Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 2 Chapter 5 part4

Right now, as the approach “the reason that everyone in the club collapsed is the curse” is very likely, staying in that room is of course scary. However, my feeling of wanting to be helpful to solve this case even just a little was strong, I didn’t hesitate
「Good. If we know the identity of the woman in the cursed space, we should see the clue to the solution. Since this is an important job, it’s the most suitable one for you, the club president」
Shinonome, she must have thought of me and allocate this role. Despite being a bitch, she sometimes shows me her gentle side, so I’m troubled with how to treat her.
ーーDoku, Dokun.
Are……what? Again, my chest became hot suddenly. Seem like I become considerably dizzy.
This room’s air conditioning is sufficient, but I increase the air volume of the fan a bit more.
「Oi Kousuke……isn’t it fine to stop?」
「That’s right. Although it’s said that it would be fine if we do the ohara within 10 days, or if you are lucky……staying in the room where you can die is not necessary」
「You, you can refuse if you are scared. Ho, hora, I’m more or less the same, so……」
Ten-nee and senpai worry about me, and the obviously trying too hard Aizawa also feels anxious.
「Thanks for worrying. But I will do it. I’m a man and the club president, there’s no way I can leave that to the two female club members」
「……I see. But Ibuki, if nothing happens, isn’t staying at that room meaningless?」
「No. In case nothing happens, it’s the proof that nothing happened during the training camp. We should get the valuable information that whether that woman appears or not」(何も起こらなかった場合、合宿の状況下でしかそれは起こらなかったとい う証明になるわ。 例の女性が出るにしろ出ないにしろ価値ある情報を得られるはずよ) 
Aizawa who worries about me to the end bites her lips with an unpleasant, not-agreeing expression.
「Ikuno, we will be at this room, so if something happens, call us immediately. I don’t want Ikuno to be scared alone as much as possible. Besides, in the reverse standpoint, it’s absolutely scary」
Aizawa who thought about my feeling grasped the chest part of her kimono tightly with a slightly pale face.
「Thank you Aizawa. If you says so, I feel a little more comfortable」
The club member who worries about me is nearby, I must do my best somehowーーThen, at night.

「C, can’t sleep」
The large room which was too wide for me to use alone was too different to my house and I couldn’t fall asleep.
Besides, because the ghost may appearーー
tte, it’s official that ghosts aren’t real. But, I imagine.
A light floating in darkness. A fresh corpse hanged on a rope, shaking like a teruterubozu. The solidified blood of Kihachi which soaked the ceiling. I can’t help but having goose bumps. (teruterubozu is paper doll for weather praying)
A, kusoーーAlthough thinking about that is not good, I end up thinking about that no matter what.
But we have to go to school tomorrow, so I must quickly sleep somehow.
I close my eyes, arrange my thought to distract myself while departing to dream world. Perhaps because of the after-bath chill after being hit by the wind of the electric fan too much, I somehow got a slight fever.
How much time has passed after that? Also because of the fatigue, I was attacked by drowsiness before I noticed and my consciousness was about to become hazy.
*gara*ーーat that moment, suddenly there is the sound of the door being opened.
*zuri*, *zuri*, *zuri*……*gosogoso* (rustling sounds) 
After hearing the sound of someone’s feet rubbing the tatami mat, something climbs onto my stomach. As one would expect, my consciousness returned because of that, I looked up at that existence without letting out a sound.
「u, un……Kousuke, it’s me」
Although it was good that I can see the beast-ears-like things, I still thought that my heart would jump out. It won’t be a joke if there is a woman wearing yukata and sitting on my stomach when I wake up in a room where ghosts appear.
Suppressing my heart which is painfully expanding and contracting, after having a deep breath, I somehow have a smile.
「Etto, what is Ten-nee doing here?」
「Because, I’m worry. Because Kousuke, since you was a child, has been bad at scary things. After consulting with senpai, I was told that it would be okay to secretly go at midnight……therefore」
「I see. You come here for my sake, right?」
Ten-nee nods. But it looks like she still has something to say, her body shakes impatiently.
