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Bocchi Tenseiki Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37 - Surprise Attack

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Ever since becoming my slave, Angela have regained her cheerfulness and strength.

Even the cheerful girlish Angela will be troubled.

I departed without calling out to the glutton among the beastman maiden even when I remember tears on the low class female servant's eye.

「Everyone, give thanks to Ash-sama」

While the naked Remilia smiles, she is addressing to me, who is returning to the lake.

Just a slave few days ago, the high elf is now standing aloof at that site.

But now, she constantly come to give a soft smile.


「Yes. I do, Angela, Lara, and Luna who became my stepsister. Moreover, Wolf-san too. 」



「If it's for Ash-sama, Wolf-san will fight no matter how many enemy armies there are as a soldier and will intend to give its life at any time. Not just loyalty as a slave, but as a militant man pledging allegiance. moreover――」

「……moreover? 」

「In a standpoint of being called slave and master relationship, I can't degenerate that speech for sure, but I absolutely expect to maintain myself as a friend of a friend. 」

「Fuun……I see」

"That kind of thing did not matter in particular" ――is what I pretended to say.

Looking at Remilia charming things openly, I let out a little chuckle.

「is something funny?」

「No, but…your (honorable) face seems very delightful while taking it-does-not-seem-to-matter kind of attitude. 」

I turned away my face immediately.

Remilia giggles furthermore too.

I, who became ashamed by something unusual, wanted to stop that giggling・and splash the lake water at Remilia.

「ah, do it, right? Ufu, counterattack. Ah♪」

I sprayed water on Remilia using water spirits.

In a short while, we splashed water at each other.


When I stop to see, I see men(?) and women playing in water with each other while seemingly in high spirits.

It's completely like a couple. (TL: *ahem* harem. More than one person is in there)

「I'm envious of Remilia-san! Please switch place with me immediately――Switch with me!!! 」

Uo, that's surprising.

Unexpectedly, Lara's loud complaint was heard.

But I don't see her figure.

「……Lara. You're still peaking at us with 《Far-sightedness》 magic. 」

In a far distant prairie house, I was amazed that Lara is using true magic of 《Far-sight》 and 《Far-speech》 at the same time.

「Because the important task that grandmaster gave me allowed me to use《Far-sight》magic to check any abnormality in the prairie and its surroundings. 」

Lara voiced it as if nothing happened.

「It feel very strange if it's the only time you peek at my affair.」

「*gulp*! N-no, that's because it is the most important matter that I, as a slave, should do as I am still anxious about our beloved grandmaster. 」

「Go watch other slaves because I'm okay……no, I said monitoring.」

「Bu-But But. I think it is a mistake that grandmaster and Remilia-san undress with picture model thing and I was worried after all…………that kind outrageous inexcusable thing and I thought it would be absolutely prevented. 」

「Umm, right…there is no relationship that such thing had occurred between me and Remilia 」

Remilia is exceedingly beautiful and it's hard to carry a carnal sexual desire.

I couldn't soil the fairytale-like Remilia, contaminating her is wrong even I hold that kind of thinking.

For me, I think Remilia wanted to be a virgin as long as her whole life.

――I might think like a one horned horse thing, unicorn, as "maiden troll/virgin".

moreover………… 『that fortune-telling』became interesting after all.

The fortune telling said she will unit with me immediately following her death.

「I wanted you, Remilia, to be a young lady for eternity. I want the high elf Remilia to maintain eternal beauty and youthfulness for me as long as 10,000 years or 20,000 years. However, I do not want that flower to disappear before me. 」

「Ara, is that so. Ufu, Ufufu. Remilia-san, did you heard it? It is the wish of the gentleman who is your master. As a slave, this should come true, right♪ Ara, Ararara. What happen, Remilia-san? Your dignified face receiving so much shock♪」

Lara speaks in a very exciting tone.

Is she so happy about my declaration that I will not make a move on Remilia?

On the other hand, Remilia grows timid.

