Boku no Meikko wa Yandere deshita


Boku no Meikko wa Yandere deshita Chapter 20

Hug tightly.

「Akira-chan, not good! That place, it’s dirty if you put it in your mouth, so quickly separate」
However, Akira-chan doesn’t listen to me and shakes her small head, and is going to engulf my swelled thing again.
But naturally, even if she can hold the withered thing in her mouth, it’s impossible to do it when my thing is in its completed form. In fact, holding half of it in her mouth is still the limit. In her mouth too, it must be extremely painful to be filled without a gap with my thing.
Thinking of Akira-chan, I must draw it out as soon as possible!……but, but!!!
This sensation is completely different from adult’s fellatio, the immoral feeling of thrusting forcibly into that tight place! Her baby teeth also stimulate the area around the corona (of glans penis) with a superb play-biting, the kitten-like small tongue loses its place to go and barely traces the groove (of the penis). (仔猫のような小さな舌は行き場所を失い辛うじてその溝をなぞる。)
Continued to receive such terrific uncomfortable feeling and pleasure, my thing reached its perfect form before I aware.
「S, sorry Akira-chan……please, quickly separate……just like this then I’ll……」
Actually, my waist already began to vibrate repeatedly while pushed towards the inside of Akira-chan’s throat. If it’s now then still, if Akira-chan separates, I think it’s possible to stop.
Akira-chan showed a painful expression unlike a little girl from the inside of the dim futon, as if urging me for something.
Don’t tell me, she wants me to ejaculate?……no no, there’s no way! Just how far did Momoko inspire her?
「……Yuu-chan, somehow, you suddenly look pale, your sweat come out a lot, too……are you alright?」
Did Michika-neechan notice!? No, it should be alright, you should somehow remain calm, me!!!
「U, un, I aaam……fineeee……maybe? Don’t worry」
During this time, Akira-chan also endures the pain frantically, she is going to move her head up and down somehow. If, if she does that then I will reach the limit of my patience soon!!!
Inside of Akira-chan’s mouth, it’s absurdly narrow and hot and *torotoro* (watery, muddy)……I, I am, already, no good……perhaps!?
「Yuu-chan, you are not alright at all! Onee-chan will hug you tightly like in the past so please sleep peacefully, okay!?」
Michika-neechan didn’t use the loft’s stairs and jumped directly, she then leaped toward me!!! Moreover, her huge breasts (kyonyuu), which tenderness has evolved more that it was in those day and are at MAX, are pressuring my face strongly!
「nbu! Mi, Michika-neechan, everyone is looking! If you do this to meー」
「Mou Yuu-chan, even if you are shy, during your illness, you should whole-heartedly depend on your onee-chan, okay!?」

ーーI’m already finished. Sorry, Michika-neechan, Akira-chan……I, am the worst man in this world.

「Mi, Michika-neechan!!!」
Feeling the thing which is rapidly filling my lower half, I put both arms around the deeply moved Michika-neechan and clung to her with all my might!
At the same time,
Kya!? Yu, Yuu-chan, your body is trembling……what happened!? Are you really alright!?」
Needless to say, the reason was that I grandly shot everything into Akira-chan’s tiny mouth……

「Onii-san, your face is deep red and you are sweating like that, it is hot, right? The futon, I will remove it」
「Since your body is drenched with sweat, I will wipe every nook and cranny of Nii-chan’s body!」

W, what should I do!? If they remove the futon, I, really……truly will be killed!!