Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 3 Chapter 1

◆1  The request of the rumored delinquent girl only has a dangerous smell

The classroom, next morning.

The development which often happens in light novel and the like happened to me

「T, Ten-nee……this is? 」

「Surprised, right? This is the bentou I made for Kousuke! 」

The thing unfolded on the desk by Ten-nee who is laughing and revealing her canine is a small bentou box

Looking at its contents, I have cold sweat and an awkward smile

He, hee, that Ten-nee’s food. Isn’t this amazing……」

Half of the bentou box is covered with rice and a picked plum was put on. But the other half is a blue, unidentified solid thing.

Nahaha, Ikuno is surprised as expected. But it’s understandable. The past me was boyish, so having such an image like me cooking like a girl is impossible……」

My small childhood friend stands in front of my desk, joins her hands behind her back while having a self-torturing smile

And then, while connecting two fingers, Ten-nee fidgets while her cheeks become red

「I wanted to do something for Kousuke, so I woke up early and did this. Therefore, if it’s fine then…….I will be happy if you give me your impression now….」

I see. Which reminds me, Ten-nee……like me, right?

I understand because right now I love Aizawa and Shinonome, but having someone to love makes the inside of my heart feel hazy, I don't know how to face this warm feeling.

Wherein, Ten-nee found the answer and moved. The result was this bentou.

「……Then, it's rare so let's have a mouthful」

With the tireness from club activities, she spared a part of her precious sleeping time in the morning for my sake. No matter how bad the appearance is, I can't afford not to eat

I summon my courage and scoop the blue something with chopsticks.

Are, Ten-nee……?」

Ten-nee who was in front of me disappeared before I realize.

When I check under the table, I find her lightly plugging her ears and curling up.

Haha. Etto, what are you doing? 」

Uu……If Kousuke says it's bad, I will be shocked to death. Therefore I do this」

「It's fine. Ten-nee tried her best to make this, so there's no way it's not tasty, right? Wait a sec, I will tell you my impression immediately. 」


Confronting the thing I scooped with the chopsticks, I gulp my saliva.

Although I said so, but is this really fine to eat?

I understand that…. But the color is too ominous. In light novel and gal-game, the MC who eats such dangerous-looking thing, the speculation is that he would collapsed in a heap with some useless dialogues.

「……I, itadakimasu! 」

Resolving myself, I put that into my mouth strongly.

Then, I stand ready for the terrific shock which attacks my sense of taste, but-

「T, tasty! 」

This is unexpectedly a delicacy.

I unintentionally let out my impression, my cheeks loosen because of the spreading flavor in my mouth

「R, really Kousu-」


The desk shakes by itself.

Under there, Ten-nee was holding her head, looking painfully, but she immediately stood up.

「Really Kousuke!? That is tasty!? 」

Un, it's not a lie. I mean, this is spagetti isn't it? 」

The innocently pleased Ten-nee replies with a smile.

Then, I once again summon my courage and extend the chopsticks to the other dish.

It isn't at the degree of my imouto Sharte. But both are delicious as usual and make my stomach dance.

「Awesome, Ten-nee. Although the appearance is peculiar (個性的), but if you can make this tasty thing, you can become a good bride in the future, can't you? 」

「B, bride!? I, is that so……then, I pass the line to become Kousuke's bride, right…… 」

Ten-nee looks happy, while putting her hand on her lips bashfully, her white cheeks dyes red.

Having such a happy face just by being praised by me, Ten-nee so cute.

I feel like her cat-ears-like hair are twitching *pikupiku* happily, my hand is about to extend to stroke her. However, the existence that is disturbing my heart appeared and stopped her movement here.

Ara, ohayou Ikuno-kun. Also, Takatora-san」

Fluttering black hair, the appearance of many men and women waiting behind her, it's Shinonome.

She looks back and says.

「You have helped a lot. Please help me again」

Shinonome sends a smile filled with affection as if saying to her fans it was their reward.

They have a *deredere* (lovestruck) face with just that, put a large amount of prints and note-like thing on the teacher's desk and then leave humbly.

「Ku, Shinonome Ibuki……Using your own beauty to make your classmates obey, such an outrageous girl. If you use Kousuke similarly, I will absolutely not forgive you! 」

Ara, such a fine thing to say in the morning—Other than that, what's with that bentou? 」

Receiving Shinonome's question, Ten-nee puffs up her chest boastfully.

「This is the hand-made bentou I made for Kousuke. By the way, he praised me just now that I was at the level there's no problem with becoming a bride. Isn't it great!? 」

「W, wait Ten-nee. You don't have to say that loudly. The surrounding would notice……」

At primary school, I stood out so a bishoujo called Okada had an eye on me, and the event of Sharte became the trigger and I was ignored by everyone. Therefore, I hate standing out.

Fufu, a bride. That's nice of you, Takatora-san」

Fun, you are jealous, right? Shinonome Ibuki, you aimed at Kousuke and entered the literature club after all, but I and Kousuke are already in an intimate relationship. Give up already. 」

Ten-nee puffs her flat chest up and talks, full of confidence.