「…………ten thousand-year-old virgin…………no, it's fine. It's already find. But as ten thousand to twenty thousand-year-old virgin…….at this rate ……」

She muttered and wander aimlessly as if it is something of a tragic sensation.

I gave Lara a strict order to continue monitoring all farms and not only watching my thing.

At least she won't be eavesdropping for a little while.

Remilia, who became astray for quite some time, continue the conversation with me who recovered.

「I am truly thankful for Ash-sama, who regenerate both of Wolf's wasted arms by using 2 precious unicorn horns. 」


「In addition, I work hard everyday training together with Ash-sama.

I have performed the search of labyrinth (dungeon) together with that area of investigation extends around the Prairie jointly discovered in this ground.

I, not only have the heart of loyalty with the matter in question, but surely grow the camaraderie-like bond as comrade in arms. 」

「Is, is that so?」

「Yes, it's not a mistake!」

Remilia asserted vigorously in an unusual way.

Would my face become a neuralgia?

The face became warped involuntarily and stiffen.


There is an assertion that ought to acknowledge the camaraderie-like bond between me and Wolf and there isn't smirk from Remilia's face and her nature.

That's not it at all.

Do not misunderstand it.

「Really, then that camaraderie will become love――before you know it」


「Especially when there is a secret special training at night with only two people……Kyaa♪」

Remilia writhe (in pleasure) as she deludes herself with something.

She put both of her hands on her cheek while squirming.

Her posture wriggle in *Iyan Iyan* while her naked body submerges in the lake until it reaches her thigh.

「No, Because that's not it. Such a thing is not it. 」

Rather, if the circumstances of a person becoming a woman's body on the night of full moon out of mental abnormal moon disease, but the possibility of the risk of usual circumstances (male) of Wolf is impossible.

「Ufufu. Ash-sama had yet realize it. The true feeling inside onself. Ufufufu」

Don't! My ear will rot.

「Tonight training is an intensive training of back attack…………Wolf, who said that, seizes his disciple, Master Ash's body, with both of Wolf's robust arms so that master can't escape. And then an intense blow of back attack at master bottom――」

Really, Stop it!

She continues to delude herself as person herself immediately degenerated further.

「therefore, don't.

……apart from that, how is the situation of the children of the slave farm? 」

[Part 2___]

I wanted to change the subject, so I enquired Remilia who I gave order to oversee slave farm.

Remilia returns to a serious face.

I think of her expression like the holy mother full of love.

「Yes, the girls are very thankful for Ash-sama.

…………properly speaking, the slaves are expected to live in far heart breaking environment and endures very harshly as a slave. 」

「is that so?」

It's a fortunate tendency that the slaves (children) of the slave farm thanked me.

The management of slave farm went so well that the loyalty of slaves soar.

In addition, I didn't make the slaves put on the collar of slavery up to now and didn't do something in advance to have them in a high degree of loyalty for the sake of preventing a rebellion/ elopement. In relation to finance, the yearly maintenance costs reached the initial expenses.

These fellows might be a model of slave farm which might increase in thousands, ten thousand, or several hundreds of thousands from now depending on the situation.

The distressing conversation from the expenses side if I made several hundreds of thousands of slaves wearing the collar of slavery.

It is indispensable from the point of view of the management of the slave farm in maintenance of expensive condition and it raise the loyalty of the slaves.


Such story of the loyalty of slaves (children) of the slave farm having confidence/faith is not particularly it.

Because if there is confidence in me, at that time when I betray them………… it'll be difficult.

If I raise their loyalty to an extent, then it's assured that I can 『Utilized』 that faithfulness.

Kings and feudal lords do everything they can to enhance the firmness of loyalty of their retainers and the serfs in order to then utilize for ruling that allegiance.

In my previous recollection, there are numerous companies who enhance, preserve, and uses the company employees' loyalty as corporate slaves.

