Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 2 epilogue

「A, here you are. Ibuki-chan and Kousuke-kun, enter this VIP room」
Sunday 5 days later, the day of the school festival.
Having finished our business with the maid cafe in the busy lunch time, I and Shinonome came to the cosplay cafe Kameno-senpai’s class exhibits. As the gratitude for the other days, we can order food and drink with no charge
Ua, this is quite like a genuine VIP room」
Un, amazing, right? It’s just at a “to play around” level, but to make it like this, everyone tried really hard」
In a corner which was divided by the classroom’s curtain, there were a set of red wine-colored, seemingly high class sofa and a short leg table which seems to be used by nobles, various first-class equipments, which seems to be brought from multiple houses, were placed nearby, and a red carpet was spread on the floor too.
「It surely looks nice. It feels somewhat like my house」
Shinonome smoothly praises, although it sounds like a flattery.
Shinonome’s house is perhaps more than this……I feel like wanting to see once.
We sat on the sofa as recommended by Kameno-senpai.
「Other than that, Ibuki-chan, that outfit really suits you, soooo cute」
The motif of the maid costume Aizawa designed was from “Alice in wonderland” story, a cute outfit made from clothes with refreshing color – white and light blue. (google image 不思議の国のアリス for image about this kind of clothing)
Because it is worn by a Shinonome, a high-level Yamato Nadeshiko, the outfit’s charm is furthermore polished, so it looks like an excessively lovely and gorgeous thing.
「Thank you for praising it. Perhaps because of Aizawa-san’s good taste, the customers entering was also flourishing. However, I think senpai’s outfit is also really fantastic」
This fellow Shinonome, she is a devil when she’s with me, but she’s completely like an angel just now.
Completely feigning friendliness, I’m sure no one has noticed she’s a two-faced bitch.
Senpai who was praised was being bashful while smiling.
「Thank you〜♪ A, but you know, because the exposure is a bit too much, I can feel lots of men’s gaze……maa, because I like being conspicuous so it’s not unpleasant in particular though」
Senpai’s outfit is the so-called bunny girl. Rabbit ears attached on her head, and the sexy leotard which exposed her deep cleavage.
This was properly OK-ed by the school, huh?
Moreover, the destructive power increases as the glamour Kameno-senpai wears it, the rich pheromone and the obscenity around her will enchant anyone who continues to look straight at her.
「Please be careful. Since a while ago, Ikuno-kun has only look at Senpai’s breasts」
Ha!? I, I, I didn’t look!」
Kuso, my obvious discomposure would expose that. Frankly speaking, I did see though, because I love the 2D huge-breasts onee-san so my soul reacted. It can’t be helped
Thinking perhaps I was charmed, I timidly peek at senpai’s expression.
Senpai who is looking at me with her characteristic tereme (drooping eyes) like thinking something soon comes close in front of me.
「You know, other guys look at me with dangerous, ecchi eyes. It’s scary
so I don’t do something like this……but despite being stared by Kousuke-kun,
somehow it doesn’t feel dangerous at all, so you can specially look more carefully♥」
Despite being stared by meーーshe says something similar to Aizawa’s.
There should be many other quiet men, but am I the only one among them who has the harmless aura?
The moment I can calmly think about it, Senpai leans forward in front of me, the seemingly overflowing, melon-like swellings begin to shake happily *purunpurun*, making me blush.
Horahoraa, they are amazing, right, Kousuke-kun? Breasts can shake this much〜 Because the summer is hot, when they shake like this……the heat inside the cleavage will fly away」
The Holstein-grade milk tanks bounce, create afterimages and shake up and down indecently *tabutabu*
A, as expected of the unconscious-type natural airhead bitch. This way of unconsciously appealing her own sex appeal wildly and pointlessly seducing men is exactly like a bitch.
「A, ano……senpai, I think this service is a bit bad……」
Ee, what’s wrong? Kousuke-kun, Don’t hold back, you can look much more. Horaa〜♪」
This too sensational scene. Having a hallucination like my blood is regurgitating, I pinch my nose with both hands. Then the nearby Shinonome, with an extremely calm expression,
「Ikuno-kun, I wonder if you know? Around tonight, it seems like the Herdsmen’s meteor shower can be seen. It looks like a minus 5 magnitude bolide can also be seen, so it’s worth taking a glance, it was what reported in the news」 (according to wikipedia, the lower the magnitude, the brighter the bolide/shooting star is, with the brightest is at minus 9)
「……Shinonome, why do you suddenly talk about star?」
However, without answering my question, she only smiled sweetly and said this.
