Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 2 Chapter 5 part3

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「Sorryy, Ibuki-chan. Obaa-chan, her mouth is bad……」
Walking on the well-polished corridor, senpai apologizes to the nearby Shinonome.
「No, I don’t particularly mind. Because my grandfather is also a person with bad mouth」
With a gentle expression, Shinonome walks gracefully. Because I don’t feel any black aura from her, it seems like she truly doesn’t think about it at all.
「……Really, then it’s fine though」
Putting her hand on her cheek, senpai who is examining Shinonome’s expression turns to the front and begins to talk seriously. 「I, dislike obaa-chan. We was really close until primary school, but after I entered middle school and began doing club activities, we have been quarrelling a lot……」
While walking with Aizawa at the back, I ask.
「Because you can’t help with the ryokan if you do club activities……is that right?」
Senpai turns around lightly and nods.
「Because there’s enough people, she thinks I should help if I intend to inherit. However, because I continued to disobey, it looks like she hates me from the bottom of her heart. Therefore, me too, I don’t talk to her if possible. Perhaps, I think we can’t reconciled anymore……maa, it’s fine in particular though」
Senpai said so, but her laughing face seemed sad somehow.

「I, Ibuki……absolutely don’t leave my side!」
Having entered the room which is called the cursed space, Aizawa clung to Shinonome’s waist and shivered. She didn’t seem to have the leeway to show her pride here. Maa, because even I think it’s scary, it’s quite natural for Aizawa to be like that.
「Fufu, truly a coward-san, right? Because I won’t go anywhere, you don’t need to worry」
There’s no person who can touch Shinonome, who is a person of the upper class, at school. Therefore she looks happy somewhere since she seems to have a good impression towards Aizawa who touches her equally.
The cursed space seems to be about 30 tatami mats. Although the room is said not to be used all the time, as if the cleaning were done in fixed interval, it’s kept reasonably clean.
「As expected from being called a large room, this room is quite spacious」
「That’s right……by the way Kameno-senpai, all members of the club, in this room?」
Un. 26 people, including me, stayed at this room」
Eventually, only 2 people were alright, the remaining 24 fell into an unidentified illness.
This case, if it’s not the curse then what’s the cause……
Despite reflecting upon various thought, I still don’t know.
Rather, assuming that there’s a curse, are there any hint I can get?
Ano, the time when you stayed at this room, was there anything strange?」
「Strange? eーtto, that’s right」
Putting her fingertip on her chin, senpai stares at the ceiling, as if to re-think.
I suddenly shift my attention to the veranda. The living room we were until a while ago could be seen in the garden. The outside is dyed indigo blue more than a while ago, the orange-color lightings are lit here and there, which make the beautiful Japanese garden stand out.
「A, if it’s true」
Then senpai claps her hands, makes a “pon” sound.
「Aya-chanーー, Sakamoto-san who collapsed in the morning of the second day, The next day after she collapsed, I was worried and e-mailed her, she certainly, at that time, wrote that she saw it」
I feel a slight chill and unconsciously put myself on guard. While senpai is hesitating,
「A woman wearing a kimono……」
*gokuri* As the same time as I gulp, Aizawa hugs Shinonome even stronger. Although senpai sees that reaction and hesitates, she talks about the content of the e-mail, bit by bit.
「The night of the training camp, although Aya-chan was really tired, she seemed to wake up for some reason. Then because something entered her field of vision, after rubbing her eyes to see clearly……..a long-haired woman wearing kimono was going around the area where everyone was sleeping. Aya-chan fainted after seeing that, she seemed to have high fever when morning came」
I imagine that scene and shiver. A long-haired woman going around where I’m sleeping. It’s natural to faint after seeing that. Because such a thing happened in this room, I have gooseflesh.
「Senpai……by the way, only Sakamoto-senpai has seen it?」
U, un……the others told me noone else have seen it」
And only Sakamoto-senpai got a fever first. Wait a sec, this is seriouslyーー
「A curse, isn’t it…….?」
Hearing those words, AIzawa’s face turned pale and her line of sight is diverted to the surrounding.
「Ibuki! Let’s leave already! This is too bad as expected!」
Shinonome also doesn’t seem to have the material to be able to refute the relevant information just now, she looks down at Aizawa who is hugging her with an unusual upset state.