「Is there any other reason besides that?」
When I ask, she sends her gaze toward me, her index fingers entwine with each other.
「That……uu……I was told by senpai. If you want to connect with your beloved person, you can use this posture」
E, connect……ha, haha, that senpai.
Ten-nee put her lightly gripped fist to her mouth, her embarrassed face is dyed red, then she murmurs with small voice.
「But I……don’t understand well」
Perhaps she doesn’t know what she should do. Ten-nee has the image of a healthy, sports-oriented girl who only focuses on the club activities, and is ignorant of those fields of knowledge.
……But, if it’s like that, because Ten-nee seems to have lots of stamina despite her small build, she might be amazing. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Then, while shaking off those bad delusions.
「Don’t mind what senpai said. Other than that, thanks, Ten-nee. I’m not the coward like I was in the past, but as expected, you make me calm down a little」
「It’s so after all……T, then, let’s do this like in the past」
Still red, Ten-nee timidly goes down from my body and lies down next to me, hugging my waist.
「E……Ten-nee, as expected, doing this at this age is a bit awkward?」
「S, shut up, it’s fine」
*gyuu* after burying her face (to his waist), she murmurs.
「Both Aizawa Manaha and Shinonome Ibuki are the onee-san type Kousuke likes. But I,
I’m this small……If it’s like this, Kousuke will be taken by those two」
Saying impatiently, Ten-nee puts more power into her hands.
Perhaps, half of it was “don’t want anyone to take me” desire to monopolize. The other half is the “must protect the little brother-like existence from two bitches” sense of duty.
I don’t know whether or not Ten-nee has the same nature as the powerful bitches, always want to monopolize me. But because it’s better compared to the past, it’s more charming.
「Ano, Ten-nee, I’m not those two’s prey. Besides, no matter what I do from now on, the fact that Ten-nee is a special existence doesn’t change. Therefore, don’t worry」
「Kousuke……… A, but, I’m small so I’m not your type」
「Ten-nee, I said this before, right? That I think tiny ones are also cute」 (pedo alert)
After looking at me with a surprised gaze, Ten-nee looks downward and nods 「un」
「……..As expected, Kousuke is a lolicon」
「I beg you, don’t suddenly pick up such idea」
If that comes from a girl, perhaps I would be treated as someone with a pronoun *hentai*, but without being cautious to me, who was doubted as a lolicon by Ten-nee, she hugs me lovely on the contrary. The fear I felt until a while ago has fused with the desired warmth I feel from Ten-nee. To thank Ten-nee, I brush her head.
Ten-nee, who has been easy to fall asleep since the past, has begun making quiet sleeper’s breath.


Because she would wake up if I move, should I sleep like this?
Watching over the healthy, child-like Ten-nee’s sleeping face, I also close my eyes.
The time is at the dead of night. (草木も眠る丑三つ時) 
Then, the nightmare appeared.
The sound of dragging feet can be heard from the entrance. That was an eerie sound that make my intravascular blood freeze. I’m too scared and couldn’t open my eyes or breath directly. Soon, it came near and began going around Ten-nee and me.
P, perhaps this is……the thing Sakamoto-senpai saw……!?
It took one minute to complete a round, then another one minute for another round. The time where I feel like my thought becomes distant continues, then the sound of foot step nearby suddenly disappears.
…………It left……already?
I swallow the accumulated saliva for several seconds as if I just remember. Moreover, excluding the time, there’s no other sound, the strange presence also disappeared. I gradually come to my senses and open my eyes
Then, in front of my eyes, there was a face of a woman with disordered hair.
My consciousness was cut forcibly.

Next morning My face is being caressed by the morning sun, but my body is being shaken strongly so I open my eyes.
「A, are……Aizawa?」
「Finally, you awake……wait Ikuno, what’s with this?」
Having worn the uniform, the slightly blushing Aizawa, in the state where her buttocks are half-risen, humbly points at the my chest area.