「It’s good to see it, that star」

「It’s good to see it, that star」

In other words, it seems like Shinonome wants to say this.
Before me who will be your master, if you are more carried away than this, I will delete you tonightーー
ーーーif it’s like this, it’s certain that I will be killed by Shinonome!
I hurriedly grasped Senpai’s bare shoulders and stopped the shaking milk tanks.
「Kousuke-kun, it’s already alright?」
「I beg you, please stop, please. O, other than that, can we order?」
「a……that’s right. Then, please look here and decide the dish you want to order」
The two of us look at the menu and order.
Having taken the order, senpai disappears to the other side of the curtain, and the unpleasant time with Shinonome flows. However, she didn’t torment me with words. Instead, she stepped on my foot……
Soon the curtains open as someone enters, so Shinonome’s foot tormenting ends. 「Thank you for waitingーーtte, are……the literature club’s……」
「Amami-senpai……you are in the same class as Kameno-senpai?」
「U, un. I’m in the same class as Ayumu-chan. She always listens to my consultation so we are really close」
Exactly because she consulted Kameno-senpai, she came to the literature club, it was like that. Rather, as if she’s still thinking I’m a pervert, senpai pulls back while holding the tray. By the way, she’s cosplaying as a Miko, the hakama is obviously shorter than the uniform’s skirt, so she seems to slightly mind me.
Despite minding my gaze, senpai lines up the cake set of Shinonome, then 「Thank you for waiting!……are, isn’t that Kousuke!?」
「E, why is Ten-nee working in the third-year’s classroom……!?」
「That’s true. However, other than that, such an amazingly cute appearance, aren’t you, Takatora-san?」
「……Shinonome Ibuki, you are also together with Kousuke today too, huh?」
Ten-nee glares sharply with a glint at Shinonome, but after recalling the words she was told, her cheeks are dyed crimson.
nuu……don’t look, too much…… I, I……it’s not like, I’m wearing this because I like it……」
The volume reduced at the end of the sentence, Ten-nee’s small body is squirming while she’s still holding the tray. Having an appearance befitting the name “Takatora Tenko”, she’s wearing an obscene panties which is like a tiger-striped bloomers, and her chest is covered with the same tiger-striped bikini, the cute navel is in full view. There are tiger’s ears on her head, as well as tiger’s tail at her buttocks. Embarrassed at the high-exposure appearance, Ten-nee’s face becomes redder.
「Takatora-san, because the cheer club’s outfit also has lots of exposure, you don’t have to be that embarrassed, do you?」
「Cheer’s outfit is for healthy club activities. However, this is somehow……erotic」
Un, somehow I understand what she wants to say.
Despite her embarrassing, ecchi appearance, Ten-nee lines up my portion of the table.
Then Kameno-senpai came, and treated me and Shinonome ice tea.
「Because we were slightly short of manpower, Ten-chan helped usーーOther than that, I’m bothered, but why Aizawa-chan isn’t here?」
Because I worked behind the scene all the time, I answer after moistening my throat with ice tea.
「The poster girl Aizawa and Shinonome must not disappear at the same time, so Aizawa made Shinonome have a break first as she worried about Shinonome who were the member of both the student council and the school festival executive committee  Perhaps, if the other side calmed down a little, I think she will come immediately」 (the word for poster girl is 看板娘)
「I felt guilty to Aizawa-san. That girl was the same as me, having been always working since this morning……」
Shinonome’s words are almost like a lie or a joke on the surface, but as if the feeling regarding Aizawa is real, her well-ordered face is dyed in unhappiness.
「Shinonome doesn’t have to be worry. When this free time is over, you will have to continue with the student council and the committee’s works until the closing ceremony」
Maa, that’s true though……」
Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s also hard for Aizawa, who has been working for a long period of time.
Despite that, she worried about Shinonome and postponed her own break. Therefore, I honestly want to think of her as a really gentle girl who can sympathize with other peopleーーーhowever.
……Aizawa hasn’t returned my important manga.
Whether something like an otaku like me’s thing is trivial, or she’s vaguely trying to tell me that returning is troublesome, Aizawa hasn’t said anything like that at all. Last week, also she said she would return when I told her,
But in the end, it’s still like this.