Soon after having grieved, Shinonome has a feeble smile as if being disgusted at herself.
「Despite wanting to unify the thought somehow or other, I came here in a meaning to clear my head, but on contrary, the mystery increased by one and became complicated」
This fellow is a neat-type bitch which is extremely clever. The current case that can even lead that Shinonome around by the nose, it’s needless to say about its extremely high degree of difficulty. Moreover, with the current series of exchange, the predicted solution has changed completely from the realistic route to unscientific route, the credibility of the curse has increased in one go.
We couldn’t formulate a valid reasoning to deny the curse, finally the case is full of confusion. At that time, unable to just watch our situation, senpai makes a proposal.
「A, that’s right. If you reach the limit of thinking, how about entering the bath for a change? Today, it’s planed to have 2 groups of tourists staying, but since they will come after going around the temples, the bath is reserved for about 2 hours. How about it?」
When I looked at Aizawa, she nodded her head many times over as if wanting to quickly leave this place in any case.
It seems like it’s already her limit.
Etto, is it fine for Shinonome too?」
When I ask with a bitter smile, she looks down at the child-like Aizawa and shrugs her shoulders lightly.
「No problem. Maybe our thought will clear if we are refreshed for a while, shall we try it?」
The air stagnate in the closed room so the temperature and humidity are high. In addition, because Shinonome have felt the warmth of Aizawa, drops of sweat were dripping from her white neck .
Fuu〜〜, outdoor bath is good as expected〜〜」
I looked at the night sky where the sun has completely set, enjoyed the reserved outdoor bath.
Though I was very tired after thinking, the fatigue seems to melt when I dipped my body in a slightly hot bath, it felt extremely good.
However, looking at the sky where the white steam is ascending, I felt melancholic.
「Sharte, is she alright being alone……」
No, I understand that she’s not alright. And yet I left my important imouto and felt good alone, I clenched my fist, felt like the worst to the extend that my stomach is crushed by the feeling of guilt I embraced.
Surely right now, she must have a meal alone on the table……
「……Because of my circumstance, I made sharte feel painful, I must do my best no matter what it takes because of that」
If I’m not, making her feel lonely is pointless. Also for the sake of changing my imouto’s sacrifice to a meaningful thing, I stop relaxing, thinking about the case this time.
However, after a short timeーー
Because of soaking in a hot bath too much, I feel slightly dizzy and the ability to think falls.
At that time, from the other side of the bamboo fence behind my back, I can hear a lively voice.
Uwa, look look, it’s real〜ly wide!」
Waa, that’s true! Although the bathroom inside is wide, the outdoor bath doesn’t lose to it!」
「Somehow, it’s like myself is being praised, so embarrassing. For now, lets go slowly」
Those were Ten-nee and Aizawa, also Kameno-senpai’s voices.
Those three were making the sound like rowing a raft and pushing the water away, they seems to sit down at a place near mine. Thanks to that, their voices begin to reach my ears clearly.
nuuー,a bath after working hard feels good」
「ahaha, thank you for your hard work, Takatora-san. But I’m sorry. In order to let us stay free of charge, you had to do your best……」
Fu, fun. It’s not like I worked hard for your sake you know? I did it for cheer club and Kousuke」
Un, I understand. But well, I also received the benefit more or less, in order not to waste Takatora-san’s effort, I will absolutely be helpful」
「……D, do as you please」
As if being overwhelmed by Aizawa’s proactive nature, Ten-nee, despite being clogged with words, spits out those words. Then, with a voice like a sulking child,
「Other than that……why yours, despite our same age, are that big… unfair」
He? Unfair you said……a」
*basha* the splashing sound can be heard. After that, Aizawa’s embarrassed voice resounds.
「I, I don’t know, they……they became big on their own. Rather, I’m envious of Takatora-san. After all, my shoulders wouldn’t be stiff if they were that small」
「Wha……! Y, you, did you say “small” just now!?」
Conversation about breasts……right? Perhaps Aizawa didn’t have any ill will, but what I heard just now sounds like a sarcasm. Ten-nee getting angry is also natural.
Hora hora Ten-chan, don’t get angry. Other than that, if you dislike being small that much, should I rub it to make it big?」
The voice of senpai’s mischievous laugh. I begin to hear it from afar.
