Bodyguard of the Goddess

Other name: 女神的近身护卫

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Date released: 2015
Views: 1501

Author: Fat Eggplants; 肥茄子

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Gravity Tales Forum

Xiao Zheng was forced into marrying a cold-hearted female boss after an “accident”. He has also successfully become one of the few male members of Xin-ao Company. From that point onwards, his life has become very interesting….. Summary; Xiao Zheng was forced into signing a marriage and employment contract after a one night stand with the female executive of Xin-ao Company. During this time, he has encountered many interesting female workers which he named them based on their unique characters such as “Ice-cold Goddess”, “Tyrannosaurus/ Overlord Flower”, “Gentle Female Boss” and “Mischievous School Girl”…

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