Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 3 Chapter 2

◆2 Shinonome's nurse cosplay must be a dream.

「Ikuno, let me help you」

After school of the next day - Wednesday.

Having finished the homeroom class, to return the teaching materials of the world history used in last lesson, I was carrying a heavy cardboard containing the globe, maps, etc…

「N, no……I'm fine Aizawa, thanks」

「Really? But, it seems really heavy though」

Because I don't train myself normally, it's really heavy as Aizawa said.

But, I can't show my powerlessness in front of the girl I like

Despite thinking so, Aizawa who has a sharp intuition notices.

Ahaha. Ikuno is forcing yourself because you are in front of a girl, aren't you? It's fine though, don't mind. If we both carry it then won't Ikuno also feel comfortable? Therefore, let me carry half♪」

Aizawa smiles *niko* and extends a helping hand.

Despite being a blond-haired bishoujo gyaru whose appearance is gaudy, she's this kind to the otaku me. Just being together right now but I'm nervous, my heart is throbbing excessively.

「Aizawa-san, can you not spoil him?」

At that moment, having finished her preparation and holding her bag, Shinonome coolly leaves her seat.

「E, but Ibuki……I think it's hard for Ikuno though」

「It's alright not to worry. In fact this is the job for the committee chairman, so of course I will help too」 (I'm starting to want to translate 委員長 as classrep :/)

Right, returning teaching material is the committee chairman - Shinonome's job. The ones who always help are her fans. But for some reason, today Shinonome refused their help and designated me.

「A, Ibuki will help huh? Then I'm not worry. 」

「Yes. Therefore Aizawa-san should return to the clubroom first. Well, it would help if you start the 2 fans beforehand. Thanks to the setting sun, I think it will be really hot」

「The clubroom after school was super hot originally. Understood. Then I wil go first, cool the room and wait for you guys! 」

Having a smile without any worry, Aizawa shakes her side ponytail.

By the ways, our club room didn't have electric fan until a few days ago, but Shinonome skillfully arranged using the club budget. Thanks to those 2 fans, we can have a pleasant club activities life now.

「Then Ikuno-kun, shall we go? 」

In the classroom without any person, Shinonome who holds the key of history reference room is smiling while walking

「A, are……Shinonome, don't you help me? 」

Ara, this me who will eventually become the master can't help my pet with his job, right? Besides, my manservants always carry them alone. Don't tell me that you, who was chosen as my pet candidate, is worse than them? 」

「U, that's……」

If Aizawa who worried about me is the angel, then Shinonome who works me hard would be the devil

Nonetheless, this Shinonome is currently among the ones I love.

I don't want to be seen as someone worse than her followers

「This much, of course I can do」

「So? Then let's go. Follow me」

I want to say something.

However, although she didn't want to show her worrying attitude, she nonchalantly carries my bag which was placed on the desk. Besides, as there are just the two of us, my heart is beating happily because of that action.

In the end, I obediently followed her.


Having arrived in front of the history reference room on the third floor, my breathing was disordered as I was covered with sweat.

Ikuno-kun has tried hard, considering it's you. There's a little more so please try harder.

Shinonome inserts the key and opens the door.

We entered the room at the same time.

「–Fuuuu……I thought I was dead. 」

Having placed the teaching materials on the wide table with a thud, I wipe my forehead and catch my breath

Both arms were exhausted, I couldn't feel my fingers

「It's over for now……Yoshi, I think Aizawa is waitng, let's go to the clubroom —-」


Hearing the locking-like sound, I turn around and look at the door.

Standing there was Shinonome with a suspicious smile, it seemed like she locked the door with her hands behind her back.

Ufufu. Capture complete」

「Ha, hahaha……」

Right now, did she say "capture" ?

Shinonome went towards me who was trembling, then she began going around me.

「W, what……?」

To Shinonome who is like an officer interrogating a criminal, I asks while feeling nervous.

「Nothing special though. But recently there was something bothering me about you」

「Something bothering you?」

「Yes, thinking of asking you about it, I brought you here」

Therefore she unusually designated me, huh? It's completely according to her calculation…..

「……Then, what you want to ask me is? 」

「Even though we hasn't been together just the two of us for a while, you are hasty…..Fine」

Stopping in front of me with a smile, Shinonome brought her face near mine just like kissing.

Then, I hurriedly looked away, after thoroughly observing my face—

「You, do you fall in love with me? 」


My heart, I wonder if it has stopped.

Because of my *bakubaku* (thumping) heart when I was at a super point-blank range with the girl I love, the truth I'm hiding was revealed. Being attacked by the surprisement, tension and excitement like a storm, my mouth opens and closes repeatedly like being broken.

「–The evidence is, just being approached by me, your heart is throbbing this violently 」

Shinonome puts her ear on my left chest, hears my heartbeat and her cheeks gradually become loosen.