Standing behind her is Shinonome, who is looking down on me while having a scary smile.
While rubbing my sleepy eyes, I look down to my chest, my breath is taken away and I stop moving,
With her kimono’s chest part opened, Kameno-senpai pressed her enormous breasts (bakunyuu) which are at the same level of the gravure idols against my chest, she let out the sleeper’s breathing *suyasuya* as if feeling good. To make it worse, Ten-nee is hugging me with the same posture as last night, she rubs her forehead while sleep-talking, seemingly happy.
「Ikuno-kun, can you explain this to me too, without fail?」
「W, wait a sec, you two! This is, I also don’t understand wellーー」
No, wait……That’s right!
Certainly, yesterday I encountered the so-called ghost Sakamoto-senpai saw and fainted.
When I finish explaining briefly last night’s things to those two, Ten-nee and senpai wake up and get up.
「ーーThen, Kameno-senpai. Last night, why did you enter the room I’m in and go around?」
Right now, re-thinking about the face I saw last night, it was similar to Kameno-senpai’s. I’m sure that the one wandering around in the room was her.
Sitting like a girl on the futon, senpai rubs her sleepy eyes while her white shoulder are still visible. (sitting like a girl is not a really correct expression, you can search image for the word 女子座り to see her pose) 
「Ee……I don’t know anything like that. First of all, I remembered waking up at late night to go to the toilet then returning to the room, but I don’t have any memory about after that」
「nuu……certainly, at the morning of the second day of the training camp, Ayumu-senpai slept just like she had fallen onto Hayashi-senpai, and was laughed by everyone」
Ten-nee also rubbed her eyes with a posture similar to senpai’s.
Having a little complicated face, Aizawa suddenly changes her expression and claps her hands.
「A! In other words, wasn’t the ghost Sakamoto-senpai saw Kameno-senpai!?」
「Un. Even the situation is similar, I think so too」
We have identified the ghost appeared at the night of the training camp.
However, that doesn’t mean we have solved this case. It was not because of fatigue, food poisoning or contagious disease in the building. But a great amount of club members have collapsed with high fever with unknown cause after stayed in a cursed space, I can’t think of anything else other than the curse. However, it seems like just that information is enough for the strongest ACE of our literature club.
「I have solved all of this mystery」
Declaring the demise with a dignified, detective-like voice, she brushed up her damp hair.
I’m not surprised because Shinonome already said beforehand that she could solve the case if the identity of the ghost was found, but as she says so in this situation where we can barely get any hints, Aizawa opens her eyes while and looks at her.
「Ibuki……you solved with just that information?」
「Yes. Perhaps, all the club members who had to stay in bed would become healthy and go to school today」
Because of Shinonome’s words, this time it’s my turn to open my sleepy eyes wide to look at the two of them.

During lunch break on the same day. All members of the literature club were sitting on the sofa in the clubroom, facing Ten-nee, Kameno-senpai and Kurashima-senpai, whose physical condition has recovered and returned to school.
Because our room doesn’t have any electric fan, we can only rely on the breeze that sometimes enter through the windows.
「Then Shinonome, can you slowly tell us?」
「I want to hear it quickly too. I have been waiting until lunch time」
The answer I couldn’t figure out no matter how much I thought. I and Aizawa were being impatient from the morning until now, we look at Shinonome from both sides with enthusiasm. Shinonome only nods with a calm expression.
Both Ten-nee and Kameno-senpai looked at Shinonome with serious eyes too. Kurashima-senpai looked downward with a poor expression as her physical condition is still poor due to convalescence. Shinonome looked at senpai with a gentle gaze as if worrying about her while seemingly choosing her words, as if enjoying the noise of summer.
Ten-nee, who got tired of waiting for Shinonome, bends forwards.
