Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 2 Chapter 5 part2

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In an air-conditioned car, I became uneasy and was restless.
It’s not because of the nervousness as I’m in a particularly high-class limousine.
「Ikuno-kun, are you worrying about imouto-san?」
Asked by Shinonome, I reluctantly recalled what happened a while ago.

After that, I returned home and finished preparing, the limousine in which Shinonome and Aizawa took a ride came to pick me up. And, while the luggage was loaded by the driver.
「Nii-san, you really go」
The figure of Sharte wearing the uniform came out from the house. I can’t see that face directly.
「Yesterday, Nii-san also said that you had an important errant with the guys in the club and left the house.
And today too, you are going somewhere? Furthermore, overnight」
「Sorry. It’s the business that I can’t slip away no matter what」
That moment, the window of the limousine’s rear seat opened.
「Ikuno-kun. This area seems to be a No Parking one, so it will help if you hurry a little」
Shinonome said so and closed the window, Sharte saw that and returned her eyes to me,
「That woman……what does she mean?」
Sharte’s expression and tone were always quiet without change.
But to me, she was mad and seemed like a wife questioning about affairs.
Etto……there is a deep reason for this ー first of all, the one who is about to break the promise of always be together is me, I know it’s bad. However, I must go no matter what. Therefore until tomorrow, can’t you do your best and be together with Yaga somehow?」
「Yaga, hasn’t come back since his leaving yesterday」
A, that reminds me, last evening Sharte did tell me that.
Then, does it mean Sharte is completely alone?
Once again breaking the promise with my important imouto, I felt guilty so much.
However, I will cause trouble to Shinonome-tachi if I don’t hurry.
After thinking thoroughly, I strongly lowered my head.
「ーーSorry Sharte! When I return, I will properly explain today’s thing!」
Shaking of Sharte who extended her hand, which seems to hot on my heels, I entered the car. Soon the limousine departed quietly without a sound, I worriedly turned my head back.
Standing alone in front of the house, my imouto murmured something, she rapidly became tiny.
Understanding what Sharte was saying, I felt pain in my chest even more.

ーーplease don’t, leave me aloneーー
At that time, perhaps Sharte said so.
Surely, she remembered the fear of being isolated and must have trembled.
Since I have such confidence, I’m driven by the feelings of remorse and want to immediately return. But it’s impossible for the club president not to go although the literature club was responsible for the request.
……Sharte, really sorry.
Tomorrow I will absolutely return earlier than usual, and will listen to any selfishness.
Then, Aizawa who looked around the interior of the limousine in an excited state said.
「Ikuno’s imouto is reallly cute! She’s really white, looks like a foreigner.」
「That’s true. She’s like a doll and doesn’t resemble Ikuno at all」
On the high-quality seats installed on the left and right sides, the two girls who sat opposite to each other are still wearing their uniforms. Sitting on the back seat, because I also hurried, I’m still in my uniform and can only smile wryly after hearing the words of those two. Maa, is it not necessary to say that we are not connected by blood? Aizawa, just a little, is a natural airhead so she doesn’t seem to understand, but Shinonome seems to guess the circumstance and purposely spills it (流して: spill/let it flow/circulate)
Soon the car leaves the downtown of Urotan city and approaches Ujibashi which connects to the neighboring town (Uji-bridge) When we cross over the bridge and go through the tunnel, different from Urotan where only buildings stand out, mountains forming the ridgeline and the tranquil rural landscape spread out.
Nee, look look Ikuno! There are lots of greeneries♪」
Because Aizawa who pointed at the outside turns back innocently, I smile instead of replying, then Aizawa also smiles in return. Somehow, currently it looks like the exchange with a lover character whose favorable impression is at max, it’s embarrassing.
But leaving me who blushes alone, Aizawa directs that smile to Shinonome this time.
「Ibuki, certainly this is Kuriyamachou, where Kameno-senpai’s home is, right?」 (Kuriyama city)
「Yes, the evidence is the great number of temples, you know? Kuriyama is the sacred ground with 88 shrine talismans. Therefore, there seems to be many pilgrims」 (okay, 栗山は八十八の札所がある霊場なの, there is something about Japanese religious stuff that I don’t know here, the 札 is the paper posted on the shrine pillars by pilgrims afaik)
After seeing Shinonome’s gentle face when she watches over Aizawa who is brimming with curiosity, I also look outside.