Shinonome ignores that with an composed expression and turns her smile at me.

「By the way Ikuno-kun, about going to the beach at weekend, what should we do? 」

「Whaaaa!? B, bb, beach you said!? 」

The surprised Ten-nee stares at my and Shinonome's faces alternatively

Thinking that it's bad to be heard by Shinonome's fans, I look around. However, everyone in the class is being noisy for some reason, and doesn't notice here.

「Yes, the beach. Unfortunately, I'm not intimate with Ikuno-kun like Takatora-san, but on the holidays, at the beach, wearing thin pieces of cloth, it's intimate like being lovers. Ufufu. 」

Shinonome perfectly provokes Ten-nee…… She brushes her hair and has a triumph face.

But, just now that face startled my heard

Although I know that she's the neat-type bitch who uses her own beauty to seduce her classmates and work them hard.

Perhaps, because I know that she's a super perfect ojou-sama but there are some girly part like in fact she's easy to be moved to tears like others and have a weakness at cockroach, I might have been charmed.

「Kousuke…..why with Shinonome Ibuki, to the beach–」


And then, interupting Ten-nee's voice, Aizawa enters the classroom.

Today, the breast part is also opened to the point that it's inevitable to consider her a man-seducing bitch, the pair of hills rise and fall repeatedly everytime she walks.

After greeting her gyaru friends, Aizawa rushes over to us.

……When Aizawa come near, there is a really sweet and good smell.

As those two have gathered, my heart feels hurt.

Are, but isn't it strange?

It was already like this a while ago, but when Aizawa or Shinonome went to school, everyone should always notice. However, as if there are some subjects, everyone engrosses in talking today.

「Takatora-san came too, ohayo! Other than that, you two, it's about the beach this weekend though」

「Wha……!? Don't tell me Aizawa Manaha also come together!? 」

「He, it's true though……A! Perhaps Takatora-san wants to come too!? 」

「E……N, no, I'm particularly……」

Ten-nee fidgets and stares at me *chirachira*

Meanwhile, I suddenly recall the past.

「……That reminds me when I was a child, something happened when I and Ten-nee went to the beach together. But Ten-nee, her reflexes were really good but she was just bad at swimming, certainly at that time–─」

「Uwa-! Don't talk! You don't have to talk so expressly! 」

As if embarrassing, Ten-nee closes her eyes tightly and strikes my head *pokapoka* with protest.

After staring *jii* at Ten-nee, Shinonome proposed with a calm face.

「Takatora-san, if it's fine, won't you go the the beach together with us this weekend? 」

「E…..I go too, is it fine? 」

「Yes, like that, Aizawa-san can also relax with a feeling of spending her day off with her female friends, I don't mind in particular」

As if approving that opinion, Aizawa's face brightens *kirakira*

「Ibuki, I also approve! If there are many girls, I will end up not conscious about other things. If it's good for Takatora-san, won't we go together? 」

I see, Shinonome also thought about that.

Aizawa will be embarrassed by having her swimsuit seen by me, there must be many men she's bad at at the beach. In order to soften her tension, taking some female friends along is an excellent plan.

「Ten-nee, it's like a linked activity with the literature club. I understand that you are busy with your club activities, but if possible, can't I ask you? 」

I heard that the last tournament of the third-years is in August.

Therefore, I request with a faint hope. Then-


「E, really? 」

Un……after the curse case, I think Kurashima-senpai and Kameno-senpai  bring up some flexibilities. I was even told to have at least two days off at weekend since the quantity of practices were many……」

「Is that so? Then it's guaranteed right? 」

Ten-nee nods at my delighted voice and turns away embarrassedly.

「But, it's not like I go for the sake of Aizawa Manaha in particular……I go because I want to be helpful to Kousuke」

Being told so, it's embarrassing as expected……

「T, thank you Ten-nee. You really helped me」

「Yay! Then Takatora-san, when the details are decided, Ikuno will contact you, okay? 」

「Un……understood. Please treat me well, Kousuke」

If Ten-nee comes, Aizawa's sea bathing date should turn out fine.

But above all, I'm happy to be able to go to the beach with my childhood friend Ten-nee like when we were children.

「Other than that, it's bothering me but isn't the classroom strangely noisy? 」

Knitting her eyebrows, Shinonome suddenly says so.

「Shinonome, in fact, a while ago I was also bothered by that. Did something happen? 」

When I ask, Ten-nee who finally clears her bashful condition tells me with a bright face.

「A, it's certainly because the so-called problem child of D-class is coming back after a long time. Despite disliking school to the point of taking the finals at home with the arrangement of the teachers, to suddenly go to school, D class are making racket about this」 (tried not to reveal gender)

「Takatora-san, perhaps, the problem child of D-class…..Kokonoe-san? 」

「Un, that's right」

「Aizawa, you know her? 」

「Ahaha, just a bit. Well…..she's a famous, so-called delinquent girl. 」

「Ara, if it's about Kokonoe-san then I also know」

Shinonome, despite being this young, works as the board chairman representative of Urotan high school.