「W, wwwww, wrong! I don't really, like Shinonome in particular……!」

「Fufu, despite such lound sound, you are saying it's wrong? 」

Like demanding my confession, she gently traces my chest with her finger.

Because of the interaction which tickles my instinct, I'm about to make a slip of the tongue, but I shake my head to drive out all worldly thoughts

「O, of course! I, I loathe the existence called bishoujo! 」

「Right, you don't confess to the end…..Then, how about a test? 」

If the fact that I like Shinonome is exposed, I don't know what she would do using that as a pretext.

Anyway, under the resolution of "I must overcome this", I nodded

「I will prepare. Please obediently wait. 」

She puts down the bag and immediately takes off her uwabaki (indoor shoes)

「E……wait!? 」

As if intending to take off her underwear, she stealthily put both hands inside her skirt

Thanks to that, both ends of the skirt (スカートの両端) are turned over, her ballerina-like slender thighs are exposed.

Are, it's wasteful to cover your face with your hands. Isn't it fine to see the precious scene of me removing  this? After all, your vision will be snatched temporarily after this. 」

「Vision will be snatched, what do you mean!? Rather, why do you intend to take off!? 」

「You will understand that very soon. Please be quiet」


I gulp as I watch the situation attentively from the gap between my fingers. Shinonome's bare legs which are always hidden from everyone. After she takes off theblack stocking, the pure white, seductive, beautiful legs enter my vision.


Hai, it's regretable but the service is already over. From now I will use this」

It's the tights she tooks off, which would be treated as heirloom by Shinonome's fans. She picked it up using her fingertips and put it on the table, then took out a towel from the bag and approached me.

「!? Wh, what are you doing all of a sudden!? 」

My vision becomes pitch black. It seemed like she used the towel as a blindfold

Hora, don't take it off. I entered the club in exchange for having you do what I say. Listen to my order properly. Is that clear? 」

Ku……being told that much, I couldn't say anything」

「Good child」

Being told with a gentle voice, my hearth throbs *dokun*. Then while smiling, she says a single sentence to my ear.

「By the way, I will kill you if you look」

Such violent words just now. However, Shinonome is the girl the current me is falling in love with. Despite the aggressive words, my heart reacts sensitively.

……Seriously, what happened to me?

My heart can't stop throbbing. I don't know what Shinonome began doing, but somehow the rustling of clothes - like sound can be heard. Delusions appear thanks to that, I think of something unthinkable.

「Preparation completed. But, perhaps I will leave you like that for a bit longer」

Having my vision snatched, I'm guided to a pipe chair - like thing by Shinonome and sit down.

Being warned not to open my eyes again, the blindfold was taken off, this time she used that to tie my arms which were crossed behind my back.

「Alright. Livestock, open your eyes」

Finally, the preparation is over.

As her instruction, I slowly opened my eyelids.

「!? ………………..N, nurse……san? 」

On the table before my eyes, Shinonome with the nurse cosplay was sitting while crossing her legs

Looking down on me suggestively, Shinonome has an indecent smile like a succubus.

Then, with her toes which were wrapped by white tights, she begins to caress my thighs

Fufu. Indeed a nice scene isn't it? 」

Ku……so cute


「Other than that, what are you going to do with that appearance? 」

「This? Maa, this appearance doesn't have any particular meaning. 」

「Then why! 」 (it's ないのかよin the raw, not sure how to translate)

「Silence! It's just a joke. It's a test to see whether you are at the stage where you can't keep your reasoning in front of my cute nurse figure. Other than that, the real purpose is this」

She picks up the thing set aside and shows me.

It's a stethoscope.

「I will listen to your heartbeat with this. With that, when Ikuno Kousuke is together with me, I should know what kind of state you are in, right? 」

「Fun, I see. I don't have anything to hide in particular, it's fine to listen」


–Craaaaaaap, what to do!?

Doesn't that mean the fact that I like this fellow would be exposed completely!

「I intend to do so even if you don't say」

Shinonome descends with a cheerful expression (she was sitting on the desk this whole time?) and carefull takes off my shirt - while putting her hair close to her ears, she puts the cold stethoscope to my chest.

A black-haired bishoujo wearing a while robe

A wicked (haraguro) and Do-S (extreme sadist) girl who is gentle to me for some reason.

Calm down, calm down, me. Surpress it somehow.

But, my heartbeat become louder rapidly.

The girl I love in white robe is in front of me. Something like surpressing my excitement is impossible from the beginning.


Soon, Shinonome laughs ominously while still looking downward, then stands up.

Then, as if thinking of something, she straddled my lower half and hug around my neck

The girl before my eyes has her cheeks faintly dyed red, with a happy smile–

「You love me, right? 」

Full of confidence, she questions me

「Just now, I understood everything. You, as expected, you have fallen in love with me, right? 」

「I, it… wrong」

Crap, completely exposed!!