「That’s true. Surely, lots of temples can be seen. Rather, although I’m living next to, I didn’t know Kuriyamachou is such a place」
「Ahaha. Ikuno, it’s the same for me」
「By the way, in the relationship with the great number of pilgrims, there seems to be a lot of ryokan too. Kameno ryokan also received such blessing and prospered」
While talking, we reaches the center of Kuriyama-chou. The souvenir shops form a line on both sides of the road, the white-clothing old people who I thought to be pilgrims stand out. On a plot of land of the line, Kamero ryokan stands.
The car stops at the white stone paving footpath, we come down and the driver unloads the luggage.
「Thank you Jiiya (爺や). Again, tomorrow morning, please pick us up」
I and Aizawa also thank the driver and see the car leave.
And, after passing through the splendid gate of the ryokan.
Uwa, what a very big Shinto shrine!」
Before our eyes, before coming to the straight branch road, a huge white torii (shinto shrine archway) was built.
Continue after that is a long stairs with more than 100 steps.
「……I, if I’m told to climb that, perhaps I will be exhausted midway」
「Agree. Perhaps, isn’t this the biggest Shinto shrine in this area, I wonder?」
When Aizawa smiles wryly, Shinonome says so and smile.
After having looked at the heart-breaking stair for a while, we crossed the threshold of Kameno ryokan.

Haai, here’s the tea」
Having gone through the (western style) living room from which the Japanese-style garden can be seen, we received the serving tea from Kameno-senpai
「a, thank you (doumo). Thank you for your courteousness」
「Please don’t mind. You cooperate to solve the case. This much is natural」
Senpai, who serves customer as a waitress dressed in kimono, after lining up the tea cakes and tea, lowers the tray to the side.
That one-by-one action is polished, indicating that it’s not something that can be learned in a brief space of time.
「But I’m sorry. It looks like we are able to be lodged in, free of charge」
「Please don’t mind that either. Because it’s fine if I and Ten-chan offer our labor」
When Senpai discuss with her parents, look like it’s the condition.
Because Ten-nee came to the ryokan together with senpai, right now she’s already working in the building. Aizawa ruffles her beautiful, thin eyebrows, tightens her expression and clenches her fist *gyuu*
「because you did this far for us, it’s not good if we don’t try and solve the case! Although I’m weak at scary things, I will try」
It’s as Aizawa said. While sticking a confident smile, I say, (僕は自信なさげな笑みを張りつけつつ、)
Un, I don’t know if I can be helpful, but I intend to do my best」
「Oh well. It’s impossible to answer this kindness, other than showing the result」
「Thank you. But it will be rough even if you do your best, please enjoy the tea for the time being」
We enjoy the barley tea in the spacious Japanese-style room where the wind bell resounds.
The sun gradually goes down, when the surroundings begin to be dyed in faint indigo blue, Shinonome goes into the main issue.
「Kameno-senpai, then immediately, I’m thinking of beginning the investigation of the case. Firstly, that’s right」
After Shinonome slightly looks downward, as if thinking over,
「The day of the training camp, is there really no food poisoning, no one among the guests whose physical condition seemed bad, do you have something that can prove it?」
Eetto. Because I only heard from the employees that there was no one in strange condition, I can’t prove it directly」
「If that’s so, can you bring everyone who can prove it?」
「It’s fine but……you will have to hear the stories of about ten people. Is it alright?」
Ten people huh……?
As expected, it seems hard to hear the same thing from that much people.
Aizawa, as if thinking so, make a “let’s do our best”- meaning gesture despite smiling bitterly. But thenーー
「Hihi. If so, I’m alone is enough」
From I and Aizawa’s back, a hoarse voice can be heard suddenly, she then embraces me.
「W, who is it……!?」
When I looked back, at the back of the tatami room where the fusuma (Japanese sliding screen) was left open, an old, small obaa-san wearing the wafuku (Japanese clothes) was doing seiza.
