Bodyguard of the Goddess


Bodyguard of the Goddess Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Got a cheap wife!‚Äč

"Get married? I don't even know what her horoscope is…"

Xiao Zheng stood in the crowds, regrettably staring at the tall Bright Pearl tower under the blazing sun.

What kind of century are we in? A guy still needs to be responsible for a one night stand? And be forced into marriage? 

July in Bright Pearl City was hot and humid. Xiao Zheng became sweaty all over after transferring to and from only two buses. His crumpled shirt tightly wrapped around his body like cling wrap making him extremely uncomfortable.

Xiao Zheng's throat had also become as dry as smoke and he hastily twisted off the lid of his mineral water, scarfing down half of it in one go. He pulled out a few newspapers soaked in his sweat, and after carefully checking for any job advertisements in the recruitment section, he sprinkled water over them. Then he crouched on his haunches, rubbing and polishing the footprints off his shoes that had resulted from the crowded buses.

Bright Pearl Tower was also called the Empire State building. It had a hundred and eight levels and was a well-known center where all the elites in Bright Pearl City gathered. Residents here were proud to be working there and many businesses would rent a few levels in the tower just to show off their financial strength. It was Xiao Zheng's first time going into the tower so he tried hard to maintain his appearance since he didn't want any of those superior business elites to look down on him.

"Eh, who are you?" shouted a middle-aged man in a security guard uniform as soon as Xiao Zheng arrived at the door, pushing him out, "This is not somewhere you can rest. Please leave immediately!"

He looked at Xiao Zheng with disdain and his words rang out a note of contempt. He waved at Xiao Zheng impatiently as if he was chasing flies away. It seemed like there were people before Xiao Zheng who tried to sneak into the building for its air conditioners.

"Resting?" Xiao Zheng fiercely glared at the stranger as he retaliated, "Have you got eyes? Do I look like someone with no shame?"

The security guard mockingly said to him, "Then what are you doing here? Going to work? Discussing business? Acquiring a company?" He had seen many guys fishing in troubled waters before, but he had never encountered a guy this ridiculously shameless. He couldn't help but say a few more words of ridicule.

"I have an appointment," Xiao Zheng replied as he pulled on his collar, trying to look as professional and successful as he could.

"Oh, someone like you would have an appointment here? Tell me then, who do you have an appointment with?" The security guard continued sneering at him without showing any respect, "How about I call Lin Hua Yin and Shen Man Jun to come downstairs to have a drink and talk about life with you. Also, maybe you guys could even talk about the economy?"

The security guard was referring to the two most powerful women in the Empire State building. One had a personality as cold as ice; no one could approach her easily. The other one was passionate like fire; crazily wild and charming. They satisfied every male worker in the building for their desire for women. People even fantasized about them on different days of the week.

Xiao Zheng tilted his head, looking confused after hearing what the security guard had said.

Would the girl who harassed me to death be one of them?

Honestly speaking, Xiao Zheng was so hungover that his heart almost stopped beating. He didn't even remember what the girl looked like after that night. The lights in the pub were so dim and blurry, it was almost impossible to see anything clearly.

But it was this silly and confusing night which became Xiao Zheng's first night out after returning back from overseas. He also ran into some sort of ethical trouble that he couldn't escape from. He felt so wronged.

"What the heck are you thinking!?" The security guard lowered his eyes at him in anger, as if he was the person in the right, in front of Xiao Zheng, "Get out of here now! Otherwise, I will be using force!" He struck a pose, ready to pull out the rubber stick that was hanging on his waist.

"What is going on here?" A young woman in a silver OL suit showed up and interrupted their argument. Her footsteps were steady and swift. From just hearing them, one could tell how proud and mentally strong this woman was.

The OL lady looked down on the both of them in contempt. Her face was ivory and clean as white jade. The lips under the bridge of her straight and delicate nose were as red as fire. Her firm and perky breasts were so erect, it looked like they were about to split her shirt open.

"Sister Hong!" The security guard nodded and bowed towards her as he explained, "This guy was found lying and is now arguing with me about sneaking into the building. I'll try to get him to go out now!"

However, Sister Hong was as cold as ice. She didn't say anything as she glanced over Xiao Zheng unemotionally.

The person in front of her seemed unkempt and dispirited as if he hadn't been sleeping properly for days. Both of his eyes were red and strained. His face looked so sickly and pale. He was wearing a cheap white digital watch around his wrist - a place where a man showed off their refined taste in fashion. He looked like a tired-looking broken-down man. Overall, his appearance seemed rather disappointing and did not suit his current surroundings of the Empire State building where elites gathered.

"Are you Xiao Zheng?" Sister Hong cautiously asked.

"Yes, I am," Xiao Zheng drew back his attention from Sister Hong's breasts and answered politely, "May I know your name, lady?"

Was she the one I spent that night with?

Her body was sexy and her face was good looking. Although it wasn't up to the sexiness Xiao Zheng had imagined before, she was still pretty enough to brag about to others. Also, he didn't need to worry about receiving too much attention from others.

Yes. She seems like a decent partner. Xiao Zheng tried to convince himself to get over the difference in what he expected.

"You don't need to know, follow me," Sister Hong turned around disappointingly and walked towards the lift in the center of the building. She seemed to have lost her patience, as her tone became cold as ice, making everyone in the vicinity freeze over.

"Did you see it?"

Xiao Zheng lit up a cigarette as he looked condescendingly and arrogantly at the security guard and said, "This is the person I had an appointment with. Pack up your stuff, you will get a heavy notice of dismissal tomorrow." The security guard looked stoned. His world view, values of worth and philosophy on life had been ruined.

Ding Dong~

The lift stopped on the 88th floor, Sister Hong stepped out as if she didn't want to spend another second more with Xiao Zheng in the lift.

Xiao Zheng tucked his hands in his pockets and followed behind. He tried starting small talk with her to avoid the awkward silence, "Is this where you work? The place looks good. Can you earn about a hundred thousand dollars a month?"

"I get paid yearly," Sister Hong didn't turn her head around but her hurried and messy steps revealed how reluctant she was in reciprocating.

"How much yearly?" Seeing that she replied back, Xiao Zheng tried to sound casual even though he had been having trouble finding a job for a while, "At least 500 thousand right? The market is now shrinking, making it harder to find a job. It must be hard for a young girl like you to find a job without being discriminated by others."

"Two million," Sister Hong answered coldly.

"Two million?!" Xiao Zheng's body shook in surprise.

Sister Hong didn't even need to turn around to guess how complex Xiao Zheng's face looked. She found this a bit satisfying as if she had already taken a revenge on him.

How dare you look down on women when you yourself look so unkempt?! What a ridiculously funny male chauvinist you are!

While Sister Hong felt wonderful, a series of questions were immediately thrown at her from the back in anger and hate, "How dare you let me pay rent myself if you are already that rich! How could you do something like that? How are we going to live, if you are already stingy like this? I am so disappointed in you!"

Sister Hong was so shocked at hearing what he just said that she almost fell over on the ground.

Paying rent? Living together?

Sister Hong felt so humiliated, and hopeless at the fact that her CEO who everyone respected and adored was about to end up being together with a weird man like him.

"First of all, I would never like you even if I was blind," Sister Hong turned around slowly, death glaring him as she spoke, "Secondly, the person you are going to meet is not me. It is our boss."

-----[to be continued....]-----