In the near future, I plan to declare the founding of a nation of my 『national government』; the slaves are the corporate slave of the slave country because for those who won't receive work will be of no use at most.

「Ash-sama is a gentle unpopular man to those children over there.

Really, Ash-sama have a nice side. 」

Remilia, you're misunderstanding.

I am kind to them purely for my beneficial use.

I treated them kindly for the sake of utilizing loyalty.

The misunderstanding there is troublesome.

「Do not misunderstand it. The reason why I am kind to they, who are my slaves, is――」

「that's because you make profit. Yes, I understand, I certainly understand……fufu, dishonest gentleman.」

Remilia smiles softly.

Her eyes seems to want to say that『you are aware of your true feeling.』


「Especially, who are those guys who seems to be high in strength of loyalty within the slave farm?」

「That's so, isn't it? Everyone is very thankful toward Ash-sama――especially I guess those who embrace the feeling of gratitude are three people: Cain, Abel , and Mira. 」

Fumu, Only those three people?

Their face and names matched perfectly (in my mind).

Hmm, I completely memorized not just those three people, but also the faces of everyone including slaves of the slave farm; their name, age, birthplace, favorite food, hated food, and other many varieties of things.

…………This is natural mainly because of slave farm management.

I memorized the slave list that I made up by ordering Remilia mainly to administer slave farm which isn't a great difference.

The slaves (children) were deeply moved when I particularly memorized all of their names and faces in three days.

…………this is also to strengthen the slave loyalty whose purpose is to be used; it's merely a trivial endeavor.

「The siblings of Cain and Abel  continue to embrace the feeling of gratitude as a benefactor who rescue them from their lives; a lifesaver of each younger brother/apprentice. 」

「Because they are the slave I bought with trouble. At most, the fever will catch up and them dying would be a heavy loss, I therefore cured them…………with many unicorn horns in stock. 」

「Not only just the said person, Abel , but Master also used the unicorn horns on them, who are slaves. The children over there are all astonished and very thankful toward Master. In addition, regarding that event when Ash-sama desperately flew in the sky until Ash-sama reach Fortress town, Kare, while carrying Abel  who is loitering between life and death when the high fever appears. 」

「I wasn't that desperate in particular.」


「Umm, right, Remilia――」

「It was said that the doctor of the fortress town, Kare, display that it was exceedingly impossible to cure Abel  who is suffering from 《Death fever》.」

「Ahh. It can't be helped, so I flew as far as the royal capital, but I was told in the first place that Abel  can't be cured by doctor's hand and reconsidered it. 」

「And then you came back to the prairie and took Abel  to use the unicorn horn without question.」

「It's because I was threaten from the doctor that Abel  was going to die in that evening.

When I came back to the prairie, Abel  became increasingly hotter, emitting high fever of over 40 Celsius and Abel would die at any moment.

Because there was no time, I did it without hesitation.

If I had more time, I would quickly use the precious unicorn horns regardless whether Abel suffering or not」



「Abel 's life was saved, however the elder brother, Cain truly feel gratitude toward you who saved his important sole blood-related younger brother.

『I will absolutely become powerful and repay Ash-sama for his kindness』 is the brother's way of saying it.」

That's because I am planning to sell those fellows in the future as slave soldiers and slave gladiator.

Together with slaves of the slave farm, it's extremely important to hold inflexible firm intent.

And regarding slave (children) of the slave farm, their repayment of kindness to me if to become strong.

The highly loyal slaves are expected to accumulate sword training with more enthusiasm and more desperately.

It is no more than a calculation that I used the unicorn horns on Abel .

Not to mention Abel , I calculated that the older brother Cain and other slaves are impressed which will raise their loyalty.

「Mira is also the child whose life was saved by Ash-sama. Only that girl's case seems to be embracing her love since she was kissed by Ash-sama. 」

「that was nothing more than a lifesaving action.」

Mira went to swimming practice with other slaves in the moat within the castle wall and nearly drowned.

Her legs seem to cramped up.