As a diligent, strong sense of responsibility and flawless ojou-sama, she must have know every nook and corner of all students.

「Kokonoe Shizuki-san. 1st year D-class. Attendance number 28. Midterm test result was the 10th rank. Go-home club (not belong to any club). Wearing disarranged attire. Didn't attend to school since the second third of May (from 11th to 20th ). Her onee-san is a second-year in school, but also didn't attend to school from the same time, since then they haven't attended to school — the information I know is just that. 」

Seriously, just how much do you know?

Don't tell me you even know something like her family structure…….?

「I, Ibuki, knowing that much, you are awesome」

「Kousuke, this girl doesn't know about us, right……?」

Hora, didn't you just make those two draw back a bit?

「I also know various things about Kokonoe-san, rather, it's about her bad rumors……」

「E, Aizawa…….what kind of bad rumors–」

And then, from the boy who monitors D-class's condition from the window near the corridor–

「O, oi, she appeared at the corridor! 」

Being told clearly with a lowered voice, everyone of the class rushes to the window side.

Before one knows, the corridor of C-class is also filled with students, they look at D-class and make noise.

Seeing that, while continuing to hold the two in front of her back, let out a few cold words.

「Being onlookers are not admirable. For some reason the said person had to stop going to school,  the behavior of intimidating that courage from the first day she tried her best to return to school is not allowed」

Un, I also understand Ibuki's words, but everyone who became onlooker has their own reason–」

Aizawa smiles awkwardly. However, the next moment, that smile becomes cramped.

「–Who is virgin (doutei) huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 」

From the corridor of D-class, someone rised his angry voice.

After the silence, the surrounding become noisy *zawazawa(ppl talking sfx)

「……Ikuno, just now」

「I don't know……a, anyway, let's go」

Together with the shout was another audible sound, we rush to the classroom's entrance.

At the corridor in front of D-class, the window glass looking out on to the courtyard was broken and the fragments were dispersed.

Standing in the centre was a tall ikemen with an angry expression.

And, standing dignifiedly in front of him, *kurukuru* coiling the soft, beautiful red hair which reach her breasts, glaring at the opponent with an intense glaze is a gyaru-style girl.

「Ikuno-kun, that girl is Kokonoe Shizuki we talked about a while ago」

「Kousuke. That youth is someone in my class and belonged to the soccer club」

「Ookawa-kun of the soccer club isn't it? As an ikemen, he's popular to the girls, but I'm bad at him」

Perhaps it's because Aizawa has androphobia.

Look like she isn't interested in the person who has superior appearance. It's good.

After glancing at the glass under her feet, Kokonoe-san sneers at Ookawa.

「What? Snapped just by being told a virgin, seriously? 」

Emitting a scary aura but somehow, she has a voice that appears like a gentle human.

Looking at the classmates gathered around Ookawa, she brushes her elbow with an uncomfortable face.

「Well, it's trivial though—other than that, do you feel like giving up on me? Persistent men are what I hate, seriously」

「…..That Ookami, did he persistently woo Kokonoe-san? 」

「Ikuno, Ookami is famous as a considerable womanizer. Somehow, it seems like since his enrollment, he has been……with about 10 girls. 」

T, ten girls……!?

Ku, so this is the existence called Ikemen.

Ookami, when will you met the shuraba like Makoto-kun…… (school days, maybe?)

Receiving Kokonoe-san's words, he unexpectedly laughed.

「Understood. Fine. I will give up」

「What, aren't you obedient? But that smile is gross tho–」

While *kurukuru* playing with her hair's tips, Kokonoe-san laughs provocatively.

「Don't get mad. But it's shocking isn't it……Hora, there are various thing written about Kokonoe on the school’s bulletin board on the net, I thought you don't have any friend so I called out though」

Ookawa’s smile vanishes, a vulgar smile appears on his sunburned face

Seemingly faltered, Kokonoe-san keeps up her appearance and says

Fu, fu-n, for example? I don't really mind so try telling some」

Kuku, then I’ll tell–In middle school, you seemed to hang out with many yankee. Furthermore, you was called “virgin hunter Shizuki”. And, even now, you seem to be an amorous bitch who will gladly do it with any man who request you. 」

The spectators stares at Kokonoe-san and says something as if suspecting her

「Amorous woman, sound seriously gross」 「A slut talking with Ookawa-kun」 「That’s why she doesn't have friends」


Kokonoe-san becomes silent and looks downwards, but Ookawa continues.

「There are more. To buy some dangerous drugs you was addicted through a man in middle school, you skipped school and hooked ikemen downtown, had sex with them in exchange for money」

Wait, saying that much is really……

I don’t know whether it’s the truth or not

Before I knew it, Aizawa, Shinonome and even Ten-nee had a grim face, ready to rush out any time if necessary

Haa…..yareyare, I’m blessed with such nice acquaintances.

But if they go, they will surely be attacked simultaneously instead of Kokonoe-san

……It’s scary, but I have no choice but to go, huh?