Ettoo……Other than that Ibuki-chan, this time you also played an active part, rightt?」
Looking at my and Shinonome’s gloomy face, Kameno-senpai changes the topic.
「In Clair’s case too, Shinonome-san was amazing……」
「……I don’t want to recognize it, but I also think Shinonome Ibuki is amazing. If that fellow wasn’t there, it would be hard to solve the curse case」
Hahaha……Ten-nee, my feeling hurts if you say that frankly, but well,
since the majority of thing isn’t wrong so it can’t be helped.
Shinonome glosses up her previous expression and waves one hand *hirahira* in front of her face.
「Noo, I’m not important at all. Everything was because of Ikuno-kun and Aizawa-san’s cooperation. I only did what I should do」
「Ibuki-chan’s way of thinking is also wonderful, as expected of the only heiress of Shinonome conglomerate. I would fall in love with you despite being a girl♪」
Then, the moment Kameno-senpai made a dangerous statement, there is the sound of Ten-nee-tachi calling from the other side.
「A, we must go now! Bye Kousuke, enjoying slowly」
「The VIP room is reserved for a while, so don’t mind……just use it……」
Amami-senpai, I won’t do any peculiar play, so please stop that strange, implying way of talking.
「Then, I will guide Aizawa-chan when she comes, so enjoy it, okay?」
Kameno-senpai also disappeared to the other side of the curtain, finally there were only me and Shinonome.
「For now, shall we eat?」
「Oh well」
Silently saying so, Shinonome uses the fork to carry the cake to her mouth elegantly.
Although this is the so-called private room, but there are people nearby, so Shinonome doesn’t flirt with me. Perhaps it’s troublesome if her true nature is exposed to the surrounding. Truly a calculating girl, Shinonome.
I bring up a subject while laughing like being amazed.
「Shinonome, what you said just now are lies, right? In fact, you think everything was thank to you, right?」
「ara, that’s not true. It was thank to you two’s help. After all, in Clair’s case, I was saved by Aizawa-san’s nose. And because of being engrossed with the settlement of the curse case, I forgot about the letter case, but Ikuno-kun solved it. So, it’s not just my power, right?」
「Maa, if you says so then……」
I think it’s true in Aizawa’s nose case. But, Shinonome should have known the sender of the letter. Despite that, knowing that I was troubled as I wasn’t helpful despite being the club president, I’m sure she handed over the achievement on purpose.
Haa……I have no choice but to recognize it. Shinonome is a good fellow despite being a bitch.
「However, Ikuno-kun. This time, I solved most of the cases, right?」
Sucking the ice tea with a straw, she stares at me with her filled with joy pupils.
「Looking from any perspectives, I think it’s true. But what’s wrong with that?」
Shinonome quickly shortened the distance, and looked up at me at point-blank range.
Despite its low volume, the scent of the elegant perfume easily destroys my reasoning.
「Reward your master, please. I did my best for the literature club」 (baka, it’s not the words a master should say)
Uu.….she intended to this after all, huh?
She looks at the troubled me with the testing-like eyes.
Reward……even if I give this fellow an expensive one, she would already have a much better one. I completely don’t know that Shinonome is delighted. Uーn, reward, reward……
I didn’t know what I was thinking, but I brushed the head of the high pride ojou-sama of a conglomerate.
Stroking the soft, high quality black hair, I notice.
A, crap. That reminds me, it seems like it will backfire if you do it to a high pride girl……of course it’s a knowledge gotten from galgame though.
Then sure enough, Shinonome says this.
「Treating this me like an ordinary girl, are you making fun of me?」
Crap, she got mad. Making a dangerous, neat-type bitch mad, I grow pale. However, I didn’t feel the anger on Shinonome’s face.
She returns to her place, her pitch-black hair sways like a curtain.
「Maa, it’s fine. The case this time, just treat it as even」
Are, somehow, doesn’t Shinonome’s mood become good?
……perhaps, because of always being treated as an ojou-sama of a conglomerate by the surroundings, she’s happy of being treated like an ordinary girl.
Being happy just by having her head brushed, Shinonome is more like a girl than I thought.
N, no……wait, calm down, me.
This time, I understand how omnipotent Shinonome, who can solve any problem, is. She has a strong mind, doesn’t have a slightest thought of wanting supportーーI suddenly remember. The time in Clair’s case, the figure of girl who didn’t want to cry in front of others shedding tears alone in the corner of the room in order not to be noticed by anyone.