I imagine in various ways and feel dizzy more than before, it’s my spirit that may collapse at any time (僕は色々と想像して先程よりものぼせてしまい、今にも突っ伏してしまいそうな勢 いだった。) At that time, there is a *chapu* sound at the bath where I soak, there’s a presence of something approaching (splashing sfx, kinda)
Are? The party of tourists shouldn’t have returned though. Perhaps a monkey just came?
Still closing my eyes, I think so with my hazy head. Then suddenly, close to my ear, like a suggestion,

 「Shinonome Ibuki Shinonome Ibuki Shinonome Ibuki

I looked nearby and woke up immediately, the voice which I almost raised was blocked at my mouth by a hand. That person also put her other hand in front of her face, with the forefinger standing up.
Shiー. It would be terrible if the neighbors hear it, right?」 (Shiー is just a sfx)
It’s absolutely not a monkey. It’s the charming bishoujo, Shinonome Ibuki.
*dokun dokun* While my heart throbs loudly, she gently removes her hand. With a small voice, I ask,
「Y, you……w, w, what are you doing?」
「Because it looked like Ikuno-kun was sleeping, I thought of imprinting my name on your deep consciousness and increasing your favorable impression level」
What is this fellow saying!?
She’s going to brush her hair up as always, but remembering that she has upswept hair from behind, she smiles to gloss over (彼女はいつものように髪をかきあげようとして、けれど後ろでアップにしているこ とを思いだし、取り繕うように微笑んでみせる)
Her thin, snow white body wrapped in a towel enters my field of vision no matter what, I opens my mouth widely.
「No……I, it’s not what I want to hear. Why are you in the man’s bath?」
Aa, about thatーーー」
She’s awfully cool-looking. Although I’m trembling this much, I’m not agitated at all.
She sneaks around in front of me, then looks up diagonally from below with a suspicious face. From the gap between the bath towel and her chest, peeping at the milky white, modest swellings with a tingle of red, I quickly avert my eyes.
「Bathing was a ceremony to cleanse oneself originally, you know?」
「……I, in other words, what do you want to say?」
「You, today’s after school, was marked by Aizawa-san and Takatora-san, don’t you remember?」
Marking you said……are those two cats or dogs?
Maa, I can see Ten-nee as one because of her hairdo.
「Perhaps, you are talking about when both of my arms were embraced by those two?」
Putting both legs down similarly, Shinonome soaks in the water, looking mysteriously like a fleeting fairy, she gently put the hair overflowed from the bunch to her ears.
「The smell was attached to the one who would become my pet. Therefore, in order not to let you forget who your master is, I will soak you into my smell as a purification ceremony」
Saying something incomprehensible, Shinonome clings onto me.
「O, oi, hey……stop I said!」
Ufufu. Your body is unexpectedly manly with muscle, huh?」
Doesn’t hear. Shinonome’s cheeks become loose, she hugs my right arm strongly and *surisuri* rub the tip of my shoulder with her cheek. She does the same thing to my left arm, and finally, circles her arms from my back. Her youthful, warm skin is moist, I feel embarrassed just by being touched.
「……Hai, complete」
Being whispered with a coquettish voice, I knew that my heart was beating loudly.
She unexpectedly separates from me voluntarily and moves to in front of me.
「Y, you……w, w, what are you going to do?」
Being urged to stop thinking by the confusion, my whole body becomes unnecessarily hot.
Ufu, you become red like a monkey. I don’t intend to do anything though. You are making a somewhat depressed face. Something happened?」
Should I say “as expected”?  She notices such a trivial point because she always looks at me.
I think of driving Shinonome out immediately, but that intention vanishes when she hits the bull’s eye. I don’t know why, but my mouth strangely moves when I’m in front of Shinonome.
Hora, after that letter arrived, I almost couldn’t do anything like a club president, right?」
「That’s true, you couldn’t」
Such a considerably honest fellow. Since it’s Shinonome I don’t have any complain in particular though……
「Today, I left my imouto alone and came here for the curse case. Therefore, I want to do my best no matter what. But I couldn’t seem to do anything with my true ability, so I lost my confidence a little」
「Is that so? Then please stay like that」
「I said “please stay like that”. Because, it would turn out that the solution of the request would be for the sake of the club, if you can’t solve it, Aizawa-san can’t solve it but I solve it, the favorable impression level from Ikuno-kun will increase. Therefore, please don’t do anything」
The little devil says so to make me fall and smiles *niko* in front of me.