I happen to see that situation by chance while flying and help out the drowning Mira.

And then I used CPR (artificial respiration) to save Mira's life who fainted by drinking too much water. (TL: you got freaking water magic. ._." COME ON ASH! PUSH THAT LOVE TO A NEW LEVEL!)[ED : His first kiss is stolen ……]

That's that. That was it.

「Mira's originally of discriminated race, you――Master Ash-sama kissed her despite the CPR. Since that day, Ash-sama's thing (TL: Mira?) seems to not separated completely. 」


「As a slave and as a discriminated race, Mira saw you kiss her without hesitation and deeply move the other children who saw it.

Up to that time, the sneer and harassments among children toward the members of discriminated race gradually diminished since that day. 」

「Is that so?」

Although the slaves have the same social status, the likes of discrimination are disgusting.

It's great that the harassment decreases.

I think differentiation is necessary, but discrimination is the hated human being. (TL: as in discrimination is the character of human being, in which Ash hates humans/distrust them)

「Moreover, Fufu.

It is said that love is pure to the girl, since that day, Mira is maturing into a beautiful girl day by day. 」


「However……it's said that love is blind, that girl have a blind acceptance place in Ash-sama. To the extent that it's a little dangerous.」

「…………Let's end the break soon. Hey! go back to the identical pose some time ago because the painting need to be resume.」

TL note: I'm not too familiar with this one, 処女厨 (assuming shyojyochyou). from my hasty research, it's a name bestow on someone who does or is doing an outrageous act on the virgins. I assume vaporized their virginity…*sigh* forgive me if I translate it wrong.

TL note: イヤンイヤン- I'm assume it's the little girl scream whenever they get hyped about a stereotypical hot guy coming over or discussing about the forbidden realm.

TL note: Reference the mental abnormal moon disease to Chapter 31.

TL note: "ウフフ腐" - assuming author typo for multiple fu.


Chapter 38 – Birthday

The next day.

I had my parents celebrate my birthday at my parents' house.

But I only heard a few words, though not quite satisfactorily, of 「Congratulation (Omedetou)」 from my parents, and there were no cake and birthday presents for me too.

It's considerably different from my elder brother (The eldest brother), Juno's birthday who have 『excellent result』 in true magic aptitude.

At Juno's age, mother baked apple pie while father presented a new magic wand for his birthday.

The birthday presents and gourmet for my birthday was nothing.

I think there are difference between the eldest son (heir) and second son.

If the noble distinguished himself clearly from the children of the time, then the succession problem will not be raise in the future; this is because it is a story that happen quite often.

At the same time, it is the difference of unnecessary children and talented children

In comparison with Juno with his considerably true magic talent, I don't have any of it at all.

Honestly, the birthday celebration between the child who was given up and the child who have high expectation is different, isn't it.

Still, my birthday not just distinguished my elder brother, Juno, but more pathetic than the birthday of my younger brother and my younger sister.

Or perhaps I should say it my birthday became pathetic/perfunctory year by year.

It seems my birthday will be forgotten eventually.

My parents only remembered my birthday even if it's better this year.

But then followed by a word of celebration from mother,

「Ash, you haven't mastered reasonable magic foundation of true magic because you are already 11 years old.

As it is, there is no other way because you won't be able to keep up (with your brothers and sisters).

I don't expect much from you who have no talent.

However, at least give some result even if it's only a little.」

Said mother with half-disgust and half abandon considerable scolding.

Seeing that, my siblings, especially the elder brother Juno, expresses detestable smirk and sneered.

Well…although I've been keeping a secret for my family; far from having magic foundation of true magic, I bear potential in spirit magic in comparison to advanced level magic.

No, it's possible that it's even more than the advanced magic.

Regarding that kind of me, the gaze mixed with mother's resignation and the siblings' ridicule did not became very spirited.

In soccer for example, if an ordinary skillful professional excel in soccer would be made fun of on the matter of being unskillful in baseball; I don't feel very worried since I have soccer.