Because standing out is scary, my legs are trembling……

But compared to the whole school meeting where I saved Aizawa, this is considerably better.

Nee….just a little」



My voice is too small, even Aizawa nearby couldn’t hear

Ku……l, let’s do this. I’m a man

「H,h, hey, over there–」


This time it was erased by Kokonoe-san's loud laugh. I want to be a shellfish. (too embarrassed, want to hide in a shell or something)

Because of the sudden laughter, Ookawa and the onlookers are surprised, but Kokonoe-san has a bewitching smile like a prostitution.

「So, what about it? 」

「Wha……y, you, then you admit the rumors on the bulletin board!? 」

「Persistent, aren't you? Didn't I just say so? 」

The surrounding make a stir, having settled the half-convinced information , Ookawa also has a dumbfounded face

……I, in other words, Kokonoe-san is the naturally lustful bitch, right?

She’s certainly a bishoujo.

Despite having tsurime, her big pupils are attractive, her face features are beautiful, her breasts are big enough to make the sweater swell to bowl-sized, she also has exceptional style (style can also mean body figure.

In addition, she’s wearing loose socks, her appearance is similar to the gyaru Aizawa, certainly like a bitch. But right now, as I know Aizawa is an irregular, I don’t honestly think so

Having calmed down from the surprise, Ookama stands up, moves as if sneering Kokonoe-san

「Th, then, the rumor of your second-year sister being addicted to drug and skipped school at the same time to earn money as a prostitution is also true right!? And, the vending machine change thief frequently happened in Urotan last month was also your sister and your deed!? 」

I felt like Kokonoe-san reacted to the word "sister" with a twitch. However,

Haa? Are you an idiot? Stealing something like smal change means nothing, right? Rather, my mood worsens thanks to your story, I'll go home today. In fact I have some business with the school, but it's fine to come back after school–」

Kokonoe-san turns her back on, but suddenly Ookawa turns back,

「Bye, Doutei-kun」

Finally, she lets out those words (there is also a 憂さを晴らす part in this raw, which means doing something enjoyable to forget one's trouble )

-but, it's not over.

「Damn you (temee), if you think I won't put my hand on you because you are a girl - that's a big mistake!! 」

Of all things, aiming at Kokonoe-san's back of her head, Ookawa lunged straight forward.

Everyone gulps

However, I saw it. Kokonoe-san smiles and turns back –


The beautiful legs wrapped by the loose socks sank into Ookawa's crotch.

Ookawa's eyes became white instantly, he collapsed on the spot and began twitching *pikupiku*

I, it hurtssssssssssssssss!!!

All male students realised and grasped their important place, greatly perplexed.

Ahaha. Serve you right-」

*pero* Kokonoe-san sticks out her tongue, left the dumbfounded crowd and fetched her bag. Then as if thinking of something after looking at the onlookers' face, she squats in front of Ookawa and touches her hair's tip

「You, if you want to do it with me that much, then bring 10000 yukichi (the 10,000 yen note), all at once. If you do so, I will obediently do as you say」

One hundred milion yen huh? In other words, it seems like Kokonoe-san wants to say she would absolutely reject men like Ookawa.

But the onlookers believed in those words and were taken aback.

「Hora, how long do you intend to see? The bell will ring soon so just quickly enter the class」

Kokonoe-san is delighted after outwitting the onlookers (野次馬たちの鼻を明かせてご満悦な様子の九重さん。)

She calmly walks though the centre of the hardened crowd.

Then, just when the sweet fragrant of perfume floated in front of me


Are……just now, did Kokonoe-san wink at me?

P, perhaps, she realizes that I intended to help her a while ago?

Since it feels like a thank, I think the potentiality is high

But perhaps only Kokonoe-san knows though

She left, then everyone began to move again

Ookawa is being held by his fan girls and carried to the infirmary.

Meanwhile, the crowd in front of D-class's passage scattered, a single girl appeared.

Uwa! What's with these glass!?」

「A, it's Chiaki! 」

Ten-nee's face brightens, she calls out to the tall, long, black-haired, glasses girl

「Tenko, what happened? Rather, help me tidy up. Ha-i, please leave~!」

Clapping her hands like a leader, she begins to disperse the crowd.

「Kousuke, I will go to help her! 」

「Takatora-san, lots are scattered around, I'll help too」

Saying so with sympathy, Aizawa runs together with Ten-nee.

Perhaps because of the case with her father, it feels like she wasn't satisfied with the violent solution just now.

If I meditated neatly, perhaps Aizawa wouldn't feel unpleasant……

I alone feel bad, but there is a single girl who praises me.


「Ikuno-kun, you've tried」

「E?……Perhaps, Shinonome, you noticed that I was about to go and stop them? 」

「Isn't natural? Because, I always look at you」

U……Certainly, Shinonome looks at me more than anyone.

