us, were abit cold. But that is because they strongly wish to protect their hometown, that’s why they are unrestrained.

They still have some value, and there is only one thing that we should do.

I raised my head.

「We will turn back now, and assault the Arachne main troop that the People of Light is engaging with now. Then together with the People of Light, we will do a pincer attack and crush the enemy.」

After I decided our direction, I looked around.

Arisu and Tamaki who trusted in me unconditionally, nodded.

After slightly thinking about it, Mia tilted her head and said:「Mmm, we still have to look at the number of enemies?」

「Lucia, do you know how many Arachne are there?」

「From the news that we have gotten from the people that we rescued from the Globster, there are at most 500.」

500, that is the biggest number that Rin had estimated before. If they are all small fries, then it will be fine, but once we consider that among them, there are the Mages that we had just fought. And the Champion and Legend that Lucia had heard from the rumours, then it will be rash to rush in with just us.

From another point of view, we could just defeat the Mage, Champion and Legend that the People of Light cannot handle. By doing so, then there will be meaning to calling out the Invisible Scout.

First we will let the Invisible Scout to scout the enemy forces, then find out the position of the leader when the Arachne group is fighting against the People of Light.

We will take out the leader, then leave in the greatest speed and repeat the same movement.

The basic direction is like that, so with that, I briefly explained to everyone about my views.

「I feel that this tactic is not bad.」

Lucia said so calmly.

But the princess of the ruined kingdom added another「but」.

「The risk is too high. First of all, we are not sure if the People of Light will be able to show their true strength against the Arachne.」

「Then what do you think we should do?」

「We should wait until the People of Light army is about to be destroyed, then enter while the Arachne are beginning to hunt. If the normal People of Light citizens are escaping everywhere, then naturally the forces of the enemy will also scatter.」

Woah—— incredible—— that’s really cold-hearted.

But perhaps doing so, is the safest. This way we can kill their leader during the timing that they thought that they had won.

If it is successful, we can eliminate many Arachnes while the enemy is confused. Even if we are surrounded by enemies, the current us have many ways of dealing with it.

But that is only when we can defeat the leader ranked monsters first, then there will be an after…...

Since that is so, it is better to target the area where the enemy is careless.

Lucia’s battle plan is very correct, just like Shiki-san, a very correct opinion.

But ——


I shook my head while saying that.

「Using this method will not gain the trust of the People of Light. Even if we win the battle today, we will not be able to cooperate with them tomorrow.」

Lucia looked at me and grinned.

「I thought so too.」

「You are testing me right?」


Ah ah, this girl did not even feel shy about that!

Even in that area, she is like Shiki-san. Ah, that is fine…...

「Then, how much is my answer worth?」

「With 100 as a full score, probably around 65.」

「Which part is bad? Do tell me so I can learn.」

「Your aim is slightly shakened. To gain experience points, protecting the People of Light, or show our strength to them, you should decide on your goal and then take action. If we follow the rules of this system, the easiest method to level is by defeating many small fries. You said that defeating the leader is the shortcut to level up, I felt that you are just trying to justify yourself.」

Ah —— she is right, damn.

Every word that she said is correct, really like Shiki-san.

「Since you took my suggestion as a stepping stone, then what do you think we should do?」

「We should let the People of Light see our power, with the ability to say out views as the goal. First we should have everyone get closer to the leader of the enemy with 《Greater Invisibility》, then after defeating it, we should leave the remaining enemies. Then while clearing the small fries, we will meet up with the People of Light and retreat when we see the chance to. As long as the People of Light army is smart, they will leave the battlefield with us.」

That is a plan that we could find no problem with.

The best thing is, we could reduce our danger level to the lowest.

If there is an if, we could also push all the enemies to the People of Light.

Then again, Lucia definitely had seen this.

Is this girl bullied by the People of Light? While thinking about that, I glared at Lucia.

Lucia accepted my glare quietly, and even looked back without turning away.

It seems like she is still testing me.

No, perhaps it is like that in reality.

To Lucia, am I a trustworthy commander? I get this feeling that she is measuring my ability.

Woah woah, the pressure is intense.

「I understand, I will take your suggestion. I will trouble you for later too.」

Once I finished, Lucia lifted the corner of her mouth slightly.

This time, her smile is more natural than before.

At this nice timing, the Invisible Scout came back.

「Master, there are no signs of the enemy.」

「I understand. Then let’s move out.」

Hearing a female hoarse voice from out of nowhere, other than Mia and me, the others got a shock.

I told them that I summoned out an Invisible Scout and had her scout out our surroundings.

「As for the girls that we rescued, we will just have them hide in here.」

「If possible, it is better to hide in other tree holes. The possibility of the monsters utilising Globster to retreat is very high. I will tell them like that.」

「I understand. Lucia, I will leave that to you.」

Regarding the area on communicating, Lucia is a person of this world, so she should have an education befitting that of a princess, so there is no other more suitable person than her.

Just from this, it is worth bringing her here…… if she can help out even more, then it will make me happier.

Hmm, originally this should be…… something that we are happy about.

We should take the time now to discuss abit.

Everyone finished preparing in a few minutes.

I sent the crows back, the rest of it can be left to the Invisible Scout.

After using 《Deflection Spell》 and getting the effect of Mia’s 《Fly》, we flew into the sky again.