Or it may be the feeling such as being able to be extremely skillfully in mathematic but hopeless in English as one merely is thought as a student who couldn't keep up in school.

The human heart have flexibility/scope if there is a special skill or something that holds only confidence.

In relation to that special skill (spirit magic), there is necessity to conceal it around as far as this country.

However, I have the "Power" but I don't have the ability to know the surrounding area.

That reality have kept the scope in my heart.

Even to elder/eldest brother Juno's thoughtless words, 『Why can't you use this only amount of magic yet when you are becoming 11 years old. It's better if you died once and born again.』I didn't give a ****.

Although I don't give a damn, I usually made the water spirits retaliate on their own convenience.

My elder brother's trachea, who is rinsing his mouth with salt water, had  water (salt water) enter it and choke so grandly that mucus came out.

My elder brother Juno's face looked blue and fall into respiratory difficulty for a while.

I think that's a little overdone. (TL: it's over kill.)

At noon, I went to my prairie house temporarily.

Despite Ash looking forward to something, his slaves might have celebrated my birthday in grand manner.

However――the slaves did nothing as always.

…………I told my slaves about this day which is my birthday in a casual manner.

Despite this, it was completely forgotten.


While it may be true that I can force them to imitate a birthday party, I didn't do that.

I feel it's rather pathetic to command my slave to celebrate my birthday on my own accord.

――nothing is ok.

Even if the slaves didn't celebrate my birthday, it's nothing bad.

Because I congratulate myself by myself.

I was informed the meaning that I shouldn't return until evening, so I left my prairie house.

I flew toward the fortress town Kare as it is.

I received the magic castle that I reserved as a job of giving my gifts for myself.

However, my present is not from my family, and there are no presents from my slaves who are expected of secretly…or are there?

My birthday presents are the things that are prepared for myself.

Only my parents congratulated my birthday.

It didn't exceed the considerably pathetic manner of congratulation.


…………a mysterious liquid from my eye………….

I arrived at the fortress town, Kare.

At first, I visited the Meruru☆material shop.

I sold the raw material removed from the three low-rank drake that was "put down" yesterday.

Everything amounted to 90 pieces of large gold coins.

Raraa coveted the raw material that she extracted for magic research, it would be 30 large gold coins per body.

Speaking of 30 large gold coins, that amount is enough to let one family live comfortably for at least 10 years.

As expected, despite being a low rank, it is a dragon.

In this connection, Meruru-baasan memorized my birthday and gave words of congratulation.

She would turn over the title deed of the store as a birthday present with a condition of becoming the son-in-law and succeed the raw material store.

But I declined that.


There is relationship with me, and for me to aid the old grandmother who is not my relative in the future and the likes――I secretly thought.

After I exited the raw material store, I approach the house/hall of fortune telling.

The fortune telling half a year ago was on my mind as I occasionally went to the same fortune-teller.

The blindness of fortune-teller who I became familiar with,

「A very shocking event will occur today――is what come out for fortune-telling. 」

And so forth is what the fortune-teller said.

In addition,

「Please pay attention to surprise attack.」

Was the advice that I received from the fortune-teller.

The fortune-teller does not know what kind of tangible surprise attack it is either.

Receiving surprise attacks of the likes of monsters, I would be as surprise as the fortune-teller's result――maybe…

Or robbers might attack in surprise from undercover.

I need to be careful, especially today.

After that, I went toward the refuge of thief guild in the slum quarters.

I already memorized the place, so I arrived in 10 minutes by flight.

Today, I visited several cockatrice farms and sold the old cockatrice eggs that I collected.

It became 125 large gold coins.

It is 125 large gold coins for 32 eggs.

「I feel regretful but I want to purchase price to decrease by 20% by next month.」

It seems I was begged by Greed, the black marketeer.

The sales network seems to spread not just this country, but to the neighboring countries.

But even these days, this place remained functional(continuously) in this state for a while when the quantity supplied exceed demands and it seems the situation can't be help to lower the selling price.