Then she gives me an advice, and praises me

Although loving two girls is no good, but as expected, to Shinonome, I also……

When the throbbing of my heart is so strong that my words couldn't come out, as if worrying about me, she says jokingly,

「By the way, I also know that you stared innocently at Kokonoe-san's oppai like a primary schooler who saw Mt. Fuji for the first time」

She even knows that!?

Rather, this is bad, a "you will be punished" course of events……

Maa, usually, this's the time when I, the person who will become your master, deal with you strictly, but this time you showed me something good……after all, it feels good seeing the coolness of my livestock after a long time. 」

「E, just now? 」


In a good mood, she turns her back on.

Soon Shinonome turns back, puts her finger on her lips, smiles charmingly and says.

「Other than that, Ikuno Kousuke, there is an advice for you」

「Advice……why suddenly? 」

「You intend to help Kokonoe-san a while ago, but in fact, I also frequently heard bad rumors about her. As there are many rumors regarding Kokonoe-san, it's common that everyone knows about them. Because of the details, no one approach her–」

I have few friends so I don't know though?

「What are the rumors……?」

The air become heavy, like hearing a scary story.

With a serious expression similar to mine, Shinonome says,

「Is it fine? Those are rumors after all. It seems like she tricked her friends, regardless of men or women, and took them to her delinquent friends' place. And then girls would be treated roughly by several men (aka gangbanged), she would receive her reward. In case of men, they will be lynched, taken humiliating photo and have their money extorted without fail. Therefore, be careful for the time being. 」

If that's the truth then it's already a crime……

But for some reason, it doesn't seem like Kokonoe-san would do such a thing.

Rather, it feels like she acts like a delinquent to conceal the weakness she suddenly showed.

「Maa, I will. Thank Shinonome, for worrying about me」

「I'm worry since it seemed like Kokonoe-san was pleased with you a while ago. Besides, if you are seduced by such an ecchi and cute girl, you will thoughtlessly follow her everywhere. From now on, the posibility of being called out by the other party is not zero, so please be cautious. 」

After having that conversation, I and Shinonome went to help Aizawa-tachi.

And, after school of the same day, Shinonome's bad premonition becomes true.


Hee, I'm surprised. You are this club's president-」

At the clubroom after school, I and Kokonoe-san were sitting on the sofa, facing each other.

When I was talking with Aizawa and Shinonome about the weekend sea bathing date, an unexpected person suddenly visited, we couldn't hide our surprisement.

She stares at me happily with half-open eyes, shakes her crossed legs while playing with her hair's tips.

「But it's unexpected, despite looking docile, you are being served by two cute girls. Don't tell me, a herbivore-like carnivore? 」 (like wolf in sheep's clothing)

「Ha, haha……these two are club members, such a thing doesn't happen」

Fu~n……Which reminds me, the fact that you was going to help me this morning is super unexpected. You are brave despite looking like an otaku. Your name, what are you called? 」

As expected, she realized that I intended to help her.

Etto, it's Ikuno Kousuke. And this is Shinonome Ibuki, then she's Aizawa Manaha. 」

「I know those two. They are already famous since their enrollment」

Saying 「other than that」, she stares at me,

「Ikuno, Kousuke, isn't it……」

……crap. Just like evaluating the spoils, I feel nervous after being stared with somewhat ecchi eyes.

「Then, I'll call you Kousuke. Is that fine? 」

「I, it's fine……」

I feel like she's not a bitch, but it's a little suspicious to be called by my first name suddenly.

Nee Ikuno, about the request……」 「That's right, please advance the story」

Aizawa secretly whispers to my ears, and Shinonome also entrusts the rudder to me (giving the steering wheel to drive the story forward)

「Right……Kokonoe-san, you have a request right? Firstly, we want to know the subject, can you tell us? 」


The next moment, Kokonoe-san's smile disappears, she stares at me with a serious gaze as if surmising me

Like a child analysing the true  color of an unknown oji-san, her eyes are pure and innocent.

She has such beautiful eyes.

As expected, Kokonoe-san isn't a bitch–

「E-, but you looks like a virgin, are you suitable for the request ~」

I'm a virgin no matter what huh!? Are there anything wrong with that!? (どうせ僕は童貞ですよ! 何か文句でも!?)

Nonetheless, since Shinonome always looks down on me, I get used to it and don't really mind.

「He, hee……something hard for a virgin like me huh? So, what's the request? 」

「It's to help me at the beach hut though? 」

Isn't that something even a virgin can dooooooooooo!!!

Apologize to all virgin in this country for those pointless words immedately!


But why did she suddenly say such an unfunny thing that make other angry?

A, perhaps, she is testing me?

Fu-n……You aren't angry? Usually, men would get mad when they were made a fool by women. Like Ookawa this morning. 」

「Ma, maa, because I got used to that. Hahahaha…….」

The nearby Shinonome laughs 「ufufu」

She thought it was absolutely because of her training huh?

「……I see……There are boys, like that too」

Kokonoe-san looks downward and nods alone, then she once again has a amorous smile.