Despite thinking so, I turn away and feign ignorance.

「Lie. It has a greater sound than before. It's something like feeling excited just by being with a special girl. Ne, you love me, right? 」

As if wanting to hear that word as fast as possible, her face approaches me in a trance.

「You, seems really happy……」

「It's natural. It's possible that me and my pet's love are mutual. It would be strange if I'm not happy about that, right? 」

「Mutual love……Shinonome, perhaps, you……to, to me–」

At the same time my chest is filled with expectation, Shinonome's cheeks become redder.

Then, a sharp pain ran through both of my cheeks.


「Don't misunderstand. In the end, it's just love towards one's pet. Understood? 」

While pulling my cheeks, she says so with a smile.

「U, understood! Lemme go! 」 (he said wakaffa, hanae instead of wakatta - understood and hanase - let go as she's pulling his cheeks)

Finally she separates from me. However, as Shinonome still demands the truth, her gaze continues to pour on me.

But unyieldingly, I answer nothing,

Fufu, fine. You are a precious existence who won't yield to anyone. No matter how much I interrogate, you won't confess–」

She gets off me and looks back impishly (she straddles him all this time? )

「But, soon I will make you say you love me without fail. We have a sea bathing trip this weekend too, I will show you my charm to my heart's content……with that, you will become my pet」

She will appeal to me using swimsuit huh?

Being done such a thing, will I really say I will become Shinonome's thing?

Shinonome is a really good fellow, but she's also a neat-type bitch. So in the end I want to choose Aizawa.

But, I'm being charmed by Shinonome is also the truth, so I can't say anything at this stage.

Shinonome unfastens the restrain of my arms, but sure enough, she says this.

「Then, I will change my clothes, so be obedient. 」

Ua!? 」

Once again, my vision was snatched away, I blushed because of the sound of rustling clothes that began to be audible


「A, here you are! You two are so slow. Welcome back♪」

When we enter the clubroom, Aizawa who sat on the opposite sofa smiles and waves her hand.

Inside the room, because Aizawa opened the windows and opened the fans, it was much cooler than the classroom

Are? Other than that Ikuno, isn't your face a bit red?」

「Haha, it's nothing so don't worry.  It's not like I'm in bad shape」

It's not like I can say it was because I experienced Shinonome's striptease right besides me!

「Is that so? Then it's fine thoug……a, other than that!」

Aizawa offers water to the person sitting on this side's sofa.

「The girl who cleaned the glass together with us yesterday comes to thank. Etto, her name is —」

「Hello~! I'm D-class's Akiyoshi Chiaki. Thank you for helping me clean up yesterday! 」 (thank you is in english (sankyuu)

The spectacled girl who looks back cheerfully smiles sociably.

「A, yesterday. Akiyoshi-san is Ten-nee's friend, right?」

「O, you know me and Tenko's relationship? Right right, that girl and I are in the same class and are super close. Her love consult and the likes, I also hear about them~……nufufu」

This long, black haired girl, while having the outward appearance of an onee-san, has the air like an old man somewhere.


She knows that Ten-nee likes me, right?

「You don't need to thank us. In the first place, you are not the one at fault there」

I and Shinonome, who is in a good mood since a while ago, sit down together with Aizawa on the nearby sofa.

「Certainly, I remember that Akiyoshi-san is a member of the newspaper club. It's unlikely that you would specially come just to say thank, so you come here to collect data, right?」

Uwao, as expected of the flawless board chairman representative, you are sharp. Maa, I'm already quit the newspaper club though. After that place wrote a slandering article, it didn't fit my character. Now I feel like working to publish a personal, fun article. Wait, that story is trivial–」

Akiyoshi-san raises her glasses and bites her lips

「You guys seems to be nice, so besides the gratitude for yesterday, there is a warning. This morning, I talks to other people, didn't Kokonoe-san come to the literature club yesterday?」

「E, it's true but……Akiyoshi-san, what's wrong?」

Being shown such a serious face suddenly, Aizawa asks nervously.

「I won't judge a person based on the rumor, but I will say this because I'm worry. I think you guys already know, but Kokonoe-san is famous for the rumor about her tricking her friends, regardless of man or woman, and taking them to her bad friends. I don't know what she requested you, but be careful. Because it would be too late if something happened.」

Men would be lynched and had their money taken. Women would be ravished by multiple men - isn't it?

If that rumor is true then it's worrysome

But because Shinonome said she would work out some plan so I think it's fine.

Besides, I can't think Kokonoe-san is a person who would do such a thing.

「We are cautious even without that, please don't worry. Thank you for your advice, Akiyoshi-san」


However, contrastive to Shinonome who smiles cheerfully, Aizawa looks downward, seeming really anxious.