The cockatrice eggs from the start are high-grade food ingredient; the humans who are able to taste them are restricted to royalty and great nobles or wealthy merchant.

I don't know if whether or not the small to medium nobles include the Hawkwood family, my family house, are able to eat it in the festival of the founding of their nation which happens once a year.

It's so expensive that a few of those eggs along with its taste and nutrition are valuable so there is scarcity value to it.

If a many number of these flows though the market, the scarcity value falls by just that much too.

And then the number of social class (quantity demand) that wants to pay for cockatrice eggs as close as 10 large gold coins are exceeding.

I sold several eggs that I brought every day, but it can't be help that the selling price would fall no matter what.

Hence, I can't make the selling price amount to not lower, but I can make a profit even if the sale price was lowered.

As explained from Greed.

Naturally, I knew about the market principle of this extent, so before long, they wanted to cut the prices of purchase amount which I prepared for.

But being prepared to accept a reduction in prices――

「How much of the quantity supplied do you need now if you can purchase with the same amount (TL: of money?)?」

「Is that so…………I can potentially buy up to 20 eggs per day for the time being with the same amount up to the present. I have confidence to handle the decreasing selling price if I bought that amount. 」

「If that's the case, I want to restrict the supply from now on by 20 eggs per day. Is there no problem with this? 」

If it scarcity value seems to continue decreasing and the supply continue to exceed demand, the situation must restrict the quantity supply. I felt very good about it in long term point of view.

「Ah! I don't mind. However, you seem to have a deem understanding of the market economy.」

Greed look fondly of me and told me in admiration.

「then, after this, Greed will prepare to sell 20 eggs per day.」

「However, Ash. Are the eggs obtained about 30 eggs per day? What am I going to do with the 10 eggs remaining? 」

「It would be wasteful if it rot, so I will eat it properly.」

「The eggs of chickens were laid in quantity of dozens of eggs while the cockatrice eggs were played about 10 eggs everyday?」

「…………in my place, there are 100 slaves in the period of rapid growth. I'll make them eat it every day.」

「Are you going to feed the slaves with it!?  ha-ha, what a bold story. The slaves at Ash's place are really a lucky group. 」

For the usual cool Greed to rarely raise his voice and laugh.

As in having heard a thrilling story.

Maa, certainly it's not a normal story.

The eggs of cockatrice which only limited to royalties and nobles, only the limited humans can often taste the high-grade ingredient.

Making the slaves eat it every day is probably a really surprising story.


Maa, for example, the eggs would rot and if that's the case, I would have to throw it away. So I have to feed the slaves together (TL edit: as much as I can before they rot).

Because it's a method that makes them grow tough bodies since I gave them nourishment, the slaves (children) of the slave farm in the future will sell for a high price.

It makes little difference of giving them good food as livestock, it will raise quality and sell highly in the future.

TL note: "両親から一言「おめでとう」と一応は言われただけで、ケーキも誕生日プレゼントもなにもなかったが。" The original translation: "the brief comment more or less says 'congratulation' from my parents, and the cakes and birthday presents were empty/nothing too.

TL note: I think Ash is making a metaphor of his skills. If the expert soccer player (spirit magic) was made fun of on the matter of being unskillful in baseball player (true magic). I don't feel worried since I have soccer (spirit magic). *I might be wrong but this is what I can get from clustered sentence. *

TL: Baasan - "婆さん". Do I need to say more? It's an informal way of saying grandmother *insert name*.

TL note: Macro/micro economics 101, when the quantity supply exceed demands, prices decreases in order to get rid of the supply. If greed bought these eggs and material at cheap prices in large quantity, the supply and demand graph will show a shift in the supply to the right, thus allow for large quantity sold but at the cost of decreasing price.

TL comment: this sentence confuses me, is it comparing the eggs laid by chicken and cockatrice or what, I don't know. Sorry for the inadequate translation.