「Then, let's depend on the literature club. You guys, this Saturday and Sunday, can you stay at my beach hut to help me? 」

「Stay at the beach hut? 」

「Right. We have a guesthouse (民宿) at Meinohama, so I can prepare both meals and rooms.And, I will pay for the traveling expenses and part-time wages, you will also have free time—how about that? 」

With a tone like a grown-up onee-san, Kokonoe-san talks indifferently, then she closes one eyes and asks.

Going to the beach, receiving part-time wages, also meals and lodging expense are free.

In addition, there are free time to increase Aizawa's love experience.

There's no reason to refuse.

「If that's the request, the literature club will gladly–」

「Wait Ikuno」

Then, Aizawa pulls my sleeve and interrupts.

「E, what's wrong Aizawa. Isn't it just right? We haven't decided what beach to go」

「That's true, but……」

While minding Kokonoe-san, Aizawa looks up at me uneasily with her big, round eyes.

A, perhaps.

She worries about that rumor of Kokonoe-san?

Tricking and taking her friends to the bad guys' place, girls would be treated roughly, boys would have their money extorted. According to Shinonome, it seems like everyone knows that rumor, so Aizawa should also know.

Aizawa is a nice girl so she wouldn't arbitrarily judge a person based on the rumor. But to the androphobia Aizawa, that rumor is indeed scary, it's natural to be cautious.

I think it's a good request, but it's certainly a bit scary……

Then, having a smile that soften the strained atmosphere, Shinonome says with a small voice,

「You two, let's accept the request. After all we are planning to go to the beach, and there are favorable terms too. 」

「E, Ibuki……but」

「Don't worry Aizawa-san. When something happens, we will take a proper countermeasure. 」

Her full of self-confidence expression makes anyone looking at it feel relieved.

After a short while, I and Aizawa nodded.

「If Ibuki says so, I'm relieved, somehow」

Aizawa has a really relieved smile.

Perhaps, she trusts Shinonome from the bottom of her heart.

「It's certainly relieving. Well……even if the countermeasure isn't perfect, if push comes to shove I'm there too……As the club president, I will absolutely protect you two」

「Ikuno will?…..I see」

Looking downward, Aizawa has a deeply moved smile.Shinonome also smiles while having a composed expression

「Kokonoe-san, as the literature club, we will undertake this request」


When I tell her clearly, she becomes flabbergasted (it's just a sfx *pokan* in the raw) as if surprised, then she averts her face with a flushtered expression.

「……Y, you know the rumors, right? Aren't you bothered about that? 」

Because everyone always is being cautious about her, maybe she's happy after being trusted?

Etto, it's not like I'm not bothered. But Kokonoe-san seems like a good person, so I'm not worry that much」


Kokonoe-san opens her eyes wide and looks at me surprisedly.

Just like peeling of the disguise (化けの皮が剝がれた), she has an innocent, cute expression

Such a child-like face isn't from a lustful bitch who would do that with men

When I notice, Kokonoe-san has a suspicious smile while her cheeks slowly become red, she looks at me with a passionate gaze.

Fu-n, I thought you are just a harmless otaku with only a little courage, but it doesn't seem to be just that huh? Somehow, I'm pleased with Kousuke–right」

After pondering something, she suddenly stands up, pushes her buttocks to me and turns back

「Kousuke……do you want to graduate from virginity, with me? 」


It's like she knows that I would absolutely not make a move on her and ridicule me

For some reason, Kokonoe-san, who is in high tension, lightly pick up her skirt with one hand and shakes her attractive butts *furifuri* charmingly.

「Ko, kokokoko, Kokonoe-san!? W, ww, wwwww, what are you sayin–」

「Ufufufufufufu. Calm down a bit Ikuno-kun」


Itai Itai Itai!! Shinonome, it will be torn! My ears will be torn……!!」

After punishing me for a while, Shinonome separates.

Being shown this much, Aizawa also understand the meaning, her face becomes red and she pulls my arm.

「I, Ikuno, don't! Don't do ecchi thing……are, why did I……」

Puzzled by her own action but Aizawa still doesn't separate from my arms

But thanks to these two, I somehow regain my sanity.

「……Ko, Kokonoe-san, it's such a bad joke」

Aha. Kousuke, I'm serious mon

Satisfied, she sat down on the sofa again, crossed her legs and took out the smartphone from her bag.

Was she embarrassed while doing that herself? (自分でやっておきながら恥ずかしかったのかな?)

Although Kokonoe-san pretends to be calm, she couldn't hide her clearly red cheeks.

「Other than that, tell me Kousuke's number. Hora, when the detail of the job is decided, I must contact you right?

「A, it's true」

I represent the literature club and exchange the contact address with Kokonoe-san

Meanwhile, Aizawa asked the girl.

「Kokonoe-san, why did you think of consulting the literature club? Surely, Kokonoe-san has been absent from school for a while, you shouldn't know that the literature club has begun to act as the consultation office, right? 」

「A, that's……」

While confirming the registration, her expression becomes a bit cloudy,

「……There is an school unofficial website, right? It was written there that the literature club has begun to act as the consultation office. In that post, this club was popular as any kind of consultation would be solved. So my interest appeared and I came here. 」 (学校裏サイト, from wikipedia, it's a kind of website that discuss about topics regarding a specific school but it requires passwords, and only accessible via phone, not easy to be searched via searching engines,…)

Hee……I'm afraid that they wrote something bad about me so I don't check, but it seems like the name of the literature club has risen. With that, we will be busier from now on.