「Shinonome Ibuki, how did you know!? As you said, until noon, all club member’s attendance had been confirmed, they went to school as if their fevers has gone down.」
「As the club president, I also confirmed. From third-year to first-year, all members had come to school properly. Ibuki-chan, how did you know such a thing?」
Having entered her club president mode, Kameno-senpai raised her eyes’ corners and asked directly. On the contrary, as if relaxing, Shinonome lowered her eyelashes gently and closed her beautiful eyes
「Why did I know that. Before answering that question, can I ask the representative of the people who suffered the unknown illness, Kurashima-senpai?」
「……O, okay. But I still have a slight fever, please make it short」
「Of course」
Tiredly put her semi long black hair close to her ears, Kurashima-senpai coughs several times.
Kurashima-senpai surely seems to be in pain.
Because I also have a slight fever due to the chill after having a bath yesterday, I understand how she feels a little.
「Then without delay, regarding the period when your physical condition has recovered after falling ill, I want to ask you something」
「Yuki-chan. It’s fine not to force yourself, just answer slowly……」
「Un……Ayumu, sorry. I’ve make you worry」
To Kameno-senpai who draws close, Kurashima-senpai smilesfrailly and straightens up There’s a tingle of red on her serious face, she seems more painful than expected.
「……On Friday last week, I was the last one to fall. The symptoms were just fever and coughing. But even when I went to the hospital, I was told that the cause was unknown, just like everyone else. The time it lessened gradually was yesterday, Monday’s night. Then when I woke up this morning, I feels that my physical condition has recovered and I could go to school」
As if because Kurashima-senpai told us in one go, her breathing become disordered and her shoulder move up and down just like after running.
「Everyone said the same thing as Kurashima-senpai’s……they became better from yesterday’s morning till today’s morning. But such coincidence, no matter how I think about it, it couldn’t happen normally」
「That’s right……Then, as expected, it’s that, right?」
「No, senpai」
Shinonome gently smoothes down her elegant black hair and denies Kameno-senpai’s words.
「……Shinonome, even with that, are you saying that it’s not the curse?」
「It’s natural. After all, there’s no such thing as a curse in this world」
Still declaring that here, it looks like she truly doesn’t believe in it at all. If Shinonome stayed in the cursed space, I’m sure that she would be different from me and would surely sleep immediately,
「Ibuki, but……Everyone fell ill with and unknown cause and got better at the same time, other than thinking it’s the work of that certain curse, there’s nothing else in my mind. Hora, although it was a rumor, wasn’t there a story that one would be saved after 10 days if lucky?」
「That. The culprit is someone among the club members, who knows about that rumor」
All people in this place are surprised by Shinonome’s remark. However, except one person……
「E, wait a sec Shinonome! After everyone had collapsed, even Kameno-senpai and Ten-nee spoke without holding anything back, the one who knew the room was a cursed place among the club members should be Kameno-senpai only, right? I think it’s impossible that another club member would know and abuse it」
「Certainly, as Ikuno-kun said. If they don’t know about it, they can’t abuse it」
However, Shinonome lets out a chuckle and opens one eyes,
「If they truly don’t know, right?」
Being surrounded by question marks, my head turns around for a moment.
Assuming there’s someone among the club members who knew about the rumor, perhaps they would think of using it and have a break from school and club activities with everyone. Even if Kameno-senpai suspected it, they can pretend not to know the rumor about the curse. They can say that they had a high fever with unknown cause and stayed in bed. Then, if they go to school 10 days later with an innocent face and say they were cured, they can put the fault on the curse
「……Then Shinonome is saying that there is a club member who knew the rumor about the curse, then tricked Kameno-senpai and had a break from club activities with everyone without any good reasons, right?」
「Wait Ikuno. But how could they know? Among the club members, only Kameno-senpai knows about the curse, moreover, she didn’t tell anyone, right? There’s no way to know it?」
「Aizawa-san, how the culprit knew the rumor, Kameno-senpai should have known about that」
「E, me……?」
Suddenly being mentioned, the bewildered senpai points at herself.