Bitch. That fellow is seriously a bitch. It’s not an exaggeration even if I say she’s the queen dominating the top of the neat-type bitches. I’m seriously troubled. I look like laughing while crying.
The former neat-type bitch, now neat-type bitch queen Shinonome looks at me.
「I won’t change that principle though, you are the outstanding mediocre villager A who will disproportionately fight against any difficulty. (「私がその指針を変えることはないけれど、あなたはどんな困難にも分不相応に立ち 向かう平平凡凡な屈指の一般人Aよ。) Therefore, surely this time too, you will accomplish something in the end. That’s what I said. There’s no doubt」
「Shinonome, did you just cheer me……?」
「Well, I wonder? But I don’t lie. Just a little, please keep your self-confidence」
Shinonome is a woman but she’s also a flawless human whose feeble parts can’t be found.
Because I received an official guarantee from such a girl, my self-confidence gushes out, just a little.
「Thank you Shinonome. Somehow, I feel unexpectedly uplifted」
「So? Then it’s good. I’m the one who will be your owner (as a pet owner), so it’s out of the question if I couldn’t do something like that」
But, Shinonome is truly more reliable than a man like me. Aizawa who is scared of ghost and the likes is the type that I want to see and protect, but such feeling doesn’t occur in Shinonome’s case. Because this fellow is mighty (強く), strong-willed (逞しく) and splendid, a person who can keep on living alone without relying on other people. Therefore I don’t have the slightest thought of wanting to protectーー
Suddenly, an image appears in my head. The scene of Clair – Amami-senpai’s pet cat, finding obaa-chan’s memento and licking it *peropero*. Seeing that, Shinonome, in the corner of the single room……
I ask as I want to confirm the truth no matter what.
「……nee Shinonome, you. When Clair’s case was solved, did you cry?」
Somehow, I understood whether she would react. Just as I thought, Shinonome glares at me with a cold gaze as if to say absolutely don’t misunderstand.
「I didn’t cry」
「Don’t say the same thing. I’m the successor of Shinonome conglomerate, not a frail human who sheds tears with such a trivial thing. It’s impossible that the human who stands and shoulders that house would cry」
I heard a partly correct answer.
Shinonome is in fact a shy person, and so she’s a contrary person. In Clair’s case, I’m sure that because she didn’t want us to see her tear-stained face, she left to the corner alone.
No, it’s not such a simple story, isn’t it? Shinonome lost her parents early and was raised strictly to be the heir by her oji-san. Perhaps she’s not allowed to cry in public. Therefore, that time, she couldn’t also rely on me like Aizawa, she had no choice but to cry alone in the corner to not show anyone her weakness……
A, are……what is this? It’s like, my chest suddenly became hot.
When I look at Shinonome, the beating gradually becomes vigorous. Perhaps because of a long bath, my body warms up from its core. I decided to think so forcibly.
「Other than that, Ikuno-kun」
Being shrouded by the steam, Shinonome’s grim expression loosens. Drops of water sliding on the black hair and soft fair skin were wet because of the steam increases the sexiness, being experienced that her existence itself is indecent, I unintentionally pull back.
「The answer of this request, did you already understand?」
She should know even without hearing that. Feeling a little frustrated, I ask back.
「By the way, do Shinonome know? Just a while ago you said it was confusing though」
「Me? Maa, the majority of the answer has come out. But the identity of the woman coming out during the curse is at the bottleneck. If only I understand that, the solution should be settled though」
Shinonome knows the answer somehow. Although I wanted to assist for Sharte’s sake, but if it’s like this, it doesn’t seem to be my turn this time too. I admire Shinonome who exhibits high ability as usual and laughs at myself, wanting to resign. Butーー
Ara. When I though you would have a dejected face after being beaten by me, you suddenly showed a strong expression. What kind of wind is blowing I wonder?」 (lit: a strange turn of events that is rarely seen)
I scoop the hot water and splendidly splash it on my face, smile 「nothing」 and wipe my forehead with my hand.