While I'm thinking so, Aizawa, with a really awkward face,

「E, that means… have seen……everything? 」

N? What does she means by "everything"?


Kokonoe-san, who tapped at the screen to finish the registration, suddenly looks downward, her expression can't be seen.

When I worry and about to call out–

「Ahahaha. That's correct. I saw all bad things written about me, but I don't really care though, it's fine, really」

Kokonoe-san twines her hair with her finger *kurukuru* and laughs it off calmly.

But Shinonome interjects with a serious face.

「Lying is not good. The world is a mass of unpredictability. People who are frank like you are also the  sensitive one. Therefore, the truth is that you are hurt and want to cry as you stand against the malicious gossips or groundless rumors, aren't you? 」


The next moment, her cheeks which were about to become white turned red again.

「I, I don't! I won't do something like crying! 」

「You got worked up by that huh? By the way, the current job of the literature club is to answer various students' troubles.If it's hard for you, there's no problem with letting them out here. 」

As Shinonome said, she got too worked up, considering it's wrong.

Besides, when the subject about the rumors with Ookawa appeared this morning, it feels like she trembled lightly.

…..In fact, Kokonoe-san is a really sensitive and fragile girl huh?

A, aa mou. Somehow, this mood makes me go mad」

Averting her still blushing red face, she grabs her bag and stands up.

「The task is over, I'll go. Kousuke, I will tell you the details later」

Saying so unsociably, Kokonoe-san leaves.

Seeing her back, I suddenly think.

Are? Why does she request  the literature club about part-time jobs?

She should have friends from middle school in no small numbers, normally she should ask them, shouldn't she?

Just for a moment, her worst rumor ran through my mind.


Returning home after club activities were over, I had dinner then took a bath

Together with my imouto Sharte, naturally.

「It's unusual. Nii-san is rinsing my back」

「Well, that' true……」

Then right now, to talk about a certain thing, I'm rinsing my imouto's back while raising her mood. (そして現在、僕はある話をするため、妹のご機嫌取りも兼ねて背中を流している。)

Because of the swimming lesson for summer in Houtou middle school where Sharte attends to, there are  faint marks of sunburn from the school swimsuit on her tiny back, the pure white part of the skin become whiter and more dazzling.

「……But, I'm happy. Perhaps because my body has grown recently, the chance to have nii-san do this to me has also lost. 」

She says with a monotonous voice. I can't check her face because the mirror becomes cloudy with the steam, but perhaps she's expressionless as always. Each time I scrub her back with the sponge, I know that the two big, grown swelling are shaking slowly *yusayusa* (large thing swaying sfx)

「Surely it has been a while. Sharte is already an adult so it can't be helped」

「In other words, Nii-san acknowledges that my body is of a woman, right? 」

Etto, I won't deny」

「Then Nii-san, please embrace me」

「N? Did I mishear? 」

「I said I want to be loved a lot from behind by my beloved Nii-san」

「You didn't say so!! 」

She's my fine, cute imouto, but that part of her is as ever.

Perhaps she doesn't distinguish between familial love (kazokuai) and love (ren'ai)

「Other than that, don't move. I can't scrub properly. 」

「……Sorry. I was happy and in high spirits」

Still sitting, Sharte becomes quiet

The voice of my imouto doesn't change at all, but if Sharte was a dog, her tail must be swinging strongly. I understand that she's in a good mood.

「Nii-san, today is a really good day. Thanks to you, I think I can sleep immediately after I enter the bed. But what if Nii-san couldn't control your youthful body? So if Nii-san is fine, how about doing it here right now? 」

「Stop that way of speaking like I trouble my third year in middle school imouto every night!! 」 (the "trouble" is a word used for “masturbation trouble”)

I seriouly won't do that, won't I?

「If Nii-san asked, I would let you do it any time you know? Because, I'm always Nii-san's」

「No, I won't ask you so don't worry……」

Sharte and I aren't related by blood, but she's my most important family.

Something like breaking the brother-sister relationship, I won't do it no matter what.

「……Nii-san really see me as your real family, don't you? 」

Right now, which way is it? It feels like she's happy, but also feels like she's disappointed.

「–by the way, don't you have something to ask me? 」

「U……As expected, Sharte already knows」

「Hai, If it's Nii-san then I know it from the beginning」

「I see………Well……This weekend-」

I tell her the details at once.

The previous time, because of the curse case, I hurriedly headed to Kameno-ryokan for 2 days 1 night.

Thanks to that, I broke my promise of always be on Sharte's side. The day I returned, I swore to never annul our promise again. But this time,  as I will go again and must leave the house.