「Hai. Senpai should have known it. The day of the training camp, the person who knows about the rumor, having a long talk with a certain member」
For just a moment, Kameno-senpai stops moving. She held her mouth, opened her eyes and looked at the side.
「Don’t tell me, Yuki-chan?」
Kurashima-senpai puts both hands on her knees and looks downward, she breathes heavily with her shoulder moving painfully and remains silent. Yesterday, Kameno-senpai told us. The day when they came to the training camp, her obaa-san aka okami-san was pleased with Kurashima-senpai and had a long talk with her.
「The day of the training camp, after hearing the rumor of the curse from okami-san, I think Kurashima-senpai used that…… no, however that’sーー」
Before I can finish, Ten-nee bares her canines, stands up strongly and speaks for Kurashima-senpai.
「There’s no reason to do that! Even among the members of cheer club, Kurashima-senpai is completely the most hard-working person. There’s no way she would tempt everyone to skip without good reasons!」
Ten-nee glares at Shinonome who has taken a leading role of the conversation and shouts what she thought.
「Un, it’s as Ten-chan said. Yuki-chan is super diligent, she’s the vice president who strictly guides the members who skip training. Therefore I think she wouldn’t do such a thing, and since it truly looks like she’s having a cold, I don’t think she feigned the illness to skip」
Un, that’s a nice argument. Kurashima-senpai’s face is red and her forehead is sweaty, her physical condition seems bad just like that of a sick person. Because it’s proved that her physical condition was bad until yesterday, it doesn’t seem like she feigned it. Besides, I remembered our first meeting, she seemed to be a really diligent person, I think she wouldn’t lead all club members to quit club activities unreasonably.
Shinonome, who has her guess off, should be cornered by the dilemma.
However, she calmly looks at Kurashima-senpai, and with a gentle tone as if urging her to confess,
「Kurashima-senpai, isn’t it already fine? The truth is that it was for Kameno-senpai’s sake, right?」
As if being moved by the farsighted whisper of a person who understands her solution absolutely,
Kurashima-senpai let out a big sigh. Her forelock sways as she wipes the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.
「Shinonome-san, isn’t it? Amazing……so you know, huh?」
「E……then, it’s Kurashima-senpai after all?」
When I ask, she nods lightly.
「I instructed everyone to stop going to school and doing club activities……that’s correct」
「However, as I said that was for Kameno-senpai’s sake. By no means it’s to skip the club activities」
Shinonome says like she has seen everything, I look at her with envy
「How did you know that much?」
「It’s simple. Did something change before and after the event happened? Just by thinking about it, the culprit’s goal can be found naturally」
I think about those words and look for the answer.
However, before I arrive at the solution, Aizawa who has a sharp intuition speaks.
「That reminds me, when we first met Kameno-senpai, her physical condition looked super bad,
she was supported by Kurashima-senpai and Takatora-senpai, right? But her complexion was better and she was more healthy when we met yesterday……Ibuki, perhaps they are related somehow?」
Swaying her beautifully tied tail, Aizawa’s eyes blink *pachipachi* as she peeks Shinonome’s face.
「Correct, Aizawa-san」
Hearing those words, as if the dark cloud in her heart has vanished, Aizawa smiles brightly and says.
「The not-healthy person became healthyーーIn other words, to make Kameno-senpai who had poor health rest, everyone used the feigned illness to stop doing club activities, right!?」
Shinonome says nothing but she casts down her eyes with a “not bad” face. Perhaps, Aizawa just hits the mark.
Kurashima-senpai doesn’t object either, it seems like that’s the real situation of this case.
Knowing that she herself had caused trouble for the club members, Kameno-senpai is baffled 「E, e,」, unable to digest the situation well. Ten-nee also flustered, her eyebrows become ハ-character,
「W, why did Yuki-senpai do such a thing」
Receiving the words that seems to come out naturally from Ten-nee’s mouth, Kurashima-senpai wrings out a heavy voice.