「O, obaba-chan Mou, everyone is surprised! 」
「Obaba-chan……a, then, this ryokan’s」
「That’s right. The active okami who looked after this ryokan from the young time」 (女将 = landlady/mistress/hostess/proprietress)
The petite okami-san who replies to my words slowly stands up and moves to this room.
Although her posture bended a little, the movement was firm, the hair which was gathered beautifully with an ornamental hairpin and the wafuku which didn’t have a wrinkle were eye-catching, from the way she moved, it could be feel that she was an expert.
「Then, the good-looking ojou-san over there. Do you have something to ask me?」
Look to the left from me, okami-san who sat down near the corridor where the garden can be seen asks Shinonome.
「By no way am I a good-looking girl, okami-san」
Hohoho. Nice talking. Beautiful girls who put on air like you, true feeling must be different despite saying so. In the past, the evil-natured woman who seduced my husband was also that type」
T, this okami-san, awesome!
Seeing through Shinonome as a bitch in one shot. She didn’t grow old just for show……
「Obaba-chan, what are you saying! S, sorry, Ibuki-chan」
Even the nonchalantly-natured senpai becomes flustered, Aizawa also stares at Shinonome very worriedly.
「Ibuki…..are you ok?」
However, Shinonome smiles broadly.
「It’s nothing. Other than that, okami-san, is it alright to answer me?」
「Hou, your guts is also thick……you will surely be a big-shot in the future」
Okami-san grinned and slapped her knee *pon*.
「You want to know the things in the training camp of my grandchild, right? That time, I was sure that there wasn’t any guest who was food-poisoned, there wasn’t anyone whose condition seemed bad at the time of entering and leaving」
「Can I ask the base of that affirmation?」
Being called by Shinonome, Okami-san clears her throat *kohon*.
「I’ve become the okami here for few decades, in the busy weekends, I would always wait in the reception desk and meet the visitors, or see them off. If the guest’s condition seems bad, I will notice immediately. Besides, the management of the ingredients used in the dishes are done strictly by me. During the times as a working okami, not even one case of food-poisoning happened」
After hearing the story, Shinonome lightly lowers her head.
Okami-san, thank you very much. The point that there was no food-poisoning or anyone holding strange illness, I think the majority of it was proven just now」
「Hoho. Is that so? It’s more than anything that I seems to be able to help」 (お役に立てたようで何よりさね, not sure)
The thing Shinonome would do now is a close investigation of whether or not the information gotten from Kameno-senpai was correct. In other words, it’s necessary to check another one. I ask.
「Senpai, whether or not the set menu in the training camp wasn’t harder than usual practice, can you prove it, other than by yourself?」 (means can someone else prove it)
Thus, by settling the information to cut it down, the prediction range of the solution will be narrowed and found out.
This is the method Shinonome taught me. When I look at her, she looks downward and her lips becomes loose.
「I’m no good, right? Then, because right now everyone has collapsed, there’s no other way but having Ten-chan testify. But because the ryokan is large, right now where she’s working is……」
It’s troublesome if we must find her……
There are several buildings, and they seem to be quite wide.
At that time, something appeared, seemed to slide on the open corridor (縁側の廊下), stopped in front of the living room.
Haa……although I thought of going together with Kousuke after school, cleaning alone is unlucky」
*funyan* Hanging the beast-ear-like hair downward, the petite small girl sighs with a seemingly lonely face. (imagine the ears of a cat which looks really sad, that’s how her hair looks like) Both sleeves of Ten-nee’s wafuku were rolled up and tucked with a tasuki, the hem was raised and she was cleaning with a cloth. (search google image for たすきがけ)
「Ten-nee. It was just good. We are looking for you」
When I called out, Ten-nee was startled and looked at me. The girl whose eyes opened wide and irises narrowed stood up and blushed at the same time.
「a, etto, Kousuke……you are, here…… It’s, unexpected」
Understanding that the remark just now was heard by everyone, she grabs the dust cloth tightly with full of strength. Since it’s poor to mention, I ask at once.