「But, I only thought of wanting to try my best to regain the tranquility of the club. It’s because the one who made that place was me. Besides, I made my imouto feel hurt. If I don’t contribute to the solution of the case in any form, I have no face to meet my imouto. Therefore, I absolutely won’t give up」
As if being a bit dizzy, she’s blushing subtly and somehow casting down her eyes happily. 「Ikuno-kun, I will say one thing first. I will solve this case. But don’t be disappointed. Each person has a role. The role only for Aizawa-san, the role only for me, and then, the role only for Ikuno-kun. Therefore, you should find the thing that’s only for yourself」 「The thing that’s only for myself……」
Aizawa have a sharp intuition, but perhaps because she’s scared, she can’t show her strength
in the requests like this time. As Shinonome said just now, the potentiality of her leading to the solution of this curse case is high.
Then, me?
Is there something? The thing only for me. (何かないか。僕にしか、とは言わないまでも、今やるべきこと。)
The sound of flapping wings of the insects flying nearby can by heard by the ears of me who is swimming in the sea of thought while closing my eyes. After being guided by that sound and arrived at the one answer, I begin to ask Shinonome.
「Shinonome, I want to ask one thing」
「Please」 (douzo)
「Kameno-senpai, did you say that she’s on good terms with the student council president?」
「Yes, it’s like fellow popular people being on good terms. Until when I entered the student council to help, it seems like Kameno-senpai helped the president besides doing club activities. Therefore, I knew her name before meeting the person herself」
With a purposely demure attitude, Shinonome says.
「Is that so……thank you」
Thanking with a heartless tone (as in saying thank but not thankful in heart), I connect point to point to pull in a line of light I felt in my head. (心ここにあらずな口調でお礼を言い、僕は頭の中で感じた一筋の光を手繰り寄せる ように点と点を結合させていく。) Then, when it almost certainly became a lineーー
「A, as expected Ibuki-chan was heree〜」
「Ara. It looks like you realized」
Wearing (巻き) the towel on her head and putting on (装着する) the bath towel, senpai appears from the entrance of the open bath. 「You entered together with Kousuke-kun. Nice mixed bathing, let me mix in too♪」
「A, wait senpai……!」
From the back of senpai who began to run, Ten-nee, who put on (纏い) the bath towel similarly and collected her hair together beautifully, appeared. But then, the bath towel which covers senpai’s well-developed body gently loosens. (all three words above have the “wear” meaning, I don’t know the difference between them tho)
The time flows in slow motion. The moment those huge breasts like Holstein (German cow race) from the inside of the wrapped cloth are slowly exposed, the mystical bumps in the centre enter my vision.
I received an eye poke by Shinonome who was having a broad smile in the front. A sharp pain like being pierced to the back of my head runs, I hold both of my eyes down and shout painfully.
「Stop a sec……Ten-chan, where are you touching」
「No, I mean senpai, if I separate my hand, you might be seen by Koususe you know!? O, oi, Aizawa Manaha, you are behind, right! Find the towel since I’m busy!」
「E……wa, wait a sec!」
It seems like Aizawa also comes, I can hear her voice as if she worries about here. (worry about him being poked in the eyes)
Soon after that, the disturbance is settled. Right now, I’m being surrounded by three bishoujo in the mixed bath.
「Shinonome Ibuki, when I realized you weren’t there, you was stealing a march, unforgiveable!」
I massage my eyeballs which are suffering a dull pain to reduce the damage.
Ten-nee entwines my arm without restrain.
To be honest, without this pain, I must have been deep red after being conscious of these three.
Ara, despite undressing at the women’s bath’s dressing room, no one told me to enter that, right?」
「Uu, such sophism…..since childhood, Kousuke took a bath together with me. Entering the bath with you, Kousuke wasn’t delighted at all!」
「Maa, maa. Keep it down Ten-chan. Because Ibuki-chan-tachi have been trying their best to solve this case, other than being thankful, getting mad is no good」
Senpai gently persuade her junior. After a little silence, Ten-nee, with a small voice as if admitting her fault.