「Tenko also knows, right? The “forcing herself” nature of Ayumu. If she continued to try like that, she would collapse at the time of the final tournament and would regret it. However, Ayumu is not someone who would rest if she was told to rest. Therefore, I decided to make everyone rest and naturally stop the club activities」
In that case, Kameno-senpai can’t do club activities.
Being forced to rest several days, her physical condition would recover.
「……Yuki-chan, since when did you decide to do that?」
As if regretting causing everyone to worry, Kameno-senpai asks apologetically.
Kurashima-senpai adjusts her breathing and answers with her body pitching forward to look for a rest.
「The day of the training camp, when I told okami-san about being troubled with Ayumu forcing herself too much, she told me the story of the curse for some reason. But at that time, I hadn’t thought about doing something」
「But on the 2nd day’s morning, after seeing Sakamoto-senpai collapse with high fever, you thought of the act」
Kurashima-senpai nods meekly at Shinonome’s words,
「……because even at that time, Ayumu’s poor physical condition still continued, I always wanted to do something. Then, Aya’s thing happened, I thought of using the curse to make everyone rest several days. Although Aya, who really caught a cold, recovered a few days later, I explained the situation and got her cooperation」
「Ano……why, didn’t you tell me?」
Still standing, Ten-nee’s small body shrunk as she looked downward lonely.
Kurashima-senpai pushes herself, she has a smile full of the broad-mindedness of a senior.
「Tenko, you are similar to Ayumu. Saying because the last tournament of the third-year is close, you also tried too hard. Even if you have the highest stamina among the club members, you can’t last if that went on. Together, you and Ayumu were strict towards yourselves, you didn’t listen even if we told you to rest for only a day……Therefore, we decided to confuse you with the curse case and force you to rest. I was sure that even if you guys cooperated, you can’t practice yourselves」
Kameno-senpai and Ten-nee, who stoically try hard with the club activities.
Making those two rest, it was the motive of the club members.
Those two exchanged glances with an awkward face, then nodded at the same time and bowed to Kurashima-senpai.
「Sorry, Yuki-chan」 「I’m sorry ,Yuki-senpai!」
The sincere apologies run like blowing off the heat in the room.
Then it would be the best if Kurashima-senpai easily forgave them and reached the happy ending, but of course, it won’t end that easily.
Kurashima-senpai brushes her forelock up and faces those two. Despite the languid appearance due to the heat, Kurashima-senpai forcibly tightens her expression, creating a bizarre appearance. Because of that Kameno-senpai and Ten-nee straighten their back.
「Ayumu, since you are the club’s leader, you must take care of your own physical condition more. Everyone relies on you, we can’t leave a good result at the tournament without Ayumu. Do you understand?」
「U, un」
「Also Tenko, you are the club’s ace. For the senpai who will have their last tournament, to aid Kawagishi-sensei who is in maternity leave, I understand that you are desperate. But, the score of your performance should greatly change the result of the tournament. From now on, thinking about the pacing of practice with the awareness of an ace, okay?」
「……Ha, hai!」
An unsung hero. (縁の下の力持ち) That word comes to mind when I see Kurashima-senpai.
Perhaps, until now, when something happens, senpai would skillfully fix it like this.
Each person has their own roleーーI remembered the words Shinonome said.
「Hai, the story is over with this」
As if Kurashima-senpai was satisfied with those two’s laudable attitude, she claps her hands *pan* before her chest and smiles.
「I also want our last tournament would be a good one. Therefore, in the remained month, let’s work hard even in the first day,
and make it a wonderful time like a fantastic memory」
Certainly, it looks like Kameno-senpai must succeed the ryokan after graduation. For her, the club activities until the tournament will the the last time she can devote herself to her favorite thing. Kurashima-senpai knows that, I’m sure she arranged this situation to let her bit farewell to her happy time to the very end. Receiving that thought from the words just now, Kameno-senpai’s eyes became wet.
Three people of cheer club exchange words of apology and encouragement.
Seeing that, Aizawa and Shinonome exchange glances and smile.