「I want to ask Ten-nee something. The practice menu at the time of the training camp, is it not harder than normal club activities?」
For example, even if it was considerably hard, I can’t think that they would absent from school for many days. However, I will hear our anyway to go to the next reasoning after smashing this route certainly,
「U, un. There wasn’t such a thing…… That day was also hot, so club president let us have a break frequently and take rehydration. Therefore when the practice finished and after returning to the room too, everyone were playing card and seemed healthy. However, in the morning of the second day, only Sakamoto-senpai collapsed, after confirming the development in the midst of everyone else’s break, the dinner was a bit difficult」
「……I see」
Then like Senpai said, the practice itself wasn’t hard. Perhaps, Sakamoto-senpai’s physical condition, because of working too hard alone, was disturbed.
「It led to the consultation. Thank you Ten-nee」
「If so, it’s good. E, etto……then, since I’m busy, excuse me」
Worrying about everyone’s gaze, Ten-nee hurriedly takes the cleaning posture, disappears straight from the place with her reddened ears. (the “get on all fours, raise the butt and push the cloth forward to clean the dust” posture)
In the past, Ten-nee was always magnificent, but that sort of feeling right now, by lowering her self-confident, my desire to protect is stimulated, or more precisely, cute and not badーーtte, it’s not. (昔はいつでも堂々としていた天姉だけど、今のああいう感じ、自信なさげで庇護欲 をそそられるというか、可愛くて悪くないな——って、それは措いといて。)
「Shinonome, since just now, there are proof that everyone in the club didn’t collapse because of the fatigue from the training camp, food poisoning or infected illness inside the building, right?」
「Yes, the likelihood of everything is low so there seems to be no problem. But, right……Kameno-senpai, was Sakamoto-san’s illness not something that boasts high-infection rate to other people?」
Un. In the email with Aya-chan, she wrote that the doctor said it was just common summer cold. Therefore, it’s hard to think that it infected everyone」
「Is that so……then just as Ikuno-kun said, I think that those three entries are proved to be outside of the list, we can exclude them」
Having gotten the consent, with this, without looking aside, we move to the next reasoning.
However, speaking of the next thing come to mind.
「Then, the curse is the cause after all……?」
To Aizawa who was frightened and said so, I can only keep silent.
「I don’t want to think so very much, but it’s also the fact that there’s no other good idea coming to mind. For now, okami-san, can we also hear the origin of the cursed room?」
「I don’t mind. The grandchild who worked hard at her boring club activities and the like even in her days off and didn’t help me enough is unusually helping like this. I’ll specially tell you since I’m in a good mood」
Senpai’s drooping eyes turned sharp and glared at okami-san.
Perhaps, those two were on bad terms?
Since okami-san doesn’t mind and is about to begin talking, Aizawa leans a little close to me.
「A story of the Edo era. From that time, by visiting all temples in the land of Kuriyama on the 12th day, then going to the opposite huge shrine – Suwa shrine, it was supposed that one’s wish would come true. And then」 ( 当時から栗山の地は全札所を十二日のうちに回り、向かいの大きな神社-諏訪神社へ参ることで) 
「To share that world profit (現世利益), people stayed at the room in question and went around the sacred ground. Is that the continuation?」
Ho, you are sharp」
Praising Shinonome, okami-san chuckles with only one eye opened and continues.
「A pair of youth called Kihachi and Hatsu stayed. Because of the difference in social status, it was a pilgrimage, wishing to be tied together peacefully. But along the way, Hatsu’s foot was sprained, they didn’t match the day when the wish could be fulfilled. Those two understood the meaning and despaired, thenーー」
「……in that room, they ended their life」
Shinonome says with a serious look, okami-san makes a plum with her chin and nods (literally, search google image 顎に梅干しを作って)
「At that time, lovers suicide seemed to be popular. After having helped Hatsu to hang herself, Kihachi ripped his throat with a dagger for self-protection. When it was discovered, in the room where the girl’s corpse was swaying, even the ceiling was wet by Kihachi’s blood ー that’s all of the story associated with the curse」
The calm time of the dusk, coupled with the quiet sound of the insects, make my back feel a chill. As if because okami-san was here, Aizawa didn’t cling to me like the time in the clubroom, she endured it by only grasping the hem of my shirt.