Wait wait wait, it’s fine so calm down a bit.
R, right, weaknesses! This fellow doesn’t have any weaknesses.
Therefore, she doesn’t have the slightest thought of wanting to be protectedーーat that moment.
Perhaps being attracted by sweets, the “thou name shall not be called” certain G creature ーー in other words, gokiburi (cockroach) crawled at my feet. I’m surprised and unintentionally jump back.
「Oi, Shinonome, there’s a cockroach!」
Drinking the ice tea elegantly, Shinonome’s grasped that and she hardened.
Then the next momentーー
Catching the spring up and embracing Shinonome, I held her in a princess carrying position.
The always calm Shinonome let out such an unthinkable lovely voice.
「W, what are you doing, Ikuno-kun. Quickly do something」
「You, perhaps you are poor with cockroaches?」
「……you, what kind of thing are you thinking of me as?」
Glaring at me frustratingly, she trembles while blushing.
Shinonome also had it. The indeed cliché, girl-like weakness.
The moment I thought so, I can’t deceive myself anymore and became strongly conscious of her as an opposite sex.
ーーDokun, dokun, dokun.
Wrong, wrong, wrong wrong wrong, that’s impossible.
Frantically averting my ears from the noisy beating, I try to do something to the cockroach at my feet, but because both hands are occupied, I can’t do anything. At that moment, the curtain was suddenly opened.
「Sorry! There were lots of customers after that, too」
Being wrapped in maid clothing, the three times cuter than usual Aizawa enters while smiling bitterly.
But upon catching the two of us in her vision, her face is dyed red in an instant as she yells
「W, wait! You two, what are you doing in this place!?」
Covering her mouth with both hands while being confused, Aizawa opens her big eyes wide and stares at us.
Aizawa, she splendidly misunderstood……
When I somehow explain the circumstance to her, after murmuring
「A, it’s like that」,
「ーーWait a second, Ibuki, I will exterminate it immediately!!」
To protect her close friend, Aizawa raises her eyebrows and takes off the slipper, then slowly approaches G and 「ei」 hits G without hesitation as her hairdo swings. Such manliness, I end up being taken aback a little.
「Aizawa is unexpectedly okay with that, huh……?」
「Ehehe, well yeah. I’m bad at ghost and the likes, but as I always cook in the kitchen, I feel like I got used to fighting them. Despite the sanitary, cockroaches always come out no matter what」
Because girls are normally afraid of G, somehow I can feel her strong-willed.
Eventually, treating like nothing happened, Shinonome gets off me and coughs *kohon*
「Other than that, since Aizawa-san also came, shouldn’t you order cake and drink?」
Showing her two-faced nature, I’m astonished by the quality level of her switchover. Her smile is dazzling.

After Kameno-senpai brings Aizawa’s portion, we eat the remaining cake.
「A! This tastes like Garnir’s cake!」
「Yes, I though so too. Because Aizawa-san’s recommendation was really tasty, I remembered the taste just after eating twice」
「Is that so? To think Ibuki is pleased that much, I’m happy♥」
Sitting on the other side of me, Aizawa who laughs happily asks.
「Ikuno too, is it delicious?」
U……the full score in destructive power smile like that of a galgame heroine on the guide book is too cute. However, because of the manga incident, I can’t honestly be pleased.
Then, in the blink of an eye, the time of the school festival passedーー
Having finished the closing ceremony, I tidied up our classroom’s coffee shop.
I talk to various people in the class moderately but paying attention not to be conspicuous. Because Urotan is a shingakukou so the school festival only lasts one day. (shingakukou is a school centered on preparing student to get into university)
Listening to the regretting voice while hastening the work, I heard a voice calling my name reservedly from the corridor.
「Ikuno, come here……」
It’s Aizawa. She’s brilliant and conspicuous as she’s still wearing the maid cafe’s clothing, but the people in the corridor and everyone in the classroom are being pressed to clean up, so they can’t turn their gaze to the girl who always attracts attention.
「……What’s wrong?」
I leave the classroom while minding the surroundings. Then, I face her on the corridor where many students come and go busily.
「Well, there’s something I want to say……」
W, what?
It’s visible that she’s joining her hands behind and hiding something.
Somehow, it looks like an event CG from the game.
She bended forward deeply and apologized, I become confused for a short while at the unexpected incident.
At the same time, Aizawa presented a *kirakira* glittering, pink-colored plastic bag.