With this, the case is closed. It was truly good that everything worked out peacefully.
……a, but wait.
Soon, choosing the timing when everything has calmed down, I asked one last question.
「Kurashima-senpai, the mastermind of this matter was you, I understood. But considering it was a feigned illness, you obviously seems to be in bad shape currently. I’m a bit bothered by that」
「E…..Ikuno, are you saying that it’s because of the curse?」
Aizawa is scared and she entrusts her soft-looking body to Shinonome. I say while smiling
「I don’t intend to say so particularly, but I’m honestly bothered」
「ーーーA, it’s true……as expected, Yuki-chan, aren’t you quite hot. Hora, Ten-chan, try touching a bit」
Being told by Kameno-senpai who touched Kurashima-senpai’s forehead, Ten-nee stands up and touches.
「Ua, it’s true…… Senpai, this isn’t a slight fever. Are you alright?」
「Tenko…..this much, is fine……」
But, it seems to be more severe than before.
Her whole face is dyed red, Senpai exhales feverishly while sweating non-stop. 「You should better go to the school infirmary. But before that, if it’s good, why do your physical condition become worse, can you tell me?」
Shinonome seems to be bothered by that only point, she has a demanding-like smile. Kurashima-senpai looked ambiguous, as if being overpowered by Shinonome’s aura, but she said briefly after hesitating a bit.
「ーーfufu. The reason of catching the cold, it’s really Yuki-chan-like. When you came to Aya-chan’s house to get her cooperation, you caught a summer cold」
「Hahaha……Kurashima-senpai has an unexpected playfulness, does she?」 (お茶目なところ, not sure if playfulness is correct) 
After Ten-nee quickly carried Kurashima-senpai, whose physical condition is getting worse, to the school infirmary, the members of the literature club were sitting at the same position as before and had a friendly chat with Kameno-senpai.
Although Kurashima-senpai instructed everyone to stop going to school to rest, it looks like she didn’t intend to rest herself, just to see Kameno-senpai’s state. However, Friday last week, when she visited Sakamoto-senpai’s house, the transmitted summer cold got worse, she finally reached her limit and had to rest.
「Ahaha……But Kurashima though that this plan must success no matter what, even if she caught a cold, did she?」
Un, that’s surely true. Therefore, for her important friend’s sake, she must have come to her house with resolution. Then the most silent person, Shinonome, says with a somewhat formal, calm tone
「Other than that Kameno-senpai, is the solution of the matter about the chain of curse okay?」
「Un, of course. It’s really good that I relied on the literature club. In the end, I was something like the cause so I’m really sorry, but thank you very much」
「No, we were also able to stay in an old ryokan, eat good food and enter a hot spring, it was enjoyable♪」
「Is that soーーa, but my heart will hurt if I don’t reward you guys, therefore if it’s good, please come and stay at the ryokan again. If Ten-chan and I work, I think you can stay with no charge like yesterday」
Putting both hands on her cheeks, Senpai smiles amiably.
Making Ten-nee work without confirming the intention of the person herself, like a decided fact. Such tyranny.
No, it’s so, huh? This person is also a bishoujo with attractive face and figure. Besides, the attribute is natural airhead.
The cautious level is wide difference between when the person herself aware or not, but for now, it’s fine anyway.  There is something I have to do. (本人が自覚しているか無自覚かで警戒レベルは雲泥の差だけど、とりあえず今はどうでもいい, this means senpai = airhead = sometimes she doesn’t aware of what she’s saying, and the level of caution varies between these case)
「Then Kameno-senpai, when there are something you need again, please come to the literature club」
「Un, truly thank you. Then, I’ll take my leave」
I know, I will do it……
I was glanced by Shinonome with an unconcerned look, saying “immediately make senpai go back”.
「Please wait, Kameno-senpai」
My voice shake the hot air of midday, senpai stops her legs immediately before the door.
「No, it’s wrong. Should I call you like this?」
I say to that back.

「The sender of that certain letter, 『Hanikamu Iyo』」