「……Speaking of the period when lovers suicide was popular, there is the Genroku era when the lovers suicide-type drama (浄瑠璃, some kind of ancient Japanese drama) was popular because of Chikamatsu Monzaemon. It was about 300 years ago」
「Such past story was circulated until now, it’s amazing……」
Aizawa finally separates her hands from my clothes and smiles bitterly. Though she’s truly scared, Aizawa pretends to be tough. Perhaps, it would rapidly become embarrassing if only herself become frightened.
「The story just now is what I heard from my mother. Until the times of my mother, it seemed like there were guests staying there, but all of the guests staying there had their physical conditions destroyed. Therefore, it hasn’t been used until now, but an unreasonable child let the young children stay there」
Then, she look at senpai with a sidelong glance full of sarcasm.
「B, because! I didn’t believe it so it can’t be helped」
Hoho, Ayumu immediately gets mad. Not suited for the head of the organization. I’m afraid whether I could entrust this ryokan. Rather, I have a hunch that I should leave it to that child called Kurashima」
「……Why does the name of Yuki-chan appear here? Certainly, Yuki-chan is a good, hard-working girl. Therefore, I understand that while serving customers, obaachan was pleased and had a long talk with her. However, I also said that I would succeed the ryokan before. Isn’t it a bit cruel?」
Fun. Then don’t join the club activities and the like, and you should help the ryokan. Although you said you would do it in moderation, it looked like you tried too hard in the club activities the other days and collapsed. Look like right now, you have recovered, but the child called Kurashima has also grieved. She said Ayumu stubbornly worked too hard so it was serious 」
「Certainly, I have troubled Yuki-chan. But, it’s unrelated to obaachan, right?」
Crap, before we know, it becomes a quarrel.
First of all, I should stop them (not sure about this とりあえず止めさせて聞くこと聞かないと)
「A, ano! Other than that, okami-san!」
Uu, perhaps because of the wisdom of age, her angry face is also intense……
Etto……is it true that the people staying would die within ten days?」
「That story, huh? Maa, I heard that story from mother. Actually, I don’t know whether they died or not. Anyhow, immediately when my mother became the bride (of this house), that room hasn’t been used」
Then, we actually don’t know what will happen to everyone of the club when ten days pass.
The current state, about the high fever with unknown cause and many people collapsed, I can only think of the curse. Just like this then I have a hunch that it would be dangerous tomorrow, the tenth day.
Nee Ikuno, what should we do? If the curse is really the cause, it would be ugly if we don’t do the oharai……」
Un…..but, it’s impossible since it costs money」
I don’t believe the curse, but I’m pushed by the situation and become weak-kneed.
The one who can pull us, is Shinonome after all.
「Ikuno-kun, Aizawa-san, you don’t need to make such a worried face. First of all, staying here like this is useless, so let’s look at the cursed space. During that time, a different reasoning may occur」
I and Aizawa are surprised. Because, it’s indeed scary to enter it in the current situation.
Hohoho. An interesting ojou-san, as expected. Hore (hey), Ayumu. It’s your long-awaited. (せっかくなんだ) Guide them to the room. Without any clue like this, it would be bad if the girls the other days die, right?」
「……I understand even if obaa-chan doesn’t say」
Senpai, whose shoulders tremble by the imprudent remark, controls her anger somehow and stands up.
「Everyone, let’s go. I will guide you to the room」
Senpai, who shows a grim expression as if the usual gentle behavior is a lie, quickly leaves the living room. Shinonome follows, just before Aizawa is about to leave the room, okami-san says.
「Hou. Nice waist and buttocks similar to Ayumu’s. In the future, it looks like you will give birth to healthy child」
*pat* the surprised Aizawa hides her buttocks with both hands and turns back.
「However, ojou-san……fuumu, you have the face I don’t know. Usually, if I see a face,
I will know whether one is the type that deceives men, or the type that is deceived by men」
Okami-san guessed right that Shinonome was a bitch, but seeing through Aizawa is hard?
Though I think it’s different, because she hasn’t returned my important manga……which one is it?
Ano, I……e, excuse me!」
After loitering her eyes around, the blushing Aizawa shakes her hairdo and follow Shinonome-tachi.
Having a troubled smile, I nodded lightly to okami-san and left the place.

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