「S, sorry……it’s as senpai said」
「Un un. I like Ten-chan who is obedient. Being conscious as an ACE, the most zealous about practicing more than anyone in the club, I appreciate it very much」
「Senpai……nu……s, somehow……it’s embarrassing」
Since childhood, Ten-nee has always been embarrassed when she’s praised. My eyesight has come back, Ten-nee enters my field of vision which becomes blurry because of tears. She who clings closely to me is being bashful as her cheeks become vermilion. 「Kameno-senpai, is Takatora-san such a hard worker?」
「It’s true. Ten-chan is stoic like me, a child who think there’s completely no problem with doing club activities even in holidays. Therefore, in the club, she’s always support me」
Completely no problem even in holidays huh, quite hard isn’t it? While it may be true, it’s not the reason why everyone collapsed though. Ten-nee also said that at the day of the training camp, everyone returned after the practice was healthy and played cards after that. As a veteran school about cheer, I think such training is normal.
Are……other than that, where’s Aizawa?」
Noticing that she’s here, I ask without looking at those three as much as possible. But of course, the white skins enter my visual field, it’s usual that my chest is throbbing……
「If it’s Aizawa, she’s there the whole time」
Scooping the hot water and putting it on her slender shoulder, Shinonome points at the entrance of the open air bath. From the partly opened door, Aizawa who shows her face slightly is looking here with an embarrassed face.
She lets out a cute sneeze. Perhaps, she has been there like that for a long time?
「Aizawa-san, you will catch a cold unless you enter soon」
To Shinonome’s seemingly worry words, Aizawa squeezes out her voice nervously as if hesitating.
「B, But……such a thing like entering the bath with a man……isn’t it unnatural?」
Having upswept hair similar to Shinonome, Aizawa becomes red while averting her eyes.
「It’s, very ecchi……why is everyone, so calm like that?
Usually, isn’t such a thing is for after marriage……?」
After a short silence, she looks downward, saying a few words alone. (しばし沈黙があり、彼女は悩んだ末に俯き、所在なさげにポツリと言う。)
「Maybe, I’m the strange one…… 」
Uun. Aizawa, you are right Although I miss the timing to leave, it’s obviously not usual that these three are enjoying the current situation. You can have confidence in yourself.
Fun. It’s useless for you who keep company with various men to act like a pure heart person. Even with that, Kousuke won’t be swayed」
「Mo, mou, why does it turn out like that!? I said I’m not aiming at Ikuno!」
That’s correct. Such a thing like a bishoujo gyaru who is prided for her high popularity in school like Aizawa loving me is like the heaven and earth being overturned, impossible. This is not a light novel. (err, wut?)
「But Aizawa-chan, you keeping company with various men and being well-versed in love is the truth, right? Then I think this much is nothing though」
Perhaps, the “being well-versed with men” story that entered Senpai’s ears is the rumor from that meeting.
Etto……I, I」
Aizawa doesn’t deny. After all, for the sake of her gyaru friends who believed her, she swore to make her lie become true by repeatedly having a date with me.
「……I, I’m entering」
Biting her lips straight like the 一 (ichi/1) character, Aizawa has a stern face as if scolding her weak self With her long and slender bare legs which were always wrapped by a pair of loose socks, *zunzun* she walks to here (sfx: quickly/rapidly) However, after several steps, when her eyes met mine, ** Aizawa became red.
She immediately turns to the left. Moving with a quick pace to the edge of the open air bath, she turned her back on at the farthest place from us and submerged to her shoulder in the bath. She seems apologetic,
「I, Ikuno. Don’t be offended by this. Different from everyone, I’m the only bad one……」
Aizawa doesn’t seem to have the composure, but to be able to handle her feeling until this time, she’s really a gentle girl. (ないだろうに、こんな時まで気が遣える愛沢って本当に優しい子だ。)
Despite being weak at ecchi thing, I think she’s doing her best fine.
With a warm gaze like encouraging, I continued to stare at her exposed white nape.

「With that being the case, I think of having Ikuno-kun stay at the cursed place」
Dinner time. In front of the tray (お膳, the four-legged tray for festive food) while in yukata, we hear Shinonome’s words and stop our chopsticks.
Having become dizzy after having a mixed bathing with beautiful girls, I’m sitting in front of the fan.
Etto……are you seriously saying that?」
「Of course. Ikuno-kun also said a while ago right? That you want to be useful, to solve the case. Because each person has their own role, I think of entrusting the responsibility for actual combat for a boy like you」
Oi, am I the fire sister from somewhere? (おいどこのファイアー姉妹だよ僕は。) Where’s the one responsible for planning……? (smell like monogatari-series to me)
Somehow I feel like I was splendidly put into this condition. However
「Understood. If I’m fine, I’ll gladly accept」