「This is my own circcumstance. But I want to absolutely protect the promise with Sharte, therefore, won't you go to the beach together with me and the members of the literature club? 」

「Members of the club, means the girl the other day? 」

The day I went to Kameno-ryokan, Sharte saw Shinonome appear from the limousine.

「Un, together with that black-haired girl. How about that? 」

The day I returned from Kameno-ryokan, my imouto's body trembled as she hugged me. Because she lost her family in the war, it can't be helped that she's scared of being alone.

Therefore, I thought that Sharte would go, but—

「I won't go」

I'm confused by that single, unexpected word (I won’t go = ikemasen = 1 word)

「E……w, why? Sharte, you would be alone you know? 」

「Hai. But it's alright. Don't worry about me, please go 」 (the “go” here means “go and return”)

Sharte talks while turning her back on me, I can't feel the sulking or angry emotion.

「You seriously say so? But I just promised the other day–」

「Nii-san, it's fine. Until now, I only made Nii-san endure (私は今まで、兄さんに我慢ばかりさせてきました). Therefore, from this time, when Nii-san has business, I wil try enduring. 」


「Besides, that black-haired person is a beauty, and seems like an adult with great tolerance, to the point that I wonder whether she will accept all of Nii-san's selfishness……」

Hahaha, rather, Shinonome is in the commanding position though?

「Staying near such a superb person, the onee-san loving Nii-san will surely……Therefore, I –」

「E, what are you saying Sharte? 」

After a little silence,

「Anyway, I allow Nii-san to do whatever you want to do. Besides, if it's house-sitting, I can do it alone properly. Because I'm already an adult」

The voice, which is calm and emotionless while seeming childish somewhere, echo in the bathroom.

「……really, is it fine being alone? 」

Right after that, Sharte swings her wet silver hair and nods *kokun*

My ever spoiled Imouto is trying to be independent huh? Then, as her brother, I should help her. But, as I feel like this is a little impossible, so I will try to return as soon as possible on Sunday.

「Is that so? Then, I will accept the offer」

Hai…….but honestly, I'm a bit anxious, can I really hold out? 」

As expected……

「Therefore, to cheer me up, please "service" me more」

「Uwa, wait Sharte」

As Sharte suddenly turns back, I cover my eyes with both hands.

Soon, as my arms are poked *tsuntsun*, I open my eyes.

Sharte's splendidly grown pair of hills were covered by a veil called soap bubble

Perhaps, those are bubble squeezed out from the sponge I threw to the floor.

Using both hands, Sharte holds her chest from below

「Nii-san, please massage them. 」

「No, "please massage them"…..I can't massage my own imouto's breasts. 」

「……I feel like I couldn't hold out」

U……it comes to this huh? I already feel like this is inevitable.

「Understand, I understand. If I massage, you will be cheered up right? 」


A silver-haired bishoujo, drops of water dripping from her fair-skinned, delicate body, the bubbles covering her important places. The girl who is mystical to the point that I have to wonder "won't she disappear if I touch her"  stares at me *jii* with calm eyes.

While my heartbeat quickens, after a slight hesitation, I stretch my hands.



「Ko, kora, don't let out strange voice. I will stop if you can't endure it」

「Understood. If Nii-san says so then I will endure」

Sharte nods bravely *kokuri*

Somehow, like polluting an unstained existence, my heart hurts.

While blushing, I begin to thoroughly rub the mismatched swellings on the petite body.

「N, a……」

She tightly closes her lips but her voice sometime leaks.

Her pure white cheeks shrink and relax repeatedly.

Look like Sharte is also nervous, she begins to talk as if to distract herself

「Other than that, Nii-san. Do you know the vending machine robbery happened since a month ago  in Urotan city?」

「E? A, aa……that reminds me, sensei told us about that at the end of term」

It looks like every night, the vending machines downtown were damaged and the money was stolen.

This morning, Ookawa also said about that. The culprit seems to be Kokonoe sisters or something……

「By the way Sharte, why do you ask?」

「Just a story from the past, but it seems like students of Houtou middle school returning from cram school have encountered those people, they held edged tools and chased them too. Because Nii-san also returns late from your club activities, please be careful 」

「Edged tools huh, seems dangerous……」

While massaging the marshmallow oppai which are growing nicely with all fingers, I let out a serious remark which doesn't match this situation.

「The culprit doesn't seems to appear frequently after the strengthened police patrol from 3 weeks ago, but……just in case」

「Is that so? Thanks Sharte. I will be careful just in case」


Ha, hai……a……other than that, Nii-san……fua

The moment Sharte slightly opened her lips, her whole body trembled *bikun*

Then, she suddenly grasps my hands and stops moving.

「It's, already fine. Being "serviced" by Nii-san, I can keep trying with this」

「I, is that so? Just a little but I'm happy that I can be helpful to Sharte」

「Thank you, Nii-san……………」

As if the sensation of my fingers is still remained on her breasts, Sharte's whole body slightly trembles *bikun* *bikun* cutely. As she became weak and needed a support, for a moment she held my body embarrassedly with her cheeks became red.