「I’m sorry for being late to return」
As she said so while still in that posture, I received that while thinking “perhaps……” then checked the content. Inside the vinyl, as if packing an important thing, there’s something being packed in wrapping paper, when I open it to checkー’
「A, this……」
It is the special manga I lent to Aizawa.
Perhaps, because I said this was my most favorite, she treated it this careful? (enter) 「But, why……」
Having various doubts, those words suddenly go out from my mouth.
Aizawa raises her head, for some reason her cheeks are slightly red and she looks awkward.
「In fact, because it was Ikuno’s most favorite manga so I thought of returning it quickly, so I immediately began reading on the day I borrowed it. I planned to return it on the next day, but……」
Then she is silent, so I ask worriedly.
Etto……then, why did it become this late?」
「That is…………because, that manga……」
Aizawa bites her lips tightly. But the girl who has a strong-willed part doesn’t want to lose to herself. Her expression tightens, she raises her seemingly angry face.
「This manga, why is it so ecchi. Therefore, I became embarrassed every time I opened those pages……I completely, couldn’t keep reading……」
Gradually, the force in her tone weakens, as if remembering she’s working, the tinge of red on her face increases.
A, that’s right……
The manga I lent to her is the wonderful harem type where protagonist solves various heroines’ problems and is gradually charmed by the said heroines, finally receiving happy end. But as Aizawa said, extremely sensual scenes frequently appear.
Aizawa is a pure girl who thinks that it’s impossible to enter the bath together with a man. Therefore, being unable to keep reading, she ended up returning it this late.
tte, then wait.
Isn’t it because of my lack of consideration!? Moreover, I doubted Aizawa although it was my responsibility. I’m seriously the worst, the lowest……
In other word, because Aizawa didn’t have any responsibility, she’s not a bitch.
I sigh a relieved breath in my heart.
Aizawa is the first non-bitch bishoujo I’ve met. I really believed so somewhere in my heart. Relief and happiness suddenly fill the inside of my chest and something hot begins to gradually spread.
「I lacked consideration, really sorry……then, you almost hasn’t read it, right?」
「U, uun……I tried and read everything. After all, I want to know more about Ibuki and Ikuno……」
She wanted to know about me, so she tried and read it for several days despite being poor at it?
What’s that…….As expected, isn’t Aizawa an extremely good girl?
「……after all, I don’t know much about you, so I want to know more. About the only boy I can talk to」
Maa, that’s also true. It’s not unnatural to have a slight interest, right?
「And recently, when I’m with Ikuno, I have a feeling which I have never known before. To know what it is, I think it’s necessary to know more about you」 (enter) Aizawa suddenly has a worried look and puts her hand on her chin, then she says with a serious expression.
「I see. Then……this time shall I lend you a non-ecchi work among my favorites?」
「A, there’s such a thing too!? Then lent it to me!」
Haha, Aizawa is also this assertive too, huh? Moreover, knowing that she can know more about me, a sun-like dazzling smile blooms.
If she shows me that attitude, even if I know it’s wrong……
ーーdokun dokun dokun.
Even if I deny, my heart is being tormented by the strong rumbling as if confirming that feeling.
Then, upon being called by a certain girl from behind, the amplitude becomes much bigger.
「Ikuno-kun, you was with Aizawa-san, huh? I’m sorry but there’s something I need your help, I wonder if you can go with me for a sec?」
As if being unable to stomach me talking to Aizawa by just the two of us, she lightly pulls my sleeve.
Because of that, the strong sound resonates in my eardrum to the point of making me think “my heart is inside my head, isn’t it?”
Then, Shinonome seems to notice my abnormality, she stares at my face with the seemingly interested, happy eyes.
「Ara? What’s wrong Ikuno-kun, I feel like your face is red though……are you alright?」
Hearing those words, Aizawa worriedly stares at me at point-blank range similarly.
「True. If you feel slightly bad then how about going to the school infirmary?」
My face becomes red. My heart is expanding and contracting to its limits. The sweet scent of two girl filled my head.
It can’t be……it can’t be.
It can’t be it can’t be it can’t be.
This me, such a thing.
Despite how much I’m trying to deceive myself, this long-continued emotion overflows from inside. What is it, I strongly remember.

I, to the bitch Shinonome, and the bishoujo Aizawaーーー
Falling in love to both of them at the same time is impossible.
Because, isn’t it like that?
Because I should have detested both bitches and bishoujo.